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Living together might seem like a good idea, but be sure youre making the right decision before you start packing your boxes.一起住似乎是个好主意,但是在打包行李前确保作出正确的决定。You Will Need你需要Vacation假期Clothes衣Toiletries化妆品Desire to live together一起住的渴望Money钱Weekly date night (optional)每周约会之夜(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Evaluate time1.评估时间Evaluate how much time you spend together now. If you spend over half your nights together, you probably have a good idea what it is like to spend a lot of time with your partner and wont be surprised about habits or quirks.评估一下你们现在一起度过多少时间。如果你们超过一半的夜晚是在一起的,你会更清楚花费更长的时间和伴侣在一起会是什么状况,不会对一些习惯或怪癖感到惊讶。STEP 2 Date for at least six months2.约会至少六个月Date your significant other for at least 6 months before moving in together. Make sure you are past the honeymoon period where you think your partner and your relationship are flawless.同居前至少约会六个月。确保你们已经过了蜜月期,不会认为你的伴侣和你们的关系是完美无暇的。STEP 3 Take a vacation together3.一起休假Take a week-long vacation together. If it goes well, you know that you and your significant other can get along well and work together for extended periods of time.一起休一周的长假。如果顺利的话,你知道两人可以和谐相处,以后的漫长岁月也可以相处愉快。STEP 4 Store clothes and toiletries4.存放衣和化妆品Store clothes and toiletries at your partners place. If both of you aly have clothes and toiletries stored at each others place, then moving in together will not be too far of a leap.在对方的住处存放一些衣和化妆品。如果你们两人在对方的地方都有衣和化妆品,那么一起住就不会显得太突兀。STEP 5 Be on the same page5.意见一致Make sure you and your significant other are on the same page about what you want. Do you both want a long-term relationship, or would the move be temporary?确保你和你的另一半意见一致。你们两人是否都希望保持长久的恋爱关系,还是只是暂时的?Realize that moving in together does not mean you are going to get married.要意识到同居并不意味着你们会结婚。STEP 6 Work out problems6.解决问题Work out problems when they arise. Being able to work through problems is an important part of living together.出现问题时努力解决。能够解决问题是同居的重要部分。STEP 7 Want to be around each other7.希望长相厮守Want to be around your significant other. If you move in together, it is important to want to be around each other.希望陪伴在对方左右。如果两人搬到一起,想要伴随对方左右非常重要。Organize a weekly date night so that the two of you do not start to feel like you are only roommates.组织每周一次约会之夜,这样两人不会觉得只是室友的关系。STEP 8 Move in together8.搬到一起Decide if youll keep your place or theirs, or find a new place together, and start packing!确定是住在你这里还是对方那里,还是一起找一个新的住处,然后开始打包!According to a 2010 report from the National Center for Health Statistics, 28 percent of men and women aged 15 to 44 who had ever cohabited or married lived with their significant other before marriage.根据2010年国家卫生统计中心的一份报告,28%的15岁至44岁的同居或已婚男女结婚前一起住。视频听力译文由。201404/289417The technological development thats driven the improved accuracy forecast促成这种准确性的科技floats thousands of miles above us.漂浮在数千里的高空Satellites.卫星Weve got so much more information because of all the satellites.借助卫星我们能获取更多的信息We know you need to know whats going on globally to get a good forecast你需要知道全球都在发生什么变化of whats going to happen in the UK for the next five days.才能更好预测英国未来五日的天气情况You cant do it without global coverage.没有全球范围的数据就不能预报Satellites have given us that global coverage.卫星给了我们全球的数据Satellites provide huge amounts of information卫星提供了大量信息about the worlds most extreme weather events.告诉了我们世界最极端天气But making sense of them...但要处理这些信息requires one of these.需要这个东西This is the Met Offices computer behemoth.这是英国气象局的巨型计算机201411/342211Like Brett Ratner, Quentin Tarantino was another high-profile Hollywood director that has been inspired by Bruce Lee.跟Brett Ratner一样 Quentin Tarantino是好莱坞另一位受到李小龙启发的大腕导演。When he wanted someone to do the sound track for the movie Kill Bill,he approached Rza to draw on his vast knowledge of Bruce Lee films.当想找人给;杀死比尔;配乐时,他找到Rza 对李小龙电影的了解滔滔不绝。Doing music for Kill Bill was something that was a great opportunity for me.为;杀死比尔;配乐是个很好的机会Im... Im a hip-hop producer,and Tarantino was a Wu-Tang fan,asked me to become the first composer he ever hired.我是... 我是嘻哈音乐制作人,而Tarantino是;武当派;迷,邀我作为他第一个聘用的作曲家。And we actually met like two guys throwing out baseball cards, naming kungfu films,who knew the most films, and we became friends.我们的碰面就像俩炫耀棒球卡的小孩 当然说的是功夫片,谁知道的电影更多 我们成为了朋友。Like Rza, Damon Albarn from the British band Gorillaz saw Bruce Lee at an early age and was blown away.跟Rza一样 英国街头顽童乐队的Damon Albarn,在很小的时候就看过李小龙的电影并为之折。His band has sold over 15 million albums, and their latest project,a circus opera called Monkey Journey To The West has been staged around the world.他们的专辑卖出了超过1千5百万张 最近的作品,名为;西游记;的音乐剧已经开始全球巡回上演。When creating the music for the opera,Damon Albarn drew on the soundtrack to Enter The Dragon.为音乐剧作曲时,Damon Albarn参看了;龙争虎斗;的配乐。I definitely thought about that when I was doing the music for...当为... 为这出猴戏配乐时 我立马想到了这个for the monkey opera, the strong use of orchestra,and its just really exciting.It never became dull, you know?强烈的管弦乐,激荡人心。绝不无聊 知道吗?Bruce Lees influence has been apparent in much of the Gorillazs work since they launched in 1998 as the worlds first virtual band.从1998年 这个世界上首个虚拟乐队诞生之日起,街头顽童作品就明显带有李小龙气息。You always say that too.They created their own Game of Death animation and dressed monkey in Bruce Lees signature yellow tracksuit.你也常这么说,他们创作了自己的;死亡游戏;动画,让猴子穿上李小龙标志性的黄色战衣。You put me monkey in a Bruce Lee...Yeah, well, exactly, monkey has a Bruce Lee tracksuit.Yeah, you cant really... its so iconic.你让猴子穿李小龙的...是 没错 猴子穿李小龙的连体衫,是的 你没法... 太深入人心了。The Gorillaz arent the only artists to capitalize on Bruce Lees image.街头顽童不是唯一利用李小龙形象的艺术家The international appeal and strong brand identity is something advertisers and marketers have also been keen to exploit,creating a wave of Bruce Lee inspired commercials, comics,and games around the world.国际影响力和品牌形象是广告商和市场营销者追逐的焦点,他们在世界各地掀起了一股李小龙广告 动画,电玩的风潮。201403/280071

