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安阳市鼻翼整形多少钱郑州省妇幼保健院整形This is the minute books of the Turnham Green Congregational Church for 1876.这是1876年特纳姆格林公理教会的记录薄。Look whos in them, named as a new church worker and assistant preacher, Mr.Van Gogh.看看谁在其中,一位新的教会工人兼助理牧师,他就是梵高。Look at the spelling, its wrong.看一下这位伟人的拼写,还拼写错误了。Thats why he began calling himself Vincent, he was fed up with the English getting his name wrong.这就是为什么他开始称自己为文森特的原因,他已经受够了英语将他的名字弄错。As Mr. Richardson proposed, Mr. Stembridge seconded that Mr. Vincent Van Gof, spelt GOF be accepted as a co-worker.理查森先生提议,斯特姆布里奇再次附议,文森特梵高夫,高夫已经成为一位我们的其中一员。The Reverend Slade Jones pestered mightily one of imagines by Mr. Van Gogh and boy could Mr. Van Gogh pester was finally persuaded to allow Vincent to step across that crucial religious divide that separate the sheep from the shepherds.斯莱德琼斯牧师为梵高和梵高纠缠说的男孩而烦恼,而文森特终于被允许跨过那至关重要的宗教分歧从牧养人的羊群中脱离出来。On the 29th of October, 1876, on a sunny autumn Sunday Vincent rose before the faithful at the Richmond Methodist Chapel in suburban west London and delivered his first sermon.在1876年10月29日,在一个阳光明媚的秋天的周日,文森特站在了西伦敦郊区虔诚的里奇蒙德卫理公会教堂前进行他的第一次布道。 201208/196161郑州/快速祛黑斑哪家医院好 Science and Technolgy.科技。The Square Kilometre Array.SKA项目。Divide and rule.分工合作。The worlds biggest astronomy project is split between Africa and Australasia. That gives South Africa, in particular, a chance to show its scientific mettle.世界上最大的天文观测项目由非洲和澳大拉西亚来合作完成。这给了南非一个机会来展示她的的科学精神。THE reputation of physics as the queen of sciences is reflected in the amount of money that governments are willing to spend on it. The Large Hadron Collider, Europes latest particle smasher, cost around billion and took a decade to build. But, just occasionally, other fields get to play with some big, taxpayer-funded kit of their own, too.物理学被人们称为自然科学的女王,因此政府愿意为她挥金如土。欧洲最大的粒子加速器——大型强子碰撞型加速器——耗资大约90亿美元,建造历时10年。无独有偶,在自然科学的其他领域,人们也大量投入了纳税人的钱财。On May 25th it was the astronomers turn in the limelight. For several years two groups of countries, one consisting of Australia and New Zealand, and the other of several sub-Saharan nations led by South Africa, have been polishing their rival bids to host the Square Kilometre Array, a gargantuan, /201208/197158郑州上街区OPT祛斑好不好

郑州/祛胎记价格Books and Arts; Book Review;The future of Italy:Long life文艺;书评;意大利:路漫漫其修远兮,还需上下而求索Good Italy, Bad Italy: Why Italy Must Conquer Its Demons to Face the Future. By Bill Emmott.比尔·艾默特的新作,《意大利的明与暗:为何意大利必须先涅磐后重生?》Even after the latest euro rescue in Brussels, Italy remains a time bomb. Its public debt of close to 2 trillion (.5 trillion) is the worlds third biggest, making it too big to bail out. It has lost competitiveness. And its economy is stagnant: between 2001 and 2012 GDP shrank, a worse performance than any other rich country. Fortunately, as Bill Emmott notes in this book, Italy has since last November had a technocratic cabinet led by Mario Monti that is the countrys first reforming government in years.