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They respond to touch, temperature, currents, and the cycles of the sun and the moon.它们对触碰,温度,洋流及日月的交替都有反应。And their tiny movements combined to give each colony a rhythm of its own.它们轻微的运动形成整个群落的一种独特节奏。The polyps cant build the reef alone.珊瑚虫自己不能建造珊瑚礁。For this, they need parterners that are even smaller.它们需要一种体积更小的同伴。Within each polyps tentacles are millions of tiny brown dots.每个珊瑚虫的触角里都有无数的小棕点。Each is a microscopic plant, which transform sunlight into food and energy for the corals.每一个都是显微镜下才能看到的植物。它们将太阳能转化为食物和能量提供给珊瑚。Its a miraculous parternship that allows the corals to turn the minerals in the water into limestone, building their stony skeletons.这是一种绝妙的合作关系,这使得珊瑚能将水中的矿物质转化为石灰岩从而形成它们石质的骨架。In this way, each colony grows.只有这样每一个珊瑚群才能生长。If we were able to watch a reef over several years, wed see a continuely growing marine metropolis.如果我们每隔几年就观察一次某块珊瑚礁,我们将会发现一个规模持续扩大的海底都市。Its intricate architecture provides homes for thousands of creatures.它错综复杂的构造给无数生物提供住所。201408/322228And for me its the beginning of by far away, one of my remote South African adventure yet.对我来说这只是刚刚开始,我的一次远程南非冒险才迈出第一步。Tietoway is the top end of the Northen Cay, Rinwasmark is in a quiet corner South Africas emptiest province.提托威坐落于凯恩斯顶端,这是南非最空旷的省一处安静的角落。But despite of periences, there is a plenty of life here, and there are walking roots to be explored.尽管资源缺乏,这里仍然有大量的动物,还需要步行去探索。The landscape in Juice one massive nature life line, the orange river, it over 2000 kilometers as South Africas longest.南部非洲重要河流奥兰治河, 作为南非最长河流的它超过2000公里。Its vital water sustains a remarkable human population and a surprising agriculture industry. 其重要水源维持着显著的人口及令人惊讶的农业产业。201309/255563Politics this week本周政治The Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria(ISIS), an extreme offshoot of al-Qaeda that operates in both those countries, captured Mosul, Iraqs second city, causing half a million people to flee the region. It then took Saddam Husseins home town, Tikrit, and threatened to advance on Baghdad. With the Iraqi army melting away, the Kurds in the north of Iraq said they had taken full control of Kirkuk. The government of Nuri al-Maliki appealed for help, but the West was loth to intervene.一个基地极端主义分,伊拉克和大叙利亚伊斯兰国,目前在两个国家十分活跃,并且已经攻陷了伊拉克第二大城市尔苏,从而导致50万人逃离家园。该组织已经拿下萨达姆·侯塞因的家乡,提克里特,并威胁要进军巴格达。随着伊拉克军队的崩溃,伊拉克北部的库尔德人表示他们已经完全控制基尔库里。马力基政府寻求援,但西方不愿介入。Reuven Rivlin, a right-winger who opposes a two-state settlement with the Palestinians, was elected Israelspresident .The post is largely ceremonial but sometimes influential.鲁温·瑞夫林,一位反对巴以和解的右翼分子,被选为以色列总统。该职位象征意义大于实际意义,但有时也具影响力。Trying for a new start为了新开始,奋斗。Petro Poroshenko was inaugurated as Ukraines president amid intensifying unrest in the east of the country. A billionaire known as the Chocolate King, Mr Poroshenko made an impassioned plea for Ukrainian unity. Speaking in Russian, he promised immunity from prosecution to all those without blood on their hands. He also ordered peace corridors to be set up so that people can escape the violence.正值东乌克兰加剧动荡之际,彼得·波罗申科宣布就任乌克兰总统。这位著名的巧克力大王,亿万富翁波罗申科先生发表了一份充满的有关乌克兰团结的呼吁。他操着俄语,并承诺那些和流血事件毫无瓜葛的人将免于起诉。他还命令设置和平走廊,以便让民众逃离暴力。Antonis Samaras, the prime minister of Greece, reshuffled his cabinet after his centre-right New Democracy party lost in the European elections to the far-left Syriza. He picked a technocrat, Gikas Hardouvelis, as finance minister to succeed Yannis Stournaras, who becomes governor of the central bank.希腊总理萨马拉斯的中右翼新民主党在欧洲选举中败于极左翼的左派政党联盟后,改组了内阁。他选择了技术官僚吉卡斯·哈多维利斯,代替杨尼斯·斯托纳拉斯出任财政部长。后者被任命为中央行长。