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武汉华夏男子医院有华夏吗武汉华夏医院能用医保卡吗KFC thinks you should take its ;Finger Lickin#39; Good; slogan literally.肯德基认为你一定会按照“吮指留香”这个标语的字面意思去理解。The fried chicken company, along with marketing giant Ogilvy And Mather, has produced edible nail polish for customers in Hong Kong.近日,这家主营炸鸡的企业和市场营销巨头奥美集团在香港联合推出了可食用指甲油。The nail polish comes in two flavors and colors: Original (kind of a beige) and Hot And Spicy (red). To use it, customers can paint the polish on their nails, let it dry, ;and then lick -- again and again and again.;该指甲油有两种颜色和口味:黄色原味和红色香辣味。食客们可以涂上这些指甲油,等指甲油干掉后就舔掉它们,然后一直重复下去。KFC says the nail polish is ;sourced from natural ingredients,; perhaps in an effort to make customers feel safer about licking nail polish.肯德基方面表示,这些指甲油“取材于纯天然材料”。这也许是为了让客户们对舔掉指甲油这件事更加放心。;The recipe for our edible nail polish is unique and was specifically designed to hold the flavor, but to also dry with a glossy coat similar to normal nail polish,; said John Koay, creative director for Ogilvy And Mather. ;This campaign is designed to be intriguing and fun to increase excitement around the KFC brand in Hong Kong.;奥美的创意总监John Koay表示:“我们的指甲油的配方十分独特,既能保留住食物原有的味道,又能像普通指甲油一样有明亮的光泽。这次的推广活动十分有趣,我们希望能够借此增加肯德基在香港地区的人气。”The chicken chain has promoted the nail polish on Facebook and social media over the past two weeks, even releasing a music on YouTube. KFC says that it has asked customers to pick their favorite flavor to go into mass production.过去两周,肯德基在Facebook和社交网络上一直推广其指甲油,还在Youtube上还放出了一段音乐视频。肯德基表示,该公司曾让消费者选出最喜爱的口味,从而将该口味投入大量生产。Edible nail polish isn#39;t a new thing, though most of them are vegetable-based and marketed towards children.可食用指甲油并不是什么新鲜事物,它们大部分是用蔬菜原料制成的,受众人群是儿童。 /201605/443793武汉包皮可以生孩子吗 A fantasy novel can be a ticket to a land of magic. The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien takes us to Middle-earth to witness a battle of good and evil with dwarves, elves and wizards. And A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of novels by US author George R.R. Martin, invites us to another fictional world where powerful families compete to win the most important throne of all.奇幻小说就像一张通向魔法世界的门票。J#8226;R#8226;R#8226;托尔金的《指环王》让我们目睹了矮人族、精灵族和巫师之间善与恶的战争。美国作家乔治#8226;R#8226;R#8226;马丁的系列小说《冰与火之歌》则邀我们进入了另外一个虚构世界,这里的大家族互相争夺,都想得到至高无上的王权。Today, most people know Martin’s work by the name of the first book, Game of Thrones, since it is also the name of the famous TV series. Now, with its sixth TV season beginning on April 24, many of us are still wondering what has made Martin’s fictional world so popular.自《权力的游戏》成为知名电视剧的名字,大多数人通过它——也是马丁第一本书的名字知道了马丁的作品。4月24日该剧第六季回归,可还是有很多人想知道,为什么马丁虚构的世界会如此受欢迎。Unlike many writers who try to copy Tolkien or J.K. Rowling, Martin has something original to say and an original way in which to say it.和那些想要模仿托尔金和J#8226;K#8226;罗琳的作家不同,马丁有自己原创的故事要说,他也有自己讲故事的独特方式。The basic structure of the Ice and Fire books is familiar enough. In his made-up world, the action takes place on the continents of Westeros and Essos. There is a war between a number of powerful families for control of Westeros. The basic idea is made more complicated by supernatural “Others”.《冰与火之歌》的基本脉络大家一定都很熟悉了。在他的虚构世界里,故事发生在维斯特洛和厄索斯大陆。为了争夺维斯特洛的控制权,当地的大家族彼此征战。由于引入了超自然的“异族”,故事的基本设定变得更加复杂。One character in particular has drawn ers’ attention: Daenerys Targaryen. The daughter of a former king, she can control dragons and wants to sit on the “Iron Throne”.其中有一个角色尤其吸引读者——丹妮莉丝.坦格利安。她是前朝君主的女儿,能控制龙,想坐上“铁王座”。None of this is very original in itself. It is Martin’s writing that makes the story special. His characters are complex. He says that he wishes to have “good and bad, noble and selfish well-mixed” in them. This makes his stories more morally nuanced than that of J.R.R. Tolkein.其实这些情节本身都不新鲜,正是马丁的写作让这个故事不同一般。他笔下的人物十分复杂。他说曾说过希望这些人物“融合了善与恶、高尚与利己”。这让他的故事在道德观上和J#8226;R#8226;R#8226;托尔金的作品略有差别。Tolkien’s world is one of heroes and villains, in which good always wins in the end. In Martin’s world, we are not sure of that. Indeed, we aren’t even sure who is good and who is evil.托尔金的世界里善恶分明,正义最后总是胜利的一方。而在马丁的世界里,我们甚至分不清孰善孰恶。Many fantasy writers pack their tales full of supernatural and science fiction elements. There is magic in Martin’s books too, but he doesn’t use it too much. In fact, his stories have more in common with historical fiction than fantasy, and his characters seem as if they were based on actual historical emperors, kings and queens.许多奇幻小说家会在自己的故事里塞满超自然和科幻元素。马丁的作品里也会有魔法,但是只占很少的比重。实际上,他的故事更类似于一部历史小说而非奇幻小说,他笔下的人物读起来就像是根据历史上真实的君王、国王和皇后改编而来。It is Martin’s complex characters and suspenseful plots that have left ers and TV viewers unsure but desperate to find out what happens next in the battle for the Iron Throne.正是马丁创造的复杂人物和摄人心魄的情节让读者和电视剧观众无法预测,却又急切想知道下一场铁王座争夺战里会发生什么。 /201605/441144武汉为什么射精会出血

