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For those of you who feel the need for speed, the long wait is over. The sixth installment of the famous street racing franchise ;Fast and Furious; opened in China on Friday, along with a brand new IMAX theatre in Beijing.《速度与》系列电影的忠实粉丝不用再翘首企盼。这部街头赛车系列电影的第六部—《速度与6》于上周五在中国上映,同时一个全新的IMAX剧场登陆北京。Owned by Stellar Cineplex, the new theatre is Beijings sixth commercial IMAX theatre, and by far the largest in the city. The IMAX format has gradually gained popularity in recent years with its greater audio and visual experience, especially for action thrillers.该剧场归属恒星影城,是北京第六个商业IMAX剧场,也是目前北京最大的一个。近年来,这种IMAX观影模式以其超大观影屏幕与极佳视觉效果渐成新宠,深受动作片爱好者喜爱。Directed by Taiwan-born Justin Lin,;Fast amp; Furious 6; continues the legendary street-racing series, which has grossed 1.6 billion US Dollars in total, and ranks as the 22nd biggest franchise globally. Main cast members are also expected to feature in the seventh ;Fast amp; Furious;, due out in 2014.由台湾裔导演林诣彬执导的电影《速度与6》,续写了街头赛车系列电影传奇。该部电影获得了16亿美元的电影票房,成为全球第22部最卖座电影。电影主创将有望参演于2014年开拍的《速度与7》。201307/250101But, should he and his possessions be here anyway? Questions like this crop up frequently -where do things from the past belong now? Should everything be exhibited where it was originally made? Ill be coming back to these questions at various points in the programmes. But I asked the Egyptian writer Ahdaf Souief how she felt about seeing so many Egyptian antiquities so far from home:但是,他和他的财产应该陈列在这里吗?这样的问题经常出现:这些古董属于哪里?它们是否应陈列在发源地?在这一系列节目中,我会时常回到这些问题。我问埃及作家阿达芙·苏耶夫(Ahdaf Souief),看到大量的埃及展品“背井离乡”,她感觉如何:Ultimately its probably no bad thing to have Egyptian obelisks and stones and statues sprinkled all over the world. It reminds us of ages of colonialism, yes, but it also reminds the world of our common heritage. Its that idea of a common heritage thats become more and more apparent and more important to me, the longer I spend working in the British Museum. Personally, I think its never been more important than now to think about the history of the world as one shared story.“从根本上说,也许埃及方尖碑、石碑及雕塑流落于世界各地不是件坏事。这一事实虽然不断提醒我们埃及长达几个世纪的殖民史,但也同时提醒世界这些古董是人类的共同财产。”在大英物馆工作的时间越长,我越能感受到“人类共同财产”这一概念的明确性和重要性。我个人认为,当前最重要的就是将世界历史看做一部全人类共同参与的历史。If I could decree a universal education programme, I would make every child in the world learn a brief history of the entire world that focused on the common ground. It would examine how people perceive their relationship to each other, to the planet, and to the universe, and it would see human history as a kind of ongoing joint project, where one lot of people picked up where another had left off. (Ahdaf Soueif)“如果我可以开展一场全民教育活动,我将让世界上的每个孩子学习以共同基础为重点的世界简史,探究人类如何感知自己同他人、地球和宇宙的关系。人类的历史将被视为一项联合,互补,持续不断的伟大工程。”——阿达芙·苏耶夫(Ahdaf Soueif)I started this programme with the sound of a star whose explosion was seen across half the world around 1066. But the story of people making things began nearly two million years ago. And once again, the radio telescope can let us tune in to the echo of another dying star that those ancestors, nearly two million years ago, would have been able to see - but at this point all our ancestors lived in Africa.节目开始时,我们播放了一颗恒星发出的声音,半个地球的人于1066年左右见了它的大爆炸。然而,人类造物的故事始于近200万年前。通过无线电天文望远镜,我们再次听到了另一颗即将陨落的恒星的回响,而200万年前,我们的祖先能用肉眼观察到它,但当时,我们所有人的祖先都生活在非洲大陆。