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Land of the Midnight Sun 芬兰 —— 圣诞老人的家乡One of the lands of the midnight sun, Finland has much more to offer than the cold nights, saunas, and skiing it is often associated with. Visitors are enchanted by charming villages alongside sophisticated cities and the largest unspoiled wilderness in Europe.Finland is one of the most progressive countries in the world. For example, traffic fines are linked to gross income; an Internet millionaire recently paid US,000 for a speeding ticket. A reputation for efficiency and organization has also made Finland host to many international meetings.This modern country maintains its traditions and hearty spirit, celebrating many festivals. Its most popular Midsummer's Day finds many Finns lighting bonfires and drinking enthusiastically at their country homes. Finland is also home to the world's longest-running rock festival, Ruisrock. The best-known event is the Savolinna Opera Festival, while the strangest is probably the annual wife-carrying championship, where the winner is awarded his wife's weight in beer. Helsinki, Europe's northernmost capital, boasts over 30 art galleries and museums. Although it is a cultural and economic center, it brings to mind small town charm with its many cafe and lack of tall buildings. While the city's public transportation system is renowned, Helsinki's extensive bicycle trails make riding around the city and its seaside parks a breeze.After seeing the Market Square and great architecture, including the Church in the Rock, which was cut from solid stone, tourists may want to check out Helsinki's bohemian art scene. Highbrow and popular culture meet at the Tennispalatsi with its museums and movie theaters. Lovers of modern art will also enjoy taking in the Lasapalatsi "Glass Palace" media center. A sight not to be missed is nearby Suomenlinna Island, where you can wander amid the ruins of an old sea fortress and visit several museums. And only a few hours outside of Helsinki is Finland's most notable historic building, Turku Castle, which was founded in 1280.While Finland is best enjoyed during the warmer months of May to September, its most famous resident is busiest in December. A little known fact is that Santa Claus does not live at the North Pole, but in the Lapland region of Finland. There, Santa receives about 600,000 letters a year written by children from over 150 countries.Besides dropping in on Santa, visitors to Lapland can enjoy trekking and skiing in Lemmenjoki Park with its dreamlike arctic landscape, dense forests, and free wilderness huts that dot the area. Tourists may also stay in glass igloos, from which they can see the midnight sun and the northern lights, and ride in dogsleds and reindeer sleighs.Lapland is home to the Samis, a native people who were gradually driven northward by development in Scandinavia. Their traditional livelihood revolves around reindeer, which number about 200,000 in Finland. Finally, don't tell Rudolph, but a great reindeer stew can be had in Lapland as well. 芬兰,一个在午夜可以见到太阳的国家,除了常被人们想到的寒夜、桑拿浴与滑雪,还有更多风格独特的面貌。优雅城市周边的迷人村庄和欧洲占地最广、未遭人工破坏的荒野,往往令游客们陶醉不已。芬兰是全球最发达的国家之一。举个例子,其交通罚款的金额视个人总收入而定。最近一名网络巨子就因超速驾驶付了7万美元的罚单。芬兰也因其高效率和很强的组织力的美誉而主办了许多国际会议。这个现代化的国家仍保留其传统和蓬勃的朝气,并为许多节日举办庆祝活动。在芬兰最受欢迎的"施洗约翰节"这天,可以看见许多芬兰人在他们自己的乡间农舍,点燃篝火,痛快畅饮一番。芬兰也是世界上历史最悠久的摇滚音乐节"路易斯摇滚"的主办地。节庆中最富盛名的,首推"沙弗力拿歌剧节";而最匪夷所思的,则是一年一度的扛老婆大赛,大赛冠军可赢得和老婆重量相当的啤酒。赫尔辛基,欧洲最北的首都,有30多座美术馆及物馆。虽然它是芬兰的文化及经济中心,但因其为数众多的咖啡馆,和罕见的高楼大厦,而让人感受到小镇般的迷人风情。尽管这里的公共运输远近驰名,遍布赫尔辛基的自行车道,使在城市和海滨公园骑车驰骋,成为一件轻松惬意的事。参观过市场广场和用坚石砌成的"岩石教堂"等雄伟建筑,游客们可能也想一探赫尔辛基自由奔放的艺术景观。高雅与通俗文化交汇在坦尼斯宫的物馆与电影院。现代艺术的爱好者也会乐于一游拉撒宫里"玻璃宫"的媒体中心。另一个不容错过的景点是邻近的"苏欧门里那岛",在那儿你可以徘徊流连于海洋要塞的古老遗迹和参观多座物馆。建于1280年的"土尔库堡",离赫尔辛基仅数小时之遥,是芬兰最著名的史迹建筑。