欧元区最新一轮的救助措施,并没能改变意大利危机重重的局面。它的国家债务高达2万亿欧元(2.5万亿美元),位列世界第三,这使得其摆脱困境的可能性微乎其微。意大利已经无竞争力可言,国家经济呈一片衰败之势。2001年至今十年来,意大利是GDP增长最缓慢的发达国家。幸运的是——艾默特在书中指出——自从去年11月,新任总理马里奥·蒙蒂组建了新型技术官僚内阁,这是意大利多年来首次政府改革。Mr Emmott, who was editor-in-chief of this newspaper from 1993 to 2006, has made Italy one of his specialist subjects, inspired partly by libel battles with Mr Montis predecessor, Silvio Berlusconi. His excellent book is an updated English version of one published in Italian in 2010 under the title “Forza, Italia” (a pun on Mr Berlusconis party and a football slogan, meaning “Go! Italy”). His thesis is better described by the new title: there are in reality two Italys.艾默特,原《经济学人》杂志主编(1993~2006年)。意大利前总理布卢斯科尼对自己继任者的诽谤,一定程度上激发了艾默尔的兴趣。意大利已经成为他的一项独特研究课题。艾默特的精书作,原版为意大利文,出版于2010年,题目为“加油,意大利”。此次发行的是英文更新版本。其实艾默特的观点用下面这个标题会更精确些:事实上,存在着两个意大利。This is often said of the north and south. Last years 150th anniversary of Italian unification saw acid remarks about its having divided Africa, not united Italy. But Mr Emmotts division is not this one. Rather, he finds good and bad all over the country. On the good side he cites cases such as Mr Monti, young entrepreneurs, strong manufacturing (Italy is second only to Germany in Europe), a revitalised Fiat and Turin. On the bad, he offers Mr Berlusconi, organised crime and corruption, the public sector, red tape and Naples.意大利的南北之分,由来已久。在去年的意大利统一150周年纪念日,即有一种尖刻的言论称:意大利不该统一,而该分裂。然而艾默特并未从传统意义上进行划分,而是从国家整体层面上发现了意大利的光明与黑暗面。光明面,他拿蒙蒂、年轻的企业家们、强大的制造业(欧洲国家中仅次于德国),复兴的菲亚特和都灵为例。黑暗面,他则主要列举了布卢斯科尼、黑社会组织、腐败、崩溃的政治系统、繁文缛节和那不勒斯的困境。His story is supported by lively anecdotes of the people and firms he meets on his travels, many of them in the course of making a documentary film. It is refreshing to so much that is positive about Italy amid the pervasive gloom: the fight against organised crime in the south, the exporting power of family firms in the north, the impact of Mr Montis reforms. The author finds plenty of reasons for hope.艾默特的讲述,辅以了他在旅途中见闻的生动轶事,其中许多逸闻趣事还制成了纪录片。在意大利深陷阴暗迷雾之时,能够读到意大利的光明面,实在让人耳目一新:南方对于黑社会的反击,北方家族企业出口贸易的实力,蒙蒂改革的功效等。作者的分析,让人们有理由对未来充满希望。Yet overall his book seems a touch too optimistic. Mr Monti is being as bold as he can, but he has lost popularity, some of his reforms have been watered down and his ability to do things is waning as next springs election approaches. The anti-mafia movement in Sicily is heartening, but organised crime has sp to the north as well. Many young Italians are talented and hard-working, but too many deploy their talents abroad rather than at home.但是,总体来说,艾默特稍微有点乐观了。尽管蒙蒂已经竭尽全力去拯救糟糕的局势,但是当初的高持率已然不再。新政府所进行的部分改革措施被打折扣。同时,在明年大选即将到来之际,蒙蒂正在逐渐丧失他的影响力。一方面,是西西里的“打黑”运动不断升温,一方面,是黑社会已经悄悄往意大利北部蔓延。大批的年轻人们富有才干,工作勤奋,但都在往国外谋求发展,而非报效祖国。