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Air France to Replace Speed Sensors on Airbus Jets法航换空客仪器搜索队又找到尸体 As search crews continued to look for more bodies and wreckage from last week's Air France plane crash, the French carrier has decided to immediately replace suspect speed sensors with new ones on all its long-haul Airbus carriers.法国航空公司决定立即用新仪器来更换空中客车飞机上怀疑有问题的速度传感器。在此同时,搜救人员继续在寻找上星期法航坠毁班机的乘客尸体以及残骸。The speed sensors are suspected in playing a part in last week's air crash over the Atlantic Ocean. An investigation into the incident has found the devices appeared to have provided inconsistent data to the pilots. One French pilots union, ALER, has urged its pilots not to fly the Airbus planes in question until these sensors are replaced.速度传感器被怀疑是造成上星期大西洋海域上飞机坠毁事件的一部分原因。对这一空难进行的调查发现,这一设备似乎给飞行员提供了前后不一致的数据。法国飞行员联盟欧特,敦促它的飞行员们在更换传感器前不要驾驶有问题的空中客车飞机。But on Tuesday, the main French pilots union SPNL announced Air France had agreed to immediately equip all of its Airbus A330 and A340 aircraft with new speed sensors. SPNL spokesman Eric Derivry told French media that Air France was replacing the sensors as of Tuesday, and that all the long-haul craft would have at least two of the new devices. Air France had earlier announced it would put in the new sensors but had offered no calendar. Airbus had also advised its customers to replace the sensors.然而,星期二,法国主要的飞行员联盟全国航班飞行员工会的发言人德里夫里说,法航同意立即在所有空中客车A330型以及A340型飞机上装设新的速度传感器。德里夫里告诉法国媒体,法航星期二更换了传感器,并且每架长途飞机都会有至少两个新仪器。法航稍早前宣布,他们将装上新传感器,但是没有提出日程表。空中客车也建议它的客户更换传感器。Derivry said properly functioning speed sensors were critical for pilots to navigate planes. He said there appeared a strong possibility that faulty sensors could have caused the crash even if there was no direct link.德里夫里表示,正常运作的速度传感器对飞行员操纵飞机起着关键作用。他表示,有问题的传感器看来有很大的可能导致了这次坠机事件,尽管没有直接的联系。Meanwhile, search crews working off Brazil returned the first of more than two dozen recovered bodies to land. According to news reports, they have also recovered a large tail section of the plane. Nearly 228 passengers and crew were aboard the Air France airliner when it disappeared over the Atlantic last week. The crash was the airline industry's deadliest in years, and the worst in Air France's history.与此同时,在巴西海岸工作的搜索队伍已经找到20多具尸体,并将其中的第一具尸体送回陆地。根据最新报导,他们同时也找到了飞机的一大块尾翼。上星期,当法航447班机在大西洋上空消失时,有228名乘客以及机组人员在飞机上。这次坠机是航空业多年来最致命的一次,也是法航史上最严重的一次。06/73717Mumbai Mourns After Deadly Terror Attack印度开始从孟买恐袭震撼中站起来  Police in Mumbai continue sifting through the wreckage left by the deadly terror attack that left more than 100 people dead and hundreds of others injured. Shocked residents and tourists at the city's luxury hotels watched in horror as the scene unfolded, many of them trapped by the fighting between police and the gunmen. 孟买警方继续搜索死伤惨重的恐怖袭击留下的废墟,这次袭击造成了100多人丧生,数百人受伤。受到惊吓的居民和这座城市的几个豪华酒店的游客恐惧地目睹了这幕惨剧,其中许多人被困在警方和手之间的战斗当中。It was a day of funerals for many of those killed in one of the city's most brazen terrorist attacks. One funeral was for Shashank Shinde, a senior police inspector killed by a gunman at the city's Central Railway Station early Wednesday night. He is one of at least 12 police officers killed in the terror attacks, one of the deadliest days for Mumbai's police force. 对于那些在这个城市最凶残的恐怖袭击中丧生的许多人来说,这是个举行葬礼的日子。正在进行的葬礼是为沙闪克.辛德举行的,他生前是一位高级警察督监,星期三夜晚刚来临的时候他在孟买中央火车站被一名手杀害。他是在这次恐怖袭击中被打死的至少12名警官之一。那天是孟买警方死亡最惨重的日子之一。Sanjive Piwandakar was a close friend of the slain officer. 皮万达卡尔是这位遇害警官的好友。"I'm feeling very … I can't express it. I am angry and I have lost one of my closest friends. To me he was like a godfather," he said. 他说:“ 我感到一种强烈的无法表达的感觉。我感到愤怒,我失去了我的一位挚友。对我来说,他就像一位教父。”The funeral procession leads down a normally busy street. Like Piwandakar, the city of Mumbai appears to be in a state of shock after a night of violence. The attackers targeted the symbols of modern India. Its posh hotels, a café, and a busy train station where there are usually high concentrations of foreigners. 送葬的队伍沿着一条通常繁忙的街道行进。孟买市区就像死难者的好友皮万达卡尔一样,在一夜的暴力之后陷入了震惊之中。袭击者把现代印度的那些象征作为袭击目标。孟买优雅的旅馆、咖啡馆和一个繁忙的火车站,那里通常聚集着大批外国人。The wave of attacks that began Wednesday night have virtually shut down much of the city. Now, the streets are relatively empty. Many businesses are closed for the day. Mumbai, known as the Maximum City, partly for its constant rush of traffic and noise, is mostly quiet.  这一波袭击始于星期三晚上,城市有很大一部分随即陷入了一种关闭状态。现在,街道上相对来说空荡荡的。许多商家店铺没有开门营业。在一定程度上由于持续不断的车水马龙和喧闹而被称作“最大城市”的孟买,现在是一片寂静。Police in flak jackets are patrolling the districts hit by the violence.  身穿防弹衣的警察正在遭受暴力攻击的地段巡逻。Crowds gathered near a Jewish outreach center in the heart of Mumbai early Thursday, where police commandos and Indian army troops worked to end a hostage crisis in which at least three gunmen were holding captive about six Israeli tourists.Nearby is the crumpled wreckage of several cars and motorcycles from grenade attacks earlier in the night. 附近残留着早些时候手榴弹袭击后散落的汽车和托车残骸。Sanjay Kokate, 35, is a local resident. He was one of the first eyewitnesses as attackers took control of the Jewish outreach center late Wednesday night. He said gunmen opened-fire into a nearby building, killing several residents. 35岁的科凯特是当地居民。他是星期三深夜袭击者占领那个犹太人活动中心的首批目击者之一。他说,手们向附近的一座楼房开火,射杀了几名居民。"After one hour or so the cops came. But after that they [the gunmen] kept firing. They fired into the opposite building. So some people in that building died. An old woman and some children. We took out some of the bodies at night," he said. “一个小时左右以后,警察来了。可是在那以后,手们继续开火。他们击中了对面那座楼房。所以,那座楼房里面的一些人死了。一位老太太和一些孩子。我们在夜里抬出了一些尸体。”Little is known about the Deccan Mujahideen, the group that has taken responsibility for the attacks. Some experts said they are linked to the Indian Mujahideen, an Islamist terror group that has claimed responsibility for several recent attacks against civilians in India. V.N. Athawalla is a police commander posted at the J.J. Hospital in central Mumbai, where many of the injured were taken. 阿特哈瓦拉是派到孟买中部的JJ医院一位警方指挥官。这所医院接收了许多伤员。He said these attacks were some of the most violent he's seen in Mumbai. Shooting and bomb blasts have happened before, but this was groups of terrorists firing at people in the streets. They were firing indiscriminately, trying to kill as many people as they could. This hasn't been seen in Mumbai before, he said.  他说,这些袭击是他在孟买所看到的最暴烈的一些袭击。炸弹爆炸事件以前发生过击,但是这次是一组一组的恐怖分子向街上的人群开火。India has been rocked by several terrorist attacks in recent months.  最近几个月来,印度已经被数次恐怖袭击震撼。For now, many here worry that anger might set in once the shock of the attacks wears off. The possibility of communal violence is on the minds of many people across the country.  现在这里的很多人担心,一旦这次袭击平息下来,怒火可能燃起。But as one man at Shinde's funeral said: "The way to honor those who were killed in the attacks is to try to carry on normally." 不过,正如出席辛德葬礼的男子所说,缅怀袭击中的遇害者的唯一办法是努力正常地持续生活下去。200812/57605

