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  散步是一种最不激烈、最为安全的有氧运动,对绝大多数人都极其合适以舒适的速度步行能促进心肺活动,从而提高心肺功能,虽然比起其他各种运动方式来散步的作用较为缓慢  【例51】 "Heaven bless you, my child," said she, embracing Amelia, and scowling the while over the girl's shoulder at Miss Sharp. "Come away, Becky," said Miss Jemima, pulling the young woman away in great alarm.

  【例8】 I wondered (1)how she would feel()if she learned that the Negro(3)bee whom she had behaved in such an unladylike manner()was habitually a white man(3).

英语能力>英语作文>高考英语作文 给校长的一封信(A Letter to the Headmaster) -- :57: 来源: Dear Headmaster,As the minister of students' life in the Student union , I am writing to you to reflect something about our canteen.To our satisfaction, the canteen supplies us with various kinds of food.This gives us many choices. At the same time the price the food is low and the food is tasty. And the surroundings having a meal have been improved. The canteen has become clean. And when we are eating, we can watch TV.But something unsatisfactory exists, too. example, the quantity of a helping is less than it should be. This is unfair. And in the canteen, the seats are not enough. Some students have to stand while eating. We hope that the school will consider addingmore seats us.Finally we hope that they can improve the quality of the food and theirservice. We will be very happy if our advice is taken.Yours respectfully, XXX 尊敬的校长:作为学生会生活部部长,我给您写信反映食堂的情况 令我们满意的是,食堂提供很多种类的食物,这给了我们很多选择同时饭菜价格便宜,味道可口,而且就餐环境也改善了食堂干净了我们吃饭时还可以看电视但是令人不满意的方面也存在例如,食物分量不足,这是不公平的并且食堂的座位不够,一些学生不得不站着吃我们希望学校会考虑增添些座位最后我们希望他们能改进饭菜的质量,改善务我们的建议若被采纳我们会非常高兴尊敬您的 XXX 给校长的一封信


  己所不欲勿施于人 -- ::7 来源: 己所不欲勿施于人  Directions:  Understanding is a drop of golden sun, is wellspring of life, and is a bridge between man and the soul of man. Understanding is tolerance, is a kind of se  lf restraint. The world needs understanding.   Write an essay which should cover:   1) describing the drawing below,   ) stating its main idea, and   3) giving your comment.    The human being differs from the wild beast in that the latter is liable to have a hostile view of others and interact in an unreasonable and aggressive manner. Primitive humans might have acted in such fashion, but civilized humans should cultivate more appropriate behaviors.  In the drawing above, a man carrying a large load accidentally steps on a woman's foot. Given that he gracefully apologizes, the woman both accepts his apology and assures him not to worry.   The man and woman depicted interact with each other in a courteous and compassionate manner. The woman understands the man did not intentionally step on her foot, and theree whether or not she is in pain, she does not attack or blame him. Because she is able to view the situation from his perspective, conflict is diverted. Mutual understanding such as this is a fundamental aspect of civilized society.   Some people tend to think the worst of others and become angry over even the smallest of matters, regardless of how their own actions are disturbing in turn. Such intolerance only leads to more conflict. Disrespecting or mistreating people not only inflicts pain upon others, but can also harm one's own conscienceand attitude.   Having compassion others is an important facet of social intercourse. Once one strives to understand the experience and perspective of another, one can avoid much trouble and conflict, thus making life more peaceful and just all.  译文:  人类和野兽的区别就在于后者倾向于相互仇视,交往时不讲道理且好斗原始人也许会如此行事,但文明人应该养成更得体的举止  上图中,一个手里捧着很多东西的先生无意中踩了旁边女士的脚在他有礼貌地道歉后,这位女士不仅接受了他的道歉,还让他不必在意  上图中的先生和女士诠释了在与人交往时应有的礼貌和富有同情心的态度这位女士知道他并不是有意要踩她的脚,所以无论疼不疼,她都不会攻击或是埋怨这位先生因为她能设身处地地看待这件事情,一场冲突就避免了像这样的相互理解是构成文明社会的基本方面  一些人往往把别人想得特别坏,为点鸡毛蒜皮的事就大发雷霆,而全然不顾他们自己的行为是多么让别人讨厌这种偏狭只会导致更多的冲突,对人无礼或粗暴不仅会给别人带来不愉快,而且会损害自己的道德水准和仪态宽厚是社交中重要的一面,一旦一个人努力去理解别人的做法和看法,他就会避免许多麻烦和冲突,而这会让所有人的生活都变得更美好。

