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章丘区儿童医院是几甲济南的妇科医院做无痛人流需要多少钱探索世界奥秘之Supermassive Black Holes(超大质量黑洞) 06When the results came down from the telescope he saw something that was completely unexpected. The picture from the active galaxy where he hoped to find a black hole was unable. NGC 1068 was just too far away for the telescope to get a clear picture. The surprise came from Andromeda, the quiet, normal galaxy right next to us.I was astonished when I found what I was looking for, but not where I was looking for it. This jog in this dark band shows that on one side the stars are moving very rapidly away from us at 150 kilometers a second which is 500,000 kilometers an hour.Dressler thought there could only be one thing that would cause the stars to move this fast: a supermassive black hole and he wasn't alone. Fellow Nuker John Kormendy had found exactly the same thing.The moment I could see that wiggle, so I knew essentially instantly that there was a very good chance this would be a supermassive black hole. When you see something like that, you know you are on to something.They'd found evidence of the most terrifying force in nature. But worryingly it wasn't in some far-off active galaxy. This supermassive black hole was in the very ordinary galaxy right next door to us.Andromeda seemed to have a black hole but no bright quasar.If there was a supermassive black hole, why wasn't it shining? That suggested that there was not stuff falling in. Maybe lots of galaxies could have a dormant phase where they had a supermassive black hole but they weren't being fed so they weren't shining.A few theorists had predicted this very thing: supermassive black holes could exist in two states.wiggle: move with short movements up and down or from side to side.be on to something: have an idea that is likely to lead to an important discoverydormant: temporarily inactive200807/45205济南市公立三甲医院哪年成立 Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi is facing calls for his resignation, after his ruling coalition lost critical ground to opposition parties in general elections. The coalition, in power for five decades, suffered the biggest election setback in its history Saturday.  马来西亚总理巴达维面临着要他辞职的呼吁,此前他的执政联盟在议会选举中被反对党夺去关键的议席。这个执政长达五十年的联盟在星期六的选举中受挫,这是该联盟有史以来最惨重的一次受挫。It was a stunning setback for the multi-racial Barisan Nasional or National Front coalition of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi. After winning a more than 90 percent majority of parliamentary seats in the last elections four years ago, it now has only a simple majority in parliament - short of the two-thirds needed to make constitutional changes. The coalition also lost several states to the opposition.  对总理巴达维领导的由多民族组成的国民阵线来说,这是一个极大的受挫。国民阵线在四年前的大选中赢得了超过90%的议会席位,而这次只赢得了略微超过50%的选票,不够进行修改宪法所需的三分之二席位。该联盟还把好几个州的控制权输给了反对派。Critics accuse Mr. Badawi's government of mishandling racial tensions in this country of 25 million people. One-third of the population is made up of ethnic minorities, mainly Chinese and Indian.  批评人士谴责巴达维的政府对马来西亚两百五十万人的种族紧张处理不当。该国三分之一的人口是由少数民族组成的,主要是华人和印度族人。But analysts note that much of the loss of support happened among the majority Malay Muslims who voiced their anger at the coalition, accusing it of complacency and corruption.  但是分析人士提出,国民阵线这次主要是失去了主要民族马来族穆斯林的持,这些人对联合阵线感到气愤,说该阵线骄傲自满,贪污腐败。Mr. Badawi says he does not plan to resign. Leading the calls for him to go is the man who hand-picked him, long-ruling former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, who accused Mr. Badawi of destroying the governing coalition.  巴达维说,他不打算辞职。这次呼吁他辞职呼声最高的人,是曾经亲手提拔他的、长期执政的前总理马哈蒂尔。他谴责巴达维毁掉了执政联盟。"I think he needs to consider stepping down," said Mahathir. 马哈蒂尔说:“我认为他需要考虑下台了。”