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Iran said it carried out two more ballistic missile tests Wednesday, a day after the ed States criticized a round of tests that Iran described as a show of its ;deterrent power.;伊朗表示,星期三又进行了两次弹道导弹试射。一天前,美国指责伊朗试射导弹,而伊朗声称此举是为展示“威慑力量”。Iranian media said two Qadr H missiles were fired Wednesday at targets 1,400 kilometers away.伊朗媒体说,伊朗星期三向位于1400公里以外的靶标发射了两枚Qadr H导弹。The U.S. State Department said Tuesday it planned to ask the U.N. Security Council to review the situation and ;press for an appropriate response.;美国国务院星期二说,准备要求联合国安理会审查有关局势,并做出适当的反应。But spokesman John Kirby acknowledged that the missile tests are not prohibited by Irans agreement with six world powers to curb its nuclear program. That deal was meant to address concerns that Iran was working on nuclear weapons, which it has always denied.但发言人柯比承认,伊朗与世强国签订的核协议并不禁止伊朗进行此类导弹试射。签订伊朗核协议是为了消除对伊朗发展核武器的担忧,而伊朗始终不承认自己研制核武器。The agreement brought a new U.N. Security Council resolution that calls on Iran to not ;undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology.;伊朗核协议签订后,联合国安理会通过了一项决议案,要求伊朗不得从事与可携带核武器的弹道导弹有关的任何活动,包括利用弹道导弹技术进行发射。来 /201603/431089HONG KONG China was an economic backwater when Jim Rogers began traveling its dusty byways more than three decades ago. Still, Mr. Rogers, a former partner of George Soros, saw its promise.香港——三十多年前,吉姆·罗杰斯(Jim Rogers)开始在中国尘土飞扬的偏僻小路上旅行时,它还是一个闭塞落后的国家。不过,乔治·索罗George Soros)的这位前合伙人看到了它的希望。Today, Mr. Rogers, 74, doles out advice to China’s rising investor class at financial seminars, where he often draws a crowd. Part of his message involves another unloved market, where he sees promise despite authoritarian leadership and international sanctions: North Korea.如今4岁的罗杰斯在金融研讨会上向中国不断增长的投资阶层提供建议,他经常能吸引很多观众。他的部分信息涉及另一个不被看好的市场:朝鲜。尽管那里实行独裁统治,遭到国际制裁,但他在那里看到了希望。“It’s very exciting. The kid has been opening up North Korea,Mr. Rogers said in an interview, referring to Kim Jong-un, the country’s ruler.“这非常令人兴奋。这孩子一直在开放朝鲜,”罗杰斯在接受采访时提到该国统治者金正恩(Kim Jong-un)时说。But North Korea can be a murky place to t as Mr. Rogers’s experience shows.但朝鲜可能是一个晦暗不清的地方,罗杰斯的经历表明了这一点。A Hong Kong company called Unaforte that is involved in several North Korean businesses named Mr. Rogers as a shareholder a year ago, according to a corporate filing. Investing in a North Korean business like that would probably violate American sanctions if it happened now, though experts say it was legal at the time.与朝鲜几家公司有业务联系的香港旺福特有限公司(Unaforte)的备案文件显示,一年前,它将罗杰斯列为股东。如果是现在,投资这样一家朝鲜公司很可能违反美国的制裁规定,不过专家们认为在当时是合法的。Mr. Rogers said he gave Unaforte 0 as a token of good will but never expected that it would name him as a shareholder. Asked about his stake in the company in October, he interrupted an interview with The New York Times to call Unaforte and told the English-speaking sister of its founder that the company had agreed he could not be a shareholder.罗杰斯称,他给了旺福00美元,作为善意的象征,但从没期望成为股东。去0月,他在接受《纽约时报》采访时被问及他在该公司的股份,他打断采访,给旺福特致电,告诉其创始人会讲英语的,该公司曾同意他不能被列为股东。Speaking into his phone, Mr. Rogers said, “I know I have told you, ‘Never, never, never.’”罗杰斯对着电话说,“要知道我已经告诉过你,‘绝不,绝不,绝不。’”