  欢迎学习《读句子轻松学英语四级语法【第5节】5.That easier said than done.四级词汇讲解:这句话是俗语It is easier to say than to do.的变形,含义是“说起来容易,做起来难”近几年的四级听力材料中频繁出现一些常见的习语和俗语,如果考生不了解,就可能会出现理解问题比如needle in a haystack这个习语,意思是“大海捞针”,不能理解为“在稻草堆里发现一根针”英语四级考点归纳:其他常用的俗语还有:※ The early bird catches the worm.早起的鸟儿有虫吃※ A stitch in time save nine.一针不缝,九针难补※ A friend in need is a friend indeed.患难见真情※ Actions speak louder than words.行动胜过言辞(事实胜于雄辩)※ Better to do well than to say.说得好不如做得好※ Dont count your chicken bee they are hatched别高兴得太早了※ Great minds think alike.英雄所见略同.※ To say is one thing and to do is another.说归说,做归做※ Where there is a will, there is a way.有志者,事竟成学习更多《读句子轻松学英语四级语法

  考研英语 考研英语:必考核心词汇坚持练(第四十七天) -- 19:50: 来源: 考研英语词汇的记忆是有法可循的5500大纲词汇考查方式有差异,考生应根据不同类别单词的特点采用不同的方法、有针对性的记忆,以便事半功倍今天的考研英语词汇时间开始啦! priorityn.先,前;优先,重点,优先权The film stars went onto the stage according to priority of their appearance in the film.电影明星们照自己在影片中出现的先后顺序依次上台The government gave top priority to reming the legal system.政府将法制改革列为工作的重点precedenceprioritize v.给予优先权 mosquiton.蚊子Patients should be isolated during the first three days, when mosquitoes can pick up the disease from them.患者在发病头三天内要隔离,以免被蚊子叮咬而传染他人 causen.原因;事业v.使产生,引起The police are investigating the causes of the explosion.警方正在调查爆炸的原因Her life was devoted to the cause of justice.她为正义事业而献身She is always causing trouble people.她总是给人添麻烦reason, excuse, ; career, occupation, vacation; engender, generate【1】In many such cases, a cursory search causes finds that some small group of people was wearing, promoting, or developing whatever it is bee anyone else paid attention.在很多这样的情况下,一个粗略的对成因的调查发现,有一小部分的人不管先穿着什么,提倡什么或发展什么,后来,其他人才注意起来These issues all have root causes in human behavior: all require behavioral change and social innovations, as well as technological development.这些问题的根本原因均在于人类的行为,解决这些问题需要人类行为的改变、社会革新和技术发展【3】Regrettably, however, the report’s failure to address the true nature of the crisis facing liberal education may cause more harm than good.然而可惜的是,该报告没能指出人文教育面临危机的本质,导致它的影响可能弊大于利 insurev.保险,给……保险;保Susan insured her car against losses caused by accident and theft.苏珊给自己的车上了保险,以免遭受因意外事故或被盗造成的损失The educators should insure that each student truly gains from their education.教育者们必须保每一个学生都真正学有所获in-+sure(确定的)→保guarantee, ensure, pledge, assure, warrantyinsurance n.保险,保险费The principle of British welfare is no longer that you can insure yourself against the risk of unemployment and receive unconditional payments if the disaster happens.英国福利原则不再是你能够为失业投保,并在灾难发生时得到无条件的付5500大纲词汇分为核心级词汇、拔高级词汇和基础级词汇不同类别的词汇要给予不同程度的复习,这样才能使复习效率最大化祝各位考生都能获得最后的胜利英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 暑假英语日记每日一篇:包饺子 -- :6:31 来源: 暑假英语日记每日一篇:包饺子Today i learned a skill from my mother —making dumplings.Now i'll tell you how to make dumplings.今天我从妈妈那里学了门技术—包饺子现在让我告诉你们怎么包饺子吧First roll the dough into pieces and prepare the stuffing, thenyou can make dumplings. There is an important thing need to do in this period. That is ,put coins into some dumplings. Those people who eat the dumping with a coin in it will be very lucky. The final step is boiling the dumplings. Put all the dumplings into the pot,ten minutes later,you can have a test ,it's yummy!首先擀面皮,准备饺子馅儿,然后就可以开始包饺子了在包饺子时,一定要做的一件事就是把硬币放在一些饺子里,谁能吃到馅里有硬币的饺子意味着会有好运最后一步就是煮饺子把所有的饺子放到锅里,十分钟后,你就可以试试味,很可口的哦!