If at that moment, 1.8 million years ago, you had been gazing up at the exploding star from the Rift Valley of East Africa, you might well have heard the sound of the earliest human hands, creating the oldest known humanly made thing. Those hands were shaping stone tools; tools that represent the first step on the great journey of shaping our world. For me, its making things and then coming to depend on things that sets us apart from all other animals and, ultimately, turns us into the humans we are today. Its one of those very first stone tools that Im going to be looking at in the next programme.如果180万年前的那一刻,你正立于东非大裂谷仰望着那颗爆炸的恒星,也许你还能听到初民用双手创造已知的最古老的“人造物”的声响。那双手在塑造石质工具,它们象征着人类改造世界伟大征程的第一步。我认为,正是制作物品和依赖物品把我们同动物区别开来,并最终使我们进化成今天的人类。下期节目我要介绍的正是一件初民时期的石质工具。201402/276579And thats why he said,Im gonna call my new method the intercepting way or the interceptingfist.;这也就是为什么他说,我要把我的新方法叫做截道或者是截拳Come on. Touch me. Any way you can.To reach me, you must move to me.Your attack offers me an opportunity to intercept you.来,碰我一下,随便怎么碰。要够到我,你一定先要靠近我。你的出击让我有机会截住你And they said,;What do you call that?;He says,;We call that jeet kune do.;然后他们问这是什么拳法,他说这叫做截拳道。In Cantonese, jeet kune do.Then it was Dan who says, ;Acronym would be JKD.;And Bruce Lee said,;I like that.;这是广东话,截拳道。然后丹说可以缩写成截拳道。然后布鲁斯说,这个我喜欢。- The way of the intercepting fist. - Intercepting fist?It sounds Chinese but its very much an American martial art.截断出拳的方法 -截断出拳。听起来有点中国化,但这算是美式武术。Was how can I most efficiently directly end a moment of combat?旨在研究如何最有效最直接地终止战斗的某一瞬间The philosophy Bruce Lee had was:the simpler the better,the most effective, the direct line.李小龙的哲学就是越简单越好,直线出击最有效。The other stuff was Hollywood.It can be taught.Do you understand?But it cannot really be standardised.And thats not to say that it cant be passed on.But it was very personal to him.其他说法都是好莱坞编的,截拳道是可以教授的,你明白吗?但它没有标准化的方法并不意味着它不能传授。但这对他个人有着特殊意义。All the wanna bes, all the imposters who put up jeet kune do signs on their and they have no idea what jeet kune do is.school building,They think its a style.在学校门口挂着截拳道名号想学没学成的招摇撞骗的那些人,完全不知道截拳道是什么含义。他们以为是一个流派。I dont know if hed be do jo-busting in his days,but that would upset Bruce.我不知道他那个时候有没有打假,但这种事确实然布鲁斯很头疼。201311/265941

Now,this looks quite bad for Newcastle.哦,这次看起来对纽卡斯尔非常不妙。The last thing they need is another injury.他们现在最害怕的就是再有队员受伤。Theyve aly got several walking wounded out there.他们现在已经有不少人是带伤上阵了。重点词汇: injury 受伤例句:The team was beset by injury all season.这个队整个赛季都因队员受伤而受困扰。 201405/300777

That little ticket may seem like a long shot, but simple statistics can help you maximize your chances of winning a small fortune.那一张小小的票似乎遥不可及,但是简单的策略可以帮助你的机会最大化。You Will Need你需要A lottery ticket or scratch-off card一张票或刮刮卡People to pool your resources with共享资源的人Steps步骤STEP 1 Mix up your numbers1.各种数字搭配When youre picking numbers, try to get a good mix of odds, evens, highs, and lows.选择数字的时候,尽量把奇数,偶数,比较大的数字和比较小的数字搭配。If youre playing Powerball, lows are numbers up through 27, and highs are 28 and greater.如果你玩的是强力球,较小的数字是27以下,较大的数字是28以上。STEP 2 Pool with others2.与其他人集中资源People who pool their money have a wider variety of number choices and can afford to buy more tickets. But before laying out any cash, the group should sign a mutually agreeable contract.把钱集中在一起的人数字选择范围更大,可以购买更多票。但是把钱集中在一起之前,最好签订一份大家都赞同的协议。STEP 3 Dont play consecutive numbers3.不要选连续的数字Dont play consecutive combinations: Its extremely unlikely that four or five numbers will hit.不要选连续的数字:连续四个或五个数字的可能性微乎其微。When playing a five-number game in which the numbers go up to 55, your picks should total between 104 and 176. Sums that fall within that range account for about 70 percent of all lottery jackpots.当你在55个数字中选择5个数字时,你选择的数字总和最好介于104至176之间。总和位于这个区间的几率高达70%。STEP 4 Vary your picks4.多几种选择Dont pick all of your numbers from the same number group, like the tens or thirties, and avoid selections that all end in the same digit.