Financial leaders face tough Ukraine talks As finance ministers gather in Washington DC for the IMF World Bank spring meetings all eyes will be on the Ukraine crisis.As Finance ministers of the worlds nations gather here in Washington D.C. for the IMF World Bank’s spring meetings, the topic of Ukraine will loom large. Members of the Fund will likely try to hammer out a timeframe for the disbursement of the 80-billion-dollar aid package awarded by the IMF to Ukraine. This, amid concerns of the spillover effects of Russias incursion, could shave as much as half of its percent of Russian’s own growth rate and perhaps even threaten to derail the worlds nascent economic recovery.While setting enough bit so cautions tone for these meetings, the IMF released its own research: putting global growth at 3.6% for this year with UK and the U.S. leading the charge.But question still relays on how the world economies will deal with the end of the quantities easing and rising rates in the future.We have begun to turn the corner from the global financial crisis. And the global financial stability is significantly improving. But I want to also tell you that it is too early to declare victory, because there is a need to move beyond liquidity dependence.The Weeks gathering will also see ECBS President take to the stage facing growing concerns about possible deflation and falling prices in the crisis-hit euro zone. As such, any comments that Mario Draghi make on the subject of monetary stimulus for the bloc will be keenly watched. Mind you, since he speaks on Saturday, markets will have to wait for a new trading week to respond. And in the meantime, they will spend days guessing. Nina Dos Santos CNN Washington. /201404/289496

doesnt make any difference to his cultural and historical importance,because his films changed the world.对他在文化和历史上的重要地位都没有任何影响,因为他的电影已经改变了世界。You got the job on The Green Hornet,where you played Kato, the chauffeur,mainly because youre the only Chinese-looking guy who could pronounce the name of the leading character, Britt Reid.你在《青蜂侠》里扮演司机加藤,主要是因为你是唯一一个名字跟布里特·雷德谐音的亚洲脸男子。I made that as a joke, of course.And its a heck of a name, man.Every time I said it at that time,I was super conscious.你说笑了,那个名字很棒。那时候我一说起这个名字就想到我自己的名字Mr Reids residence.As a kid, we watched Green Hornet for him.We could care less about Green Hornet.这是雷德先生家,小时候我们都是为了他看《青蜂侠》,我们对青蜂侠一点都没有兴趣。He had a fly car, Ill give him props for the car,but Kato was incredible.Everybody in the neighbourhood was fighting to be Bruce Lee,not the Green Hornet.他有个飞车,我只会觉得车不错,但加藤简直不可思议。周围的人个个争着要当李小龙,而不是青蜂侠。A lot of stunt guys didnt know how to react.You do the old John Wayne,you throw a punch and the guy goes down.With him,its boom, boom, boom, boom,lightning fast.《青蜂侠》里的很多特技演员碰到李小龙都不知所措。如果是打约翰·韦恩的话,你打一拳他就会趴下,但跟李小龙,你还没反应过来他已经出了好几招,像闪电一样。Theres a shot of Bruce and hes doing a kick,and his thigh, his inner thigh, is flat against his chest.And we would just look at that kick like,;Are you kidding me?;;Look how incredible this guy can kick.;有一幕是布鲁斯踢飞腿,他的大腿内侧贴着他的胸口。我当时就愣住了,想这不是开玩笑吧,这人太能踢了。I think about what my dad said about his first foray into Hollywood.There were all these seasoned actors doing their thing,and he felt like the only robot in the room.Thats something I can really relate to in my life, back when I was acting,and I was trying so hard to impress the right people.我想起我爸爸说起他第一次进军好莱坞,那些有经验的演员都在卖力表演,只有他像个机器人似的。这点我也深有感触,以前我演戏的时候我竭力想给别人留下好印象。201311/265251

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