阅读模拟题(二) -01- :57: 来源: Questions 1l-  According to some scientists, migratory birds should be able to withstand the winter.  A bird s feathery coat is good insulation against the cold. BECause a bird is warm- blooded, its body temperature always remains constant, even if the temperature of its surroundings changes.  The factors that trigger migratory behavior in birds are difficult to explain. This behavior seems to be instinctive, not learned. example, many northern species leave their summer homes while the weather is still warm and the food supply plentiful. Young arctic terns born at the arctic breeding grounds will lake off with the flock distant lands they have never seen.  Bird migrations are probably regulated by the glandular system. Scientists suspect that the changing length of the day is the factor that triggers migratory behavior. In an experiment, migratory birds were kept in artificially lighted rooms. It was found that if periods of darkness were lengthened proportionately, the glands of the birds became active. These glands secrete hormones, which are chemicals that control numerous body functions. Shorter periods of daylight seem to change the hormone balance of birds, so that they retain more fat. This stored fat is the fuel that provides the energy a long flight. The same experiment revealed that the birds became more excited as the artificial night was lengthened. It is probably no coincidence that most flocks begin their migratory flights during the night.  . What does the passage mainly discuss?  (A) Common migratory paths birds  (B) Why birds migrate  (C) Species of birds that do not migrate  (D) Migration in cold climates  . The word "withstand" in line 1 is closest in meaning to  (A) prefer  (B) tolerate  (C) regulate  (D) understand  . According to the passage, which of the following protects birds against cold weather?  (A) Glands  (B) Hormones  (C) Feathers  (D) Artificial light  . The word "constant" in line 3 is closest in meaning to  (A) invariable  (B) persistent  (C) predictable  (D) responsive  . The word "its" in line 3 refers to  (A) temperature  (B) cold  (C) coat  (D) bird  . In lines 7-9, the author mentions young arctic terns as an example of birds that  (A) do not migrate  (B) breed during migration  (C) migrate instinctively  (D) adapt to the cold  l7. The word "they" in line refers to  (A) glands  (B) birds  (C) body functions  (D) hormones  18. According to the passage, birds exposed to longer periods of darkness experience all of the following changes EXCEPT  (A) activated glands  (B) excited behavior  (C) retention of more fat  (D) increased appetite  19. In the experiment mentioned in the passage, the scientists adjusted the birds  (A) food supply  (B) body temperatures  (C) exposure to light  (D) brain chemistry  . Where in the passage does the author mention the substance that enables birds to fly long distances?  (A) Lines -  (B) Lines 5-7  (C) Lines -  (D) Lines - 阅读 模拟题