Unaforte no longer lists Mr. Rogers as a shareholder in its filings but will not release shareholder records that might show more details about the shares given to Mr. Rogers. Officials at Hong Kong’s corporate registry said they were investigating whether Unaforte is complying with the city’s disclosure laws. Unaforte did not respond to emailed questions for comment.在公司申报文件中,旺福特不再将罗杰斯列为股东,但它没有公布股东记录,而那也许能显示罗杰斯持股的更多详情。香港公司注册处的官员表示,他们正在调查旺福特是否遵守该市的披露法律。旺福特没有回复要求置评的电子邮件。Investing in North Korea is not for the faint of heart. Many countries heavily restrict what foreign companies and investors can do there. With records in North Korea inaccessible to most outsiders, claims there cannot be easily verified. Intrepid overseas investors have little choice but to work through middle men, often based in China.胆小的人不适合在朝鲜投资。许多国家严格限制外国公司和投资者在朝鲜的行为。大部分外来者无法获得朝鲜的相关记录,所以其权利的主张在那里很难得到核实。胆大的国外投资者别无选择,只能通过中国的中间人。“A lot of times there are these very, very murky series of transactions that need to occur where you may not know who your partners are,said J. R. Mailey, a visiting scholar at Johns Hopkins’s U.S.-Korea Institute in Washington, who has studied fraudulent investment in North Korea.“很多时候,在很多需要发生的非常阴暗的交易中,你可能不知道自己的商业伙伴是谁,”华盛顿约翰·霍普金斯大学(Johns Hopkins University)美韩研究所的访问学者J·R·麦利(J. R. Mailey)说。麦利研究过朝鲜的欺诈投资案例。Others who saw promise in North Korea have retreated. One firm that counted as an investor a high-profile North Korea bull, James Passin, ended a joint venture there in January because of tightened American sanctions.其他曾在朝鲜看到希望的人已经撤退。今月,迫于美国加强制裁,一家将高调看好朝鲜的詹姆斯·帕辛(James Passin)列为投资人的公司最终关闭了在朝鲜设立的一家合资公司。Still, for some, the attraction can be considerable. Asia’s fast-growing economies are now well-trod ground, leaving fewer opportunities to get in early and make it big.不过,对有些人来说,朝鲜的吸引力是巨大的。亚洲快速增长的经济体现在都已经过深度开发,没有留下多少早期进入并做大的机会。“The country is like an El Dorado that lures people in,Mr. Mailey said. “They’re willing to risk everything because the payout is so high.”“这个国家像埃尔多拉多一样诱惑着人们,”麦利说,“他们愿意冒各种险,因为回报丰厚。”In interviews, Mr. Rogers said his relationship with Unaforte was distant. He said he spoke at investor events held in mainland China by Unaforte and companies controlled by its founder, Zhao Chunhui, about North Korea, among many other subjects. “I make speeches for hundreds of people,Mr. Rogers said. He declined to disclose the amount of his speaking fees.在采访中,罗杰斯称自己与旺福特关系疏远。他说,他在旺福特及其创始人招春晖控制的多家公司在中国内地举办的投资活动中谈到过朝鲜等很多话题。“我面向数百人发言,”罗杰斯说。他拒绝透露演讲费金额。Mr. Zhao appeared to see his relationship with Mr. Rogers differently. In Chinese-language marketing materials and on social media, Mr. Zhao called himself “Jim Rogers’s business partner in China.A fund promoted at speaking engagements organized by Mr. Zhao or his businesses referred to Mr. Rogers as a shareholder.招春晖似乎对自己与罗杰斯的关系有不同看法。在中文营销材料和社交媒体上,招春晖称自己是“吉姆·罗杰斯的中国合伙人”。招春晖或其公司组织的演讲活动中推介的一个基金将罗杰斯列为股东。The fund and Unaforte posted photos of Mr. Rogers signing and posing with a document titled “shareholder contractonline, announcing in Chinese that Mr. Rogers had become a shareholder. One advertising banner featuring Mr. Rogers s, “Be a shareholder along with Jim Rogers.”该基金和旺福特在网上发布了罗杰斯签署一份名为《股东合同》的文件并与其合影的照片,还以中文宣布罗杰斯已成为股东。一个印有罗杰斯肖像的广告横幅写道:“和罗杰斯一起做股东。”