At the ASEAN Defense Ministers meeting in Hanoi, Chinese Minister of Defense Liang Guanglie invited his U.S. counterpart Defense Secretary Robert Gates to visit China, in what seems like an easing of military tensions in the region.Diplomacy appears to be making some progress in reducing tensions at the ASEAN Plus Eight defense ministers' meeting. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations invited the ed States, China, Japan, Russia and other regional powers to address security issues in the Pacific.在东盟加八国国防部长的会议上,外交举措似乎为缓解紧张关系起到一定作用。东南亚国家联盟邀请美国、中国、日本、俄罗斯以及其他区域内大国一同商讨太平洋地区的安全问题。China resumes military relationsBy inviting Defense Secretary Robert Gates to visit next year, China is resuming high-level military relations with the ed States. Earlier in the year, China suspended military contacts because of U.S. planned arms sales to Taiwan.中国邀请美国国防部长盖茨于明年访问中国,这将恢复中美两国的高层军事交流。今年早些时候,中国由于美国对台军售而终止了与美国的军事接触。The Chinese Defense Minister also said talks with Japan's defense officials were positive. Tensions between the two countries have increased after a Chinese fishing boat collided with Japanese coast guard patrol ships in waters claimed by both sides.中国国防部长梁光烈还说,与日本防卫省官员的会谈是有建设性的。中日两国的紧张关系有所升级,原因是一艘中国渔船与日本海上保安厅巡逻船相撞,事发地点位于有争议的钓鱼岛水域。U.S. support for Southeast AsiaEarlier in the day, speaking to members of the military and students at the Vietnam National University in Hanoi, Secretary Gates sent a message to reassure Southeast Asia.星期一早些时候,盖茨在河内的越南国立大学对军官和学生们发表讲话时,对东南亚地区再度做出保。"I think all Asia can be confident that the U.S. intends to remain engaged in Asia as we have been for so many scores of years before and that we intend to be an active party, not only in economic and political matters but also in defense and security matters," Gates said.盖茨说:“我想整个亚洲都应当有信心,美国有意与亚洲继续保持接触,就像我们数十年来一直做的那样,我们也有意作为一个积极的参与者,不仅仅在经济和政治事务上,也包括国防和安全事务。”The ed States is concerned territorial disputes over small island chains in the region could hurt access to one of the world's busiest sea lanes.美国担心,由于对东南亚地区一些群岛的领土问题存在争议,这可能会影响到这里世界上最繁忙的海上通道之一。Beijing says its claims over the Spratly and Paracel islands are a "core national interest." Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia also claim all or part of the islands. Although largely uninhabited, the islands are believed to sit atop vast reserves of oil and natural gas.北京表示,中国对南沙群岛和西沙群岛拥有的主权涉及“核心利益”。台湾、越南、菲律宾、文莱和马来西亚也都声称拥有这些岛屿的全部或部分主权。201010/115466

Toyota's jobless The global economic slowdown hits Toyota City's people hard. CNN's Kyung Lah reports。 They keep coming, one after the other, all in the same situation, fired because of Toyota's cutbacks. Toyota City Japan is seeing historic heights in unemployment. The city's job center stretches to its limits. “All we can do is just focus on doing our best for them one by one.” says the head of the job center, cause think about all of them is overwhelming.Live it like Cecelia Kobashigawa and it's even worse. “Scary”, she says, “and difficult, very difficult”. Kobashigawa's two children are in high school and she needs to support them. But in this one company town that's firing, not hiring, she doesn't feel much hope, neither do her four friends, all fired last December from the same Toyota subsidiary. This married couple, immigrants from Brazil, never thought they would both get fired on the same day. "It's tough”, he says, “We may have to move back to Brazil.”This area is home to Japan's highest unemployment rate. According to this job center, last December, the number of unemployed people looking for a job jumped by 120%. At the same time period, the number of jobs available fell by 50%. More unemployed people, fewer jobs available for them." Huge percent down --90% down..down" That's how much Toyota City is losing in corporate taxes all due to Toyota's losses. Toyota City's Finance Division calls this ‘the Toyota's Shock’-- a seismic event breaking the city's financial books. “We've never experienced the loss like this,” he says. It's straining public services and worrying the jobless. Kobashigawa says her day at the job center came up empty. “All you can do is hope the economy gets better”, she says, for her sake, for her family, and everyone she knows.Kyung Lah, CNN, Toyota City, Japan.02/62337

  When a quake registers as at least 6.0, it activates a site of monitoring station. When at least two stations are activated, they relay a signal to Mexico city, automatically triggering an alarm. In Mexico city, distance equals time. The city salvation lies in grade school Algebra and its aly worked.当一次地震的震级至少为6.0时,一处监测站就会被激活。当两处监测站被激活时,这就向墨西哥城传递一个信号,那就是自动触发警报。在墨西哥城,距离等于时间。城市的救赎在阿尔奇巴小学已经开始并且已经奏效。September 14th, 1995, 8:04am, from the Pacific, a fierce quake founders a shore. In 13 seconds, it registers on station 11, four seconds later, on station 12. A quake measured 7.3 on the Richter scale and its moving toward Mexico city at 12 times the speed of the worlds fastest commerical jet. But the SAS alert beats the quake to the city by 72 seconds. Not one resident is killed.1995年9月14日早上8:04,来自太平洋的猛烈地震登陆。在13秒内,11号监测站被激活,4秒之后是12号监测站。该地震被测量为里氏7.3级,它朝墨西哥城进发,其速度比世界上最快的商业飞机还快12倍。但SAS地震警报显示地震来到城市72秒,居然没有一个居民死亡。When the alarm sounds, a carefully celerograph movement begins. Buildings empty, subways shut down. To avoid fires, power is cut and gas lines are closed. Rescue workers scramble. But Mexico citys entire civil defence depends on the thin red line of sentinels, the earthquake sensors on the coast. If they fail, a quake would hit with no warning at all.当报警响起,一场精心准备的疏散运动开始。建筑腾空、地铁关闭。为了避免火灾,电力被切断,天然气被关闭。救援人员开始行动。但墨西哥城市的整个民防就取决于这根细细的红线哨兵,即海岸的地震传感器。如果它们失败,一个地震会在城市茫然无知的情况下袭来。To prevent failures, the sensors are routinely inspected. Today, its a sensor at the Saint Peter station near Acapulco. For Rovato Islas, just getting there, is shaky.为了防止失败,传感器经常要接受常规检查。现在,这是位于Acapulco火车站旁的一个传感器。对于刚刚建在那里的Rovato Islas,还有点靠不住。165858