  名师总结关键词:郭敬明的词汇 -- :: 来源:qnr  美国纽约时报近日评郭敬明的文章,声称郭是最成功的中国作家,引述如下大家雅鉴下文包含高频词汇或词组,建议打开金山词霸;屏幕取词;功能,把鼠标放在单词上,中文意思就可以自动出来,这样可以边浏览,边学习或者复习词汇要是能结合着王玉梅词汇书,把相关的单词再交叉找出来,那就更好了坚持到底,学习愉快!The most successful writer in China today isnrsquo;t Gao Xingjian (高行健), the winner of the 00 Nobel Prize, or even Jiang Rong(姜戎), the author of the best-selling novel ;Wolf Totem,;(狼图腾) just released in the ed States. Itrsquo;s -year-old Guo Jingming, a pop idol whose cross-dressing, image-obsessed persona has made him a sensation in a country where the Communist dictatorship advocates prudery and heterosexuality. Thousands of teenagers ; his ers are rarely over ; flock to Guorsquo;s signing sessions. Some post frenzied declarations of love on his blog: ;Little Four, I will always be with you!; (Guorsquo;s nickname comes from ;fourth dimension war,; a random ation he found in a magazine.) Alongside adoring letters addressed to ;Big Brother Guo,; the author posts pictures of himself half-naked in the shower, in his underwear or swathed in Dolce amp; Gabbana accessories and Louis XIV-style shirts.Guo is hardly universally beloved. Last fall, he was voted Chinarsquo;s most hated male celebrity the third year in a row on Tianya, one of the countryrsquo;s biggest online ums. Yet three of his four novels have sold over a million copies each, and last year he had the highest income of any Chinese author: . million.The most critically acclaimed Chinese novels of recent years ; ;Wolf Totem; (a parable about the death of Mongolian culture and a veiled critique of the Cultural Revolution), Yu Huarsquo;s ;To Live,; Mo Yanrsquo;s ;Republic of Wine; ; generally use their characters as vessels broad social and political commentary. But Guorsquo;s novels focus on the tortured psyches of his adolescent characters, who either nurse their melancholy by sitting alone long hours under trees and on rooftops, or try to blunt it with drinking, fighting and karaoke.;My main goal is to tell the story well and have everyone like it,; Guo said recently in a telephone interview. Which isnrsquo;t to say he traffics entirely in escapism. all the over-the-top melodrama and brand-name dropping, his novelsrsquo; contemporary urban settings, Guo said, are far closer to the reality of his ersrsquo; lives than the harsh countryside of Chinarsquo;s modern classics. And his frothy novels, though often denounced as ;chain-manufactured writing,; do reflect social issues in their own way. The editor of Guorsquo;s first novel, ;City of Fantasy; ; about the 350-year-old prince of an Ice Kingdom who is ced to kill his younger brother to protect the throne ; told one of Chinarsquo;s leading newsweeklies that he had decided to publish the novel because it would appeal to the lonely children of Chinarsquo;s one-child generation.Guo is the most successful of a dozen young celebrity authors who make up the ;post-rsquo;80s; generation, some others of whom have also achieved book sales in the millions. This group includes the high school dropout and professional car racer Han Han, 5, who derides Chinarsquo;s inefficient educational system in his novels and regularly insults older, more established artists on his blog, and Zhang Yueran, 6, whose novel ;Daffodils Took Carp and Went Away; features a bulimic girl who falls in love with her stepfather, is mistreated by her mother and is sent off to boarding school.While the Chinese government frequently jails dissident writers or ces them into exile, it mostly ignores the antics of Guo and the other post-rsquo;80s writers. all their flamboyance, they exemplify the social ideals of the new China ; commercialism and individualism ; said Lydia Liu, a professor of Chinese and comparative literature at Columbia University. They ;donrsquo;t pose any threat,; Liu said. ;They collaborate.;Tao Dongfeng, a professor at Capital Normal University 首都师范大学 in Beijing who has harshly criticized some post-rsquo;80s writers their lack of social conscience and their reliance on overblown fantasy elements, said young fans see authors like Guo less as writers than as ;entertainment idols.; ;What they write isnrsquo;t important,; he said. ;Whatrsquo;s important is Han Hanrsquo;s looks, the cars that he drives.; 词汇 名师 词汇 关键词 郭敬明英语专业四级 年专四词汇语法专项训练1 -- :51: 来源: 年专四词汇语法专项训练. The mother sat by the window____the hole in her coat.  