Chinese corporate records show no evidence that Mr. Rogers owns shares in the fund, called Gold Quantum.中国的公司记录没有据表明,罗杰斯持有这个名为金量子(Gold Quantum)的基金的股份。Then there was Unaforte’s share allocation to Mr. Rogers. The American investor said he gave Unaforte 0 as a gesture of good will. “It was a token investment once upon a time,Mr. Rogers said.然后就是旺福特分配给罗杰斯的股份问题。这位美国投资者称,他给了旺福00美元,作为善意的表示。“它是从前的一次象征性投资,”罗杰斯说。Unaforte then made Mr. Rogers a shareholder. According to a Hong Kong filing, it allocated Mr. Rogers shares representing a stake of more than 1 percent in Unaforte.旺福特从而把罗杰斯变成了股东。根据香港的一份文件,它给罗杰斯分配了%的股什?While the stake is valued at ,000 on paper, its true value is not clear. On its website, which went offline after The Times began to ask about its businesses, Unaforte said it operated a bank and was building an office park there, and said it owned a stake in a gold mine. Outside of North Korea, the website listed a jewelry-making operation in the Chinese city of Guangzhou and in Italy, a real estate investment in Italy and retail jewelry operations in Hawaii.虽然这些股份的纸面价值为1.9万美元,但它的真正价值并不清楚。旺福特在自己的网站上声称它在朝鲜经营一家,并在修建一个办公园区,还说它拥有一个金矿的股份。该网站声称,在朝鲜之外,该公司在中国广州市和意大利经营珠宝制作业务,在意大利投资房地产,在夏威夷经营珠宝零售业务。在《纽约时报》开始询问该公司的业务后,该网站下线。The shares were allocated to Mr. Rogers in February 2016, one month before the American government tightened sanctions on North Korea, effectively barring its citizens from any business that might benefit the government there.这些股票016月分配给罗杰斯的,就在美国政府加紧对朝鲜的制裁之前一个月——那些制裁严厉禁止美国公民经营任何可能使朝鲜政府获利的业务。“It’s not clear to me that anything Rogers did is illegal,said Joshua Stanton, a Washington-based lawyer who follows ed States sanctions imposed on the country and has helped draft some of them. “It would be now.”“我不确定罗杰斯之前的行为是否违法,”华盛顿律师乔舒亚·斯坦顿(Joshua Stanton)说。他熟悉美国对朝鲜的制裁,并帮助起草了其中一些。“但是放到现在,肯定是违法的。”Mr. Rogers said he sent a letter to Unaforte asking that it return his 0 and take back an unspecified number of shares. It was dated March 17, 2016, a day after President Obama signed an executive order imposing new sanctions on North Korea.罗杰斯称,他给旺福特发了一封信,要求退还他00美元,并收回未说明具体数字的股份。发信日期是20167日,就在奥巴马总统签署了对朝鲜实施新制裁的行政法令之后一天。A copy of the letter that Mr. Rogers shared with The New York Times was stamped by Hong Kong tax authorities on Sept. 29, the day after The Times first asked Unaforte about Mr. Rogers’s stake in the company. Mr. Rogers said Unaforte told him it delayed getting the stamp because one was required only before the end of the company’s fiscal year, which was Sept. 30.罗杰斯与《纽约时报》分享的那封信的副本上有香港税务机关99日盖的章,就在时报首次向旺福特询问罗杰斯在该公司的持股情况之后一天。罗杰斯称,旺福特对他说,它延迟盖章是因为只要在公司财政年度0日结束之前盖章即可。Mr. Rogers, who does not Chinese, also said he asked Mr. Zhao to remove mentions of him as a shareholder, and said companies in China and elsewhere often claim falsely to be associated with him. “We have a never-ending battle with things like this all over the world, as do others,he said in an email.罗杰斯不懂中文。他还表示,他曾要求招春晖删除将他列为股东的内容,他还说,中国和其他地方的公司经常错误地声称与他有关系。他在接受邮件采访时说,“我们和其他人一样,在与世界各地的此类情况进行无尽的斗争。”Mr. Rogers said he was comfortable with other statements by Mr. Zhao’s companies about him. His Chinese-speaking staff members reviewed them, he said, and “my guys are extremely protective of my name.Mr. Zhao’s companies removed some references to Mr. Rogers following inquiries.