  India Gives Pakistan More Details on Mumbai Attack印向巴提供更多孟买袭击案资料  India has given Pakistan new information about last year's terrorist siege of Mumbai. A Pakistani diplomat says the dossier will help move forward the investigation into the attack, which left dead more than 160 people at two hotels and other sites which were hit. 印度向巴基斯坦提供了有关去年孟买发生的恐怖分子攻击事件的新资料。巴基斯坦一位外交官说,这些档案资料将有助于推进对这次袭击事件的调查。当时,孟买两家酒店和其它地点遭到袭击,160多人丧生。India has begun handing over additional documentation requested by Pakistan related to last November's terrorist attack on Mumbai. Pakistan had asked India to reply to 30 specific questions after New Delhi gave Islamabad in January a dossier about the terrorists and their attack on India's commercial capital. That led to Pakistan acknowledging the attack was partly planned on its soil but said it needed additional answers. 应巴基斯坦的要求,印度又向巴方提供了一些跟去年11月孟买恐怖分子袭击有关的文件。新德里今年1月交给巴基斯坦一份有关恐怖分子和他们袭击印度商业首府孟买的文档,之后,巴基斯坦要求印度对30个具体问题做出答复。新德里交出那些文档后,巴基斯坦承认那次袭击有一部分是在巴基斯坦境内策划的,不过巴方表示,对一些问题需要进一步的解释。India's foreign minister, Pranab Mukherjee, says the answers are comprehensive and further information will be in Islamabad shortly. 印度外交部长慕克吉说,答复是多方面的,很快就会向伊斯兰堡提供进一步的信息。"The annexes, which contain the details of the information, which they sought for, runs through hundreds of pages," he said. "And they wanted it to have before the 16th [of March]. We'll be y to give it to them well before that." 印度内政部长奇丹巴拉姆说:“新提交的资料中含有巴方一直想要得到的有关信息的详细内容,这份新的资料全文有好几百页。巴方希望在3月16号之前拿到。我们会提前好几天交给他们。”India's home minister, Palaniappan Chidambaram, says his government now expects Islamabad to move forward quickly with its investigation and hand over suspects to New Delhi for prosecution or carry out justice and punishment in Pakistan. 奇丹巴拉姆说,印度政府现在期盼伊斯兰堡的调查加快进度,把嫌疑人交给新德里起诉,或者在巴基斯坦进行审判和惩处。Pakistani high commissioner to India, Shahid Malik, confirms receipt of the requested answers. 巴基斯坦驻印度高级专员沙希德.马利克实收到了印方要求做出进一步答复的意见。"It would be helpful to us in carrying forward the investigations that are under way in Pakistan," he said. 马利克说:“这对推动我们目前在巴基斯坦进行的调查有帮助。”Indian media reports say the materials include recording of telephone conversations between the attackers and their handlers, as well as forensic materials, such as DNA samples and fingerprints. 印度媒体报导,这些材料包括袭击者跟协调者之间的电话录音,以及DNA样本和指纹等法医物。India blames the 60-hour attack on the outlawed terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba, believed to have been created by Pakistani intelligence agencies to fight Indian rule in the divided Kashmir region. 印度认为,被取缔的恐怖组织虔城军制造了那次历时60小时的袭击,虔城军据信由巴基斯坦情报部门建立,以反抗印度在实行分治的克什米尔地区的统治。Ten heavily-armed gunmen, who India has identified as Pakistani nationals, went on a 60-hour rampage in Mumbai, laying siege to a pair of luxury hotels, a Jewish center and a major railway station. 十名全副武装的武装分子在孟买实施了60小时的暴行,他们袭击了两家豪华酒店,一家犹太教中心和一处主要的火车站。印度查明这十名袭击者都是巴基斯坦人。Indian commandos killed nine attackers. The man identified as the lone surviving terrorist is in custody and has been charged by Indian authorities. 印度突击队员打死了9名袭击者。经认定唯一还活着的这名袭击者目前被关押,并且已经受到印度有关当局的指控。03/64553。

  美国总统奥巴马星期四在纽约对华尔街金融部门主管讲话时把美国经济比做建在流沙上的房子,他要求美国金融业持金融改革。奥巴马形容金融改革对避免经济再次崩溃至关重要。Comparing the U.S. economy to a house on shifting sands, President Barack Obama has appealed to the U.S. financial industry to support reforms he describes as vital to avoiding another economic collapse. The president spoke in New York.Aiming his appeal directly at the financial industry and skeptics within it, and at Republican critics in Congress, the president warned of the danger of a repeat of economic collapse.Calling the financial crisis the outcome of a failure of responsibility from Wall Street to Washington, he said the time has come to seize the moment to make fundamental changes in the rules of the financial road."It is essential that we learn the lessons of this crisis, so we do not doom ourselves to repeat it," said the president. "And make no mistake, that is exactly what will happen if we allow this moment to pass. That is an outcome that is unacceptable to me and it is unacceptable to you, the American people."With many, but not all, of the most prominent executives of Wall Street firms present, the president outlined key aspects of legislation the Senate will debate in coming days.These include steps to impose new oversight and controls on hedge funds and complex financial instruments known as derivatives, and protections for consumers of financial products.Of particular importance would be a system to ensure that troubled financial companies could be dismantled in an orderly way without posing the kind of systemic risk they did in 2008. Calling the Senate bill and one the House of Representatives approved last year a significant improvement over flawed rules now in place, he said changes would be advantageous for the industry and the country.The president took aim at the tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of financial industry lobbyists who have descended on Capitol Hill in recent weeks attempting to urge lawmakers to oppose the legislation."I am sure that some of these lobbyists work for you and they are doing what they are being paid to do. But I am here today, specifically when I speak to the titans of industry here, because I want to urge you to join us, instead of fighting us in this effort," he said. ”President Obama also directed attention to an ongoing and enormously sensitive issue for Americans - multi-million dollar salaries, bonuses and other compensation paid to industry executives."Some of the salaries and bonuses we have seen created perverse incentives to take reckless risks that contributed to the crisis. It is what helped lead to a relentless focus on a company's next quarter, to the detriment of its next year or decade," he said. Critics say the Senate measure would amount to an authorization for continuing government bailouts of the financial industry.On Capitol Hill, minority Republicans have softened opposition to Senate legislation, but negotiations continue on provisions. Democrats hope for a vote by next week.201004/102219