A. healing  B. resuming  C. mingling  D. patching  . The owner of the auto plant refused to raise the workers’ wages, saying that it would ____the profit.  A. cut off  B. cut short  C. cut into  D. cut up  3. Her ____ to executive manager is an acknowledgement of her hard work and unusual talent.  A. profession  B. occupation  C. resignation  D. promotion  . We had to learn to work with others and many of our own ideas had to be____ the good of the whole.  A. thrown away  B. compensated  C. brushed aside  D. neglected  5. The old couple were not rich themselves, but they hated to turn away anyone who were____ food and shelter.  A. at the mercy of  B. on the point of  C. with the exception of  D. in need of  6 . The clumsy movement of the giant panda amused all the____.  A. visitors  B. witnesses  C. watchers  D. spectators  7. He wanted very much to run a second term, but owing to poor health, he was ____to give it up.  A. driven  B. permitted  C. rebuked  D. compelled  8. You can ____different kinds of people, dictionaries or encyclopedia to find out what you wish to know.  A. contact  B. contain  C. consult  D. convert  9. Part of the lake has been polluted. You can see the water is covered with ____oil.  A. a coat of  B. a story of  C. a film of  D. a pad of  . Applications have poured in____assignments to remote regions of the country.  A. requiring  B. begging  C. requesting  D. awaiting  . In his____to further his knowledge of the universe, man has now begun to explore space.  A. endeavor B. expedition  C. trail  D. chase  . After a careful examination, the doctor____a new medical and a two-day rest the patient.  A. described  B. inscribed  C. prescribed  D. transcribed  . The little girl wore a very thin coat. A sudden gust of cold wind made her ____.  A. shake  B. sweat  C. shiver  D. swing  . The groom’s hand____the soft mane of the horse.  A. struck  B. provoked  C. fondled  D. remarked  . If the right kind of extracurricular activities is organized, those children who have a(an)____of energy will have a chance to develop their talents much more quickly.  A. consumption  B. exploration  C. exhaustion  D. excess参考:   1. D   妈妈坐在窗边补衣上的洞   本题是一道词义辨析题   “heal”含义为“治疗”,“resume”含义为“恢复”;“mingle”含义为“使混合”;“patch”含义为“补……”根据句意,D最合适  . C   车厂老板拒绝涨工人工资,说那会减少公司利润   本题是词义辨析题   “cut off”含义为“切断”;“cut short”含义为“中断”;“cut into”含义为“侵犯(利益)”;“cut up”含义为“切碎”根据句意,C最合适  3. D   她被升为执行经理是对她工作努力且有非凡才能的确认   本题是词义辨析题   “profession”含义为“职业”;“occupation”含义为“职业,工作”;“resignation”含义为“辞职”;“promotion”含义为“提升”根据句意,D最适合  . C   我们不得不学会与他们一起工作且很多个人想法要为了全局利益而抛弃   本题是词义辨析题   “throw away”含义为“扔掉”;“compensate”含义为“补偿”;“brushaside”含义为“不顾”;“neglect”含义为“忽视”根据句意,C最合适  5. D   那对老夫妻自己并不富有,但他们不却不愿拒绝帮助那些需要食宿的人   本题是词义辨析题   “at the mercy of”含义为“在……配中”;“on the point of”含义为“正要……时……”;“with the exception of”含义为“除……之外”;“in need of”含义为“需要……”根据句意,D最适合  6 . D   大熊猫笨拙的举动逗笑了所有的观看者   本题是近义词辨析题   “visitor”含义为“参观者”;“witness”含义为“见人”;“watcher”含义为“看守人”;“spectator”含义为“观众”根据句意,D最合适  7. A   他很想参加第二轮竞争,但因为身体不好,他不得不放弃   本题是词义辨析题   “driven”含义为“出于不得已的”;“permit”含义为“同意,允许”;“rebuke”含义为“排斥”;“compel”含义为“迫使屈”根据句意,A最合适  8. C   你可以通过查询不同的人,字典或百科全书来找到你想要知道的   本题是形近词辨析题   “contact”含义为“接触、联络”;“contain”含义为“包含”;“consult”含义为“查询,咨询”;“convert”含义为“转变,转换”根据句意,C最合适  