罗杰斯表示,他对招春晖的公司对他的其他陈述感到满意。他说,他懂中文的工作人员审查了那些陈述,“我的人非常保护我的声誉。”招春晖的公司按要求删除了一些提及罗杰斯的内容。Unaforte is one of a generally quiet group of companies that use China as a jumping-off point to invest in North Korea. Such companies sometimes come under official scrutiny from the ed States and China alike.旺福特是以中国为跳板在朝鲜投资的多家公司之一。这些总体低调的公司有时受到美国和中国的官方审视。Its sole director is the 44-year-old Mr. Zhao, who also goes by Willam Zhao.该公司唯一的董事是44岁的招春晖,他的英文名是威廉·Willam Zhao)。Documents show Mr. Zhao is a Chinese national but also a citizen of the Dominican Republic. He has identified himself on one of his social media accounts as the chairman of First Eastern Bank, which is incorporated in the North Korean special economic zone of Rason and which Unaforte says it operates.文件显示招春晖是中国国民,但也是多米尼加共和国公民。他在一个社交媒体账户上称自己是第一东方(First Eastern Bank)的董事长,该位于朝鲜罗先(Rason)经济特区,旺福特称该在其旗下。Mr. Zhao also has an office in Guangzhou, for the mainland-registered Unaforte company. When visited by a Times reporter last fall, that office featured a poster of Mr. Zhao arm in arm with Mr. Rogers.招春晖在广州也有一个办事处,也就是在内地注册的旺福特公司。去年秋天,时代记者造访该办事处时,那里挂着招春晖和罗杰斯挽着手臂的海报。In an interview, Mr. Rogers said he did not recall how he first met Mr. Zhao. “He seems to be doing a lot in North Korea,Mr. Rogers said. “He says it’s profitable.”罗杰斯在接受采访时表示,他不记得自己最初是怎么认识招春晖的。“他似乎在朝鲜有很多生意,”罗杰斯说,“他说很赚钱。”来 /201703/496551

Japan has issued a daunting challenge to Theresa May, UK prime minister, to negotiate a very soft British exit from the EU or risk seeing Japanese banks and other companies leave for the continent.日本向英国首相特里萨#8226;Theresa May)发起一项强硬挑战,要求英国谈判达成软退欧,否则就会面临日资和其他公司移师欧洲大陆的风险。Mrs May, attending her first G20 summit in China, was also warned on Sunday by Barack Obama, US president, that strong business links between his country and the UK could unravel unless Brexit was handled carefully.梅正在中国出席她的首0国集G20)峰会。周日她还受到美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)的警告:除非英国小心处理英国退欧,否则美英之间的强大经贸纽带可能瓦解。The British prime minister had been left in no doubt that Japanese and US companies invested in the UK partly as a base to reach the 500m consumers of the European single market, and that continued access was seen as vital.英国首相被明确告知,日本和美国企业投资英国的部分原因是要以英国为基地,接触欧洲单一市场亿消费者,英国能够继续进入这一市场被视为至关重要。A memo on Japan’s Brexit demands, posted on the ministry of foreign affairs website, called on Mrs May and the EU to negotiate a post-Brexit deal that safeguarded almost all of Britain’s rights in the single market.日本外务省网站张贴了阐明日本对英国退欧要求的备忘录,其中呼吁梅和欧盟谈判达成一份保障英国在单一市场几乎所有权利的后退欧协议。The memo said the UK government lured some Japanese companies to Britain on the basis that it was seen to be a gateway to Europe and suggested it had a moral obligation to honour those promises.该备忘录称,英国政府以英国被视为欧洲的门户为基础,吸引了一些日本企业到英国,暗示英国有道义责任兑现这些承诺。We strongly request that the UK will consider this fact seriously and respond in a responsible manner to minimise any harmful effects on these businesses, said the memo, setting out Japan’s position to both British and EU negotiators.我们强烈要求英国认真考虑这一事实,并以负责任的态度作出回应,尽量减少对这些企业的任何有害影响,备忘录在阐述日本对英国和欧盟双方谈判者的立场时表示。