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2019年11月15日 12:38:15

江西上饶做永久脱毛多少钱上饶市第二人民医院脱毛手术多少钱Less than one day after proclaiming a billion annual revenue milestone for cloud services, IBM’s newly formed Cloud division disclosed two fresh contracts.就在IBM宣布云务年收入达到70亿美元的里程碑式业绩之后不到一天,其新组建的云部门又公布了两份新签的合同。One, a 0 million services agreement with healthcare benefits company Anthem, adds to the string of existing services customers switching to IBM cloud data centers or software as a service applications. It’s a theme the company has sounded often over the past year.其中一份是与医保福利公司Anthem签订的5亿美元务协议,这也是现有云务用户转向IBM云数据中心或“软件即务”应用的最新一例。在过去一年中,这样的情况一直在IBM持续上演。The other establishes IBM IBM 0.31% as the cloud host for a new service from Clarient Global, backed by a consortium of financial services companies including Barclays, BNY Mellon, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and State Street. (Clarient is related to The Depository Trust amp; Clearing Corp.) This agreement is potentially more intriguing, because it represents a net new account for IBM’s cloud business rather than the renegotiation of an existing outsourcing relationship.另一份合同则是,IBM将为Clarient Global的一种新业务提供云主机,包括巴克莱、纽约梅隆、瑞士信贷、高盛、根大通、道富等一大批金融巨头都在采用Clarient Global的务。这项协议可能更为引人关注,因为它意味着IBM云业务拉到了一位新客户,而非只是与现有客户重新协商合作关系。Under the pact, IBM will host a centralized, secure hub for client reference data and documents on its SoftLayer technology. Here’s the rationale fromClarient CEO Matthew Stauffer: “IBM’s cloud platform, coupled with its deep security expertise, plays a vital role in enabling this new service to help increase efficiency and control over client data while reducing risk and costs.”依据协议,IBM将通过其SoftLayer技术,为客户机数据文档提供安全中枢。Clarient首席执行官马修o斯托弗称,之所以选择IBM的理由是:“IBM云平台加上其专业的深度安全防护技术,对这项新务来说至关重要,从而能在降低风险和成本同时,帮助提高效率,更好地管理客户数据。”Last year, IBM pulled in billion in revenue last year related to cloud services—a level it was hoping to hit by the end of 2015.去年,IBM在云务领域获得了70亿美元收入,这一业绩原本是公司计划在2015年底达成的目标。In recent weeks, the company restructured to accelerate that momentum, naming veteran IBM Software manager Robert LeBlanc as the senior vice president. “We took all the pieces that were sitting in various places throughout IBM, some of them in services, some of them in software, and pulled them together,” LeBlanc said in a brief interview Wednesday. “It gives us the opportunity to innovate at speed.”为了加快这一发展势头,公司在近几周进行了改组,任命经验丰富的IBM软件部门经理罗伯特o勒布朗作为高级副总裁。勒布朗在与《财富》的一次简短采访中表示:“我们在IBM的各个部门寻找所有的云业务碎片,有些在务部门,有些在软件部门,然后把它们整合起来。这给了我们迅速创新的机会。”He isn’t committing—publicly at least—to a new goal. His team also has a lot of hiring to do before it can rev up: there are at least 1,000 open positions in a unit that as a whole employs “thousands” of people.他并未公开自己的新业绩目标。同时,云计算团队还需要大量招聘人手才能加速运转起来:这个团队目前已有数千名员工,但至少还有1,000个职位空缺急需填补。(财富中文网) /201502/358735上饶市南昌大学医院光子脱毛手术多少钱

