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莱芜中心医院在哪里济南公立三甲医院地址Types of Friends A Faraway Friend is someone you grew up with or went to school with or lived in the same town as until one of you moved away. Without a Faraway Friend, you would never get any mail addressed in handwriting. A Faraway Friend calls late at night, invites you to her wedding, always says she is coming to visit but rarely shows up. An actual visit from a Faraway Friend is a cause celebration and binges of all kinds. Cigarettes, Chips Ahoy, bottles of tequila.the mer Friend. A sad thing. At best a wistful memory, at worst a dangerous enemy who is in possession of many of your deepest secrets. But what was it that drove you apart? A misunderstanding, a betrayed confidence, an unrepaid loan, an ill-conceived flirtation. A poor choice of spouse can do in a friendship just like that. Going into business together can be a serious mistake. Time, money, distance, cult religions all noted friendship killers. A New Friend is a tonic unlike any other. Say you meet her at a party. In your bowling league. At a Japanese conversation class, perhaps. Wherever, whenever, there's that spark of recognition. The first time you talk, you can't believe how much you have in common. Suddenly, your life story is interesting again, your insights fresh, your opinion valued. Your various shortcomings are as yet completely invisible. 785济南省中医医院地址 Trees I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree; A tree whose hungry mouth is prestAgainst the earth's sweet flowing breast; A tree that looks at God all day, And lifts her leafy arms to pray; A tree that may in Summer wear A nest of robins in her hair; Upon whose bosom snow has lain, Who intimately lives with rain.Poems are made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree. 763喜欢“like”、讨厌"hate"英语口语怎么说 -- ::38 来源: I like it. How your new job? (你的新工作怎么样?) I like it. (我很喜欢) 我最爱吃比萨饼 I love pizza. *女性常用love表示“很喜欢” I live pizza. (没有比萨饼我几乎活不下去) Pizza is the greatest. (比萨是最好吃的) 我喜欢这套衣 I like this dress. I like this dress. (我喜欢这套衣) So do I. (我也喜欢) I think this dress is nice. I think this dress is pretty. 你满意你的新车吗? Are you pleased with your new car? *be pleased with... 表示“看中……,喜欢……” Are you satisfied with your new car? *be satisfied with...“对……满意” Are you happy with your new car? *be happy with...“对……感到满意” 我喜欢这茶 Im fond of this tea. *be fond of... “喜欢……” 比起咖啡来我更喜欢红茶 I prefer tea to coffee. *prefer ... to ...“比起……更喜欢……”,用于与某事物做比较时 Id rather have tea than coffee. (与其喝咖啡不如喝红茶) I like tea better than coffee. I like tea more than coffee. 我对……上瘾 Im hooked on... *hook“用钩钩住”,be hooked on 表示“对……入迷” You shouldnt smoke so much. (你不该抽那么多的烟) I know, but Im hooked on nicotine. (我知道,但是我已经对尼古丁上瘾了) Im addicted to... 我喜欢喝西红柿汤 Tomato soup is my cup of tea. *常用于日常生活中,带些诙谐语气的表达方式cup of tea是“喜欢的东西、对劲的东西” 我非常喜欢吃日本食品 Ive developed a great liking Japanese food. 我这人很挑剔 Im choosy. *choosy “爱挑剔的,过于讲究的” Im picky. 我开始喜欢吃寿司了 I came to like sushi. Ive started to like sushi. Ive come to like sushi. 简越来越让我喜欢 Jane has grown on me. 棒球越来越吸引我了 Baseball grew on me. Do you like baseball? (你喜欢打棒球吗?) Baseball grew on me as I grew older. (年纪越大,越喜欢棒球了) Baseball has grown on me. 看上去挺好玩的 This will be fun! It our turn on the roller coaster. (该轮到我们玩过山车了) This will be fun. (一定很好玩)*roller coaster “过山车” It looks like fun. 真令人兴奋! This is exciting! This is exciting. Well be parents soon. (这真令人激动我们就要做父母了) I cant wait. (我都等不及了) This is thrilling! 我很感兴趣 Im interested. My hobby is chess. Are you interested in learning? (我的爱好是下国际象棋,你有兴趣学吗?) Yes, Im interested. (嗯,有兴趣) 我很满足 Im satisfied. Do you want more? (你还要点儿吗?) No, Im satisfied. (不,已经够了) Im content. Im pleased. 我很欣赏它 I enjoyed it. That movie was great. (那部电影真棒) I enjoyed it, too. (我也很欣赏它) I had a good time. It was really fun. 