  Week of Asian market turmoil Brokers in Hong Kong and Tokyo reflect on a week of loss and frustration in Asian stock markets. The faces tell the story, a week of unforgiving trade across Asian stock market has retted up the pressure here in Hongkong. As day after day, stock brokers deliver more bad news to more clients. When I saw my clients losing money, I just thought really sad, it’s like no future at all, which makes me feel really depressed. In the soar glair of the price some seem accelerated others exhausted. There’s little more than one hour lag in the trading week here in Hongkong, and what a week it’s been one for the record works all the wrong reasons. Traders here won’t forget this week in a hurry. Brokers from Hongkong to Tokyo say these are the worst market conditions they had ever seen surpassing then Asian financial crisis they see stocks tumbling across the region. I’ve been trading stocks since 1971, I can’t remember such a dramatic drop in stock crisis in such a short period. So it’s actually quite unbelievable. It’s just, you know, it’s situation of panic selling, at this point, whereas, we are sighing it’s gone beyond credit crunch. This is credit crisis. The long tough days take a psychological talk. I will call my clients after work, and tell them to stay calm, and wait. I won’t tell them to sell all at this moment, because the market may go up again the next day. So normally I just tell them to keep watching, and maybe there is still another drop off. With the clock taking towards the 4 pm close, the traders begin to thinking about life outside the brokerage, making plans for a massage, Carlaokay or dancing. At least I can step away from the market, and forget about everything. Anything to help rise the memories of this relentless week, and billions of dollars lost around the world.Andrew Stevens, CNN, Hongkong. 200810/53307Doctoral degrees士学位The disposable academic学位贬值Why doing a PhD is often a waste of time为什么读通常是浪费时间?Dec 16th 2010 | from PRINT EDITION ON THE evening before All Saints’ Day in 1517, Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the door of a church in Wittenberg. In those days a thesis was simply a position one wanted to argue. Luther, an Augustinian friar, asserted that Christians could not buy their way to heaven. Today a doctoral thesis is both an idea and an account of a period of original research. Writing one is the aim of the hundreds of thousands of students who embark on a doctorate of philosophy (PhD) every year. 1517年的万圣节前夕,马丁路德将批判教会的95条纲论钉到了威登堡一教堂的门上。那时,论文仅作为人们辩论的场所存在。路德,一个奥古斯丁教的传教士,他认为基督徒们不能买断到天堂的路。今天,一篇士论文是一种想法也是对某一特定时期原创性研究的陈述。完成一篇士论文是成千上万一届又一届为取得士学位而奋斗的士生们的目标所在。In most countries a PhD is a basic requirement for a career in academia. It is an introduction to the world of independent research—a kind of intellectual masterpiece, created by an apprentice in close collaboration with a supervisor. The requirements to complete one vary enormously between countries, universities and even subjects. Some students will first have to spend two years working on a master’s degree or diploma. Some will receive a stipend; others will pay their own way. Some PhDs involve only research, some require classes and examinations and some require the student to teach undergraduates. A thesis can be dozens of pages in mathematics, or many hundreds in history. As a result, newly minted PhDs can be as young as their early 20s or world-weary forty-somethings. 在大多数国家,取得士学位是进入学术界的基本条件。士是独立研究的开始,有点学术著作的意思,通常是在与导师密切合作的基础上完成的。不同的国家、大学甚至是不同的学科,取得士学位的要求也不尽相同。有些申请者需首先读两年的硕士并取得相应学位或学历。他们中有些在攻读士学位期间可以获得一定的补助,而有些则完全是自费。有些士生专门搞研究,而有些则需完成一些课程和考试,还有些需他们给本科生上上课。至于士论文,数学的需要几十页内容,而历史方面的需要更多。因此,士毕业有的年轻才20多岁,而有的都到不惑之年了。One thing many PhD students have in common is dissatisfaction. Some describe their work as “slave labour”. Seven-day weeks, ten-hour days, low pay and uncertain prospects are widesp. You know you are a graduate student, goes one quip, when your office is better decorated than your home and you have a favourite flavour of instant noodle. “It isn’t graduate school itself that is discouraging,” says one student, who confesses to rather enjoying the hunt for free pizza. “What’s discouraging is realising the end point has been yanked out of reach.”士生有一个通病:不满足。有些士认为他们干的是“奴隶们才干的活”:一周工作7天、每天10个小时、低薪以及不确定的未来,这些都很普遍。有这么个讽刺:当你工作的办公室装修的比你家漂亮时,当你端起一碗泡面的时候,你就知道自己是一名士生了。“其实学校本身并不让人沮丧”,采访中的一个士这么说道,他坦言宁愿**,而真正让人沮丧的是不知道这样的生活何时才是尽头。Whining PhD students are nothing new, but there seem to be genuine problems with the system that produces research doctorates (the practical “professional doctorates” in fields such as law, business and medicine have a more obvious value). There is an oversupply of PhDs. Although a doctorate is designed as training for a job in academia, the number of PhD positions is unrelated to the number of job openings. Meanwhile, business leaders complain about shortages of high-level skills, suggesting PhDs are not teaching the right things. The fiercest critics compare research doctorates to Ponzi or pyramid schemes. 这些士生们牢骚不断也不是什么新鲜事,但培养学术型士的机制似乎的确出了什么问题(诸如法律、商业和医学等强调实践方面的专业学位士相比还不错)。尽管培养士主要是针对学术研究方面的,但有很多士专业的设置与需求却不一致。同时,企业老板们总是抱怨缺少高层次人才,表明士期间所学的内容完全不对口嘛。更有甚者,将整个学术型士的培养机制比作是一个庞兹骗局。