Three-fifths of Germans are in favour of Angela Merkel, the chancellor, backing a bid by Luxembourgs Jean-Claude Juncker to be the next president of the European Commission despite stiff opposition from Britain, according to a Forsa poll. Only 19% said Mrs Merkel should prioritise good relations with David Cameron, the British prime minister, who is leading the camp opposed to a Juncker presidency.富一份民调显示,五分之三的德国人持总理安格拉·默克尔持由卢森堡首相让·克洛德·容克成为下一任欧盟主席的提案,尽管此项提案遭到了来自英国的坚决反对。仅有19%的受访者表示默克尔应该优先与英国首相戴维·卡梅隆保持良好关系。卡梅隆正在领导一个反对容克竞选的阵营。The Spanish parliament backed the abdication of King Juan Carlos and accession of his son, Prince Felipe, by a large majority. Some on the left in Spain are demanding a referendum on whether to keep the monarchy.西班牙议会以绝大多数优势持国王胡安·卡洛斯的退位以及王储菲利普继位。一些左派人士正要求就是否保留君主制进行全民公投。In Britain the governments inspector of schools published a report into alleged Islamic extremism at several state schools in Birmingham. It found no evidence of a plot to infiltrate the schools though it did find examples of Islam influencing the schooling culture. Prior to the report two Conservative heavyweights, Michael Gove, the education secretary, and Theresa May, the home secretary, became embroiled in an unholy row about the issue.在英国,政府的学校检查员发表了一份报告,指控在伯明翰的一些公立学校中存在伊斯兰极端主义。虽然的确发现了伊斯兰文化影响学校文化的例子,但没有任何有关伊斯兰极端主义阴谋渗透学校的据。在这份报告之前,两位保守党的重量级人物,教育大臣迈克尔·戈夫,和内政大臣特丽莎·梅卷入了一场针对这个问题的不光的争论中。The Tea Party in America scored its biggest victory since emerging as a political force in when the candidate it backed defeated Eric Cantor, the Republicans number two in the House of Representatives, in a primary election. David Brat, a previously unknown college professor, won partly by campaigning against immigration. His victory may scupper the chance of any bipartisan reform this year.在初选中,选茶党所持的候选人在初选时击败了众议院共和党第二号人物艾里克坎托,这是自从年茶党形成为一股政治力量后取得的最大成功。大卫·布拉德,这位为人所不知的大学教授能够赢得选举的胜利部分原因是发动反对移民运动。而他的胜利可能会破坏任何两党改革的机会。A judge in California decided that tenure rules which make it nearly impossible to sack bad teachers harm poor pupils and breach the states constitution. Teachers unions were dismayed, though the education secretary, Arne Duncan, approved. A teacher in California currently has a one in 125,000 chance each year of being fired for incompetence.加利福利亚的一位法官裁决任期规则让解雇伤害穷学生的坏老师变得不可能,并且该规则也违反了州宪法。尽管该决议得到教育部长阿恩·邓肯赞同,但是教授工会对此表示失望。当前,加州每125000教师中只有有一位因为无能而被解雇。Switching to gas转向天然气Chiles government cancelled the huge HidroAysén hydroelectric project to build five dams in Patagonia on environmental grounds. To lessen its dependence on imported energy, the government will concentrate on natural gas and renewables.从环境角度出发,智利政府取消了在巴塔哥尼亚的大型艾森水电站项目,该项目原计划在当地建造5座环保型大坝。为了减少对进口能源的依赖,智利政府将重点关注天然气和可再生能源。With days to go before the run-off in Colombias presidential election, the incumbent, Juan Manuel Santos, announced that he had begun exploratory peace talks with the ELN, a guerrilla group. Mr Santoss support for peace negotiations with the FARC, a bigger guerrilla force, is the main dividing line between him and óscar Iván Zuluaga, his rival in the election.哥伦比亚总统决选还有几天才正式拉开帷幕,现任总统胡安·曼努埃尔·桑托斯宣布他已经与游击队组织—哥伦比亚民族解放军开始了试探性的和谈进程。桑托斯还持与一个更大规模的游击队组织——哥伦比亚革命武装力量进行和平谈判,而这正是他与大选对手奥斯卡·伊万·苏卢阿加的主要分歧点。Mexicos central bank unexpectedly cut interest rates by half a percentage point. Weak economic growth, prompted partly by sluggishness in the ed States and partly by tax rises, lay behind the move.墨西哥央行出人意料地将利率下调了0.5个百分点,此举背后的原因在于美国经济停滞和该国赋税负担加重导致了经济增长疲软。Amado Boudou, Argentinas vice-president, faced questions from a federal judge about his alleged ties to a firm that prints the countrys currency. The judge will now decide whether Mr Boudou, who denies all wrongdoing, must face charges.