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山东中医药大学附属医院中药科滨州儿童医院妇科预约济南附属山大医院做孕检多少钱 1.惯用口语句子:Appearance is very important in social life.外貌在社交生活中非常重要。appearance n. 外貌,外观,外表social a. 社会的,社交的We shouldnt judge by appearances.我们不应该以貌取人。We cant criticize others appearance.我们不能批评别人的外貌,judge v. 判断,评价,评判criticize v. 批评,挑剔We are often attracted to somebody first by their physical appearance.我们首先会受到别人身体外貌上的吸引。physical a. 身体的,物理的Women tend to be more concerned than men about their personal appearance.女人比男人更关注自己的外貌。tend to“倾向于”be concerned about“关心,关注,在意”Some people look angelic, but appearances can be deceptive.有些人看上去像天使一样,但外貌是具有欺骗性的。angelic a. 天使般的deceptive a. 欺骗性的You look great.你看上去很棒。You re looking good.You look terrible.你的脸色太难看了。You look tired.你看上去累了。That looks great on you.你穿这个真好看。Thats your color.这颜色对你很合适。You always dress so tastefully.你穿衣一直都是很有品味的。That dress certainly shows your good taste.那件衣表明你很有品味。dress v. (给)穿衣,(给)穿衣打扮 n. 女式装tastefully ad. 有品位地taste n. 品位She dresses fashionably.她穿着很时髦。Hes neatly dressed.他穿着很整洁。fashionably ad. 随着流行地,赶时髦地neatly ad. 整洁地,恰好地Shes so attractive that she always deserves a second look.她太迷人了,让人忍不住再看一眼。Shes pretty and cute.她既好看又可爱。She is really gorgeous.她真是太漂亮了。attractive a. 迷人的,吸引人的deserve v. 值得,应得cute a. 可爱的,聪明的,伶俐的,性感的,漂亮的gorgeous a. 漂亮的David is real a looker.大卫长得真不错。David is so handsome.大卫真帅。looker n. 漂亮、好看的人 /201506/383395山东省济南儿童医院几级