Japanese businesses with their European headquarters in the UK may decide to transfer their head-office function to continental Europe if EU laws cease to be applicable in the UK after its withdrawal, the report says.目前把欧洲总部设在英国的日本企业,可能决定把他们的总部职能转移到欧洲大陆——如果英国退欧后不再适用欧盟法律的话,该报告称。It adds that Japanese financial institutions might have to relocate their operations from the UK to existing establishments in the EU if they were to lose their right to the single passport obtained in Britain to access the single market.备忘录接着称,日本金融机构如果失去他们的单一护照(在英国落地即可进入单一市场),就可能不得不把自己的业务迁至欧盟境内的现有经营地点。Mr Obama, who met Mrs May at the G20 in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, said Britain’s exit should be negotiated so that there was minimised disruption of American investment in the UK and it did not unravel strong business ties between the two countries.奥巴马在出席于杭州举行的G20峰会期间与梅会晤。他表示,围绕英国的退出应审慎谈判,以便尽量减小美国在英投资所受的干扰,不让英国退欧瓦解美英两国间强大的经贸纽带。来 /201609/464904

Azerbaijans president appointed his wife as the first vice president of the ex-Soviet nation.前苏联国家阿塞拜疆的总统于日前任命其妻子担任第一副总统。Ilham Aliyev, 55 named his wife Mehriban, 52, to the position created after a constitutional referendum in September.55岁的伊利哈姆·阿利耶夫任命其妻子2岁的梅赫里班担任第一副总统,去月宪法公投后该国新设了这一职位。Mehriban, who married her husband when she was 19, graduated from a medical university. She has served previously as a lawmaker and headed a charity.梅赫里班19岁嫁给阿利耶夫,她毕业于一所医科大学,曾任议员和一家慈善机构的领导。The constitutional amendments approved at the referendum introduced the positions of two vice presidents, one of them the first vice president.公投通过的宪法修正案引入了两个副总统的职位,第一副总统是其中之一。The first vice president will take over the presidency if the president is unable to perform his or her duties.当总统不能履行其职责时,第一副总统将代行总统之职。Aliyev and his wife have two daughters and a son.阿利耶夫和他的妻子共育有两个女儿和一个儿子。来 /201703/495926

In his 1938 novel Brighton Rock, Graham Greene sought to address great questions of right and wrong against a backdrop of ruthless score-settling. The book is a favourite of Nick Timothy, who as much as anyone is now charged with moving British politics on from its own bout of bloodletting.938年出版的小说《布莱顿硬糖Brighton Rock)中,格雷厄姆#8226;格林(Graham Greene)试图在无情的清算旧怨的背景下回答是与非的重大问题。该书是尼克#8226;蒂莫Nick Timothy)的最爱,如今他肩负着翻开英国政治的新一页、告别一波厮杀的重任。As joint chief of staff to Theresa May, the lavishly bearded Mr Timothy, 36, has emerged as the power behind the throne, or at least one of the most influential voices in front of it. When the prime minister abruptly paused French-Chinese plans to build a nuclear plant at Hinkley Point, her thinking was traced back to a blog that he had written nine months earlier, warning of China’s security threat.作为英国首相特里#8226;Theresa May)的联席幕僚长6岁、满脸络腮胡的蒂莫西已崛起为权力背后的力量,或者至少是权力前面最有影响力的声音之一。当梅突然宣布暂停法中合建的欣克利角核电项目时,她的思路可以追溯至蒂莫西9个月前撰写的一篇警告中国安全威胁的文。Similarly, Mrs May’s new enthusiasm for industrial strategy and scepticism of foreign takeovers align neatly with his long-held views. Her few wide-ranging speeches have been mostly written by him. “It’s difficult to know where the overlap starts and stops,says one friend.同样,梅对产业战略的新热情以及对外资收购的怀疑态度,也与蒂莫西的长期观点不谋而合。梅为数不多的几次长篇演说大都由蒂莫西起草。一位朋友表示:“很难知道他们的交集在什么地方,或者有多大。”