不要在同一个数字群中选择,比如全部都是十几或三十几,不要选择最后一位相同的数字。STEP 5 Play smaller games5.不要玩太大For contests where there is always a winner, increase your chances by playing unpopular games and times -- like small payouts and on days like Friday the 13th.要是想赢得票,玩一些不是太受大众欢迎的票,选择不是非常受欢迎的时间,比如派较小的票,在周五,13号购买等等。STEP 6 Consider scratch-offs6.考虑刮刮乐Be smart about scratch-offs. They have better odds than the pick-a-number games, but the payouts are smaller.聪明一点,选择刮刮乐。它们的几率比选择数字的几率更高,但是派更小。Check your states official lottery web site for information about payouts and how to claim winnings, or call the office directly to clarify.查看你所在地区官方票网站,了解关于派和领奖的信息,或者直接打电话查询。STEP 7 Go beyond the calendar7.不要限于日历People often play dates that are special to them, which means the numbers one through 31 get a real workout. It wont help you win, but if you do, choosing numbers over 31 will help you win bigger, because fewer people will be sharing the jackpot.人们通常选择对自己来说比较特殊的日子,这就意味着经常选择1至31之间的数字。这不会让你更容易。但是如果想的话,选择超过31的数字会让你的可能性更大。因为和你分享奖项的人更少。In 2002, a West Virginia man won a 5 million Powerball jackpot, then the largest jackpot ever awarded to a single winner. Oddly enough, he was aly a millionaire before he won.2002年,西佛吉尼亚一名男子赢得了3.15亿美元的强力球头奖,这是截止到当时最大数额的头奖得主。更反常的是,在赢得头奖之前,他已经是一位百万富翁。视频听力译文由。201404/293319They say that Bruce Lee was the father of mixed martial arts.That bothers me.他们把李小龙称作综合搏击之父,这让我大为光火。If hes the father of mixed martial arts Im the grandfather of mixed martial arts. 如果他是综合搏击之父,那么我就是综合搏击之祖。And if you dont believe me, Ill choke you cos you got a nice neck for choking.如果你不气,我就扼死你,因为你的脖子一掐即断。When you get into this whole martial arts thing and you start talking about Bruce Lee a lot of people get offended.People get pissed off and bombed out and everything else.But Bruce Lee is 100 percent the father of mixed martial arts.当你聊起搏斗这一话题,并谈起李小龙时就会激怒无数人,很多人会恼羞成怒或大发雷霆,但李小龙是百分之百的综合搏击之父。He was so directed and so concrete about his thoughts and his beliefs that he actually went out and had his friend George make a little miniature tombstone.他对于自己的想法和信仰过于直率和偏执,他甚至让自己的朋友乔治铸了一座小墓碑。Its really heavy and it says,;Inmemory of a once fluid man crammed and distorted by the classical mess.;它十分沉重,上面写道,深切缅怀一位被经典混乱扭曲的自由之人The classical mess meant that all these traditions were a classical mess.经典混乱的意思是一切的传统都是经典混乱。;The right punch comes.Ill move out to a 30-degree angle.;右勾拳打来时我会转移30度躲避;Then Ill bend my...; Its too complicated.然后我弯曲... 太复杂了Its not gonna work in real life.在现实世界根本不可能So here was this tombstone he created to essentially remind himself to go back to fluidity.他造出这个墓碑是为了提醒自己回到流畅自然的状态201312/266778The French took the stone as a cultural trophy of war, but it never made it back to Paris.法国人将石碑视作自己的战利品,却从未能将其成功地运回巴黎。Pursued by Nelson, Napoleon was defeated, and in 1801 the terms of the Treaty of Alexandria, signed by the French, British and Egyptian generals, included the handing over of antiquities-and the Rosetta Stone was one of them.在尼罗河河口海战中,纳尔逊勋爵打败了法国舰队,拿破仑拋下军队独自回到法国。1801年,法国向英国与埃及的将领投降。之后签署的亚历山大协议要求法国人交出一切文物,其中便包括罗塞塔石碑。Most books will tell you that there are three languages on the Rosetta Stone, but if you look on the broken side, you can see that in fact there are four.许多书籍都会告诉你—就像我刚才说的一样—罗塞塔石碑上共有三种文字。但如果查看石碑断面,你便会发现第四种。Because there, stencilled on in English, you can : ;CAPTURED BY THE BRITISH ARMY IN 1801; PRESENTED BY KING GEORGE III;.上面用英文写着“1801,英国军队获于埃及”以及(在另一处)“英王乔治三世赠”。