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郴州市第一人民医院南院有治疗前列腺炎吗郴州市第四人民医院尿科Vision Human vision like that of other primates has evolved in an arboreal environment.In the dense complex world of a tropical est, it is more important to see well than to develop an acute sense of smell. In the course of evolution members of the primate line have acquired large eyes while the snout has shrunk to give the eye an unimpeded view. Of mammals only humans and some primates enjoy color vision.The red flag is black to the bull. Horses live in a monochrome world. Light visible to human eyes however occupies only a very narrow band in the whole electromagnetic spectrum.Ultraviolet rays are invisible to humans though ants and honeybees are sensitive to them. Humans have no direct perception of infrared rays unlike the rattlesnake which has receptors tuned into wavelengths longer than 0.7 micron. The world would look eerily different if human eyes were sensitive to infrared radiation.Then instead of the darkness of night, we would be able to move easily in a strange shadowless world where objects glowed with varying degrees of intensity. But human eyes excel in other ways. They are in fact remarkably discerning in color gradation. The color sensitivity of normal human vision is rarely surpassed even by sophisticated technical devices. 6郴州资兴市不孕不育预约 如何表达兴奋快乐之情 -- :7: 来源:   1. 哇!Wow!  这是人们处于高兴、兴奋、惊讶、激动等情绪的时候最常用的一个感叹语句  . 好极了!Great!   Terrific!   Fantastic!  3. 我兴奋得睡不着觉I’m too excited to go to sleep   I’m so excited that I can’t go to sleep  . 太令人激动了!It’s very exciting!  A: What do you think of the football game? 你认为这场足球比赛怎么样? B: It’s very exciting! 太令人激动了!  5. 我高兴极了I’m wild with joy   I’m as happy as I can be   I’m beside myself with joy  6. 我确实对此有强烈的兴趣I’m really very enthusiastic about this  A: Will you take part in our research program?  你愿意参加我们的研究项目吗?  B: I’m really very enthusiastic about this  我确实对此有强烈的兴趣  enthusiastic [in7Wju:zi5Astik] a. 热心的,热情的  7. 我真不敢相信I can’t believe it  A: You won the championship. 你得了冠军 B: I can’t believe it. 我真不敢相信  championship [5tFAmpjEnFip] n. 冠军  8. 听到这个消息,我很兴奋I’m excited by the news  A: We’re going camping next week  下个星期我们要去宿营  B: I’m excited by the news  听到这个消息,我很兴奋  9. 我兴奋得说不出话了I’m too excited to say one word  A: I’m too excited to say one word  我兴奋得说不出话了  B: Congratulations! 祝贺你!  too … to …“太……以致于不能……”  . 我就像中了头奖一样兴奋I’m excited like I won the jackpot  I hit the jackpot. 我中头了  I jumped excitement. 我兴奋得跳了起来  jackpot n. 首奖,头,累积奖金  . 太激动人心了!How exciting!  A: I’ve just received a notice of acceptance from Peking University  我刚收到北京大学的录取通知书  B: How exciting! 太激动人心了!  . 我很高兴I’m happy. I feel happy  . 没有比这更让人高兴的了Nothing could be more wonderful   Nothing could be nicer   Nothing would please me more  . 我活得非常幸福I’m on Cloud Nine.  I’m in seventh heaven  我沉浸于极大的快乐之中  Cloud Nine“极乐心境,狂喜状态” seventh heaven“极乐世界,最高幸福”  . 