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襄阳天和医院流鼻血要多少钱宜城看咽喉炎大概多少钱费用襄樊市第一人民医院治疗耳鸣哪家好 The ed States government is increasingly using social media to investigate people who may represent a security threat to the country.美国政府越来越重视利用社交媒体调查可能对国家安全造成威胁的人。The latest example comes from the Department of Homeland Security#39;s Customs and Border Protection office. It wants to ask foreign visitors to provide information about their accounts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.比如说美国国土安全部下属的海关和边境保护局。该机构拟要求外国游客提交Facebook和Twitter等社交媒体账号的个人信息。An optional – or non-required – question would be added to the form that people must complete before entering the ed States. The form asks information like the person#39;s name, phone number, and countries they have visited since 2011.入境美国前需填写的表格中将纳入一项新的可选填问题。该表格要求入境者填写姓名、电话号码及2011年以来到过哪些国家等信息。The proposed social media question would only concern travelers who do not need a visa to enter the ed States. Travelers from 38 countries are permitted to enter the U.S. without a visa.要求出示社交媒体账号的提案仅针对那些通过免签计划进入美国的游客。约38个国家的游客无需签即可进入美国。The Customs and Border Protection office said in its proposal that adding the question would affect about 24 million people. There is a 60-day comment period for the public to share their opinion about the proposal.美国海关和边境保护局在其提案中称,这一新增选项将影响约2400万人。公众可以在60天的评议期内对该提案提出建议。U.S. lawmakers have also proposed bills concerning the use of social media for researching possible terrorism links.美国国会议员也提出了关于利用社交媒体追查潜在恐怖主义的议案。Senator John McCain sponsored a bill that would require the Department of Homeland Security to look at internet activity and social media profiles of anyone seeking entry to the ed States.参议员约翰·麦凯恩提出的议案要求美国国土安全部检查所有意图进入美国的境外人士的互联网活动及其社交媒体账户。Senators Martin Heinrich and Jeff Flake sponsored a bill that would permit the Department of Homeland Security to ;search open source information, including internet and social media postings; of people applying for a visa to enter the U.S.参议员马丁·海因里希和杰夫·弗雷克提出了一项议案,议案允许美国国土安全部对申请签入境人士的公开类信息进行调查,包括互联网和社交媒体的贴文。Senator Chuck Schumer has proposed a different plan to help officials search for possible terror links. He wants to reward people who send officials terrorism-related information from social media posts. Anyone whose information leads to the arrest of someone planning an attack in the U.S. would be paid money.参议员查克·舒默提出了一项不同的议案来帮助官员查找潜在的恐怖袭击线索。他希望政府奖励那些举报社交媒体贴子中含恐怖主义信息的民众。民众只要提供有利于抓捕恐怖分子的线索都会获得奖励。Schumer#39;s proposal would make use of the Justice Department#39;s Rewards for Justice program. Schumer said that investigators need the public#39;s help.舒默的提案将利用到美国司法部的正义奖励计划。舒默表示,调查人员需要群众的帮助。Schumer said he wants to award people who come forward with information anywhere from ,000 to million. In the House of Representatives, Congressman Stephen Fincher proposed a bill that centered on stopping prisoners from becoming radicalized.舒默说,他希望给举报者提供2.5万到2500万美元的奖励。而众议院的议员斯蒂芬·芬奇提出的议案重点是阻止囚犯变得激进。His bill would require volunteers in federal prisons to provide their social media accounts during their background investigations. Fincher called U.S. prisons a ;breeding ground; for Islamic radicalization.该议案要求申请联邦监狱的志愿者在接受背景调查时要提供其社交媒体账户。芬奇解释称,美国监狱向来是伊斯兰极端主义的“温床”。 /201607/453774枣阳市第一人民医院声带小结治疗的价格