阿根廷副总统阿玛多·布都因其与某钞票印刷企业之间所谓的关系面临来自联邦法官的质询。无论布都是否承认自己的不法行为,法官都将决定对他提出指控。Repulsed惨败An attack on Karachi airport left at least 38 people dead, including ten of the attackers, after a shoot-out with the security forces. The Pakistani Taliban said that it was behind the assault, and had hoped to hijack an airliner, in revenge for air strikes against suspected militants in the remote tribal area of north Pakistan. A few days later America resumed drone strikes in the tribal region after a six-month break.经过与安保部队的一场战后,卡拉奇机场的袭击案造成了至少38人丧生,其中包括10名袭击者。巴基斯坦塔利班组织宣称对此次袭击负责,并且表示此前还计划劫持一架客机,以此报复在巴基斯坦北部偏远的部落地区对武装嫌疑分子的空袭。几天后,美军恢复了终止了六个月的对对塔利班控制地区进行无人机打击的军事活动。The body of another woman was found hanging from a tree in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, at least the third such case in recent weeks in which the victims were allegedly raped. Narendra Modi, the new prime minister of India, said that protecting women should be a priority for all Indians, but he warned against “politicising” rape.在印度北方邦,又发现一名女性的尸体被悬挂在一棵树上,这至少已经是近几周来的第三起类似案件,据说其中的受害者们都曾遭到性侵。印度新任总理纳伦德拉·莫迪表示,保护女性应该成为所有印度公民的当务之急,但是他也提醒要提防将强奸案件“政治化”。The captain and crew of the South Korean ferry that sank in April with the loss of about 300 lives went on trial. They are pleading not guilty to charges of homicide through wilful negligence. Meanwhile, thousands of police searched a religious compound in their manhunt for the ferrys owner, Yoo Byung-eun, an investor who also owns the website god.com.今年4月发生的韩国沉船事故造成约300人丧生。近日,该船船长和船员开庭受审。他们并不认可自己犯“不作为杀人”的罪名。同时,几千名警察在追捕该船船主俞炳彦时对一个宗教聚集所进行了搜查。俞炳彦是该船务公司的投资人,同时还是god.com网站的所有者。 201407/309039

Business this week本周经济新闻Amazon showed off its first smartphone, which will go on sale next month. Priced at the high end of the market, the device runs on a version of Googles Android system, the main difference being that it is designed around Amazons shopping ecosystem. It also has 3D features. But although it dominates e-commerce in America and Europe, Amazons tiny profits and big spending projects are starting to worry investors; its share price is down by almost a fifth since the start of the year.亚马逊展示了将在下月发售的第一款智能手机。该款机型定位高端市场,在谷歌开发的安卓系统下运行,与众不同之处是其围绕亚马逊购物系统进行设计。该款机型还装有三维显示屏。然而,即使其在欧美电子商务中占主导地位,亚马逊的微薄利润和巨大的项目开仍让投资者开始担心;其股价自年初以来下跌了大约五分之一。Googles YouTube threatened to pull s from its site by independent recording artists who have refused to sign up to the terms for its forthcoming subscription-based music service. Universal, Sony and Warner have agreed to the terms, but the smaller labels accuse YouTube of a “lack of respect and understanding” for the independent sector.谷歌公司的YouTube威胁将从其网站上移除那些由拒绝签署即将到来的付费音乐务条款的独立唱片公司创作的音频。环球唱片、索尼和华纳已经同意该条款,但小型唱片公司指责YouTube对独立机构“缺乏尊重和理解”。Sunk僵局In a surprise move Chinas commerce ministry blocked a proposed alliance of three European shipping companies, including Maersk. The P3 alliance sought to pool 250 ships to reduce overcapacity, but it would have controlled 40% of transatlantic and Asia-Europe seaborne trade. Regulators in America and Europe had given the nod to the alliance. Chinas commerce ministry disagreed, saying smaller shippers would suffer and consumers would pay.中国商务部否决了包括马士基在内的三家欧洲船舶公司联盟的提议引发了不小的震动。P3联盟试图联合运营旗下250艘货轮以减少产能过剩,但这将使得该联盟控制横跨大西洋和亚欧海上贸易40%的份额。美国和欧盟的竞争监管机构批准了该联盟,但中国商务部不同意,认为此举将损害其他运输公司的利益并使得消费者最终买单。The takeover battle for various bits of Alstom intensified ahead of a deadline. Jeffrey Immelt, the chief executive of General Electric, flew to Paris for talks with the government on securing jobs if it buys some of Alstoms assets. Complicating his plans is a rival joint bid from Siemens of Germany and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan.对阿尔斯通各种业项业务的收购战在截止日前愈演愈烈。通用电气的首席执行官杰夫瑞·伊梅尔特已飞赴巴黎与政府协商在购买部分阿尔斯通资产后的担保工作。但对手德国西门子和日本三菱重工的联合竞标使得其计划变得复杂起来。Mary Barra, the boss of General Motors, appeared before a congressional committee to answer questions about faulty ignition switches in GMs cars that it acknowledges led to 13 deaths. An internal report at GM blamed the carmakers unquestioning corporate culture for the ten-year delay in recognising the problem.通用汽车公司的老板玛丽·拉面对国会委员会,就其公司生产的汽车点火开关故障导致13人死亡的事实进行回答。一份通用公司内部的报告指责该制造商顽固的企业文化:对于一个延续十年的问题都缺乏认知。Capital holding资本持有Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, set markets abuzz when he said that interest rates could rise sooner than expected. The betting had been that the base rate, set at 0.5%, would start to rise in the first quarter of 2015, but markets are now anticipating an increase towards the end of the year. The bank is adapting to the strengthening British economy. The housing market in particular has been supported by ultra-low rates and house prices are surging; they were up by an average of 9.9% in April compared with the same month last year.英格兰的行长马克·卡尼声称利率将超预期而快速增长,这给市场强烈反响。有人笃定原为0.5%基准利率将在2015年一季度开始上调,但现在市场预计到今年年底就会增长,习惯于提振英国经济。特别是房产市场由于超低利率的撑导致房价飙升;在四月份相较去年同期平均增长9.9%。Officials at the Federal Reserves latest meeting slightly raised the forecast of its benchmark interest rate for the end of 2015, to 1.2%. Americas overall consumer-price index rose by 2.1% in the year to May.最近的议息会议中,美联储将2015年年底预期基准利率微升到1.2%。美国总体消费者价格指数五月同比增长2.1%。Japans government proposed gradually lowering the countrys corporate-tax rate, one of the highest in the world, from 35% to below 30%. This will form part of the “third arrow” of reforms that Shinzo Abe, the prime minister, hopes will boost growth.日本政府提出逐渐将该国企业所得税税率(日本的税率世界前列)由35%降低至30%。这是期望提振经济的安倍改革的“第三箭”的组成部分。Medtronic agreed to buy Covidien in a billion deal that shakes up the medical-device industry. It is another example of a “tax inversion” acquisition that takes advantage of lower corporate-tax rates outside America. Medtronic is based in Minneapolis; Covidiens base is near Boston, but it is domiciled in Ireland, which has a corporate-tax rate of only 12.5%.在一场震惊世界医疗器械行业的430亿美元的交易中,美敦力同意收购柯惠医疗。这是利用美国以外地区较低的企业所得税率而进行的“税收倒置”收购的又一案例。美敦力设在明尼阿波利斯,柯惠医疗设在波士顿附近,但交税在爱尔兰,那里的企业所得税税率只有12.5%。The World Gold Council called a meeting of the gold industry for July 7th to discuss alternatives to the London “gold fix”, a 95-year-old mechanism for setting the price at which gold products and derivatives are traded. The price is “fixed” by four banks, but, as with other financial benchmarks in the wake of the LIBOR scandal, it has been criticised for a lack of transparency.世界黄金协会将在7月7日的召开黄金行业会议,探讨是否取代具有95年历史的设定黄金产品及其衍生产品价格的伦敦“黄金定盘价”机制。该价格由四家“操控”,但是正如在伦敦同业拆借利率制定方面的丑闻之后的其他金融基准一样,由于缺乏透明度而饱受批评。American Apparel suspended its founder and chief executive, Dov Charney, with an intention to sack him because of alleged misconduct. Mr Charney is a colourful character in the clothing business and a strong supporter of immigration reform. He kept his companys manufacturing base in Los Angeles rather than moving its operations abroad. But he has faced accusations of inappropriate sexual behaviour in the past, and once said he felt comfortable working at his factory in his underwear.美国饰将其创始人和首席执行官多夫·查尼停职,并由于其行为不当意图解雇他。查尼在装行业是一位响当当的人物,也是移民改革的坚定持者。他坚持将公司的工厂建在洛杉矶而不是移往海外。但是此前他已经受到多项关于不当性行为的指控,有一次他曾说在自己的工厂穿内衣上班真爽。War cry呼喊Americas office of trademarks cancelled the Washington Redskins trademark, because it reckons the teams name is “disparaging to native Americans”. The team successfully challenged a similar ruling in 1999. This weeks decision does not mean it will have to change its name or stop selling merchandise, but it does weaken its ownership of the trademark under law.美国商标局取缔了华盛顿红皮队的商标,这是由于其认定球队的名字有“蔑视美洲土著”之嫌。该队曾在1999年相类似的案子中获胜。本周的决定并不意味着该队必须更名或者停止销售球队纪念品,但确实是削弱了其在法律范围内的品牌所有权。 201406/308172