The former leader told reporters he was sorry that he had chosen Mr. Badawi as his successor.  这位前总理告诉记者,他很抱歉选择了巴达维当他的继任者。He indicated he does not blame people for voting against the Barisan Nasional, known as the BN."This is more my strong feelings against BN than strong feelings for the opposition. They had no choice. If you do not vote BN, who do you vote for? There are only two candidates," he added. "So you vote for the opposition, or you do not vote at all. Either way, the BN is going to lose a lot of support." Analysts say the ruling coalition will have to work hard to win back the support it lost - especially among disillusioned non-Malays whose protests could lead to instability. James Chin, a politics professor at Monash University's Kuala Lumpur campus says the coalition will look for pragmatic ways to rebuild support, or face extinction.  分析人士说,执政联盟必须努力赢回失去的持,特别是那些大失所望的非马来族人,这些人举行抗议的话可能会导致不稳定。莫那什大学吉隆坡校区的政治学教授詹姆斯.真说,该联盟将寻求以务实的方式重建持,要不然就面临着灭亡。"This is a strong wake-up call for the Barisan Nasional ruling coalition to do something about the grievances of the non-Malay community. I believe that the Barisan Nasional government has heard this message loud and clear, and that they will do something about it because they need to win the next election," said Chin. 他说:“这是对国民阵线执政联盟的一个强有力的警告,让他们对非马来社区的苦痛做些事情。我相信国民阵线政府已经听到了这个响亮清晰的信号,他们会采取行动,因为他们需要赢得下次的选举。”Many in the now-stronger opposition are rallying for an end to Malaysia's system of race-based politics and set-asides that benefit Muslim Malays. The governing coalition, in power since independence in 1957, is made up of race-specific parties that are supposed to represent each of the major ethnic groups.  目前变得更加强大的反对派中的许多人举行集会,呼吁结束马来西亚系统中让马来族穆斯林受益的带有种族偏见的政治体系和财政分配制度。自1957年马来西亚独立以来一直掌权的执政联盟是由各种族政党组成的,他们代表每个主要的民族。Malaysia has long prided itself as a model for ethnic harmony. That image was tarnished in recent months when police used teargas and water cannon to suppress demonstrations by thousands of ethnic Indians who were protesting what they say is discrimination by the majority Muslim Malays. 马来西亚长久以来一直以民族和谐而自豪。最近几个月以来,警方使用催泪瓦斯和高压水炮镇压由几千名印度族人组成的示威人群,这种镇压破坏了马来西亚的形像。这些人抗议他们所说的主要民族马来族穆斯林对他们的歧视。200803/29595济南军区医院看妇科好不好

济南市中心医院可以做引产吗South Korean President Begins Government Shakeup韩国改组高层以缓解示威者之怒  South Korea's President has begun a high-level shakeup of his government expected to continue next week. The move is aimed at soothing the anger of tens of thousands of protesters who say he has disregarded public sentiment on everything from U.S. beef imports to public schools.  韩国总统李明开始政府高层改组,改组行动预计将进行到下周。李明此举旨在缓解成千上万示威者的愤怒,他们指责李明在从美国牛肉进口到公立学校等一系列问题上无视民意。South Korean President Lee Myung-bak introduced seven new faces to the top levels of government Friday - all of them replacements for advisers who quit their jobs in the face of public anger. 李明总统星期五任命了7名政府高层新成员,取代那些因民众愤怒抗议而辞职的高级顾问。The change of personnel follows Mr. Lee's own public apology a day earlier for his management of a deal to resume imports of ed States beef. 这次人事变动的前一天,李明为有关恢复美国牛肉进口的协议做出公开道歉。In a briefing broadcast live by major South Korean networks, Mr. Lee introduced a new chief of staff, and six presidential secretaries. 李明通过韩国主要广播网宣布了新的办公室主任和六名总统秘书的任命。He says he chose all of them very carefully based on their ability to live up to the public's expectations. 李明说,他对每一人都进行了仔细的挑选,挑选的基础是他们的能力是否符合公众期望。All of President Lee's senior secretaries and Cabinet members tendered their resignations earlier this month, following weeks of mass protests against the administration. 在民众连续几个星期举行抗议政府的大规模示威后,李明的全体高级助理和内阁成员都在本月早些时候递交了辞呈。