襄州医院 治疗腺样体肥大价格We are long past the point where the story of Donald Trump became stranger and more lurid than a Hollywood movie. Tuesday brought a fresh and astonishing twist: the news that the US intelligence agencies have briefed both the president and the president-elect on a series of damaging allegations made against Mr Trump. The document containing the allegations has been published, so they are now common knowledge. Here are five points to bear in mind, when considering this news.唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)的故事比好莱坞电影的情节更加奇葩、更加耸人听闻——这一点早已不是新闻。周二出现了一个新鲜和令人惊愕的情节转折:有报道称,美国情报机构向总统和当选总统两人都通报了一连串不利于特朗普的指控。相关文件包含的具体指控已经发表,因此它们现在已经人尽皆知。以下是消化这条消息时值得记住的五个要点。1. The two most damaging allegations are that there was illicit communication between the Trump campaign and the Russian government and that the Russians have compromising material on bizarre sexual behaviour by Mr Trump. These allegations have been circulating among many news organisations (including the Financial Times) for weeks. But, until now, nobody had yet published them because they are unproven.1.其中两个指控最具破坏性:一是特朗普竞选团队曾与俄罗斯政府进行见不得人的沟通,二是俄方掌握着有关特朗普古怪性行为的污点材料。这些指控在许多新闻组织(包括英国《金融时报》)中流传了好几周。但此前没有一家媒体发表,因为它们未经实。2. These allegations are being taken seriously. Mr Trump has aly dismissed the story as fake news and a political witch-hunt. The fact that no reputable news organisation has been able to corroborate them also damages the credibility of the charges. On the other hand, as an excellent Lawfare blog observes: “The president and president-elect do not get briefed on material that the intelligence community does not believe to be at least of some credibility.” But it should also be noted that some of the charges aly seem to be falling apart. Mr Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, who is alleged to have met Russian operatives in Prague, has tweeted that he has never been to Prague in his life.2.这些指控正得到认真对待。特朗普已经完全否认这条消息,称其为假消息和政治迫害。没有一家声誉良好的新闻机构能够实这些指控,这一事实损害了相关指控的可信度。另一方面,正如法律网站Lawfare上一篇精辟的客文章所指出的:“总统和当选总统不会得到情报界不相信至少有一些可信度的材料的简报。”但也应该指出,其中一些指控似乎已经被明站不住脚。被指曾在布拉格与俄罗斯特工见面的特朗普的律师迈克尔?科恩(Michael Cohen)在Twitter上写道,他从来没有去过布拉格。3. The broader context is important. One reason why these allegations are potentially so damaging is that they fit into a broader narrative. For months, political analysts have been scratching their heads about why Mr Trump is so pro-Russian. More recently, there has been speculation about why the president-elect was so dismissive of allegations of Russian hacking during the election. The most obvious explanation is simply that Mr Trump resents anything that casts doubt on the legitimacy of his election. However, there have also long been theories that Russian intelligence had some damaging Kompromat (compromising material) on Mr Trump.3.整体背景是重要的。这些指控具有潜在巨大破坏力的一个原因是,它们与一个整体的叙述相符。数月来,政治分析人士一直对特朗普为何如此亲俄罗斯感到匪夷所思。最近,对于当选总统为何对有关选举期间俄罗斯发动黑客攻击的指控如此不屑一顾,有人作出了猜测。最显而易见的解释是,特朗普憎恶任何质疑他当选合法性的说法。然而,长期以来一直有理论认为,俄罗斯情报机构掌握着特朗普的污点材料(Kompromat)。4. The immediate impact is likely to be limited. Some of Mr Trump’s opponents hope that these stories are so explosive that they could yet prevent Mr Trump becoming president. This is highly unlikely. The inauguration takes place on January 20. Mr Trump has comprehensively denied the allegations. However, the president-elect’s press conference on Wednesday should be quite a spectacle. There is a certain irony to the fact that Mr Trump, who spent many months peddling a false allegation that President Barack Obama was not born in the US, should now be complaining about “fake news”.4.直接影响很可能是有限的。特朗普的一些反对者希望这些故事具有如此巨大的爆炸力,以至于它们可以阻止特朗普成为总统。这是极不可能的。就职典礼将于1月20日举行。特朗普已全面否认了这些指控。然而,当选总统周三举行的记者会相当有看头。有一个事实具有一定讽刺意味:曾经花了很多个月来兜售有关巴拉克?奥巴马(Barack Obama)总统不是在美国出生这一虚假指控的特朗普,现在抱怨起“假消息”来。