虽然芬兰在暖和的5月至9月间气候最为宜人,一位最负盛名的芬兰居民则是在12月最忙碌。一个罕为人知的事实是圣诞老人并非住在北极,而是住在芬兰的拉普兰一带。在那里,圣诞老人每年会收到来自世界150多个国家孩子的约60万封信。除了顺道拜访圣诞老人,前往拉普兰的游客也可以在"拉门乔基公园"享受徒步旅行与滑雪之乐,并欣赏它如梦似幻的北极圈风光、蓊郁的森林和这片辽阔荒原上星罗棋布的小屋。游客们也可以呆在玻璃冰屋内观赏午夜的太阳和北极极光,或是乘坐或驯鹿拉的雪橇畅游一番。拉普兰是撒密斯人的故乡,这些土著居民由于斯堪的纳维亚半岛的开发而被迫逐渐向北迁徙。他们传统的生计是靠芬兰国内的大约20万只驯鹿。最后,别告诉鲁道夫,在拉普兰还可以尝到棒极了的炖驯鹿大餐呢。 Article/200803/29203章丘市人民医院预约电话有声名著之三个火手 Chapter20 相关名著: 有声名著之傲慢与偏见 有声名著之儿子与情人 有声名著之红与黑 有声名著之了不起的盖茨比 有声名著之歌剧魅影 有声名著之远大前程 有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 有声名著之吸血鬼 有声名著之野性的呼唤 有声名著之黑骏马 有声名著之海底两万里 有声名著之秘密花园 有声名著之化身士 有声名著之螺丝在拧紧 有声名著之三个火手更多名著gt;gt; Article/200811/55882德州中医院男科Short-term Memory There are two kinds of memory: short-term and long-term. Information in long-term memory can be recalled at a later time when it is needed. The information may be kept for days or weeks. Sometimes information in the long-term memory is hard to remember. Students taking exams often have this experience. In contrast, information in short-term memory is kept for only a few seconds, usually by repeating the information over and over. For example, you look up a number in the telephone book, and before you dial, you repeat the number over and over. If someone interrupts you, you will probably forget the number. In laboratory studies, subjects are unable to remember three letters after eighteen seconds if they are not allowed to repeat the letters to themselves.Psychologists study memory and learning with both animal and human subjects. The two experiments here show how short-term memory has been studied.Dr. Hunter studied short-term memory in rats. He used a special apparatus which had a cage for the rat and three doors. There was a light in each door. First the rat was placed in the closed cage. Next, one of the lights was turned on and then off. There was food for the rat only at this door. After the light was turned off, the rat had to wait a short time before it was released form its cage. Then, if it went to the correct door, it was rewarded with the food that was there. Hunter did this experiment many times. He always turned on the lights in a random order. The rat had to wait different intervals before it was released from the cage. Hunter found that if the rat had to wait more than ten seconds, it could not remember the correct door. Hunter's results show that rats have a short-term memory of about ten seconds.Later, Dr. Henning studied how students who are learning English as a second language remember vocabulary. The subject in his experiment were 75 students at the University of California in Los Angeles. They represented all levels of ability in English: beginning, intermediate, advanced, and native-speaking students.To begin, the subjects listened to a recording of a native speaker ing a paragraph in English. Following the recording, the subjects took a 15-question test to see which words they remembered. Each question has four choices. The subjects had to circle the word they had heard in the recording. Some of the questions had four choices that sound alike. For example, weather, whether, wither, and wetter are four words that sound alike. Some of the questions had four choices that have the same meaning. Method, way, manner, and system would be four words with the same meaning. Some of them had four unrelated choices. For instance, weather, method, love, and result could be used as four unrelated words. Finally the subjects took a language proficiency test.Henning found that students with a lower proficiency in English made more of their mistakes on words that sound alike; students with a higher proficiency made more of their mistakes on words that have the same meaning. Henning's results suggest that beginning students hold the sound of words in their short-term memory, while advanced students hold the meaning of words in their short-term memory.