我被深深地感动了 I was deeply moved. *move用来表示“使……感动,使……动心” ---讨厌我不喜欢这个 I dont like it. How about this one? (这个怎么样?) No, thank you, I dont like it. (谢谢,我不喜欢) I like it. (我喜欢) 我最讨厌这个了 I hate it! *比I dont like it更强调讨厌的心情 Do you like natto? (你喜欢吃纳豆吗?) No, I hate it! (不,我最讨厌它了) I love it! (我很喜欢!) 这个真恶心 This is disgusting. *disgusting 表示“很过分,让人恶心,厌弃” This is disgusting. (这个真恶心!) It the worst food Ive ever had. (这是我所吃过的最恶心的东西) 啐! Yuck! *用于感到实在恶心时,或引起不快时 Look at the cockroach! (看那!) Yuck! (啐!) 臭死了! Peeyew! *用于感到气味很臭时,表示“真难闻”、“这味真臭” 我不喜欢你的这种态度 It your attitude I dont like. You have an attitude problem. (你的态度有问题) I dont like your attitude. (我不喜欢你的态度) 我对他恨之入骨 I hate his guts. *guts “肠子”hate someone guts是“连……的肠子都讨厌、憎恨”,表达强烈的厌恶、憎恨之情 He so rude. (他如此野蛮) I agree. I hate his guts. (就是,我对他恨之入骨) I despise him. (我真看不起他) 我不喜欢 I dont care it. Do you like the coffee? (你爱喝咖啡吗?) No, I dont care it. (不,我不爱喝) I dont like it. 看见他就心烦 I cant stand him. *stand “忍耐,忍受,容忍” Here comes my boss, Mr. Smith. (过来的那位是我的老板史密斯先生) I cant stand him. (我看见他就心烦) 别再有第二次! Never again! 我已经受够了! Ive had it. 日常英语 英语口语山东济南市妇幼保健院大夫

济南做人流医院哪个好To My Friends Who Are Not SingleLove isn’t about becoming somebody else’s“perfect person.”It’s about finding someone who helps you become the best person you can be.给我的非单身朋友爱情不是成为他人的“完美之人”,而是找到那个帮助你成为最佳者的人 88933章丘区中心医院治疗效果如何 地道口语:“拒绝”别人没必要说No -- :58:19 来源: 1. I am sorry to turn you down. 我很抱歉必须拒绝你 更多信息请访问:http:www.en.comTurn you down 就是拒绝别人的要求譬如有人请我一起去唱K,我很不喜欢这种吵吵闹闹的活动,就可以说:I am sorry to turn you down. 另外像是男生要追女生,女生要拒绝他,也可以用 turn down, 例如:I am sorry but I have to turn you down.另外不要忘了,turn down 还有一个解释就是“把……关小”,通常指音量或是空调注意可别把 turn you down 和 let you down 搞混了,这两个可是完全不同的意思turn down 表示拒绝,而 let down 则表示让人家失望,例如 Because I love you 这首老歌中所唱的:Because I love you, love you, love you, so don't you let me down.. I really want to, but I got hundreds of things to do. 我想去,可是我有好多好多事要做别人邀请你参加他们的活动,就算你不想去,也不要直接了当地说 No, I don't want to. 这样子别人下次可能就不会找你了试着用这种比较好的说法:先说 I really want to,或是 I really love to,再接着说 but I got hundreds of things to do这样感觉上比较礼貌,也不会让别人觉得很没面子3. I am really not in the mood. 我真的没什么心情Mood 的意思是“心情”,没有心情你可以说成 I don't have the mood. 或是 I am not in the mood. 比如考试期间,别人还找你出去玩,你就可以这么拒绝他:I am sorry. I am really not in the mood. 必要 别人 拒绝 口语济南真爱医院做b超多少钱

山东省第二人民医院门诊部地址37Icebergs37 IcebergsIcebergs are among nature’s most spectacular creations, and yet most people have never seen one. A vague air of mystery envelops them. They come into being ----- somewhere ------in faraway, frigid waters, amid thunderous noise and splashing turbulence, which in most cases no one hears or sees. They exist only a short time and then slowly waste away just as unnoticed.Objects of sheerest beauty they have been called. Appearing in an endless variety of shapes, they may be dazzlingly white, or they may be glassy blue, green or purple, tinted faintly of in darker hues. They are graceful, stately, inspiring ----- in calm, sunlight seas.But they are also called frightening and dangerous, and that they are ---- in the night, in the fog, and in storms. Even in clear weather one is wise to stay a safe distance away from them. Most of their bulk is hidden below the water, so their underwater parts may extend out far beyond the visible top. Also, they may roll over unexpectedly, churning the waters around them.Icebergs are parts of glaciers that break off, drift into the water, float about awhile, and finally melt. Icebergs afloat today are made of snowflakes that have fallen over long ages of time. They embody snows that drifted down hundreds, or many thousands, or in some cases maybe a million years ago. The snows fell in polar regions and on cold mountains, where they melted only a little or not at all, and so collected to great depths over the years and centuries.As each year’s snow accumulation lay on the surface, evaporation and melting caused the snowflakes slowly to lose their feathery points and become tiny grains of ice. When new snow fell on top of the old, it too turned to icy grains. So blankets of snow and ice grains mounted layer upon layer and were of such great thickness that the weight of the upper layers compressed the lower ones. With time and pressure from above, the many small ice grains joined and changed to larger crystals, and eventually the deeper crystals merged into a solid mass of ice.