Mr Timothy’s writings are being pored over for clues as to the prime minister’s agenda. He has been enthusiastic about faith schools, hostile to green taxes, and open to a deal with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. He has also proposed a “blue collarToryism that marks a clear break with the consensual conservatism of Mrs May’s predecessor David Cameron. “We need to keep asking ourselves what, in 2016, does the Conservative party offer a working-class kid from Brixton, Birmingham, Bolton or Bradford?he wrote in March.外界为了找寻关于首相议程的线索,正在仔细研读蒂莫西的文章。他对教会学校怀有热情,他反对征收环境税,但对与叙利亚的巴沙#8226;阿萨Bashar al-Assad)达成协议持开放态度。他还提出了“蓝领阶层”保守主义,这标志着与前首相戴维#8226;卡梅David Cameron)的共识型保守主义分道扬镳。他月写道:“我们必须不断扪心自问,2016年保守党能为来自布里克斯顿、伯明翰、尔顿或是布拉德福德的工人阶级子女提供什么?”That reflects how, unlike Ed Llewellyn, the preceding chief of staff, Mr Timothy was not the beneficiary of an elite education. Born in Birmingham, he attended a publicly funded grammar school, and so, by his early teens, had a reason to vote Conservative. “I knew that if Labour won the [1992] election they’d have closed the school I’d just had the chance to go to,he recalled.这反映出蒂莫西并非精英教育的受益者,这一点与卡梅伦的幕僚长黎伟略(Ed Llewellyn)不同。蒂莫西生于伯明翰,他接受的是公立文法学校的教育,因此在十几岁的时候,他有理由持保守党。“我知道,如果工党赢得(1992年)大选,他们会关闭我刚刚有机会进入的学校,”他回忆道。His political hero is Joseph Chamberlain, a businessman, a can-do Liberal mayor of Birmingham in the 1870s and later a Conservative ally. Mr Timothy celebrates him for focusing the party on the working class. Others credit Benjamin Disraeli, the mercurial Tory prime minister whose obvious heir is Boris Johnson, not Mrs May.他心目中的政治英雄是约瑟#8226;张伯Joseph Chamberlain),后者是一名商人,也是1870年代伯明翰市敢作敢当的自由党市长,后来成为保守党的盟友。蒂莫西称赞他让自由党专注于工人阶级。其他人透露,他还受9世纪变幻莫测的保守党首相本杰#8226;迪斯雷利(Benjamin Disraeli)的影响,后者显而易见的继承者是鲍里#8226;约翰Boris Johnson),而不是梅。Either way, Mr Timothy’s Birmingham background hints at an authenticity that Downing Street has sometimes lacked. He supports Aston Villa and Birmingham Bears, local football and cricket teams. Mr Cameron declared himself an Aston Villa supporter too, but once confused the club with West Ham, who play in the same colours.不管怎样,蒂莫西的伯明翰背景暗示了一种接地气的真实感,而这个特点是唐宁Downing Street)有时缺乏的。他持当地的足球队阿斯顿维Aston Villa)和板球队伯明翰熊Birmingham Bears)。卡梅伦也宣称自己是阿斯顿维拉的拥趸,但他曾把该俱乐部与穿同样颜色队的西汉姆联West Ham)弄混。Nonetheless, Mr Timothy has spent his entire working life in Westminster’s orbit. After studying politics at Sheffield University, he worked as a researcher in Conservative central office and a staffer for Mrs May in opposition. His belief in industrial strategy is juxtaposed with his limited time in the private sector.然而,蒂莫西的全部职业生涯都是在英国议会度过的。从谢菲尔德大学(Sheffield University)政治学专业毕业后,他成为保守党中央办公室的一名研究人员,后来成为处于反对党地位的梅的一名幕僚。在私营部门有限的经历与他对产业战略的信念似乎相符。Following the 2010 election, he became a special adviser to Mrs May, then home secretary. By tightly controlling policy, he helped to ensure that there were fewer messes at the Home Office than in previous years.010年大选后,他成为了时任内政大臣的梅的特别顾问。通过牢牢地控制政策,他帮助确保了内政部的混乱局面较往年有所减少。