Above all, the deep structural failings of Italy—an inefficient public sector, a poor demographic outlook, lousy universities, a calamitously slow judicial system—will take years to put right. The euro crisis has shown the urgent need for reforms, but by stunting growth it has also made them harder. And Italy has few liberals who genuinely believe in reform.总之,意大利结构上的深层次症结——失效的政治系统,老化的社会人口,没落的公立大学,效率奇低的法院系统——所有这些,都需要很长的时间去一一解决。欧元危机已经昭示了改革的迫在眉睫,然而滞缓的国内发展困境又让改革举步维艰。如今在意大利,原本拥护改革的人,现已所剩无几了。Early on Mr Emmott notes the spooky parallels between now and the early 1990s, when Italys economic problems first became apparent. A promising start then turned into 20 wasted years, largely because of Mr Berlusconis entry on to the political stage. The media moguls era may be over (even that is not certain). But new populists are rising up, and the next election could be messy. Italy has yet to find its next saviour.在书的开头,艾默特即点明了目前的状况和上个世纪90年代初之间存在的不可思议的相似之处。原本是充满希望的开始,却因为布卢斯科尼在政治舞台的出现,转入了几乎停滞的20年。这位传媒大亨的时代也许是该结束了(尽管还不能确定)。新的平民之星正在冉冉升起。即将到来的选举定不会平静。意大利仍要继续前行,寻找下一个救星。 /201211/210537郑州/大学第二附属医院绣眉多少钱 THE tourists taking pictures of John Kennedyrsquo;s relatively modest birthplace in Brookline on Presidentsrsquo; Day had not heard that the former presidentrsquo;s great-nephew had just entered the family business. But it seemed that everyone else in Massachusetts and beyond knew that the Kennedy familyrsquo;s break from politics was over. Joe Kennedy III announced via YouTube on February 15th that he was entering the race for the open 4th congressional district seat. Even before he had formally announced his entry, he led his main Republican rival by two-to-one in a University of Massachusetts Lowell/Boston Herald poll. And he had won the endorsement of the statersquo;s largest labour organisation.总统节这一天,在布鲁克莱,许多游客拿着相机对着美国前总统肯尼迪略显朴素的出生地一阵狂拍。他们可没有想到这位前总统的侄孙也继承了家族遗风,步入了政坛。然而美国人却都明白肯尼迪家族离别政坛的岁月已经告一段落。2月15日周二,约瑟夫bull;肯尼迪三世通过YouTube宣布他将竞选第4届国会马萨诸塞州选区的席位。在正式参选前,他已在马萨诸塞州大学洛威尔/波士顿先驱报的民调中以2:1的战绩领先共和党对手。此外,他还赢得了该州最大的劳工组织的持。The 31-year-old former prosecutor has inherited the Kennedy smile and the voluminous Kennedy hair (his is red; he looks more Irish than his forefathers did). But winning the seat, which stretches from the Rhode Island border to the outskirts of Boston, is not going to be easy. It is no longer the same district which for three decades voted by mostly wide margins for Barney Frank, recently the irascible head of the House Financial Services Committee. Redistricting has reconfigured the historically blue district to include conservative strongholds, while losing New Bedford, a Democratic bastion. Indeed Mr. Frank decided not to seek re-election, in part, because he reckoned that the 325,000 new constituents would require an extra .5m-m in fund-raising.这位现年31岁的前检察官俨然继承了肯尼迪家族的微笑和浓密的头发(他满头红发,使他比自己的祖辈看上去更像爱尔兰裔)。马萨诸塞州选区从罗得岛延伸到波士顿市郊,要赢得这一选区席位,却并非易事。