大冶医院预约鄂州男科大夫 Despite its popularity, not everyone#39;s experience with online dating is positive. Plenty of women are opting out of the ;efficiency; of the inline dating world, instead choosing to find a date the old-fashioned way.虽然网上相亲很火,但并非所有女性的经历都那么美好。许多女性退出了这“高效的”网络相亲世界,而选择了传统的方式择偶。So what exactly is driving these daters to delete their profiles? We asked the members of our Facebook community why they left online dating to find love IRL. Here#39;s what they had to say:所以到底是什么让这些女性删除了账号信息呢?我们找到了脸书社区的成员们,询问她们为什么放弃网络相亲,而要找个现实生活的伴侣。她们是这么说的:1. ;Over time, I began to feel like I was losing my true self in the quest to be the girl with the perfect profile.;1、“渐渐地,我开始觉得我在追求虚拟账户上的完美女孩中迷失了自我。” ;I was constantly overthinking what I had typed in my profile or what I was sending in a message to a guy. I would type, delete, type again, delete, etc., like I didn#39;t know who I was in real life.;“我常常会去纠结我在个人资料中写下的信息或是我发给别的男生的消息。我会打一遍,删掉,再打一遍,好像我不知道自己在现实中是什么样子一样。”2. ;There was no spontaneity or fun or butterflies.;2、“没有随性、乐趣和兴奋感。”;I was sick of constant disappointment or men that wanted to text forever. Or men that were so self-focused. Everything was scheduled and planned forever.;“我受够了对男人们的无尽失望。他们总是想要无休止地发信息,或是太过于自我中心。一切都被永远地安排好了。”3. #65279;;Everything feels forced.;3、“一切都太刻意。”;It#39;s like you try to put a face to the person you#39;re talking to, but it just feels like this contrived entity. You really have no idea who they are and what they#39;re about or if you have any chemistry.;“就好像你试着去面对和你对话的人,但感觉像是陷入了套路中。你真的不明白他们究竟是谁、想要做什么,也不知道是不是真的对他们有感觉。”#65279;4. ;It required a lot more time and energy than I expected.;4、“比想象中的更耗时间和精力。”;What I did not like was that it felt extremely contrived, as if I was online shopping. I recommend online dating for practice if you haven#39;t dated in a while, but ultimately, I think the chances of meeting someone great are small and require a whole lot of effort.;“我不喜欢网恋的一点就是它太刻意了,就像在网购那样。我建议如果你很久没有约会了,那么可以把它当做一种练习,但我认为最终遇到优质对象的几率很小,还需要很大的努力。”5. ;I got a stalker.;5、“我被跟踪了。”;My warning to women: If you have a unique name, do not post your first name or even your last initial on your profile ANYWHERE. My stalker situation wasn#39;t as extreme as some, but it irked me enough to get a lawyer which I#39;m glad I did.;“我对女同胞们的提醒:如果你有一个特别的名字,不要把你的名字甚至是缩写写到资料里的任何地方。我的情况还不算很严重,但还是把我激怒到找律师了。很庆幸我找了。”6. ;I was once asked if I was a man or a woman due to a short hair cut.;6、“我曾因为剪短发而被问是男是女。”;I gave up on online dating, because I was once asked if I was a man or a woman due to a short hair cut. I replied with, #39;If you can#39;t tell the difference between a man and woman, there is no hope for you and you should probably delete your profile.#39; I then received the response, #39;I#39;m just saying...there are some he-she’s on here and you gotta be careful.#39;;“我放弃网恋是因为我曾因为剪短发而被问是男是女。我回答:‘如果你连是男是女都分不出来,你是没有希望的,还是删了账号吧。’他回答:‘我只是说……这里是真的有人妖的,得小心些。’”7. ;Every time I suggested getting together, he seemed to stop messaging me or avoid the question.;7、“每次我建议我们在一起,他好像就不再给我发信息了,或者逃避问题。”;I had been messaging with a very attractive man who said he was a firefighter, which is my weakness. We spoke for a while, but something did not feel right as I was talking to him. I got the idea to try and figure out how to reverse image through Google, dropped his picture in and bam — the pictures were linked to an Instagram account in England of a semi-famous personal trainer.;“我和一个很帅的自称是消防员的男性聊了一阵,是我的菜,但后来我再和他聊时,感觉就有些不对了。我想到了一个主意,我想到了用谷歌根据照片搜索信息,然后放上去搜索——果然照片链接到了Instagram上的一个英国账号。主人是一个小有名气的私人健身教练。”8. ;Most men my age are looking for women that are much younger.;8、“大多数和我同龄的男性都想找年轻得多的女性。”;I#39;m 47 and I have a 5-year-old, so I#39;m not your average middle-aged woman. Most men my age are looking for women that are much younger, or if they are my age, they want someone who doesn#39;t have young kids.;“我47岁了,有个5岁的孩子,所以我不是普通的中年女性。大多数和我同龄的男性都想找年轻得多的女性,或者如果和我年龄差不多的,他们不想找有小孩子的。” /201607/456721武汉华夏男子医院男科

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