5. The long-term impact could be damaging. It is possible that, in the coming days, these allegations will be comprehensively debunked. In that case, they will not hurt Mr Trump. They could even help by casting doubt on all the many other allegations that are certain to be hurled at him during his presidency. However, if Congress and the intelligence agencies insist on digging further into these stories and into the general issue of Russian hacking, the Trump White House will be weakened.5.长期影响可能是破坏性的。在接下来的几天里,这些指控有可能得到全面驳斥。在那种情况下,它们不会伤害特朗普。它们甚至可能帮助他,因为它们将使他担任总统期间肯定会面对的其它很多指控变得不那么可信。然而,如果国会和情报机构坚持进一步追查这些故事,追查俄罗斯对美发动黑客攻击的整个问题,特朗普执掌的白宫将被削弱。The worst case would be that Mr Trump is dogged by a long-running investigation. It is worth remembering that the Watergate scandal, which originated in events during an election, took two years before it eventually forced President Nixon’s resignation. The sexual allegations against Mr Trump — although vigorously denied — are also damaging to the new president’s dignity. It is not good to take the oath of office against a background of sniggering.最糟糕的情况是特朗普被旷日持久的调查所困扰。值得记住的是,当年的水门事件丑闻起源于选举期间发生的事情,但在两年后才最终迫使尼克松总统辞职。针对特朗普的性指控——尽管已被强烈否认——还有损新总统的尊严。在窃笑的人群面前宣誓就职不是件好事。 /201701/488245枣阳市妇幼保健中医院看过敏性鼻炎哪家好 襄阳第四人民医院鼻甲肥大怎么样

襄阳一医院治疗鼻窦炎哪家医院最好Kids With High IQs Grow Up to Be Vegetarians As a child's IQ rises, his taste for meat in adulthood declines, a new study suggests.British researchers have found that children's IQ predicts their likelihood of becoming vegetarians(1) as young adults -- lowering their risk for cardiovascular(2) disease in the process. The finding could explain the link between smarts and better health, the investigators say."Brighter people tend to have healthier dietary(3) habits," concluded lead author Catharine Gale, a senior research fellow at the MRC Epidemiology Resource Centre.Recent studies suggest that vegetarianism may be associated with lower cholesterol(4), reduced risk of obesity and heart disease. This might explain why children with high IQs tend to have a lower risk of heart disease in later life."We know from other studies that brighter children tend to behave in a healthier fashion as adults -- they're less likely to smoke, less likely to be overweight, less likely to have high blood pressure and more likely to take strenuous(5) exercise," Gale said. "This study provides further evidence that people with a higher IQ tend to have a healthier lifestyle."In the study, Gale's team collected data on nearly 8,200 men and women aged 30, whose IQ had been tested when they were 10 years of age."Children who scored higher on IQ tests at age 10 were more likely than those who got lower scores to report that they were vegetarian at the age of 30," Gale said.The researchers found that 4.5 percent of participants were vegetarians. Of these, 2.5 percent were vegan(6), and 33.6 percent said they were vegetarian but also ate fish or chicken.There was no difference in IQ score between strict vegetarians and those who said they were vegetarian but who said they ate fish or chicken, the researchers add.Vegetarians were more likely to be female, of higher social class and better educated, but IQ was still a significant predictor of being vegetarian after adjustment for these factors, Gale said. 英国研究人员发现小孩智商可以预示成年后变成素食者的可能性,也就是降低心血管疾病的几率。研究人员说此项研究能够解释为什么聪明的人会更健康。流行病信息中心高级研究员、本研究主要作者Catharine Gale说:“聪明的人一般选择较健康的饮食习惯。”最近的研究显示素食有利于降低胆固醇吸收、减少肥胖和心脏病几率。这也是为什么高智商的孩子在晚年不容易患心脏病的原因。Gale说:“我们从其它研究中发现,聪明的孩子会和成年人一样跟随健康的流行趋势,他们更不容易吸烟、更不容易肥胖、更不容易血压高、却参与更多的锻炼。本研究将提供更多的据明智商高的人拥有更健康的生活方式。”Gale和同事们搜集了近8200个30岁男女的资料,其中包括他们10岁时的智商记录。Gale说:“十岁时候智商较高的小孩在三十的时候更容易成为素食主义者。”研究人员发现4.5%的受测者为素食者。其中2.5%为严格素食主义者,33.6%称自己是素食者,但是吃鱼和鸡。研究人员说这二者的智商并没有差距。Gale说,社会高层次受过良好教育的女性更容易成为素食者,但是智商也是重要因素之一。 /200805/38135 襄樊最大的鼻喉医院治疗耳鸣襄阳市医院



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