这个选区早已不是昔日那个三十年以来绝大多数选票都投给巴尼bull;弗兰克的选区了,如今这位性情暴躁的弗兰克成为了众议院金融务委员会的主席。选区的再划分使保守党的据点并入了历史上的蓝区,而失去了民主党的堡垒重镇新贝德福德,整个选区重新组合。弗兰克确实也没有在寻求连任,部分原因在于他估计了下,获得325,000新选民的持,还需要150万到200万美元的筹款。Raising money will not be a problem for Mr Kennedy. The name alone is bound to fill seats at fund-raisers. Elsewhere it may put people off, as it did in New York, when Caroline Kennedy, JFKrsquo;s daughter, explored running for the Senate three years ago. Cynical New Yorkers resented her apparent sense of entitlement and her lack of political experience. But things are different in Massachusetts. Even though a third of voters think the Kennedys have too much influence in Bay State politics, a hefty 73% of them, including Republicans, view the family favourably. Voters are astute. They know a freshman representative at the bottom of Capital Hillrsquo;s totem pole is more likely to get a call returned if his name is Kennedy. They want their representatives to stand out, says Scott Ferson, a political consultant and Ted Kennedyrsquo;s former press secretary. Mr Frank, who is openly gay, is also notably outspoken, and Ted, Mr Kennedyrsquo;s great-uncle, was the liberal lion of the Senate.而筹款对于肯尼迪三世可不是什么问题。仅凭自己的姓名,募款者之位必定座无虚席。换作其他地方,人们可能会对这个名字感到厌烦,就像曾经在纽约发生的那样,三年前肯尼迪总统的女儿卡洛琳bull;肯尼迪也打算在参议院谋个位置坐坐。除了没什么政治资历,愤世嫉俗的纽约人对她那天经地义、非我莫属的感觉很看不顺眼。而在马萨诸塞州,事情可就完全两样了。尽管有三分之一的选民认为肯尼迪家族在海湾州的政绩势力过大,还是有高达73%的选民,包括共和党人,对他们很有好感。选民们精明着呢。他们很清楚在国会山图腾柱下,一个初出茅庐的代表有更多的可能让他们的要求得到回应,条件是这位年轻的代表得姓肯尼迪。爱德华bull;肯尼迪的前新闻秘书,现身为政治顾问的斯科特bull;福尔森表示,选民希望他们的代表能够脱颖而出。公开自己同性恋取向的弗兰克也是个直言不讳的人,肯尼迪三世的叔祖父爱德华bull;肯尼迪生前也是参议院的自由之狮。And, like the rest of his kin, the political novice knows how to campaign. In less than a week he went twice to Attleboro, which voted for Scott Brown, a Republican, in the election to fill the Senate seat held for 46 years by Ted. He was bred for this. His grandfather was Bobby Kennedy, once attorney-general; his great-uncle was JFK; his father, Joe II, served in Congress for 12 years. Bay State politicos say Joe III is the real deal, and would be a good candidate no matter what his name. So far he is scandal-free, which is a plus for any candidate, especially a Kennedy. Kennedy fatigue may yet rear its head, but it may not matter, says Thomas Whalen, a political historian at Boston University. For many in Massachusetts, voting Kennedy is like dessert addiction: ;You swear off chocolate cake, but you keep coming back to it.;正如他的族人一样,身为政坛新秀的他对于如何竞选很有两下子。不到一周的时间他就去了两次阿特尔勒。阿特尔勒此前选的是共和党人斯科特bull;布朗,让他去填补爱德华曾坐了46年的参议院席位。而约瑟夫bull;肯尼迪似乎为此选举而生。他的祖父是前司法部长罗伯特bull;肯尼迪;他的叔祖父是美国前总统约翰bull;肯尼迪;他的父亲约瑟夫bull;肯尼迪二世在国会工作了12年。海湾州政界认为肯尼迪三世有真才实学,无论他姓什么都是个很不错的候选人。目前来看,他没有丑闻,对于任一个候选人这都是个加分项,尤其是个肯尼迪家族的人。波士顿大学政治史学家托马斯bull;维尔伦说,肯尼迪审美疲劳可能会稍有抬头,但这也没关系。对许多马萨诸塞州人而言,投肯尼迪的票就像上了吃甜品的瘾:;你发誓再不吃巧克力蛋糕了,但你就是忍不住还要吃。;201202/172723郑州大学一附院 激光去胎记多少钱

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