济南妇科医生免费电话今天一上来,我先要提醒大家,千万不能找有两个老板的工作。我的一个朋友眼下就面临着这种困扰。他的两个老板经常派他去干不同的工作,结果让他夹在中间,左右为难。这种情况,用下面这个习惯用语形容再合适不过了, caught in the crossfire. Crossfire的原意是交叉火力,caught in the crossfire被夹在交叉火力中间,不言而喻,就是受到两面夹击的意思。我刚才说的那个朋友,夹在两个老板中间,就好像是caught in the crossfire,疲于应付来自两方面的压力。其实啊,在生活中,我们经常会陷入这种被动的局面。让我们听听下面这个高中橄榄球队的队员是怎么说的。例句-1:A lot of the team is y to quit football this season. Our co-captains are constantly disagreeing, so that we dont know which of them were supposed to listen to. One thing is sure; weve had enough of being caught in the crossfire.他说:队里很多人这个赛季都不想再打下去了。我们球队两个队长意见永远统一不了,搞得我们不知道要听谁的好。可以肯定的是,我们已经受够了这种被夹在中间的日子。我上大学的时候,也遇到过这种情况。当时我是排球校队的队员,正副教练闹矛盾,队员被夹在中间,caught in the crossfire, 结果整个球队溃不成军。不过,起码上面说的这些学生还可以退出球队,去参加其他运动项目。但是如果是父母不能统一思想,经常在孩子面前争吵,让孩子caught in the crossfire, 那可就糟糕了,对孩子的成长不利。所以说,当家长的,务必要在私下里解决问题,在孩子面前则应该统一战线才对。******如今,美国2008年总统大选的竞选活动正在热火朝天地进行当中。大选议题自然也成为了茶余饭后的热门话题。不过,有的时候,轻松的聊天也会发展成充满火药味的争吵和辩论。让我们听听下面这个人为什么会被 caught in the crossfire。例句-2:I should never have started talking about the election at the party. Before long, it became a huge fight between political conservatives and liberals. Those of us who are moderates found ourselves caught in the crossfire. It was awful!他说:参加派对的时候,我真不该提起选举的话题,结果引起了政治保守派和自由派之间的一场激烈辩论,害得我们这些温和派被夹在了中间。简直是太可怕了。在那些热衷政治的人面前谈选举,确实要格外小心。我以前曾经在一家杂志社工作,给杂志写稿,结果发现自己经常被夹在编辑和出版商之间,caught in the crossfire, 左右为难,后来实在受不了,只好换了工作,一下子觉得好轻松。 /201504/370045济南省妇幼保健院门诊方便 For:正方辩词:More tolerance, less prejudice.多一点宽容,少一点偏见。In the course of history, homosexuality was once regarded as a kind of virus. In the year 2001, with the publication of the third edition of the Chinese Classification and Diagnostic Criteria of Mental Disorders, homosexuality is no longer regarded as a psychotic disorder. Presently Chinese society has shown progress in no longer regarding homosexuality as a pathological phenomenon. Except for the sex-orientation, it is believed that they are just the same as us.在历史上,同性恋曾经被认为是一种疾病。直到《2001年中国精神障碍分类与诊断标准》(第3 版)的发布,同性恋者不再被认定是精神病患者。如今在中国,随着社会的进步,同性恋不再被看做是一种病态现象。除了性取向不同,同性恋者在其他各方面与正常人并无差异。As a sign of civilization, the pubic tolerance toward homosexuality has won great acceptance. It is impossible for everyone to be homosexual. Gays and lesbians are always the minority. Lets be nice to them. They need to be protected under the legal system, they need to be admitted into society and given the right to enjoy happiness as we do. Why should we be so inconsiderate to them?公众的容忍度是一个民族文明程度的标志之一,因此同性恋目前已被广泛接纳。不可能每个人都是同性恋,男同志和女同志总归是少数。让我们一同善待他们。他们也需要法律的保护,需要被社会接受,需要和我们一样有享受幸福的权利。为什么我们不能体谅他们呢?Against:反方辩词:Homosexuality could never be widely advocated.同性恋不会被广泛提倡。Homosexuality should not be simply judged as right or wrong. Gays and lesbians should be regarded as common people in every respect. But still, what should be questioned is the relationship. Undoubtedly, homosexuality can never make its way into the main stream of social life. That is because this kind of relationship, unlike most of other interpersonal relationships, is not socially functional.同性恋不应该简单的通过对错来判断。从任何角度讲,任何同性恋者都应该被当成正常人对待。然而,应该被质疑的是这种关系。毫无疑问,同性恋不可能成为社会生活的主流。因为同性恋不同于大多数的社会人际关系,它不体现社会功能。Common love and marriage between men and women should be regarded as functional because they are reproductive-they reproduce family and offspring. Reproductivity is a basic condition for the development of society. In this sense, homosexual love and marriage can never be centralized in social life. As a marginal social relationship, homosexuality will naturally exist, but it will can never be widely advocated.正常的男女间的爱情与婚姻能够体现社会功能,因为它们是有繁殖性的能够组建家庭与繁殖后代。繁殖性是社会发展的一个基本要求。从这个意义上讲,同性恋的爱情与婚姻永远不能成为社会生活的中心。做为一种边缘化的社会关系,同性恋能够自然地存在,但它不会被广泛提倡。 /201501/355033济南无痛流产哪家好

山大二院生殖中心讲解文本:tough girl 女汉子,坚强的女生tough 坚强的,不屈不挠的,艰苦的tough guy 硬汉I have never met such a tough girl like Mary, she is really great。我以前从没有见过Mary这样的女汉子,她真的很棒。Its a tough fight, we have to try our best.这是一场艰难的战役,我们必须竭尽全力。 疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201607/456306 32. A Bad Roommate 32.一个糟糕的室友A: I hate my roommate.A:我讨厌我的室友。B: Im sorry to hear that. Whats wrong with her?B:很遗憾听到你这么说。她怎么啦?A: A lot of things. First of all, she snores so loudly!A:很多使。首先,她的鼾声太大了!B: Thats not really her fault. What else?B:那其实不是她的错。别的呢?A: She never takes a shower.A:她从不洗澡。B: Thats disgusting! You should tell her to take a shower.B:好恶心!你应该提醒她洗澡。A: I did! She got mad at me and then proceeded to slap me.A:我告诉过了!她非常生气还打了我。B: Ouch! Did you try to get a new roommate?B:噢!你有没有试着找一个新的室友?A: I tried, but I could not. No one was willing to switch.A:我试过了,但没有找到。没人愿意换。B: I guess you can get a new room by yourself.B:我想你可以自己一个房间。A: I cant afford it. Ugh, I hate her so much.A:我负担不起。唉,我如此讨厌她。B: Its okay. The year will be over before you know it. B:没关系。这一年很快就会过去的。 /201510/406798莱芜市打胎费用济南八院有微创手术吗



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