我很快乐I’m happy as a clam   A: How’s your life after marriage?  你婚后生活怎么样?  B: I’m happy as a clam  我很快乐  happy as a clam“非常快乐,非常幸福”  . 我太高兴了I’m so happy. I’m really delighted  . 我高兴极了I’m as happy as I can be  A: I’ve heard you got promotion  我听说你升职了  B: Yes, I’m as happy as I can be  是的,我高兴极了  18. 我从没有这么高兴过I’ve never been this happy as I am now This is the happiest moment in my life. This is the best moment of my life  19. 我感到飘飘欲仙I’m walking on air  A: How do you feel?  你现在感觉如何?  B: I’m walking on air  我感到飘飘欲仙   walk on air“洋洋得意”  . 我活得很快乐I’m high on life  A: You look happy every day. 你每天看上去都很快乐 B: Yes, I’m high on life. 是的,我活得很快乐 high在这里是“高兴的,快活的”意思  1. 我今天心情很好I’m in a great mood today.  A: I’m in a great mood today. 我今天心情很好 B: Tell me why. 告诉我为什么  . 今天的运气真好I lucked out today   I’m in luck today   I feel lucky today. It’s my lucky day. luck out“运气很好,侥幸成功”  3. 你高兴怎么样就怎么样You’re to do exactly as you please Please do exactly as you please  . 你使我感觉到了幸福You made me happy  A: Happy birthday! Here is a small gift. 生日快乐!这是个小礼物 B: Thank you! You made me happy. 谢谢!你使我感觉到了幸福  5. 简直不敢相信有这样的好事This is too good to be true.  ○ It’s unbelievable. 真难以置信  6. 我太高兴了I’m on top of the world. I’m sitting on top of the world  A: You won the first prize. 你得了一等奖 B: I’m on top of the world. 我太高兴了  7. 我非常高兴I’m in high spirits. I’m over the moon 快乐 兴奋 表达 如何A基础英语对话:公共场所的手机使用 -01-7 19::19 来源: Zane: You look really stressed. Are you OK? Andrea: I have to sit an English exam on Monday. Zane: No problems - just study hard this weekend. Andrea: I can't seem to get into the mood study. Zane: No problem. We can team study. Andrea: Thanks. You are a really buddy. 赞恩:你看起来压力很大,没事吧? 安德里亚:我星期一要参加英语考试 赞恩:没关系,只要这个周末好好学习就行了 安德里亚:可我的心思好像不在学习上 赞恩:没关系,我们可以一起学习 安德里亚:谢谢你你可真是我的好哥们-------------------------------------------------------------------------------NEW WORDS(生词) 1) Deadline(最后期限); the time when something must be finished My boss has given me a project and the deadline is Friday. 我的老板给了我一个项目,它的最后期限是星期五 ) Stressed(充满压力的,不放松的); not relaxed, very tense. I feel very stressed if I cannot get a cup of coffee when I wake up in the morning. 如果我早上醒来的时候不能喝到一杯咖啡,我会觉得有压力 3) Get you down(使人感觉不快,一蹶不振): make you feel sad or stressed When my girlfriend moved out, I let it get me down. 当我的女友搬了出去后,我感到一蹶不振 ) To the max(完全); completely, totally, 0% My sister asked me if I wanted to go to the beach and I told her to the max. 我问我愿不愿意去海滩,我告诉她我很愿意Dialogue(对话) Sam: What did you do on International Women's Day? Fiona: I had to go to a conference and give a speech. How about you? Sam: I went to a new nightclub that had free drinks all the girls! Fiona: Sounds cool. You know it's said that it is a man's world. Sam: Sure. I've heard that. Have you heard that women hold up half of the sky? Fiona: Ahh! I can see that you have some history but have you been studying your English? Sam: Of course! Every day on Xianzai.com! Can I teach you a song that I know? It is in English by the Godfather of Soul music - James Brown. Fiona: OK. Lets learn! 