Science and technology科学技术Flu vaccines and synthetic biology流感病毒与合成生物学Going viral向病毒行进A speedy way to make a vaccine快速制造疫苗的方法IF A new and deadly strain of influenza were to arise, putting together a vaccine against it in the least possible time would be a priority.如果出现了一枝新型致命性流感毒株,那么当务之急就是要在尽可能短的时间里拼凑出对应的疫苗。To test how quickly that could be done a group of researchers have just had a race with themselves.一研究小组为了测试到底疫苗“出栏”速度有多快,小组内部展开了一次速度竞赛。They have not quite matched the show sometimes given by workers at the Venetian arsenal, who would assemble a galley in a single day in order to overawe visiting foreign dignitaries.当然和工人是绝对比不了的,他们为了震慑游客会时不时表演一番在一天之内安装一艘大帆船。But Philip Dormitzer, Craig Venter and their colleagues did create the crucial component of a flu jab in four days and four hours.但是,菲利普·多米提奇、克雷格·文特尔和同事们的的确确在四天零四小时研发了流感病毒疫苗了一重要组成部分。Dr Dormitzer, who works for Novartis, a drug company, and Dr Venter, eponymous founder of the J. Craig Venter Institute in San Diego, reported their record-breaking attempt in this weeks Science Translational Medicine.多米提奇士在诺华制药公司工作,文特尔士是位于圣地亚哥J·克雷格·文特尔的同名创始人。本周《科学转化医学》杂志刊载了二人创纪录的研发结果。It began with the transmission to them from Americas Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority of the sequence data for the haemagglutinin and neuraminidase genes of a unknown flu virus.一开始,他们得到“美国生物医学高级研究所和发展”的序列数据,关于不知名的流感病毒的血凝素和神经氨酸酶基因的数据。The team took this information and used it to make DNA that contained both the gene sequences themselves and the genetic apparatus needed to let a cell those sequences and produce proteins from them.小组利用数据制作包含两种成分的DNA,分别是基因本身序列和需要细胞识别这些序列并且从中产生蛋白质的基因组织。They then put these pieces of synthetic DNA—which were, in effect, tiny chromosomes—into cell cultures derived from dog kidneys, which have been found particularly effective for this kind of work.之后,研究人员将合成的DNA碎片植入从犬类肾脏中提取的细胞培养物中。经研究发现,犬类肾脏的细胞培养物质非常适合此类实验。The dog-kidney cells duly churned out viruses, suitable for seeding the process of vaccine manufacture, that contained the proteins in question.犬类肾脏不负众望地大量产出病毒,当然也就适合批量生产含尚未定性蛋白质的疫苗。Since these two proteins are the variable elements that stop new strains of flu being recognised by the immune systems of people who have had influenza in the past, this is an important step forward.过去人们感染流感,他们的免疫系统会受到新流感毒株的影响,而如今这两种易变的蛋白质可以阻止影响继续下去,也算是向前迈出了重要的一步。Experiments on ferrets showed that these seed viruses stimulated the animals immune systems in the desired way, producing protective immunity.在白鼬身上做的实验,按照预期显示出这些种子病毒刺激到了白鼬的免疫系统,白鼬体内产生出保护性抗体。Having a seed is not the same thing as being able to make a vaccine in large quantities.种苗实验并不难代表大量临床实验。But it is an important first step.但这是重要的开始。Novartis, in collaboration with the commercial arm of Dr Venters enterprise, Synthetic Genomics, hopes to create a bank of seed viruses using this method.文特尔士合成基因公司商业部门和诺华制药有合作项目,诺华制药希望能够利用这种方法研制出大量的源病毒。That will speed matters up even more.为的是可以加快疫苗研发进度。But the fact that something not actually in the bank could be knocked up at short notice if necessary is comforting.事实其实是这样的:如果必要性能够让人觉得心宽,那么只要一声令下不确定的东西也可以准备完毕。 /201311/266310

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