Nothing could make it clearer that if the text on the front of the stone is about the first European empire in Africa, Alexander the Greats, the finding of the stone stands at the beginning of another European adventure-the bitter rivalry between Britain and France for dominance in the Middle East and in Africa, which had continued from Napoleon until the Second World War.石碑表面的文字记载了非洲土地上第一个欧洲帝国—亚历山大 帝国—的故事,而石碑的重新发现又恰逢新的欧洲列强争夺战的开端:英法争夺中东与非洲统治权的斗争,从拿破仑时期一直延续到二战。We asked the Egyptian writer Ahdaf Soueif for her view of this history:我曾询问埃及作家阿达法苏维夫对这段历史的看法。;This stone so makes me think of how often Egypt has been the theatre of other peoples battles.罗塞塔石碑让我想起埃及如何频繁地成为别国战争的舞台。Its one of the earliest objects through which you can trace Western colonial interest in Egypt, because of course it was found by the French in the context of Napoleons invasion of the country, and then appropriated by the British when they defeated him, and the French and the British argued over it.No-one seems to have considered that it belonged to neither of them.这是最古老的能表现欧洲在埃及攫取殖民利益的物品之一。在英法两国为它的归属权争论不休时,似乎没有人想过石碑其实不属于他们中的任何一位。201411/342098

Are you surrounded by lovelorn singles, but still cant seem to make a love connection? Try this.你的周围有很多失恋的单身人士,却仍然不能擦出爱的火花?尝试一下下面的方法。You Will Need你需要A pleasant personality令人愉快的性格A willingness to try new things尝试新事物的意愿And a little courage一点勇气Steps步骤STEP 1 Get involved in campus activities1.参加校园活动Get involved in campus activities that interest you. Youll have fun and meet like-minded people.多参加感兴趣的校园活动。你可以从中获得乐趣,也可以结识志同道合的人。STEP 2 Multi-task in class2.担任班级职务Multi-task in class. If theres someone youre interested in, make sure to look nice, try to sit near them, and come up with an excuse to talk to them.在班上担任一些职务。如果有你感兴趣的人,确保自己看上去友好一点,尝试坐得离他们近一点,找个借口跟他们说话。If youre interested in someone who belongs to a fraternity or sorority, make sure to attend all of its open functions.如果你感兴趣的人属于某个兄弟会或女生联谊会,确保参加其所有公开活动。STEP 3 Throw a potluck party3.聚餐活动Throw a ;potluck; party at your dorm—only guests have to bring a savory friend rather than a dish.在宿舍举办一个聚餐活动,受邀的客人只需带一位可人的朋友,而不是一道可口的饭菜。STEP 4 Vary your routine4.改变日常生活规律Vary your routine. If you always eat lunch at the same time and always walk the same route to class, youre going to see—yup—the same people every day.改变日常生活规律。如果你经常在同一个时间吃午餐,而且走同一条路去上课,你每天见到的当然是同样的人。STEP 5 Strike up conversations5.开始交谈Strike up conversations. Imagine how many hook-ups never take place simply because both parties were too shy to say something.开始交谈。要知道,很多朦胧的关系一直没有机会发展,就是因为双方都羞于开口说话。Dont only chat up people youre attracted to—you know never who might have a cute friend they could introduce you to!不要只和吸引你的人聊天,你永远都不知道,说不定谁有一个可爱的朋友可以介绍给你。STEP 6 Get real6.现实一点Get real. Trophy wives aside, most people marry someone of about the same attractiveness. So if youre no Angelina Jolie,dont pin all your hopes on Brad Pitt, and vice versa.现实一点,不要想着找个花瓶当妻子。大部分人都找和自己差不多的人结婚。所以,如果你没有安吉丽娜·朱莉那么漂亮,也不要老是梦想找一个布莱德·彼特那样的老公。反之亦然。STEP 7 Transfer to Seattle7.搬往西雅图If all else fails, transfer to Seattle. One study rated it the number one place to hook up out of 80 cities in the U.S.如果以上方法都失败了,赶紧搬到西雅图吧。一项调查表明,美国80个城市中,西雅图是最容易擦出爱情火花的地方。A study of speed daters showed that women are much choosier than men when it comes to dating.一项关于相亲的调查显示,在约会方面,女性比男性更加挑剔。视频听力译文由。201403/279533Chinas National Meteorological Center is warning the public to prepare for rainstorms in large parts of the country.中国国家气象中心发布预警,提醒中国大部地区公众注意防范即将到来的暴风雨。Heavy rains and scattered thunderstorms are expected to hit in the Eastern parts of Tibet, Western and Southern Yunnan, the Sichuan Basin, and large parts of West, North and Northeast China. The Sichuan basin, Northern and Southwest Shaanxi Province, and Southern Liaoning Province are forecast to receive precipitation of up to 180mm.