山姆:在国际妇女节那天你干什么了? 菲欧娜:我参加了一个会议,并在会上发言了你呢?你干了什么? 山姆:我去了一家新开的夜总会喝光了那儿为女士准备的所有免费饮料 菲欧娜:听起来很酷呦你知道么,有人说这个世界是个男人的世界 山姆:是的,我听到过那你有没有听说过“女人能撑起半边天”? 菲欧娜:哈,看来你知道不少历史知识呀,那你有没有好好学英语呢? 山姆:当然了我学习现在公司(Xianzai.com)的《每日英语我能教你一首我会的歌曲么?这是首英文歌,由被誉为“精神音乐的教父”的詹姆士· 布朗演唱 菲欧娜:好呀,我们开始学吧NEW WORDS(生词) 1) Groovy(很不错,很帅的): modern, interesting and new My girlfriend got a new hairstyle today. She looks really groovy now. 我的女朋友今天换了一个新发型现在她看起来很登! ) Cell phone(手机): small portable phone that can be used anywhere,also called a mobile phone My new cell phone is so small and groovy. 我的新手机既小巧又漂亮 3) Scored(购买或得到): bought or received I saved up months just so I could score a new computer to play Zhanshen on at home. 我几个月来一直都在攒钱,就是为了能买一部新电脑,在家玩战神游戏 ) Buddy(好朋友): a close friend; best friend My buddy always helps me out when I need him. 我的好朋友经常在我需要他的时候帮我 5) Ignore(漠视,不理睬): pay no attention to; disregard I always ignore my mom when she asks me to clean my room. 当我妈妈让我清理房间的时候我总是不理睬她Lesson: 课文 Never leave your cell phone switched on when you are watching a movie at the multiplex. If your phone has a message system, use that instead and call them back when the movie is over. Try not to talk loudly on your cell phone when you are on the train or bus. Most people don't want to listen to your conversations. If someone calls, tell them quietly that you will call them back soon. If you are in a meeting and your phone rings, you should apologize to the others in the room and then quickly leave to answer the call and then talk. Try not to be outside of the meeting room too long. If you get a call when you are in a restaurant, explain to the caller that you are eating and ask them to call back later. The other people might not want to hear you talking on the phone while they are eating. They might think you are a rude dude disturbing their meals. If the person calling you cannot hear you clearly, don't shout into the phone. Using a loud voice in a public place is an easy way people to get the wrong idea and think you are rude. 当你在影城看电影的时候可一定不要开着你的手机如果你的手机能够收有信息系统,你可以使用这种功能,这样,在你看完电影后你就能回复 当你在乘坐火车或是公共汽车时请不要大声讲话,因为车上有很多人都不喜欢听你的谈话如果有人打电话给你,你要小声地告诉他:你会马上打回去的 如果在你开会的时候手机的铃声响了,你应该向屋子里的其它人道歉,并很快地离开屋子去回电话,但要记住:离开会议室的时间不要太久 如果你在餐厅吃饭的时候电话铃响了,你要向打电话的人解释你正在吃饭,并要求他们晚些时候再打来要知道,有些人不愿意在吃饭的时候听电话,如果你正好在那个时候打电话的话,他们会认为你很粗鲁,打搅了他们进餐 如果你在打电话时对方听不清楚,不要对着手机大喊大叫在公共场所大喊大叫很容易给人留下不好的印象,人们会认为你很粗鲁Dialogue(对话) Bill: I was at the movies the other night and a guy kept talking on his cell phone. Bob : Was he talking while the movie was aly on? Bill: It was and really loudly too. My buddy asked him to be quiet but he ignored us. Bob : He must have been a really rude dude. Bill: If the movie hadn't been so interesting, I would have really taught him a lesson. Bob : Yeah, sure you would have. What would you have done to him? Bill: Simple! I would have recommended that he Xianzai Cultural English to make sure he wasn't a rude dude! Bob : You always have the best ideas buddy. How could I ever ignore you? Bill: I can teach you more next week if you like. Bob : Cool! 