短时记忆有两种记忆:短时记忆和长时记忆。处于长期记忆中的信息,在后来需要的时候能够回想起来。这一信息可以保持数天或数周。有时处于长时记忆中的信息很难记起。参加考试的学生经常会有这种经历。反之,短时记忆中的信息只能保持三两秒钟,通常还得再三复习这一信息。例如,你在一本电话号码簿中查到一个号码,在你还没拨号之前,你得再三复习这一号码。如果这时有人打扰了你,你也许会把这个电话号码忘了。通过实验研究表明,如果不准被测试的人复习,那么十八秒以后,被测试的人连三个字母都记不住。心理学家们以动物和人这二者做测试对象分别研究了记忆和学习的情况。这里这两类试验都表明了研究短时记忆的情况。亨特士研究了大老鼠的短时记忆。他用了一种特殊装置,这种装置上有个鼠笼和三扇门。每扇门上都有一盏灯。首先,把大老鼠放到一个关着的鼠笼里。接着,把其中一盏灯打开然后再关上。只有在这扇门那里才有给老鼠听的东西。在把灯关掉以后,必须让这个老鼠等候一段短时期,这才把它从鼠笼中放出去。接下来,如果这个老鼠走对了门,那么,门那里摆着的食物就是对他的奖赏。亨特士多次做过这种实验。他总是没有按固定顺序随便打开任何一盏灯。让老鼠等候的时间间隔也完全不同,然后才把大老鼠从鼠笼中放出去。亨特士发现,如果老鼠必须等候10秒钟以上才放出,那它就记不住哪扇门是正确的。亨特士实验的结果表明大老鼠能有大约10秒钟的短期记忆。后来,享尼希士研究了那些把英语作为第二种语言来学习的人,是怎样记生词的。他实验的对象是洛杉矶加州大学的75名学生。他们都是各种程度的英语学生中的代表人物:初级的、中级的、高级和以英语为母语的学生。开头,先让受试者们听一段以英语为母语的人所朗读的一小段英文文章的录音。听了录音以后接着让受试者参加一次共15个问题的考试,看看他们都记住了哪些生词。每个问题有四个选择项。受试者必须圈出他们在录音中所听到的单词。每个问题有四个选择项听起来很像是一样的。例如:weather天气,whether是否,wither枯萎,wetter润湿剂。有些问题的选择项的意义像是一样的:method,way,manner和system.有些问题的四个选择项之间没有任何关连:weather,method,love和result.最后,受试者们都参加一次语言熟练程度的测试。享尼希士发现,凡是英语熟练程度低的学生多在声音相似的单词中会弄错;凡是英语熟练程度高的学生多在意义相似的词汇上会出错。享尼希的实验结果表明:初学者能把单词的声音保持短期记忆。享尼希的实验结果表明:初学者能把单词的声音保持短期记忆,而程度高的学生能把词汇的意义保持短期记忆。 Article/200802/27813At first I decided to tell the police my story. But would they believe me? I had been very ill. When the police learnt about my illness, they would think the monster was just one of my bad dreams. I decided that I could not tell anybody.起先我打算把我的故事告诉警察,但他们会相信我吗?我一直都生着病。如果警察了解到我的病情,他们会认为那个怪物只是我的一个恶梦而已。我决定不去告诉任何人。I went home to my family and they were very pleased to see me. Then they told me that the police had found the murderer. Perhaps you will think that this was good news,but I have not told you who the police had arrested.我回到家里,家人都为见到我而高兴。接着他们告诉我说警察已找到了凶手。你也许会认为这是个好消息,但是我还没有告诉你警察抓的是谁。As I went into the house,I noticed that one person did not come to meet me. It was Justine,the young woman who looked after the children and who was like a sister to us. And it was Justine that the police had arrested.在我进屋时,我注意到有个人没有来见我。那就是贾斯汀,就是曾照看孩子们并像一样对待我们的那个年轻女孩。而警察逮捕的就是贾斯汀。A few days after the murder, the police had searched the house and had found the gold chain in Justine#39;s coat pocket.Everyone in the family knew that Justine had not murdered William. I knew who the murderer was, but I could not tell anyone. We were sure that Justine would be free after the trial, because nobody could believe that she was a murderer.But we were wrong.在谋杀案发生了几天之后,警察搜查了房子并在贾斯汀的外衣口袋里找到了那条金链。家里人都知道贾斯汀没有杀害过威廉。我清楚凶手是谁,但是我不能告诉任何人。我们确信审判过后贾斯汀将会被释放的,因为没有人相信她是凶手。但是我们错了。The trial did not go well for Justine. There were a number of strange facts that were difficult to explain, and the judge decided that she was the murderer. The punishment for murder was death. We argued and cried. We said she could not murder anyone. But nothing could change the judge#39;s order.审判对贾斯汀不利。有许多难以解释的奇怪现象,但法官认定她就是凶手。谋杀的处罚乃是死刑。我们又申辩又哭喊着。我们说她不可能谋杀任何人。但没什么能改变法官的判决。So I got up early and went to the judge#39;s house and told him about the monster. He did not believe me. He thought I was lying in order to save Justine#39;s life.于是我一大早便起床到法官的家中并告诉他有关那个怪物的事情。他不相信我。他认为我是为了救贾斯汀而在撒谎。In the prison Justine waited quietly for death. We spent many hours with her, and she spoke calmly and kindly to us.She was happy because we believed that she had not killed William. And she was almost looking forward to death, be-cause then she would be with William and our dear mother in a place of peace.贾斯汀在监狱里安静地等着死去。我们同她呆了好几个小时,她从容而温和地同我们说话。她为我们相信不是她杀害了威廉而高兴。她几乎在期盼着死去,因为那样她就可以在一个安宁的地方同威廉和我们亲爱的妈妈在一起了。Her love and gentleness added to my great unhappiness. I knew she was going to die because of me. I knew my brother had died because of me. I had brought nothing but sadness and misery to my family.她的爱心和温柔加重了我那巨大的痛苦。我知道她将因我而死去。我知道我弟弟已经因我而死。我给我家里带来的只有悲伤和苦难。 /201205/181181济南市第四人民医院是公立医院吗