The candlelight demonstrations, which culminated in a massive June 10 showing of about 100,000 people, were mainly a show of opposition to Mr. Lee's April deal to resume U.S. beef imports. That deal failed to restrict imports of beef from older cattle, which many South Koreans believe pose a risk of transmitting a human variant of mad cow disease. 示威者主要反对的是李明4月份达成的恢复美国牛肉进口的协议。示威活动在6月10日达到顶峰,约有10万人参加了烛光示威。恢复美国牛肉进口的协议对月龄较高的牛肉进口不加限制,很多韩国人认为,这带来了人类感染疯牛病的风险。However, many of the protesters say that beef deal fits a much wider pattern of disregard for public opinion by the Lee government. They accuse the president of hastily pushing economic privatization, education reforms, and massive infrastructure projects forward without proper consultation. 不过很多示威者表示,恢复牛肉进口协议的做法显示出李明政府的一贯行为方式,那就是在很多问题上无视民众舆论。他们指责李明在没有进行充分协商之前,就匆忙推行经济私有化、教育改革和大规模的基础设施建设项目。Meng Hyung-kyu, newly appointed secretary for political affairs, says he and his colleagues will take a different approach. 新任命的政治事务秘书孟亨奎(Meng Hyung-kyu)说,他跟同事们将采取不同的方式。He says his ears are open, and he is y to listen. He says he wants the opportunity to renew the public's sense of hope. 他说,他准备洗耳恭听。他希望民众能够有重获希望感的机会。President Lee is expected to replace members of his Cabinet next week, possibly replacing the South Korean prime minister. His trade minister is expected to wrap up talks in Washington this week aimed at amending the beef import deal with a voluntary U.S. export ban on meat from older cattle. 李明总统预计将在下周重新组阁,也许会重新任命政府总理。贸易部长官预计本周将结束在华盛顿的会谈,此次会谈旨在修改牛肉进口协议,美国将自动禁止老龄牛出口。200806/42410济南无痛人流医院哪家医院好 GQ magazine is marking the 10th anniversary with its annual Man of the Year issue. And this year, there are three separate covers, one featuring actor Vince Vaughn, another with popular recording artist 50 Cent, and the first for the magazine, a cover featuring Jennifer Aniston, its very first Woman of the Year. Mark Healy is a GQ editor who wrote the Aniston's stories with this. Mark, Good morning. Morning. All right, first thing's first, it's always been a man. Er, it's always been a number of men, (yeah) yeah, but we've, we've, we've had a few women in the past, but this is the first time we've devoted a cover to a woman. Ah, Ok, so this is the actual dissension. So, do you're going to the newest stand today, you'll have three to pick from? Yes. Three different covers to pick from. Vince Vaughn, 50 Cent and Jennifer Aniston. All right, it, what is the usual criteria, if I may ask for a person or a woman or a man of this GQ's . . Well, some(one), primarily someone we believe in, someone who's had an impact that year, um, someone who, you know, reflects the year in...in culture and, so...I gave Vince Vaughn, I gave Vince Vaughn in a big way, Vince Vaughn was we think of the mirrors of the finest actor in America today. . . , ha, ha. . . Well, you know. . . In a lot of ways he is, I mean, he is a great comedic actor. I think he, he's only provided our ers with more laughs this year, (Right) better time in the movies than they would've had ordinarily,(Right.)and, and he had been doing it for 5 years or so. (Right, yeah) 50 cent had a great year and he started out with a, with a great, (huge) with a big record and finished an ambitious, sort of revealing movie and. . . And he's busting out in all kinds of other career paths, (Yeah) even as we speak. Here is Jennifer Aniston. It's...it's a coincidence that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vanughan would have covers at the same time? It was, we decided to put them on the cover a long time before I knew this, was at all credible (Right.)if in, if in fact it is. I mean I think that we started talking about Vince in April (Yeah) and ,er, when we first started seeing screenings of 'the Wedding Crashers' and then once more, once more we saw it, you know, we all decided that was it. So let's cut it straight, you went, you hung out with Jennifer Aniston in