比尔:那天晚上我在电影院的时候旁边有个人一直用手机打电话 鲍勃:电影开始了他还在说么? 比尔:可不是么,还特别大声呢!我的哥们让他小点声他不理我们 鲍勃:那他可真是个粗鲁的家伙 比尔:要不是电影特别精,我当时真想给他点儿教训 鲍勃:就是,你就该那么做那你会给他什么样的教训呢? 比尔:这很简单我会推荐他好好读读现在公司的《文化英语,好让他别再那么粗鲁 鲍勃:嘿,哥们,你老是有好主意我永远都没有办法忽视你! 比尔:如果你愿意,我下个星期会再多教你一些 手机 使用 对话 基础郴州最好的男性专科是哪个

郴州那里割包皮新东方英语900句提高篇55 住房 -01-7 :: 来源: Lesson Fifty -five Housing 住房高速下载HouseThis is my house.HomeThis is my home.I bought a house.I bought a home.homeowner 房产拥有者We are looking a house to rent the summer.我们正在找房子以便租下来夏天住rent v. 租rent a car rent a house 待租 sth be rentThis house is rent. This car is rent.rent n. 租金How much is the rent? What‘s the rent?We are lokking a house to rent winter.spring 春泉 spring city 春城泉城summer 夏 autumn fall 秋winter 冬 summer resort 避暑胜地summer vacation 暑假 winter vacation 寒假Are you trying to find a furnished house?你是想找备有家具的房子吗?Are you trying to find a furnished one?furnished unfirnishedfurnitureAre you trying to buy a decorated one?Are you trying to buy a plain one?We’ve got to get a bed and dresser the bedroom.我们需要在卧室里有一张床和一个梳妆台bedroom 卧室sitting room living room 客厅kitchen 厨房bathroom 洗手间balcony 阳台basement 地下室hallway 门厅storeroom 储藏室garage 车库This two-bedroom apartment is rent.这套两居室公寓是待出租的two-bedroom 两居室three-bedroom 三居室apartment 公寓(美)flat 公寓(英)split-level house 复式住宅villa 别墅This one-bedroom apartment is rent.This (big) apartment is rent. sale 待售on sale 减价出售What‘s the rent this apartment?这套公寓的租金是多少?What‘s the rent this three-bedroom apartment?What‘s the rent this villa?What‘s the rent this split-level house?This 0 rent includes all utilities. It‘s a bargain.三百美元的租金包括了水、电、气等一系列开,还挺划算的It‘s a bargain. It‘s a good deal.What style furniture do you have? Is it traditional?你的家具是什么风格的?是传统的吗?a piece of furnituremany pieces of furnitureIs it modern?Yeah, they are quite traditional.They are wood.They’ve turned on the electricity. The house is y.他们已经接通了电源,这房子准备就绪了自来水 tap water水龙头 tap气 gas天燃气 nature gas煤气管道 gas pipeline西气东输 west east gas pipelineThey’ve aly turn down the nature gas.They've aly turn down the tap water.They've aly turn down the cable TV.If you want a towel, look in the linen closet.如果你需要毛巾,到毛巾柜子里找好了If you want paper, look in the drawer.If you want icecream, look in the fridge.毛巾 towel香皂 soap镜子 mirror洗发水 shampoo浴液 body-lotion梳子 combThe house needs repairing. It‘s in bad condition.这房子需要修理它的情况很糟糕It‘s in bad condition.It's in good condition.微波炉 microwave手电筒 flashlight收音机 radio电视机 TV set数字电视机 digital TV电冰箱 fridge空调 aircon air-condintioning随身听 walkman高保真音响 hi-fi风扇 fanThe roof has leaks in it, and the front steps need to be fixed.