济阳县做人流费用山东省中医药大学附属医院价格Ducking under Peeves, they ran for their lives, right to the end of the corridor where they slammed into a door — and it was locked.大家一听都急了,连忙弯腰从皮维斯的下边跑了过去,慌乱之中,他们跑进了走廊尽头右边的一扇门里。哈利随手一关,砰!的一声——门锁上了。This is it! Ron moaned, as they pushed helplessly at the door, We#39;re done for! This is the end!唉呀!罗恩悲哀地叹息道。无论他们用什么办法也打不开那扇门,罗恩终于绝望了:这下我们可完了!They could hear footsteps, Filch running as fast as he could toward Peeves#39;s shouts.自己走进了一条死胡同!费驰的脚步声越来越近了,他跑得可真快,皮维斯话音刚落,他就跑上来了。Oh, move over, Hermione snarled. She grabbed Harry#39;s wand, tapped the lock, and whispered, Alohomora!嘿,你们都让开!荷米恩也急了,她一把夺过哈利手上的魔法杖,轻轻地叩着门锁,低声说:阿落洪拉!The lock clicked and the door swung open — they piled through it, shut it quickly, and pressed their ears against it, listening.啪!锁开了,门轻轻地动了一下——他们赶紧冲去把它关上。然后大家紧张地把耳朵贴近门边,静听事态发展。Which way did they go, Peeves? Filch was saying. Quick, tell me.皮维斯,他们往哪个方向跑了?费驰问皮维斯,快点告诉我!Say ‘please.#39;要说#39;请#39;字!Don#39;t mess with me, Peeves, now where did they go ?别捣乱了,皮维斯!现在我再问一次,他们跑到哪里去了?Shan#39;t say nothing if you don#39;t say please, said Peeves in his annoying singsong voice.如果你不用#39;请#39;字的话,我什么都不会告诉你。皮维斯怪里怪气地说。All right — please.好吧——请。NOTHING! Ha haaa! Told you I wouldn#39;t say nothing if you didn#39;t say please! Ha ha! Haaaaaa!就不告诉你!哈哈哈!我早就跟你说了,你不用#39;请#39;字的话,我什么都不会告诉你!哈哈!哈哈哈!And they heard the sound of Peeves whooshing away and Filch cursing in rage.四人听到皮维斯飞快地逃跑了,费驰骂骂咧咧地也走了。He thinks this door is locked, Harry whispered.他以为这门是上了锁的。哈利低声说。I think we#39;ll be okay — get off, Neville!我想我们现在没事了。走吧,尼维尔!For Neville had been tugging on the sleeve of Harry#39;s bathrobe for the last minute. What?原来尼维尔害怕得躲进了哈利长袍的后摆,正在发抖呢。你干什么呀!Harry turned around — and saw, quite clearly, what.哈利转过身来——这回他看到了,很清楚地看到了那个东西。For a moment, he was sure he#39;d walked into a nightmare — this was too much, on top of everything that had happened so far.有好一阵子,哈利都不能回过神来,他以为自己正在发恶梦。这是今天晚上他们遇到的最可怕的事情。19In the course of time, Nahash king of the Ammonites died, and his son succeeded him as king. 2David thought, "I will show kindness to Hanun son of Nahash, because his father showed kindness to me." So David sent a delegation to express his sympathy to Hanun concerning his father. When David's men came to Hanun in the land of the Ammonites to express sympathy to him, 3the Ammonite nobles said to Hanun, "Do you think David is honoring your father by sending men to you to express sympathy? Haven't his men come to you to explore and spy out the country and overthrow it?" 4So Hanun seized David's men, shaved them, cut off their garments in the middle at the buttocks, and sent them away. 5When someone came and told David about the men, he sent messengers to meet them, for they were greatly humiliated. The king said, "Stay at Jericho till your beards have grown, and then come back." 6When the Ammonites realized that they had become a stench in David's nostrils, Hanun and the Ammonites sent a thousand talents of silver to hire chariots and charioteers from Aram Naharaim, Aram Maacah and Zobah. 7They hired thirty-two thousand chariots and charioteers, as well as the king of Maacah with his troops, who came and camped near Medeba, while the Ammonites were mustered from their towns and moved out for battle. 8On hearing this, David sent Joab out with the entire army of fighting men. 9The Ammonites came out and drew up in battle formation at the entrance to their city, while the kings who had come were by themselves in the open country. 10Joab saw that there were battle lines in front of him and behind him; so he selected some of the best troops in Israel and deployed them against the Arameans. 