9. C   湖被部分污染了你可以看见水面上覆盖着一层油   本题是一道词义辨析题   “a coat of”含义为“一层…涂层”;“a story of”含义为“一层……楼”;“a film of”含义为“一薄层……”;“a pad of”含义为“一层……垫层”根据句意,C最合适  . C   要求赴边的申请不断涌来   本题是词义辨析题   “require”含义为“需要,要求,命令”;“beg”含义为“乞求”;“request”含义为“请求,要求”;“await”含义为“等候”根据句意,C最合适  . A   试图发展对宇宙的了解,人类已经开始探索太空   本题是词义辨析题   “endeavor”含义为“试图”;“expedition”含义为“远征”;“trail”含义为“追踪”;“chase”含义为“追逐”根据句意,A最合适  . C   在仔细检查后,医生给病人开了一种新药和两天休假   本题是形近词辨析题   “describe”含义为“描述”;“inscribe”含义为“题写”;“prescribe”含义为“开处方”;“transcribe”含义为“抄写,译”根据句意,C最合适  . C   那个女孩衣穿得太薄,一阵冷风使她全身发抖   本题为词义辨析题   “shake”含义为“摇动,抖动”;“sweat”含义为“出汗”;“shiver”含义为“颤抖,哆嗦”;“swing”含义为“摆动”根据句意,C最合适  . C   马夫的手抚摸马的软鬃毛   本题为词义辨析题   “stick”含义为“刺”;“provoke”含义为“挑逗”;“fondle”含义为“爱抚,抚弄”;“remark”含义为“觉察”根据句意,C最合适  . D   如果能组织更好的课外活动,那些有余力的孩子就有机会更快地发展自己的能力   本题是词义辨析题   “consumption”含义为“消费”;“exploration”含义为“探险”;“exhaustion”含义为“竭尽”;“excess”含义为“额外的”根据句意,D最合适

  8. Kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.杀鸡取卵(goose译为“鸡”)


  英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 My Kitchen -- 18::37 来源: my kitchen my kitchenis very big, there are a lot of things. look! there is a big electric cooker in frot of the door.the big wooden board is next to the electric cooker. my mother is behind the woold board, she is cooking the supper. there are some water next to the wood board. there are a lot of cookers next to the water, the cup board is over the floor,inthe cup board thereis a lot of foodv and there are some k, spoon, plate. this is my kitchen.

  英语专业四级 专四英语阅读理解练习 --7 :51:00 来源: 专四英语阅读理解练习The case college has been accepted without question more than a generation. All high school graduates ought to go, says conventional wisdom and statistical evidence, because college will help them earn more money, become "better" people, and learn to be more responsible citizens than those who don't go.But college has never been able to work its magic everyone. And now that close to half our high school graduates are attending, those who don't fit the pattern are becoming more numerous, and more obvious. College graduates are selling shoes and driving taxis; college students interfere with each other's experiments and write false letters of recommendation in the intense competition admission to graduate school. Other find no stimulation in their studies, and drop out—often encouraged by college administrators.Some observers say the fault is with the young people themselves—they are spoiled and they are expecting too much. But that is a condemnation of the students as a whole, and doesn't explain all campus unhappiness. Others blame the state of the world, and they are partly right. We have been told that young people have to go to college because our economy can't absorb an army of untrained eighteen-year-olds. But disappointed graduates are learning that it can no longer absorb an army of trained twenty-two-year-olds, either.Some adventuresome educators and watchers have openly begun to suggest that college may not be the best, the proper, the only place every young person after the completion of high school. We may have been looking at all those surveys and statistics upside down, it seems, and through the rosy glow of our own remembered college experiences. Perhaps college doesn't make people intelligent, ambitious, happy, liberal, or quick to learn things—may it is just the other way around, and intelligent, ambitious, happy, liberal, quick-learning people are merely the ones who have been attracted to college in the first place. And perhaps all those successful