冰山冰山是大自然最壮观的创造之一,但大多数人却从未看到过冰山,一种朦胧神秘的气氛笼罩着它们冰山形成于久远的、寒冷的水体中,而且伴随着雷声轰鸣般的嘈杂和水花汹涌的风暴,但却无人耳闻目睹冰山仅存在短短的一段时间就慢慢地悄无声息地融化掉冰山具有最纯粹的美,人们如是说冰山呈现出千姿百态,可能白得耀眼,或者是闪耀着蓝色、绿色或紫色的玻璃般的光芒,或浓或淡它们在平静的阳光照耀的海水中显得优雅堂皇,令人浮想联翩但是人们亦把冰山称为恐怖的和危险的它们的确如此--在夜间,雾天和风暴肆虐时即便是在晴朗的天气里,与它们保持一段安全距离也是明智的冰山的大部分体积稳藏于水下,其水下部分的伸展远远超过可见的顶部冰山也可能出人意料地翻滚,剧烈地搅动周围的水体冰山是冰川的一部分,从冰川断裂漂流进水中,一段时间后融化今天的冰山由多年前降落的雪花形成它们的体内是数百年,或数千年,有时甚至是数百万年前的降雪这些雪花落在极地或寒冷的山上,仅有少量融化或根本不融化,这样经过许多年或许多世纪后积累了巨大的深度由于每年的雪花积累在表面之上,蒸发和融化使得雪花慢慢失去其羽状尖端而变成微小的冰粒当新的雪花降落到旧的表面上,也变成了冰粒因而雪花覆盖层和冰粒层层堆积起来直到如此之大的厚度以致较上层的重量压缩较下层在时间和压力的作用下,许多小冰粒结合到一起变成更大的晶体,最终较底层的晶体合并成庞大而坚固的冰块 65 如果有人问我如何解决学校面临的危机时,那就是惠特森先生的教学方法我没有任何伟大的科学发现,但是惠特森先生的课给我和同学们一样重要的启示:我们要正视别人的眼睛,勇敢地告诉他们,他们错了他也同样指出我们的不足,这会获得无穷的乐趣The Best Teacher I Ever HadMr.Whitson taught sixth-grade science. On the first day of class, he gave us a lecture about an animal called the Cattywampus, an ill-adapted nocturnal animal that was wiped out during the Ice Age, he passed around a skull as he talked. We all took notes and later had a quiz. When he returned my paper, I was shocked. There was a big red “X” through each of my answers. I had failed. There had to be some mistakes! I had written down exactly what Mr.Whitson said. Then I realized that everyone in the class had failed. What had happened? Very simple, Mr.Whitson explained. He had made up all that story about the Cattywampus. There had never been any such animal. The inmation in our notes was, theree, incorrect. Did we expect credit incorrect answers? Needless to say, we were outraged. What kind of text was this? And what kind of teacher is?We should have figured it out, Mr.Whitson said. After all, at the very moment he was passing around the Cattywampus skull (in truth, a cat’s), hadn’t he been telling us that no trace of the animal remained? He had described its amazing night vision, the color of its fur and any number of other facts he couldn’t have known, he had given the animal a ridiculous name, and we still hadn’t been suspicious. The zeroes on our papers would be recorded in his grade book, he said. And they were. Mr.Whitson said he hoped we would learn something from this experience. Teachers and textbooks are not always right. In fact, no one is. He told us not to let our minds go to sleep, and to speak up if we ever thought he or the textbook was wrong. Every class was an adventure with Mr.Whitson I can still remember some science periods almost from beginning to end. One day he told us that his Volkswagen was a living organism. It took us two full days to put together a refutation he would accept. He didn’t let us off the hook until we had proved not only that we knew what an organism was but also that we had the titude to stand up the truth. We carded our brand-new skepticism into all our classes. This caused problems the other teachers, who weren’t used to being challenged. Our history teacher would be lecturing about something, and then there would be clearings of the throat and someone would say “Cattywampus”. If I’m ever asked to propose a solution to the crisis in our schools, it will be Mr.Whitson. I haven’t made any great scientific discoveries, but Mr.Whitson’s class gave me and my classmates something just as important the courage to look people in the eye and tell them they are wrong. He also showed us that you ca have fun doing it. 0195653聊城妇幼保健医院位置济南真爱打胎多少钱



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