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Despite being close to the equator, these peaks are so cold at night虽然位近赤道 这些山峰入夜后极为寒冷that the wolves face a frost-covered dawn.在破晓后 胡狼见到的是满地冰霜Each pack is centred around a single dominant female.每个狼群都由一个女族长主导Normally it is only she who breeds.通常也只有这只母狼会生产This year she has produced six pups.今年它生下六只小狼But if she is to raise them all in this barren land,但想在这片荒地 把全部孩子扶养长大she will need the help of the entire pack.它需要整个狼群的协助Every morning, the pack sets off to hunt,每天早上狼群都出门打猎leaving her back among the rocks with the pups.留下女族长在岩地照顾小狼The pack#39;s hunting ground is about five square miles of mountain top.这个狼群的猎场 是面积约五平方英里的山顶They guard it zealously,他们认真看守patrolling its frontiers every day.每天巡视着这个地区Wolves elsewhere co-operate其他地区的狼群会通力合作and use their united power to pull down big prey.扑杀大型猎物But there are no caribou or moose to be found up here.但这座山顶没有驯鹿或麋鹿 Article/201309/257866

The bride and her dress should be the center of attention on her wedding day. Follow this advice to make sure you are not the one standing out in the crowd.婚礼当天,新娘和她的礼必须是焦点。遵循以下建议,确保你不要抢了风头。You Will Need你需要Location of the wedding婚礼地点Weather forecast天气预报Invitation to a wedding婚礼邀请Steps步骤Step 1 Consider the location1.考虑地点Consider the location. The reception venue will provide you with a clue as to how formal the wedding will be.考虑一下婚礼地点。婚礼接待处会为你提供线索,婚礼有多么正式。A country club or hotel calls for formal attire, whereas a beach or outdoor wedding calls for more casual dress.乡村俱乐部或酒店需要比较正式的着装,而沙滩或户外婚礼穿休闲一点的衣就可以了。Step 2 Watch the weather2.观察天气Watch the weather forecast, especially if the wedding or reception is being held outside.观看天气预报,尤其是当婚礼或接待是在户外举行的时候。Steer clear of high-heel shoes for outdoor weddings. The heels will sink into the sand and lawn.如果是户外婚礼,不要穿高跟鞋。鞋跟会陷入沙滩或草坪。Step 3 Read the invitation3.阅读请柬Read the invitation carefully. It may mention casual, proper, or black tie attire requested.认真阅读请柬。请柬上可能会提到要求便装,正装,或者黑色装。Redefine your understanding of casual attire. Jeans are never recommended. A cotton suit or sundress for women and khaki pants and a shirt with a collar for men are as casual as you should go.重新定义你对休闲装的理解。从来不建议穿牛仔裤参加婚礼。女性穿棉质套装或太阳裙,男性穿卡其裤,有领衬衣看上去比较休闲。Step 4 Consider the time of day4.考虑婚礼时间Consider the time of the reception. Morning or early afternoon weddings are more casual than dinnertime or evening ones.考虑婚礼时间。早上或下午早些时候的婚礼比晚餐时间或者晚上的婚礼更加随意一点。Step 5 Do not wear white5.不要穿白色装Do not wear white to a wedding. You never want to be mistaken as the bride or take the attention away from her.不要穿白色装参加婚礼。你肯定不想被误认为是新娘,或者抢了新娘的镜头。Veils were originally worn by ancient Greeks and Romans to protect the bride from evil spirits.面纱最初是由古希腊人和罗马人佩戴的,是为了保护新娘免受魔鬼侵犯。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/233699

Warren Jeffs#39; Nephew: #39;I Was Brainwashed#39; Nephews of the polygamist leader speak to A News after leaving the polygamist community. We are looking inside the secretive and abusive polygamist control by Warren Jeffs. He is behind bars now but two of his nephews are speaking out about how he escaped the church. A Cecilia Vega has the story.We are entering the no tourist community ruled by Warren Jeffs even though we are on a public road, the message is clear: we are not welcome here. So did they do that because of us? Yeah. Our every move watched. See the top of that flight pole. That’s a camera. And someone is watching that camera right now? Yes. We are watching them watching us.Brothers Matt and Zack are two of Jeffs’s many nephews, flesh in blood of the convicted polygamists and now he is worst enemy.He is just in God#39;s name to brain wash people. You say brain wash. Were you thinking these people that you grew up with were brain-washed. Yes, I was brain washed. But I was terrified of leaving the community.They broke free from this FLDs community where the beliefs is men with more wives are more likely to go to heaven. But I has 9 wives and around 62 kids. Now they are returning for the first time. You are all nervous about this. The family is just looking at us differently in the eyes like we are the almost weak people on the earth.They are a part of group of formally faithful on a mission to help others who may want to get out too. Is Warren Jeffs a profit? No. what is he? He is a psycho pass lives in prison for life. It is a real life drama line on the TLC show breaking the faith.Our overheard the girls in church talking about how I want to leave the church. I want to leave too but I was afraid to say anything.Why does a girl who is 20 - 21 years old just get up and go?They don’t know where to go. Only thing they known is their bedroom, the kitchen and the laundry room and that#39;s it. That is all they know.They say Warren Jeffs serving life in prison for sexually assaulting young girls still cause the shot from behind bars.There#39;s no marriages. Or really? Yeah, Coz he is the only one can do, do the marriages. They cannot have kids generally either. He controls that, yeah, has anybody actually has a child since he left? No, not that I know.For Good Morning America, Cecilia Vega, A News held in Utah.Well, that is fascinating and chilling staff. /201312/269142

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