college graduates would have been successful whether they had gone to college or not. This is heresy to those of us who have been brought up to believe that if a little schooling is good, more has to be much better. But contrary evidence is beginning to mount up.1.According to the author, ___.A.people used to question the value of college education.B.people used to have full confidence in higher education.C.all high school graduates went to college.D.very few high school graduates chose to go to college..In the nd paragraph, "those who don't fit the pattern" refer to___.A.high school graduates who aren't suitable college education.B.college graduates who are selling shoes and driving taxis.C.college students who aren't any better their higher education.D.high school graduates who failed to be admitted to college.3.The dropout rate of college students seems to go up because___.A.young people are disappointed with the conventional way of teaching at college.B.many people are required to join the army.C.young people have little motivation in pursuing a higher education.D.young people don't like the intense competition admission to graduate school..According to the passage, the problems of college education partly originate in the fact that___.A.society cannot provide enough jobs properly trained graduates.B.High school graduates do not fit the pattern of college education.C.Too many students have to earn their own living.D.College administrators encourage students to drop out.5.In this passage the author argues that___.A.more and more evidence shows college education may not be the best thing high school graduates.B.College education is not enough if one wants to be successful.C.College education benefits only the intelligent, ambitious, and quick-learning people.D.Intelligent people may learn quicker if they don't go to college.

  考研英语 考研英语:必考核心词汇坚持练(第三十九天) -- :: 来源: 春季是记考研英语单词的黄金时期,小伙伴们可要抓紧时间啦,这样才会为后期的复习打下坚实的基础,以下是今天的单词任务,大家一定要勤学多练,再难的任务也会被攻克的  distributev.分发,分配;分布,(over)散布The demonstrators distributed leaflets to the passers-by.示威者向行人分发传单The farmers were distributing seeds over the field.农民们正在田间播种dis-(分开)+tribute(赠予)→分开赠予→分配dispense; allot; scatter, spdistribution n.分发;分配;分布【1】Look up Homo sapiens in the IUCN’s “Red List” of threatened species, and you will : “Listed as Least Concern as the species is very widely distributed, adaptable, currently increasing, and there are no major threats resulting in an overall population decline.”在IUCN的濒危物种红名单上看看人类的位置,你会发现:人类“被列为是最不用担心的物种,因为这个物种分布的非常广泛,适应性很强,当下数量在增加并且不存在使整体种群数量下降的主要威胁”As Nature has pointed out bee, there are some legitimate concerns about how science prize—both new and old—are distributed.正如《自然以前曾指出,科学奖项(包括新的和旧的)的分配方式确有值得担忧之处【3】In addition, the planet Venus takes 3 earth-days to turn once on its axis, so incoming heat from the sun is added and distributed at a more leisurely, observable pace.除此之外,金星自转一次需要3天所以,来自太阳的热量就更能自由地增加和散发了 honorn.尊敬,敬意;荣誉,光荣v.尊敬It is a unique honor to act as the host city.能够成为主办城市是我们的荣幸I am highly honored by your trust.得到你的信任,我倍感荣幸respect, esteem; glory, credithonorary a.荣誉的;名誉的 honorable a.光荣的;可敬的He was knighted in 1967, the first music critic to be so honored.他在1967年被授予爵位,也是第一个受此殊荣的音乐批评家 declarev.宣布,宣告,声明;断言,宣称They then declared him to be the winner.然后他们宣布他为获胜者de-(加强)+clare(看作clear,清楚)→说清楚→宣布,声明announce, proclaimdeclaration n.宣布,声明 declarative a.宣布的,说明的巴尔扎克说过:“机会是极难得的,但他具备三大成功的条件,那就是‘像鹿一般会跑的腿,逛马路的闲功夫,和犹太人那样的耐性’”考研也一样,你需要有充足的时间、有较强的耐力,并且不断前进

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