11He put the rest of the men under the command of Abishai his brother, and they were deployed against the Ammonites. 12Joab said, "If the Arameans are too strong for me, then you are to rescue me; but if the Ammonites are too strong for you, then I will rescue you. 13Be strong and let us fight bravely for our people and the cities of our God. The Lord will do what is good in his sight." 14Then Joab and the troops with him advanced to fight the Arameans, and they fled before him. 15When the Ammonites saw that the Arameans were fleeing, they too fled before his brother Abishai and went inside the city. So Joab went back to Jerusalem. 16After the Arameans saw that they had been routed by Israel, they sent messengers and had Arameans brought from beyond the River, with Shophach the commander of Hadadezer's army leading them. 17When David was told of this, he gathered all Israel and crossed the Jordan; he advanced against them and formed his battle lines opposite them. David formed his lines to meet the Arameans in battle, and they fought against him. 18But they fled before Israel, and David killed seven thousand of their charioteers and forty thousand of their foot soldiers. He also killed Shophach the commander of their army. 19When the vassals of Hadadezer saw that they had been defeated by Israel, they made peace with David and became subject to him. So the Arameans were not willing to help the Ammonites anymore. Article/200812/58247山东妇幼保健院妇科Help others, help yourself 助人即助己Kim was in danger of being fired from her job at a small marketing firm. She was a whiz at internet research, but was such a perfectionist that she'd even lie to cover up her mistakes. She'd ask her boss for advice, then argue with him if she disagreed. With losing her job almost guaranteed, Kim knew she needed help to save herself from herself. It was time to create her own dream team of advisors.The most dramatic life changes often occur through initiatives like Weight Watchers and Alcoholics Anonymous, where there are multiple people invested in your success and to whom you feel accountable. It makes sense to apply the same principles that have been so successful in dealing with self-destructive habits when creating your own self-guided community for personal growth.Your ''dream team'' works best with about five people, all of whom care enough about you to be ruthlessly honest. Select people with diverse backgrounds – your jogging partner, maybe your accountant and someone whose behaviour you admire or whose position you aspire to. Not only will a diverse group come up with creative solutions, they are more likely to be plugged in to networks and resources you may not have access to yourself. Kim, for example, invited both a trusted colleague and her boss to join her team. The trick is to listen to their critiques, and that's not always easy to do. Kim argued with her team so much that one member finally said, ''Look, if you're going to ask for my advice and always disagree with it, it's not worth me making the effort to give it.'' Of course, you can ask clarifying questions: ''What do you mean by that?'' or ''What did you think when you saw me doing this?'' But do not contradict them, even if you feel a team member has misjudged you. This is his ''gift'' to you. And if four out of five people are giving you the same gift, then the chances are that they're on to something. Now, I bet you're thinking, ''Why would these people do this? What do I have to offer that could possibly induce people, some of whom I barely know, to help me in this way?'' Article/200909/83730济南的妇科医院网络预约

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