江西省上饶脸上祛斑多少钱上饶去川字纹哪里疗效好Google will on Wednesday be accused by Brussels of illegally abusing its dominance of the internet search market in Europe, a step that ultimately could force it to change its business model fundamentally and pay hefty fines.欧盟(EU)将于周三指控谷歌(Google)非法滥用其在欧洲互联网搜索市场的主导地位。此举最终可能会迫使谷歌从根本上改变商业模式,并付高额罚金。Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s competition commissioner, is to say that the US group will soon be served with a formal charge sheet alleging that it breached antitrust rules by diverting traffic from rivals to favour its own services, according to two people familiar with the case. The initial charge will focus on product searches where Google is accused of harming other shopping sites, but could be extended to other areas.知情人士表示,欧盟反垄断专员玛格丽特#8226;维斯特格(Margrethe Vestager)将会宣称,谷歌将很快收到正式起诉书,指控其违反反垄断法规,将竞争对手的流量分流去持自身务。最初的指控将集中于产品搜索务,谷歌被控在搜索过程中损害其他购物网站的利益。但这一指控可能会扩展到其他领域。Google confirmed the imminent charges in an internal email sent to staff on Tuesday. “We have a very strong case, with especially good arguments when it comes to better services for consumers and increased competition,” it said in the communication, a copy of which was obtained by the Financial Times.周二,谷歌在发送给员工的一封内部电子邮件中确认即将面临指控。在英国《金融时报》记者看到的这封邮件的拷贝中,谷歌表示:“我们的理由非常充分,尤其是在以更好的务面对消费者、面对更趋激烈的竞争方面,我们的理由更加充分。”Serving Google with a so-called statement of objections will be the opening salvo in one of the defining antitrust cases of the internet era. It could prove as epic as the decade-long battle with Microsoft that ultimately cost the company 2bn in fines.作为互联网时代具有判例意义的反垄断案之一,该案的第一步将是向谷歌递交所谓“异议声明”(statement of objections)。这一案件或将被明是与微软反垄断案同样经典的案例。微软反垄断案前后持续了10年,最终令微软付了20亿欧元罚金。The commission’s move comes after a torrid five-year investigation that Google came close to settling without charges last year. The draft deal collapsed after fierce objections were raised by ministers in France and Germany, and by some of the continent’s most powerful telecoms and media groups.在欧盟委员会采取最新举措之前,谷歌曾面临长达5年的调查,去年一度接近达成免受指控的和解方案。但由于法德两国部长及欧洲最有影响的电信和媒体集团的激烈反对,这一和解协议的草案未能通过。 /201504/370405US authorities are appealing against a judge#39;s decision not to order Apple to unlock an iPhone in a drugs case. It has gone to a higher court after a Brooklyn judge said he had no power to give the order.近日,美国当局政府对当值法官就一起毒品案没有下令苹果公司解锁iPhone的裁决表示出强烈反对。在布鲁克林的法官表示其无权给予强制命令之后,该案件已经转到了上一级法院。Apple said the order would be the start of a ;slippery slope that threatens everyone#39;s safety and privacy;.而苹果公司方面表示,该项命令将会是一段“威胁所有人安全和隐私的滑坡的开始”。In the original hearing, the US government asked Judge James Orenstein to order Apple to open up a locked phone belonging to Jun Feng, who has pleaded guilty to participation in a methamphetamine distribution conspiracy. The Justice Department wants to use the device to find any of his co-conspirators.在最初的听会上,美国政府要求法官詹姆斯·奥伦斯坦下令苹果公司解锁冯军的手机,冯军已在谋划分销甲基苯丙胺(俗称冰毒)一案中认罪。司法部希望利用该设备找到他的同谋。While the case has similarities with that being heard in California in relation to the San Bernardino shootings, the New York case involves an older version of Apple#39;s operating system. Feng#39;s phone uses iOS 7, which is not protected by the same encryption technology.虽然该案件与在加利福利亚州审理的圣伯纳迪诺击案有相似之处,但纽约的这个案件涉及的是更旧的苹果操作系统版本。冯军的手机使用的是iOS 7系统,该系统并不由相同的加密技术所保护。;Apple has the technological capability to bypass the passcode feature and access the contents of the phone that were unencrypted,; the Justice Department said in its court filing, submitted on Monday. It has asked District Court Judge Margot Brodie to hear the case.“苹果公司有技术能力绕过密码功能并访问未加密的手机,”美国司法部在周一提交的法院文件中说。司法部已要求联邦地方法官马戈·布罗迪审理该案件。The Justice Department#39;s lawyers called the request routine, arguing that the case was neither about asking Apple to do anything new, nor to create a ;master key; to access all iPhones.司法部的律师表示,这只是一项常规请求,认为这既不是要求苹果公司做任何新的事情,也不是让其创造一把“万能钥匙”来访问所有的iPhone。Federal prosecutors cited several examples in which Apple has extracted data from a locked device under the law.联邦检察官引述了几个苹果公司按法律规定从锁定的设备中提取数据的例子。Apple argues that it has opposed requests to help extract information from more than a dozen iPhones since being invited to challenge the government#39;s use of the 1789 All Writs Act by Judge Orenstein in October last year.但是苹果公司对此表示反驳称,自从该公司于去年10月份受奥伦斯坦法官之邀挑战政府1789年的《所有令状法案》起,已经反对过帮助从十几部iPhone上提取信息的要求。The technology firm said it agreed with Judge Orenstein#39;s ruling that granting the request would ;thoroughly undermine fundamental principles of the constitution;.该科技公司称其同意奥伦斯坦法官的裁定,倘若准予该请求,将会“彻底破坏宪法的基本原则”。 /201603/431010横峰县OPT祛斑好不好The chill that has kept two of the most prominent American and Chinese tech companies out of each others’ markets has thawed a little, with Google and Huawei joining forces on a new flagship smartphone.将美国和中国高科技企业中最出色的两家挡在彼此市场门外的寒意已略微消散。这两家企业——谷歌(Google)和华为(Huawei)——将合力推出一款新的旗舰智能手机。The Chinese telecoms equipment giant was shut out of major US telecoms equipment deals by Congress in 2012 due to concerns that the company founded by Ren Zhengfei, an ex-military officer, spies for China — a charge Huawei denies. Consumer smartphones have been the only business open to it, though it has struggled for recognition in that business.2012年,身为中国电信设备巨擘的华为被美国国会禁止参与美国的重大电信设备交易,原因是后者担心这家由前中国军官任正非创办的企业会替中国从事间谍活动——华为否认了这一指控。面向消费者的智能手机是唯一对华为开放的业务。不过,在这个领域,华为一直难以获得认可。On Tuesday, Google unveiled a 5.7 inch phone from Huawei, called the 6p, as part of its annual Nexus line of new Android phones. Nexus devices are intended to act as showcases for the latest Android software, with Google switching between different manufacturers each year. For the first time the search company also announced a second Nexus phone, a 5 inch device from LG.周二,搜索引擎公司谷歌发布了一款由华为代工的5.7英寸手机,这款名为6P的手机是谷歌年度Nexus系列Android手机中的新品之一。谷歌推出Nexus系列手机,是用它们作为最新版Android系统的展示设备。谷歌每年都会找不同的制造商代工。今年也是谷歌首次同时发布两款Nexus手机,另一款5英寸的Nexus手机由LG代工。 /201510/402150上饶韩美整形美容医院大腿吸脂好吗

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