Malibu, her house. (Yeah. ) What was that experince about?It's comfortable, you know, it's sort, sort of plush and that certainly a good place to spend some time. (Yeah.)She is good company, as you know, (yeah), and made, you know, made me feel very welcome and it was a beautiful Malibu afternoon and we just hung out. There are some fabulous pictures of her in the, in the magazine. She is in...she is in fighting shape, as you might say. Yeah, yes, I would say, she is in fighting shape. Fairly comfortable with how she looks and how she is feeling and you know, she chose to express it. A part of the reason, is it part of the reason for choosing her the way she's handled this past year? Yes. I mean I think in the glare of this public breakup, um, she's been dignified, and, and graceful, and respectful of the five years of marriage that she did have, which I think, you know, a lot of Hollywood marriages these days last 5 weeks. (Yeah) And you know, here is someone who respected that enough to, to be quiet and honor it. In the...in the article, you talked about this advice that Gwyneth Paltrow gave to Jennifer Aniston which I thought was very, very interesting. Well, I think it was, not so much advice or the comment she made in the press but one that, she said, you know, perhaps, they , Brad and Jane , when things were going well, were a little too open to press, were a little too welcoming of the world, to share their good thing and that in the end, that came back that to haunt them, and when I brought that up with her, she agreed. There you go , thanks very much for coming in this while.Thanks for having me. 200808/46260济南军区总医院看妇科好不好

历城区中医院官方网China's President Arrives in Quake Zone as Concern Turns to Survivors胡锦涛抵四川 救灾焦点转向生者 China's President Hu Jintao arrived in Sichuan province Friday to support earthquake relief efforts. The death toll, now at more than 22,000, is expected to pass 50,000. Concern is now turning to providing for survivors. 中国国家主席胡锦涛星期五抵达四川省,援抗震救灾工作。目前统计的死亡人数为2万2千多人,预计会超过5万。目前关注焦点正在转向地震的生存者。After arriving in Sichuan Mr. Hu went directly to the earthquake disaster zone. China's president joins Premier Wen Jiabao, who greeted him on arrival, in touring areas devastated by Monday's 7.9 quake. 胡锦涛主席抵达四川省后直接赶赴地震灾区,和迎接他的温家宝总理一起视察了遭受地震严重破坏的地区。星期一的地震为里氏7.9级。Mr. Wen called the earthquake the most destructive since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. 温家宝总理称这次地震是中国1949年建国以来破坏性最大的一次地震。胡锦涛在飞往四川的飞机上评估了救灾的情况。Speaking on the plane to Sichuan, Mr. Hu assessed the relief situation. He said the challenge is still severe, the task remains extremely difficult and time is pressing. 胡锦涛说,面临的挑战仍然很严峻,任务仍然非常艰巨,而且时间非常紧迫。Thousands of people are believed still buried beneath collapsed homes, offices, and schools. Few of them are expected to still be alive. 据信仍有上万人被埋在倒塌的房屋、办公楼以及校舍下面。幸存者恐怕寥寥无几。In the town of Dujiangyan, a large mechanical digger scoops slabs of concrete and twisted metal rods from a massive pile of rubble.  在都江堰,一台大型挖掘机正在从一大堆废墟中铲走混凝土石板和扭曲的金属条。Volunteers and rescue workers dig through what used to be an apartment building in hope of finding survivors.  志愿者和救援人员正在一个公寓楼的废墟中挖掘,希望找到幸存者。China's leaders have vowed to continue rescue work, but as each day passes the odds of finding survivors go down.  中国领导人誓言继续救援工作,但是每过一天,发现幸存者的机会就会减少一些。Rescue workers have reached the epicenter of the quake, bringing much needed medical, food, and temporary housing supplies. 救援人员已经抵达震中地区,带去急需的药品、食品和临时房屋搭建物资。But, supplies are short and China's weak health care system is struggling to cope with the large number of wounded. 但是救援物资依然短缺,中国脆弱的医疗系统正奋力处置大量的伤员。Tens of thousands of survivors are now living on the streets in tents. 数万名幸存者目前栖身在街头搭建的帐篷里。Jiang Weixin is China's Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. 