Occasionally a certain brazenness even vindictiveness emanated from the top of the ministry occupied by Mrs May. For example, in 2011 Brodie Clark, then the head of the UK Border Agency, was accused of having relaxed checks at Heathrow without Mrs May’s permission. He found himself on the end of harsh briefings, apparently from the Home Office. He later claimed constructive dismissal, which ended in an expensive settlement. In another incident in 2014, Mr Timothy’s fellow adviser Fiona Hill resigned after confidential documents about alleged Islamic influence in Birmingham schools were leaked in order to embarrass Michael Gove, former education secretary.由梅占据的内政部高层偶尔会散发出某种悍然、甚至报复心理的风气。例如,2011年,时任英国边境(UK Border Agency)负责人的布罗#8226;克拉Brodie Clark)被指责在未经梅的允许下擅自放松希思罗机场(Heathrow)的安检。他发现自己成了明显来自内政部的严厉简报的批评对象。之后他声称遭到推定解雇,最后以纳税人付出高昂代价的和解方式了结。在2014年的另一次事件中,为了让前教育大臣迈克尔#8226;戈夫(Michael Gove)难堪,有人泄露了有关伊斯兰教据称影响伯明翰学校的机密文件,之后与蒂莫西同为顾问的菲奥#8226;希尔(Fiona Hill)辞职。Eventually Mr Timothy’s luck ran out too. He had defended Mrs May’s turf against the incursions of Downing Street, occasionally engaging in furious email exchanges. Then he harangued the Cabinet Office for guidance on whether he, as a publicly funded adviser, could campaign for the Conservatives. The row ended with him being excluded from the party’s list of candidates in the 2015 general election, and ultimately leaving the government. His alienation from Mr Cameron’s clique was complete.最终蒂莫西的运气也耗尽了。他维护梅的地盘,抵御唐宁街的入侵,偶尔投入满腔愤怒的邮件交涉。之后,由于内阁办公Cabinet Office)提问他作为一名公共资金资助的顾问是否可以代表保守党参加竞选,他忍不住作出了长篇回击。这场争吵最终使他被排除在保守党2015年大选候选人名单以外,他最终离开政府。从此他与卡梅伦的小圈子彻底分道扬镳。Mr Timothy, who is engaged to Nike Trost, an official at the Financial Conduct Authority, spent the next 12 months promoting state-funded independent free schools. During the EU referendum, he played his cards cleverly, backing Brexit while criticising the Leave campaign. When Mr Cameron resigned, he regrouped with Mrs May and Ms Hill.在接下来2个月里,与英国金融市场行为监管局(FCA)官员奈克#8226;特罗斯特(Nike Trost)订婚的蒂莫西致力于推动政府资助的自主学校。在退欧公投期间,他巧妙出牌:持英国退欧,同时批评退欧阵营。卡梅伦辞职后,他与梅和希尔再度联手。The role of chief of staff was imported from the US by Tony Blair. It offers the hope of asserting the prime minister’s power over ministers and Whitehall. “It is not the job of the chief of staff to tell the prime minister why something can’t be done,recalled Jonathan Powell, the first person to hold the position. “He has a whole civil service to do that.”幕僚长这一职位是托#8226;布莱Tony Blair)从美国引入英国的。这一角色承载着维护首相对部长级官员和白Whitehall)权威的希望。“向首相解释某件事为什么做不到,这不是幕僚长的职责,”英国首位幕僚长乔纳#8226;鲍威Jonathan Powell)回忆道,“他有整个公务员团队作那个解释。”Mrs May has sacked most of the heavyweight ministers who might defy her. Even so, people familiar with Mr Timothy wonder if he and Ms Hill, the joint chief of staff, will be able to have the tight grip on decisions that they enjoyed at the Home Office. He has the ideas, but Downing Street is a chaotic world. As Mr Powell wrote: “My rule of thumb was that six simultaneous crises were manageable but the seventh would usually prove too much.”梅炒掉了绝大多数可能不听话的重量级大臣。即便如此,熟悉蒂莫西的人不禁猜测,他和另一位联席幕僚长希尔能否牢牢掌握他们曾在内政部享有的决策权。他有想法,但是唐宁街是一个混乱的地方。鲍威尔曾经写道:“我的经验法则是场同时发生的危机尚属可控,但是第7场危机往往会让人挡不住。”来 /201608/459862