屋顶有漏洞,前台阶也需要修理step by step 循序渐进We have to learn English step by step.That split-level house is sale. It has central air-conditioning.这栋上下分层的房子是待出售的它有中央空调Our office tower has central air-conditioning.central heating 中央取暖This is an interesting floor plan. Please show me the basement.这是一个很有趣的平面布置图请领我看看地下室Please show me your house.Please show me your bedroome and living room.The university gives a list of houses rent both on and off campus.大学给出了待租房子的列表,即有校内的也有校外的on campusoff campusI’m looking two other students to share this house.我正在找另外的两个学生来共享这套房子share the roomroommate家具sofa 沙发coffee talbe 茶几bed 床cupboard 柜子single bed 单人床double bed king size bed 双人床carpet 地毯stool 凳子chair 椅子Let‘s sign a lease. 让我们签个租约吧 住房 提高 英语 新东方湘南附属医院割包皮 相识的人一起去喝酒的日常英语 -- :7:35 来源: 去喝一杯怎么样? How about a drink? How about a drink? (去喝一杯怎么样?) That a great idea. (好主意) 我想去喝一杯 I need a drink. 下班以后去喝一杯怎么样? Would you like to have a drink after work? Would you like to have a drink after work? (下班以后去喝一杯怎么样?) Im afraid Im busy tonight. (很遗憾,恐怕我今天晚上很忙) 有啤酒吗? Do you have any beer? Do you have any beer? (有啤酒吗?) Sure. What kind do you want? (当然,要哪种的?) 请来两瓶啤酒 Two bottles of beer, please. Two beers, please. 请来杯掺水的威士忌 One whiskey with water, please. 要什么下酒菜呢? What kind of snacks should we have? What kind of snacks should we have? (要什么下酒菜呢?) Ill leave it up to you. (你看着办吧) 让我们忘了工作,痛快一会儿吧 Let get about work and have some fun. Let get our minds off of work and have a good time. Let take our minds off of work. (让我们忘掉工作吧) 干杯! Cheers! Bottoms up! 喝什么呢? What are you drinking? 我喜欢换酒馆喝 I like to go barhopping. *hop“一蹦一蹦(地)”,在这个句子里是从一个酒馆到另一个酒馆的意思 第一口最舒坦了 The first sip is the best! *喝第一口啤酒时常说的话 The first taste is the greatest! The first gulp is the best! *gulp是“吞饮,一口气喝下去”sip 是“啜饮,一口一口地抿着喝” 这个最好! Nothing beats this! *beat“战胜”的意思,直译是“什么都不能战胜这个”,即“这个最好” 再来一杯,怎么样? Would you like a refill? *refill“再加满” Would you like more? How about a refill? Would you like one more? Would you like another cup? 再来一瓶啤酒! Another beer, please. One more beer, please. 这种威士忌挺冲 This whiskey is strong. 日本酒怎么样? How do you like sake? 酒劲大 It strong. 我喝醉了 Im drunk. Im drunk. (我喝醉了) Let me drive you home. (我开车送你回家吧) 我觉得有点儿醉了 I feel a little tipsy. *tipsy“微醉的”、“踉踉跄跄的” Im slightly drunk. 酩酊大醉 Im loaded. *loaded“喝醉了”的状态 Im wasted. 喝酒要适可而止 Drink moderately. Dont overdo it. Please dont drink too much. 我的酒量小 I get drunk easily. *drunk“喝醉”,“酒后驾车”是drunk driving I get drunk quickly. Im a heavy drinker. (我的酒量大) 我喝得太多了 I drank too much. I had too much to drink. 我不该喝这么多的 I should have drunk less. I shouldnt have drunk this much. 头天的酒还没醒 I have a hangover. *hangover“宿醉” 日常英语 英语口语郴州治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