201108/147782Apple CEO Jobs takes leave Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced he is taking a medical leave until the end of June.American Morning, the most news in the morning period, weekday 6et.A major announcement from a man who can influence the market with a single syllable, Apple founder Steve Jobs says he's going on medical leave. Senior correspondent, medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen is in Atlanta this morning, looking into this one. So, Elizabeth, /originally he described the weight loss, the marked weight loss that you could really see is a hormone imbalance. Now he says that actually there could be more to it than that. What else is going on with him?Well, he still uses that term "hormone imbalance". What he's saying now is that it's gotten bad enough that he is taking a medical leave. He said he wants people to focus on Apple's products not on his health. We ran this by several experts care. We said what could cause a hormone imbalance. And really, there are many different things. Let's take a look at three of them. Cancer can cause a hormone imbalance, as can diabetes, as can liver problems, and can problems with the gastrointestinal system. What we do know is that Steve Jobs has become thinner over the years. Take a look at these two photos. One of them is from 2005 and the other is from 2008. The 2005 one is to the right, the 2008 one is to the left. And you can see in his face that he has lost weight. And let me a little excerpt from an e-mail that he sent to Apple employees. He wrote "my health-related issues are more complex than I originally thought", and he said that's why he is taking a leave of absence till the end of June, Kiran.He also had pancreatic cancer a few years ago, right? And pancreatic cancer can be deadly, I mean, for many people. Is this a reoccurrence or complication based on that?You know, he's not said that the pancreatic cancer has come back. He had pancreatic cancer in 2003, but there is no question that pancreatic cancer, like other cancers, can throw your hormones off balance. And the survival rate, the five-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer is 20 percent. That’s, that’s doesn’t look, That doesn't sound like very good odds.It is particularly low, I mean, he, it is a very, it is a tough cancer. There is no question, but he has survived. He had it in 2003, we’re now in . So he has, he has done better than most people, there is no question.All right. Elizabeth Cohen, thanks so much.Thanks.01/61542

  Forget stocks, gold is back! This week's sharp rise in commodities was a surprise to some. CNN's Jim Boulden reports.Gold leap for dawns many buildings in the city of London some within the shelter of the bank of England. And while the BOE in its fellow central banks has attempted to stabilize the financial market this week. Many eyes turn back to the precious metals like gold. There’s no a total loss of faith and trust in the system. And when people do, when people lose faith like that, they move toward a hard tangible lasses like gold. On Wednesday gold future saw the biggest one-day jump in history, up 70 dollars. A week is a long time in politics and as we have seen also in the markets. Gold briefly topped 1000 dollars an ounce back in March, but was down 27% from that high this time last week, while oil was down a nearly third from its super spike in July, but all that changed with the bankruptcy of Leman Brothers. Unlike holding shares or bonds or even a bank account, holding a physical commodity means you don’t have to rely on the financial health or the so called counter party, such as a bank or a company or a government. A big reason people turned commodities as safe haven, commodities also benefit this week from the dollar’s weakness, meaning investors could get more dollars and hand more commodities for their money. When the dollar is weak, you tend to find a lot of investments like moving into commodities, because a lot of commodities are denominating US dollars anyway. So as a result, they become cheaper to consume, and more expensive to produce which tends to be poorish for commodities. And secondly, dollars, er, commodities are used as hedge against the declining dollar. So who can take advantage of this, well, you unlikely to stick a few barrels of oil in the basement, gold is another story. Ten ounces gold to fit the pummel hunt could store at home a few ounces. Stores count for very low insurance //. Of course, there were plenty of voices this past summer that warned commodities with then in bubble territory, and it looked like that might be true until this week. Now there are vows calling for gold push over a thousand dollars an ounce once more. And this time stay there as long as financial markets look a bad debt. Jim Boulden, CNN, London.200811/54791Celebs invade the DNC 好来坞明星为奥巴马拉票 Hollywood stars including Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner and Chevy Chase traveled to Denver to show support for Obama.Well, it looks like the Hollywood left their hills and are flew on over to Denver for the DNC. I’m talking big names, there are Ben Affleck, we are talking Shawn Pan, Steven Spielberg. These were guys with a lot of money, they are backing Obama it looks like. With us now, Andy Serwer, managing editor of Fortune Magazine. Literally I mean the celebrities and droves at the DNC, what is going on? They went from the hills of the mountains, (The hills of mountains.) there they go. (That is better than mine.) that’s no, it’s just adding on to, yours is good. Well, listen, these conventions have become sort of mega what, star kind of events. No. 1, I think that you know, politics and celebrity have been merging in our society for quite a well now, and so as we seeing more and more celebrities going these conventions, it’s not a big surprise, No. 1. No. 2, you are gonna see more celebrities at democratic convention, and republican one because let’s face at Hollywood, is a left-wing democrat libber town, there is no question about that. And you know, you see things like the White House correspondent’s dinner becoming more and more sort of like a red carpet event, (Yeah.) this is another point to make about these two worlds colliding. On the other hand, you know really is some business said has been done in terms of Hollywood, and politicians, as you know, Poppy I mean, Hollywood is a business, so they have business interest so they have to look after theses things.I gonna ask, is this the power of O, Obama and Oprah it seems, people follow Oprah wherever she goes, whatever she says, now there are a lot of them backing Obama. I mean, is this, this is the first we’ve seen with this much celebrity backing of a candidate, isn’t it.Yeah, I think that’s probably true, and I mean maybe it is like, you know, Chicago becoming the new LA, I don’t really think so. Listen, you know, they’ve always said that Washington is Hollywood for ugly people, so maybe the beautiful people are coming here, they will give me a little show. But I think