Australian of the Year David Morrison is leading a drive against the use of the term ;guys; in the workplace.澳洲年度人物大卫#8226;莫里森发起了一项运动,反对人们在工作场所使用guys(意思是家伙,男人)的称谓。The #WordsAtWork campaign by the countrys Diversity Council asks people to avoid expressions they say exclude minority groups.由澳洲多元化协会发起的“工作用语”运动旨在呼吁人们避免使用这类把少数群体排除在外的词语。Using ;girls; for women, and ;walk the talk; to people in wheelchairs, are among terms they say are offensive.称女性为girls,把坐轮椅的人称作walk the talk,多元化协会成员认为这两个称谓都具有冒犯之意。Mr Morrison was awarded the role of Australian of the Year partly for his equality campaigning.莫里森先生当选澳大利亚年度人物,部分原因在于他一直致力于追求平等的斗争。The former military man - once chief of the Australian Army - admitted he had used some of the terms himself.这名退役军人曾是澳大利亚陆军司令,他承认他过去也说过类似的不礼貌的言辞。But of ;guys; Mr Morrison said ;I have now removed that from my lexicon as best I can. I think its important.;但提到guys时,莫里森先生表示:“现在,我已经尽可能地不再使用这个词语,因为我认为将它从我的个人语库中移除非常重要。”Insisting the campaign was not intended to create a ;language police;, he said: ;People use language to denigrate others and to take away their self-respect. Sometimes it happens unconsciously, but the effect is the same.;莫里森表示,该活动的初衷并非是塑造一个“语言警察”,他说:“人们用语言诋毁他人,伤害他人的自尊。尽管有时是无意之举,可造成的后果是一样的。”While some praised the inclusive language drive, not everyone agreed that ;guys; was offensive, or that it was the most urgent problem that the Australian of the Year could be tackling.虽然有人持这场运动,提倡中性语言,但也并非所有人都觉得guys是一种冒犯,或者认为这场运动是“澳洲年度人物”的当务之急。Some wondered if the thoroughly Australian greeting ;mate; - often used by and for men - would be next.有人提出,澳洲男性常用的对其他男性的称呼mate是不是会成为下一个争议对象。Australian National University language expert Catherine Travis also questioned whether ;guys; was still a gender-specific term, telling Australias A that ;you guys; was now widely used of all genders.澳大利亚国立大学语言专家凯瑟琳·特拉维斯也对guys是否具有性别针对性提出了质疑,她告诉澳大利亚广播公司,you guys这一说法现在被各种性别的人所广泛使用。There was broader agreement on some other terms though, including against using ;gay; in a negative fashion.不过,针对其他某些词语的使用,人们达成了更广泛的共识,比如反对在表示负面含义时使用gay。来 /201606/447745

The Republican National Convention moves Tuesday to a focus on the economy, a day after Melania Trump told a prime time audience her husband Donald is ;an amazing leader; and the only one who can deliver change for the ed States.共和党全国代表大会周二将把焦点转向经济问题。周一,川普夫人梅拉尼亚在大会黄金时段对观众说,她的丈夫川普是“一位了不起的领袖”,而且是唯一能给美国带来变化的人。Tuesdays speakers in Cleveland, Ohio include some of the partys most prominent figures, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and former presidential candidates Chris Christie and Ben Carson.星期二,在俄亥俄州克利夫兰共和党代表大会上演讲的有该党最重要的人物,其中包括众议院议长保罗·瑞安以及前共和党总统参选人克里斯蒂和卡森;If you want someone to fight for you and your country, I can assure you hes the guy,; Melania Trump said.梅拉尼亚说:“如果你们要一个为你们和国家而战的人,我可以保他就是这个人。”The Slovenian immigrant has been largely unseen during the presidential campaign and used part of the address to tell her personal story.梅拉尼亚从斯洛文尼亚移民美国,她在总统竞选活动期间很少露面,她的演讲有一部分用来讲述她自己的故事。But her speech prompted questions about its origins after journalists noted striking similarities in one passage to an address Michelle Obama gave at the Democratic National Convention in 2008.但是,她的演讲引起了人们对其出处的质疑。记者注意到其中有一段话和米歇尔·奥巴马在2008年民主党全国代表大会上的演讲相似。There was no immediate comment from the Trump campaign about the similarities.但是,川普竞选班子尚未就此作出。来 /201607/455607

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