郴州市第一人民医院看泌尿科怎么样喜欢“like”、讨厌"hate"英语口语怎么说 -- ::38 来源: I like it. How your new job? (你的新工作怎么样?) I like it. (我很喜欢) 我最爱吃比萨饼 I love pizza. *女性常用love表示“很喜欢” I live pizza. (没有比萨饼我几乎活不下去) Pizza is the greatest. (比萨是最好吃的) 我喜欢这套衣 I like this dress. I like this dress. (我喜欢这套衣) So do I. (我也喜欢) I think this dress is nice. I think this dress is pretty. 你满意你的新车吗? Are you pleased with your new car? *be pleased with... 表示“看中……,喜欢……” Are you satisfied with your new car? *be satisfied with...“对……满意” Are you happy with your new car? *be happy with...“对……感到满意” 我喜欢这茶 Im fond of this tea. *be fond of... “喜欢……” 比起咖啡来我更喜欢红茶 I prefer tea to coffee. *prefer ... to ...“比起……更喜欢……”,用于与某事物做比较时 Id rather have tea than coffee. (与其喝咖啡不如喝红茶) I like tea better than coffee. I like tea more than coffee. 我对……上瘾 Im hooked on... *hook“用钩钩住”,be hooked on 表示“对……入迷” You shouldnt smoke so much. (你不该抽那么多的烟) I know, but Im hooked on nicotine. (我知道,但是我已经对尼古丁上瘾了) Im addicted to... 我喜欢喝西红柿汤 Tomato soup is my cup of tea. *常用于日常生活中,带些诙谐语气的表达方式cup of tea是“喜欢的东西、对劲的东西” 我非常喜欢吃日本食品 Ive developed a great liking Japanese food. 我这人很挑剔 Im choosy. *choosy “爱挑剔的,过于讲究的” Im picky. 我开始喜欢吃寿司了 I came to like sushi. Ive started to like sushi. Ive come to like sushi. 简越来越让我喜欢 Jane has grown on me. 棒球越来越吸引我了 Baseball grew on me. Do you like baseball? (你喜欢打棒球吗?) Baseball grew on me as I grew older. (年纪越大,越喜欢棒球了) Baseball has grown on me. 看上去挺好玩的 This will be fun! It our turn on the roller coaster. (该轮到我们玩过山车了) This will be fun. (一定很好玩)*roller coaster “过山车” It looks like fun. 真令人兴奋! This is exciting! This is exciting. Well be parents soon. (这真令人激动我们就要做父母了) I cant wait. (我都等不及了) This is thrilling! 我很感兴趣 Im interested. My hobby is chess. Are you interested in learning? (我的爱好是下国际象棋,你有兴趣学吗?) Yes, Im interested. (嗯,有兴趣) 我很满足 Im satisfied. Do you want more? (你还要点儿吗?) No, Im satisfied. (不,已经够了) Im content. Im pleased. 我很欣赏它 I enjoyed it. That movie was great. (那部电影真棒) I enjoyed it, too. (我也很欣赏它) I had a good time. It was really fun. 我被深深地感动了 I was deeply moved. *move用来表示“使……感动,使……动心” ---讨厌我不喜欢这个 I dont like it. How about this one? (这个怎么样?) No, thank you, I dont like it. (谢谢,我不喜欢) I like it. (我喜欢) 我最讨厌这个了 I hate it! *比I dont like it更强调讨厌的心情 Do you like natto? (你喜欢吃纳豆吗?) No, I hate it! (不,我最讨厌它了) I love it! (我很喜欢!) 这个真恶心 This is disgusting. *disgusting 表示“很过分,让人恶心,厌弃” This is disgusting. (这个真恶心!) It the worst food Ive ever had. (这是我所吃过的最恶心的东西) 啐! Yuck! *用于感到实在恶心时,或引起不快时 Look at the cockroach! (看那!) Yuck! (啐!) 臭死了! Peeyew! *用于感到气味很臭时,表示“真难闻”、“这味真臭” 我不喜欢你的这种态度 It your attitude I dont like. You have an attitude problem. (你的态度有问题) I dont like your attitude. (我不喜欢你的态度) 我对他恨之入骨 I hate his guts. *guts “肠子”hate someone guts是“连……的肠子都讨厌、憎恨”,表达强烈的厌恶、憎恨之情 He so rude. (他如此野蛮) I agree. I hate his guts. (就是,我对他恨之入骨) I despise him. (我真看不起他) 我不喜欢 I dont care it. Do you like the coffee? (你爱喝咖啡吗?) No, I dont care it. (不,我不爱喝) I dont like it. 看见他就心烦 I cant stand him. *stand “忍耐,忍受,容忍” Here comes my boss, Mr. Smith. (过来的那位是我的老板史密斯先生) I cant stand him. (我看见他就心烦) 别再有第二次! Never again! 我已经受够了! Ive had it. 日常英语 英语口语 郴州早泄的治疗多少钱郴州包皮环切术价格



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