you know, when you talk about the real business’s going on, first of all, a lot of these stars will tell you that they really are politically concerned, I mean, someone like Shawn Pan, L. M., really has been involved, the ethnic same thing, these guys have been doing this quite well now. But also you know, in terms of their bosses, the studio chiefs, and the moguls, and the producers, they actually, you know, concern the backing involved on the political process for a couple of real practical reasons. No. 1, you know, censorship, No. 2, tax breaks for deals, dealing with copyright issues when it comes to China. So you know, if you wanna have a cocktail party and get the politicians there, not just Obama, maybe the vice president, maybe the future secretary of state,etc . You know, it might not be a bad idea to show them and let them know that you got some ideas, and that what you get your foot involved in the door there. Ok, you know, on the foot set that though, can it ever be banned for a candidate, is it banned for Obama to have all of these celebrities backing that is making the front pages of tabloids and you know, this gossip magazines if you will because, remember that McCain ad, he’s the biggest celebrity in the world. I mean they are using it against him.And then Paris Hilton came right back, of course it did her a little thing, you know, I think, you know, it’s kind of a delicate ballots, obviously, if you just gonna hang out, pull side the LA all the time, if you are Barack Obama, that’s not gonna work very well, and he’s very well of that of course. And of course, it can backfire for the stars as well, I mean who can forget the dickercy checks, when they came out with that song that was anti-president Bush, and you know, there are country band, a lot of audience’s reacted very very negative to that. So I think both sides have to be a little careful. You know, what can you say, you know, if you got, you know, Hollywood’s stars coming to see you though, you can’t wanna answer the door. Don’t you think?All right, Andy, thank you very much. I appreciated it. Andy Serwer, managing editor of Fortune Magazine, and check out the piece about this and more by Richard S. Fortune writer is on fortune.com200811/55510

  Senior US Diplomat Travels to Africa for Talks on Congo Violence美国高官赴金沙萨谈刚果暴力事件 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is sending the top U.S. diplomat for Africa to Kinshasa for talks on the violence and humanitarian crisis in the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the DRC. Assistant Secretary for State for African Affairs Jendayi Frazer will also have talks with Rwandan officials. 美国国务卿赖斯派遣美国非洲问题高级外交官前往金沙萨,就刚果民主共和国东部省份的暴力事件和人道主义危机举行会谈。国务院非洲事务助理国务卿延达伊·弗雷泽还将跟卢旺达官员举行会谈。The decision to send Frazer to the area reflects growing U.S. concern about the resurgence of violence in the eastern DRC, which has displaced tens of thousands of people in an area where humanitarian conditions are aly tenuous. 派遣弗雷泽前往非洲的决定反映出美国对刚果民主共和国东部地区重新爆发暴力事件的日益关切,该地区的人道主义形势已经非常脆弱,最近的暴力冲突又造成当地数万人流离失所。The assistant secretary of state, who attended a meeting in Nairobi this week on the situation in Somalia, is due in the DRC capital Thursday, and will either go on to Kigali or hold telephone talks with Rwandan leaders. 助理国务卿弗雷泽这个星期在内罗毕出席索马里局势问题的会议,他定于星期四抵达刚果民主共和国首都,接着可能会前往卢旺达首都基加利或者跟卢旺达领导人举行电话会谈。Fighting in the eastern DRC, under way on and off for more than a decade, has surged in recent weeks with clashes between a rebel group and the Congolese army, and U.N. peacekeepers caught in the crossfire. 刚果民主共和国东部正在进行的战斗断断续续持续了十多年,但是最近几个星期战斗有所加剧,一个反叛组织跟刚果政府军之间冲突的同时,联合国维和部队也卷入了战斗。At a news briefing, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said Rice dispatched Frazer to Kinshasa after telephone contacts with, among others, Belgian Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht. 国务院发言人麦科马克在新闻发布会上说,赖斯跟比利时外交大臣卡雷尔·德古特等人通过电话磋商后决定派弗雷泽前往非洲。He said Frazer, in her discussions with officials of the DRC and Rwanda, will explore ways to defuse regional tensions. 麦科马克说,弗雷泽跟刚果民主共和国以及卢旺达官员会谈时将探讨缓和地区紧张状态的途径。He added, "A lot of these tensions result from various ethnic groups in those regions, in the Great Lakes region, as well tensions that exist between Rwanda and the DRC. So we are working to try to, as best we can, minimize those tensions, work the political side, support the U.N. in its efforts to get more troops in there and get more capabilities in there. That's a U.N. process but we support them in doing that." 麦科马克说:“许多紧张关系源于大湖地区中那些地带的少数民族群体,以及卢旺达和刚果民主共和国之间存在的紧张关系。因此,我们现在就要尽最大力量争取把这些紧张关系减少到最低程度,在政治层面进行努力,持联合国在该地区增派军队加强战斗力的努力。那是联合国的工作程序,但是我们持他们的工作。”A State Department statement issued late Tuesday expressed deep U.S. concern about the worsening humanitarian situation in the eastern DRC, and called for all parties to meet commitments to recent cease-fire and renunciation of force agreements. 美国国务院星期二晚间发表的声明中表达了美国对刚果民主共和国东部日益恶化的人道主义局势的深切忧虑,声明呼吁所有各方遵守承诺,执行最近达成的停火和放弃武力的协议。It specifically urged the ethnic-Tutsi Congolese rebel group led by renegade general Laurent Nkunda - the CNDP - to avoid further fighting, rescind its call for open revolt against the DRC, and resume talks with the democratically elected and internationally recognized government in Kinshasa.The State Department called for the mainly ethnic-Hutu rebel group active in the area - the FDLR - to also lay down its arms, disband and demobilize.A senior official who spoke to reporters here said U.S. officials are concerned about reports of outside support for rebels in Congo, from Rwanda among other places. Tuesday's statement called for all the countries of the Great Lakes region to work together to enhance stability and respect each other's sovereignty. The senior official said the U.S. Agency for International Development is considering ways to get additional relief aid into the area but that the fighting makes deliveries very difficult. 美国一位资深官员对记者说,美国国际开发署正在考虑向上述地区提供更多的救援物资,但是那里的战斗让救援物资的运送非常困难。200810/54477