暴雨和零星雷电天气将会袭击西藏东部,云南西部和南部,四川盆地以及西部大部分地区,华北和东北地区。四川盆地,陕西北部和西南部以及辽宁南部预计降水将达180mm.201307/248608UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for ;The Shoutout;. “大声喊出来”的时间到了。The scale that measures the intensity of tornadoes is named for what scientist? If you think you know it shout it out. 衡量龙卷风强度的单位是以哪个科学家的名字命名的?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it Herbert Saffir, Charles Richter, Theodore Fujita or Robert Simpson?赫伯特·萨菲尔、查尔斯·里克特、西奥多·藤田还是罗伯特·辛普森?In 1971, Dr. Ted Fujita at the University of Chicago devised the skeleton measure the damage caused by tornadoes. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.1971年,芝加哥大学的藤田哲也设计了测量龙卷风损失的框架。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Today, scientists use the enhanced Fujita, or EF scale to classify tornadoes. 今天,科学家们使用升级版的藤田级数(EF级数)来对龙卷风进行分等。It estimates wind speeds of tornadoes, based on the damage caused. 它根据造成的损失的程度来估计龙卷风的风速。For instance, and EF- tornado, the lowest rating may have winds of 65 to 85 miles per hour and may lightly damage some roofs. 例如,藤田龙卷风级数,最弱等级的风速是每小时65到85英里,可能会对屋顶造成轻微的损害。An EF-5, the most intense has winds of over 200 miles per hour and can destroy entire buildings. 藤田5级,最强的等级,风速可超过每小时200英里,可以摧毁整栋建筑。The EF scale will be one tool storm trackers have with tornado season ramping up.藤田级数将会是在飓风季到来时人们追踪风暴的工具。 /201404/293909

对于外国人来说,学说汉语是一件困难的任务,但是学习阅读这些优美复杂的书面汉字可会容易些。薛晓岚通过简单的课堂,教导學生认识汉字背後理念和其意思,由简单的字根组成到复杂的概念。她管这方法叫“Chineasy”。201405/294900A new high-speed railway route has opened in North China, forming the last link in the high-speed rail network from the country’s north to south.一条新的高铁线路在华北开通,形成了从中国北方到南方高铁网络中的最后一链。The line goes from port city Tianjin to coastal Qinhuangdao in Hebei Province, and its first train set off on Sunday morning from Tianjin. The nearly 300 kilometers long journey only takes about an hour and ten minutes, half the time it takes by regular trains. It connects with the Beijing to Harbin and Harbin to Dalian routes to the north, and the Beijing to Shanghai route to the south.该线路由天津市开往河北省秦皇岛市,且首趟列车已于周日上午由天津出发。近300公里的路程仅耗时1小时10分钟,为普通列车一半的耗时量。该线路联通了开往北方的北京到哈尔滨,哈尔滨到大连线路,以及开往南方的北京到上海线路。201312/266844Well, this is, believe it or not, one of the better viewpoints信不信由你 这里是最好的观景点之一so...probably going to hang around here for a little while,所以我们得在这待一会儿wait till the fog clears.等待雾气消散But the weather isnt on their side.但天气可不愿顺他们的意So much for hoping the weather was going to get better.不用指望天气会变好了All that optimism now seems completely ill-founded.那些乐观现在变得苍白无力With the storm clouds closing in, the team are forced to retreat.随着风暴云的逼近 摄制组不得不折返This enormous weather fronts come in, as isnt entirely unusual.遭遇大范围的锋面天气 其实也不算很反常So were just coming down as the thunder bursts around us.现在雷声四起 我们得返回了So, glad to get back and go and get inside the hut很高兴能回去 回到小木屋and if the weatherll out.希望天气能转好After days of climbing and finding the peaks hidden by fog,经过多日攀登 发现山峰藏在云雾深处filming the summits is looking increasingly impossible.拍摄到顶峰的机会似乎愈发渺茫It can be pretty frustrating at times.有时候那真的很打击人Theres a group of maybe 70 people团队一共有70多个人that weve involved in doing this directly.都切身参与其中You get all the way up here,好不容易爬到这里and then we cant film anything because of the weather.却因为天气原因无法拍摄So, it is just a matter of sitting it out and waiting.现在只能静静等待了You have to sort of hope that things come right in the end.你只能希望最终会有好结果201312/270181

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