中国住房与城乡建设部部长姜伟新谈到这次地震造成的损失。He says more than four million homes in Sichuan collapsed or were damaged. 姜伟新说,四川省有四百多万住房倒塌或毁坏。Hundreds of thousands more homes collapsed in neighboring provinces. 附近省份还有数十万住房倒塌。Jiang says water, sewage, and electricity networks were severely damaged. 他说供水、排污和供电网络都严重受损。Thousands of aftershocks have set back efforts to clear roads to quake-hit areas. 清理通往灾区道路的工作也因为数千次余震而受到影响。On Friday afternoon a 5.9 magnitude aftershock hit Lixian, near the epicenter of the quake, cutting off roads and severing communications.  接近震中的理县星期五下午发生5.9级余震,切断了道路交通和通讯。200805/39244 East Timor's Wounded President Returns to Hero's Welcome东帝汶总统从澳大利亚返回东帝汶 East Timor's president, Jose Ramos-Horta, has arrived home after more than two months of treatment in Australia for injuries he sustained in an assassination attempt. Doctors say his recovery has been exceptional. 在长达两个月的治疗之后,东帝汶总统拉莫斯.奥尔塔由澳大利亚回到家中。他之前由于在一起暗杀行动中受伤。医生说他的复原情况极好。 Thousands of people greeted President Ramos-Horta as he arrived in the East Timorese capital, Dili, Thursday. 数以千计的民众周四在东帝汶的首都帝力欢迎拉莫思.奥尔塔总统归来。As the crowd shouted "Viva President Ramos-Horta", the 58-year-old leader thanked the people of his troubled country for their support. He also thanked the national parliament, government officials and the international community. 群众高喊:“奥尔塔总统万岁。”这名58岁的领导人感谢人民于动乱中仍旧持他,并且感谢国会、政府官员以及国际社会。Mr. Ramos-Horta was shot in a rebel attack at his home in Dili in February. 奥尔塔2月在他位于帝力的家中受到叛军击。He was flown for emergency treatment in the northern Australian city of Darwin. After several operations and more than two months of recuperation, surgeons say he has made a remarkable recovery. 之后他乘飞机前往澳大利亚北部的达尔文市接受急救。他经历过数次手术以及超过两个月的复健,医师说他复原的非常好。The president's private doctor, Rui de Araujo, says his health will be monitored closely. 奥尔塔总统的私人医师阿劳若说将会随时注意他的健康情况:"The wounds are completely closed, he still complains about some neuropathic pain but that is normal for that kind of damage that he had in his nerves and so on. So medically speaking he's up to 90 percent healed," he said. "We would only need to do some follow ups on physiotherapy, on scar management, and maybe some continuous pain management for some weeks." “伤口已经完全闭合,他还有神经痛,但对于这种伤了神经的伤害来讲是正常的。所以就医学上来讲,他已经905的复原了。接下来我们只需要作一些物理性治疗、疤痕治疗以及可能几周的止痛治疗。”President Ramos-Horta almost died when he was shot by gunmen loyal to rebel leader Alfredo Reinado, who died in the ambush. 奥尔塔总统几乎在击中丧生。手是忠于叛军领导人雷纳多的反叛份子,雷纳多于一项伏击行动中被击毙。Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao was also targeted by renegades on the same, but escaped unharmed. 总理古斯芒同样也遭到叛军袭击,但成功脱险。Nine suspected rebels have been arrested, and up to 16 others are still on the run. 9名叛军嫌疑犯已经被捕,另有16名仍在逃。After his return, Mr. Ramos-Horta urged the remaining rebels to turn themselves in to face trial. He said he did not want to see any of them die. He also called on the government to do more to ease chronic poverty, using revenue from the country's oil and gas sales.  奥尔塔总统返国之后呼吁在逃叛军自首,面对审判。他说,他不希望看到他们其中任何人被处决。他同时呼吁政府用石油与天然气出口的利润,解决长期以来的贫穷问题。Tiny East Timor gained independence from Indonesia in 2002 but has been beset instability ever since. 东帝汶于2002年自印度尼西亚独立,但之后这个国家骚乱不断。Rebel soldiers clashed with units loyal to the East Timor government in 2006. The violence drove 150 thousand people from their homes and prompted an emergency military intervention by Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and Malaysia.  叛军于2006年与政府军发生冲突,造成15万人流离失所,并且导致澳大利亚、新西兰、葡萄牙与马来西亚紧急派军队介入。More than 2,500 foreign troops and police remain in the country to help local security forces maintain control. 现在超过2万5千名的外国军队与警察仍留在当地,协助保持稳定。200804/35471滨州市无痛人流价格济南人流那家医院最好



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