  Americans in ParisThey were there, Lafayette法国巴黎——人们心中的圣殿Paris was their goal巴黎是他们的目标Sargent’s love of Paris revealed in this painting of the Luxembourg Gardens 在这幅《卢森堡花园》中,萨金特对巴黎的喜爱一览无余Jun 2nd 2011 | from the print edition The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris. 《远大旅程:美国人在巴黎》By David McCullough. Simon amp; Schuster; 544 pages; .50. Buy from Amazon.com“WHEN good Americans die, they go to Paris,” observed Thomas Gold Appleton, a Boston wit of the 19th century. Appleton is just one of the characters in David McCullough’s excellent reminder that Americans’ love of Paris began a good century before the arrival in the “City of Light” of men such as Ernest Hemingway or James Baldwin. From James Fenimore Cooper, author of “The Last of the Mohicans”, to Samuel Morse, a painter better known now as the inventor of the telegraph, American visitors were seduced by Paris: “Never in their lives had the Americans seen such parks and palaces, or such beautiful bridges or so many bridges.”“善良的美国人去世后,他们的灵魂就升入巴黎。” 19世纪的波士顿智者托马斯#8226;金#8226;阿普尔顿曾这样说。在大卫#8226;麦卡洛的新作中,美国人对巴黎的热爱一览无余。这种热爱甚至在欧内斯特#8226;海明威和詹姆斯#8226;鲍德温来到这座“灯光之城”之前就已经开始了,而阿普尔顿只是这众多热爱法国的美国人中的一个。无论是《最后一个莫西干人》的作者詹姆斯#8226;费尼莫尔#8226;库珀,还是萨缪尔#8226;莫尔斯,这位以发明电码而闻名于世的画家,美国的游学者都被巴黎深深吸引着:“穷极一生,美国人也不曾见过如此美轮美奂的公园殿宇,如此隽永众多的桥梁。”Paris was so much more advanced—in the arts, the sciences and medicine—than Boston, New York or Washington, DC. Morse, aly a successful artist in America when he was commissioned at 28 to produce a portrait of President Monroe, declared that he had to go to Paris: “My education as a painter is incomplete without it.” This desire for improvement was “the greater journey” of Mr. McCullough’s title, following the often dangerous journey across the Atlantic, first by sailing ship and only later under steam. 在艺术,科学和医药方面,巴黎都远比波士顿、纽约和华盛顿特区要先进得多。28岁的时候,莫尔斯被指派为门罗总统画一幅肖像。但当时已蜚声美国画坛的莫尔斯却要求要去巴黎学习,声称:“没有去过巴黎,我的绘画事业就不完整。”对于改善提高的渴望,就是麦卡洛先生的书名——远大旅程的由来。而这一旅程,往往伴随着横渡大西洋的艰难险阻——最早是由帆船航行,而后才变为汽船。201106/140039。

  In U.S. politics, there is no issue that divides Democrats and Republicans more than their vastly different views on the role and size of the central government. That political divide is at the heart of the intensifying debate over the federal budget. 在美国政治中,没有任何问题比中央政府的角色与规模能让民主党和共和党产生更大的分歧了。这种政治分界处于围绕联邦预算展开的激烈辩论的中心。Republicans made significant gains in last November’s midterm congressional elections, and many of them saw the election results as proof Americans want to sharply cut the size of the federal government.共和党在去年11月国会中期选举中获得大胜,许多共和党人把选举结果视为美国民众要求大幅度削减联邦政府规模的明。That is why Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell and others were quick to dismiss President Barack Obama’s .7-trillion budget proposal for 2012 that includes a mix of spending cuts and tax increases.这就是为什么参议院共和党领袖米奇.麦康奈尔等人很快驳回了奥巴马总统提出的2012年3.7万亿美元预算案,这个提案包括一系列削减开和增税的内容。"The people who voted for a new direction in November have a five word response - 'We do not have the money,'" said McConnell.麦康奈尔说:“11月为了一个新方向而投票的民众的答复是5个字,我们没有钱。”Republicans are putting forward a budget blueprint of their own that calls for far deeper cuts in federal spending to reverse the course of soaring budget deficits.共和党人提出的预算案要求更大幅度地削减联邦开,以扭转预算赤字窜升的趋势。This battle over how much to cut from the federal budget will dominate the Washington political scene for the foreseeable future and also sets the scene for the 2012 presidential election campaign.围绕联邦预算削减幅度问题而展开的论战在可预见的未来将主导华盛顿政治舞台,并且成为2012年的总统选战的背景。The gap between the two parties over the budget seems huge, but President Obama says even in the wake of last year’s elections, most Americans want to see the two sides find common ground. 两党在预算方面的分歧看来是巨大的,不过奥巴马总统在去年选举之后就表示,多数美国人希望看到两党找到共同点。201102/126719

  They're born to move, to move or die, forging ahead against terrifying odds, navigating the first of millions of miles, spanning continents on fledgling wings, clattering ever onwards. 他们天生就要迁徙,不迁徙即是选择了死亡。与可怕的对手周旋,它们一次要走数百万英里,羽翼未丰的翅膀振翅而飞跨越大洲。 Right now, our planet is on the march, on the wing, on the run, and these are the tales of its creatures, born into the most moving stories on earth, the stories of the great migrations. 现在,我们的星球也在迁徙。在空中翱翔,在地面上奔袭。这是生物们的故事,地球上诞生的最动人的故事,这是大迁移的故事。 Life on earth is hard, perhaps nowhere harder than here and now. Every year, a timeless drama plays out on the Mara River. The elders have been through this many times. They must remember what awaits them. Their young know only the pervasive smell of fear, the instinct to stay close. 地球上的生命大多是艰难的,也许没有比现在更艰难的。每一年,在Mara河都要上演一出永恒的戏剧。老辈们已经经历许多遍。他们必须记住在等待着他们的是什么。年轻人则嗅到了恐惧的感觉,本能地待在一起。 But they must press on. 但是他们必须坚持下去。201111/160667

  The economy Autumn leaves falling 经济秋叶落了The growing troubles in the euro zone mean Britain is set for another recession日益严重的欧元区危机,意味着英国将要面临下一轮衰退PREPARE for some bad news. The prime minister, David Cameron, told an audience of business leaders on November 21st that shrinking the budget deficit was ;proving harder than anyone envisaged.; His comments laid the ground for the chancellor, George Osborne, who makes his autumn statement on the economy and public finances on November 29th. The chancellorrsquo;s message is likely to be grim: a downgrade to official growth forecasts for next year and beyond seems certain. The coalition governmentrsquo;s hopes of eliminating the ;structural; part of the deficit (the bit that cannot be blamed on temporary slack in the economy) and of capping public debt by the end of the current parliament are in serious doubt.要做好坏消息的准备。12月21号,英国首相大为卡梅伦告诉场下的各位商界领袖:缩减赤字的难度非常大。在11月29号,财政部长George Osborne会发表经济和公共财政的演说,卡梅伦的言论为此次演说定下了基调。财政部长很有可能传递负面的消息;;明后两年官方经济预测的下滑在所难免。联合政府希望消除经济结构问题所带来的负债,同时希望在本届议会结束之前设置公共债务的限额,而要做到这些又存在着很多疑问。Bond markets are likely to be forgiving, given the scale of troubles elsewhere. But a failure to hit its fiscal targets would harm the coalition governmentrsquo;s credibility. And there is a more pressing worry. Britainrsquo;s strong links with the wretched euro zone mean that its economy is being dragged into continent-wide recession (see article). Some Conservative politicians seem to believe that Britain stands apart from the euro disaster because it has its own currency. In fact, the economy is increasingly dependent on exports, two-fifths of which are shipped to the euro zone. There is little spending power at home: consumers are still carrying a lot of debt while struggling with weak wage growth and high inflation; public spending is shrinking; and business investment has been sluggish.