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  • DANIEL LIBESKIND丹尼尔·里伯斯金(Daniel Libeskind)ON THE TOUR MONTPARNASSE, PARIS巴黎蒙帕纳斯大楼“It’s legendary for being the most hated building in Paris. I want to defend it not because it’s a particularly beautiful tower, but because of the idea it represents. Parisians panicked when they saw it, and when they abandoned the tower they also abandoned the idea of a high-density sustainable city. Because they exiled all future highrises to some far neighborhood like La Défense, they were segregating growth. Parisians reacted aesthetically, as they are wont to do, but they failed to consider the consequences of what it means to be a vital, living city versus a museum city. People sentimentalize their notions of the city, but with the carbon footprint, the waste of resources, our shrinking capacity, we have no choice but to build good high-rise buildings that are affordable. It’s not by coincidence that people are going to London now not just for work but for the available space. No young company can afford Paris. Maybe Tour Montparnasse is not a work of genius, but it signified a notion of what the city of the future will have to be.”“它是出了名了巴黎最遭恨建筑。我之所以想为它辩护,不是因为它是个分外漂亮的大厦,而是因为它所代表的理念。被它吓懵了,但当他们抛弃这座大厦时,他们也抛弃了高密度可持续城市的观念。他们把所有的天大楼都驱逐到拉德芳斯之类的偏远城区,这是要决绝于发展。做出了一种审美反应,他们一直是这样,但他们没有考虑过,要成为一个有生气、有活力的城市,而不是物馆城市,需要付出怎样的代价。人对城市的看法是情绪化的,但由于碳足迹、资源浪费和生产力的缩减,我们别无选择,必须去建造物美价廉的高楼大厦。现在,人们纷纷涌向伦敦,这并非偶然,他们不仅为了工作,也为了更多的空间。现在,年轻的企业没法承担在巴黎的开销。蒙帕纳斯大楼也许不是天才之作,但它象征着一个观念,就是未来的城市只能是这样。” /201511/412013。
  • Bai Juyi (772~846), courtesy name Letian, literary name Xiangshan Jushi, was a Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty who used his elegantly simple verse to protest the social evils of his day, including corruption and militarism.白居易(772~846),字乐天,号香山居士,中国唐代诗人。白居易用优美朴素的诗歌对当时社会的黑暗(包括腐败和黩武主义)提出了抗议。Bai Juyi began composing poetry at five. Because of his father#39;s death in 794 and straitened family circumstances, Bai did not take the official examinations for the bureaucracy until the late age of 28. He passed them and also did extremely well at another examination he took two years later.白居易5岁开始作诗,但是794年因为他父亲去世家庭环境贫困,白居易28岁才参加科考,但是白居易一次就中了进士,而且两年后又以“拔萃”登科,做了校书郎。As a result, he was given a minor post at the palace library, as was another successful examination candidate and poet, Yuan Zhen. They shared views on the need for both literary and political reform, and their lifelong friendship became perhaps the most famous in Chinese history.白居易的同年,另外一位诗人元稹与他共事,他们都认为需要进行文学改革和政治改革,彼此间终生的友谊可能是中国历史上最著名的。In 807, Bai became a member of the prestigious Hanlin Academy in Chang#39;an, the capital, and he rose steadily in official life, except for his banishment in 814 to a minor post at Jiujiang, which arose from the slander of rival courtiers.807年白居易入翰林院,他的官职稳步上升。但是814年白居易因受政敌的诽谤而迁九江郡司马。He assumed the important posts of governor of Zhongzhou (818), Hangzhou (822), and later, Suzhou.白居易先后担任过忠州刺史(818 )、杭州刺史(822)和苏州刺史。In 829 he became mayor of Luoyang, the eastern capital, but he retired from that post in 842 because of illness.829年白居易以太子宾客分司东都洛阳。842年病退。Bai was the informal leader of a group of poets who rejected the courtly style of the time and emphasized the didactic function of literature, believing that every literary work should contain a fitting moral and a well-defined social purpose.白居易是一群诗人的非正式领导。他们拒绝接受当时典雅的文风,强调文学的教诲功能。他们认为“文章合为时而著,歌诗合为事而作。”He considered his most important contributions to be his satirical and allegorical ballads and his ;new yuefu, ;which usually took the form of free verse based on old folk ballads.白居易认为他最重要的贡献是他的讽喻歌谣和“新乐府”诗。新乐府诗通常以旧民歌为基础,采用自由的形式。The most prolific of the Tang poets, Bai aimed for simplicity in his writing, and--like Du Fu, a great Tang poet of the preceding generation whom Bai greatly admired--he was deeply concerned with the social problems of the time; he deplored the dissolute and decadent lifestyles of corrupt officials and sympathized with the sufferings of the poor.作为唐代最多产的诗人,白居易致力于朴素的写作风格,并且像他非常仰慕的前辈伟大诗人杜甫一样,他也非常关注当时的社会问题,他对腐败官员挥霍颓废的生活方式表示痛恨,对穷人的苦难生活表示同情。Many of Bai#39;s poems are ed in the Japanese classic The Tale of Genji.日本经典文学作品《源氏物语》引用了白居易的很多诗。 /201601/421771。
  • Pope Francis has offered a rare, if vague, apology for scandals involving the Roman Catholic Church, after several high-profile gaffes that were linked to the church or its clergy.最近发生的若干起涉及罗马天主教教会或高级神职人员的事件引发了广泛的关注。罗马天主教宗方济各罕见地为与教会有关的丑闻道歉,尽管道歉比较模糊。Speaking in Rome at the beginning of his weekly general audience Wednesday, Pope Francis said he asks forgiveness in the name of the church ;for the scandals that have recently hit Rome and the Vatican.;教宗方济各星期三在罗马说,他以教会的名义要求对罗马和梵蒂冈最近的丑闻予以宽恕。He added, ;It is inevitable that scandal happens, but woe to the man who causes [them].; His last phrase was a e from the Bible.他说,“丑闻不可避免,(丑闻)制造者是不幸的。”这后半句来自《圣经》。The pope#39;s comments drew applause, but also confusion about which scandals he might have meant. The Vatican has not addressed questions about what the pope was referencing.教宗的赢得了掌声,同时也令人困惑,不知他说的是哪些丑闻。梵蒂冈也没有回答相关的问题。On October third, the day before Pope Francis opened a meeting on family issues, a Vatican monsignor publicly announced his homosexuality, introduced his male partner to the media, and denounced the Church#39;s stance on same-sex relationships.10月3日,在教宗主持召开家庭问题会议一天前,一位梵蒂冈主教公开宣布他是同性恋,当场把其男性伴侣介绍给媒体,并谴责教会在同性恋问题上的立场。A few days later, Rome#39;s mayor, Ignazio Marino, resigned in a scandal over his personal expenses and concerns that the financially strapped city would not be prepared to handle throngs of tourists expected to come to Rome for the pope#39;s Jubilee Year, which begins in December.几天后,意大利罗马市市长因个人花费丑闻而辞职。他辞职还因为人们担心罗马经济拮据,无力接待前去参加12月开始的教宗禧年大庆的大批游客。The pope has been openly scornful of Marino in recent weeks, suggesting to reporters that the mayor should not have traveled to the U.S. city of Philadelphia earlier this year when the pope visited the city.教宗方济各最近公开对罗马市市长圣马力诺表示蔑视。教皇还对记者说,他今年早些时候访问美国城市费城时,圣马力诺不应当随行前往。 /201510/404405。
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