考虑到这次危机的规模之大,英国债券市场的问题还可以被原谅。而联合政府未能达到财政目标,这就使得联合政府的公信力受损。英国与欧元区联系甚是紧密,这也意味着英国的经济也必将被拖入这场席卷欧洲的衰退。一些保守政客认为因为英国有独立的货币,所以他们不会席卷到这场风暴中。而事实上,英国的经济则越来越倚重出口。多达经济总量的五分之二的货物通过海运运往欧元区国家。英国国内购买力越来越低。面对低工资和高通货膨胀,消费者已经负债累累。公共出在缩减,同时,商业投资也不景气。Bond markets are likely to be forgiving, given the scale of troubles elsewhere. But a failure to hit its fiscal targets would harm the coalition governmentrsquo;s credibility. And there is a more pressing worry. Britainrsquo;s strong links with the wretched euro zone mean that its economy is being dragged into continent-wide recession (see article). Some Conservative politicians seem to believe that Britain stands apart from the euro disaster because it has its own currency. In fact, the economy is increasingly dependent on exports, two-fifths of which are shipped to the euro zone. There is little spending power at home: consumers are still carrying a lot of debt while struggling with weak wage growth and high inflation; public spending is shrinking; and business investment has been sluggish.更糟糕的是,英国购买了很多的欧元重灾区的债务。英国放款给爱尔兰,西班牙,意大利,葡萄牙和希腊。截止到六月份,放款总额为3500亿美元,相当于其GDP的15%。商业和投放大多数款项,但是政府的款项也占到10%。同时,政府也间接放出一些款项。6月份,又一笔2100亿资产贷款给了法国和德国的,这些钱之后会间接借给意大利和西班牙。Growing anxiety about public finances in Europe has sapped confidence in banks which are big holders of government bonds. And the rush by European banks to sell bonds of the least creditworthy sovereigns has made things worse. European banks are finding it harder to refinance their own debts at reasonable interest rates, and funding costs are rising for British banks too. That will eventually feed through to higher interest rates on loans to companies and consumers. Banks nervous about euro-zone assets turning sour and keen to preserve scarce capital will be cautious about making new loans, which will only add to the recessionary forces.作为政府债券最大的持有者,对于欧洲公共财政状况越来越不安。欧洲争先甩卖低信用度的主权债券,这也使得如今的状况变的更加糟糕。在合理的利率范围内,欧洲也意识到为债务筹措资金越发困难。同时,在英国,融资成本也随之水涨船高。而这些最终必将由提升企业和个人的贷款利率进行填补。面对日益变质的欧洲区资产,界十分紧张,与此同时,他们也希望能够能保留仅剩下的资产。因此,他们对于新贷款也越发小心,因为增加贷款这只能加速衰退。Businesses will soon be caught up in this spiral of ever-diminishing confidence. Firms know that credit lines cannot be relied upon when banks and financial markets shun all but the safest investments. There are aly reports that firms are postponing purchases and trimming their stocks of supplies to conserve cash. Cuts to discretionary spending, such as capital projects or advertising, will become more common as the euro crisis intensifies and uncertainty and anxiety increase.业界信心普遍下降,企业人士不久也会卷入其中。因为和金融市场限制所有贷款,只保留最安全的那部分,因而工厂也意识到不能再依赖信用额度了。有消息称工厂推迟其购买,削减部分发行股票,用现钞保值。由于欧元区危机加重,以及一些不确定性和不安因素,企业会越发频繁对像资本项目和广告这类选择性的花销进行削减。How far might the economy fall? The central case of the Bank of Englandrsquo;s monetary-policy committee is that output will be broadly flat in the current quarter and in the first half of 2012, though it thinks a worse outcome is more likely than a better one. Its forecast excludes the possibility of a big euro-zone blow-up, not because this is improbable but because there is ;no meaningful way; to calculate its impact. Fear that the euro zone will disintegrate will itself weigh on the economy.经济衰退还要多久?尽管不好的情况发生的可能性比较大,英国央行货币政策委员会公布的数据:产出量本季度和明年一季度会与之前持平。英国的预测也放大了欧元区危机爆发的危机程度。不是因为无法预测他,而是没有可行的方法来测算其影响。对于欧元区的担心也加重了对于其自身经济的担忧。Absent a complete meltdown, the second dip of a ;double-dip; recession ought to be smaller than the first, because there are fewer excesses to correct. Britainrsquo;s current-account deficit is closer to balance. The household savings rate is a healthy 7.2%, which means consumers have a bigger cushion between their income and spending than they did when recession first struck in 2008. There is less capital spending to cut back on: companies are aly sitting on piles of cash. And the flow of capital seeking a haven from the euro crisis will sustain demand for British government bonds, for fancy houses, and for other assets deemed to be safer than euro-zone banks or bonds. Real household income is likely to rise modestly in 2012 after falling sharply this year because of high inflation and tax increases, notes Kevin Daly of Goldman Sachs.英国并未和欧元区完全融合,而且在这次的危机中,英国也没有什么要纠正的失职失误。因此,这一轮的衰退应该比上一次状况要好。而且目前的英国账务赤字接近于均衡。家庭储蓄率也达7.2%。相对2008年的衰退来说,在此健康的利率下,消费者在收入和花销之间有相对更大的缓冲货币。资本出削减程度也更加有限,而且企业界现在也存有大量的现金。同时,流动资本也在寻找这轮危机中的避风港。资本将会维持对于英国政府债务,奢华的住宅以及一些其他资产的需求,在这些领域投资要比欧洲的债务要安全得多。由于高通胀以及税收的增加,不动产收益讲可能在2012年有平稳增长。Yet the likely recession will strain public finances. Figures for the first seven months of the financial year suggest that the government is roughly on track to meet its borrowing target of £122 billion (around 8% of GDP) for 2011-12. Yet the number of people claiming unemployment benefit has risen each month since March (see chart). Many economists believe the Office for Budget Responsibility, the independent fiscal watchdog, will take a dimmer view of the economyrsquo;s medium-term prospects. That would imply less of the budget deficit will be eroded as the economy expands to its full potential, and that more of it is therefore structural.这场衰退有可能限制公共财政出。2011-12财政年度的前7个月统计数据显示政府已经大致完成其借款目标;;1220亿英镑。自3月以来,获得失业金的人数每月都在上升。血多经济学家认为独立的财政监督;;预算责任部会对中期经济前景会有更低的预期。经济会发挥到最大潜力而且大部分赤字是结构性的,这意味着更少的预算赤字会坏账赖账。This leaves Mr Osborne in an uncomfortable position as he prepares his autumn statement. He has made it clear that he does not regard it as a ;fiscal event; where spending and tax changes are announced; that will be saved for the budget in March. But it is a political set-piece all the same. So the chancellor will try to knit together a variety of small, fairly cheap policy strands, such as measures to help small businesses with credit, into a coherent growth strategy. Given the unfolding catastrophe on Britainrsquo;s doorstep, it is likely to look thbare.Osbron先生正在准备秋季演说,而之前的预计也让他感到不太舒。虽然这次演说中会公布出和税收变化以及3月份削减的额度,但他想让别人明白他不会把这次演说当成一次;财政事件;,归根到底,这是一次政治化决策。财政部长会编织出一系列的小型和低成本措施,比如说帮助一些信用良好的小型企业制定一个连贯的增值计划。的确可能有些老生常谈了,不过这就是摆在英国面前的现实问题。recession n. 后退, 不景气shrink v. 收缩coalition n. 结合euro n.欧元sap v. 使大伤元气discretionary adj. 任意的watchdog n. 监督人coherent adj. 互相密合着的, 连贯的163838

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