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泉州地区垫鼻梁哪家医院好Business商业报道The future of corporate ITIT企业的未来Surfing a digital wave, or drowning?数字时代浪头的弄潮儿还是浪下溺死鬼?Information technology is everywhere.For companiesIT departments, that is a mixed blessing信息技术无处不在,这点对于一个公司的IT部门来说祸福相依。There is still plenty going on in the back office: the advent of cloud computing means that software can be continually updated and paid for by subscription, and that fewer companies will need their own data centres.但是在后勤部门仍有大量这种进程:云计算的出现意味着软件能不断更新并被订购,而且越来越少的公司需要建立他们自己的数据库。But the truly dramatic change is happening elsewhere.但是真正戏剧性的变化却在别处上演。Demands for digitisation are coming from every corner of the company.资料的数字化已经成为公司各个方面各个层次的需求。The marketing department would like to run digital campaigns.市场部门想发起数字化运动;Sales teams want seamless connections to customers as well as to each other.销售团队想与客户及彼此保持亲密无间的关系;Everyone wants the latest mobile device and to try out the cleverest new app.每个人都想拥有最新潮的移动设备,使用最智能的应用软件。And they all want it now.这些他们都想现在就实现。Rich prizes beckon companies that grasp digital opportunities; ignominy awaits those that fail.抓住数字化机遇的公司得到了丰厚的回报,忽略它的公司则没有得到它的眷顾。Some are seizing their chance.而有些则正在把握机遇。Burberry, a posh British fashion chain, has dressed itself in IT from top to toe.Burberry, 一个高档的英国时尚连锁店,从头到脚都包装上了信息科技。Clever in-store screens show off its clothes.智能的店内屏幕展示他们的装。Employees confer on Burberry Chat, an internal social network.员工们则在其内部社交网Burberry Chat上商讨事宜。This may explain why Apple has poached Angela Ahrendts, Burberrys chief executive, to run its own shops.这或许解释了为何苹果公司挖走了Burberry的前主管Angela Ahrendts去经营自己店面的原因。In theory, this is a fine opportunity for the IT department to place itself right at the centre of corporate strategy.理论上,这是IT部门将自己置于公司战略中心的绝佳机会。In practice, the rest of the company is not always sure that the IT guys are up to the job—and they are often prepared to buy their own IT from outsiders if need be.而事实上公司其他部门通常都不确信IT部门那些家伙是对工作负责的,于是需要的话,他们常会打算去外面购买自己公司的信息科技。Worse, it seems that a lot of IT guys doubt their own ability to keep up with the pace of the digital age.更糟糕的是,IT部门的这些家伙也开始怀疑自己的能力是否跟上了数字化时代的发展潮流。According to Dave Aron of Gartner, a research firm, in a recent survey of chief information officers around the world just over half agreed that both their businesses and their IT organisations were in real danger from a digital tsunami.据调查公司Dave Aron of Gartner一项最新的调查表明,全球首席信息官一半以上都表示他们的生意和IT组织都在数字化的风暴中面临危险。Some feel excited, some feel threatened, says Mr Aron, but nobody feels like its boring and business as usual.Aron先生说:有人感觉兴奋,有人感到被威胁,但没人觉得无趣,大家依旧照常做生意One reason for worry is that IT bosses are conservative by habit and with good reason.担忧的其中一个原因是IT的大佬们习惯性的比较守旧,毕竟他们得保必要的系统安全正常的运行。Above all they must keep essential systems running—and safe. Those systems are under continual attack.If they are breached, the head of IT carries the can.那些系统常会遭人袭击,一旦有缺漏,IT的头儿就会挑起大梁。More broadly, IT departments like to know who is up to what.更广泛的说,IT部门喜欢分工明确。Many of them gave up one battle long ago, by letting staff choose their own smartphones. When the chief executive insists on an iPhone rather than a fogeyish BlackBerry, it is hard to refuse.他们通过让员工选择自己的智能耳机结束了很久以前为这的争斗。当公司董事长坚持iPhone而不是之前的BlackBerry,这真的很难拒绝。That has been no bad thing, given the enormous number of applications being churned out for Apples devices and those using Googles Android operating system, many of which can do wonders for productivity.这也不是坏事,苹果设备和那些使用谷歌安卓操作系统的许多应用程序能极大地提高生产效率,问题是如何在人们喜欢用在工作上的应用程序上也贴上这种标签。The trouble lies in keeping tabs on all the apps people like to use for work. With cloud-based file-sharing services or social media, it is easy to share information and to switch from a PC in the office to a mobile device. But if people are careless, they may put confidential data at risk.有了云计算文件分享设备和社交媒体后,分享信息或者从办公室个人电脑里转存信息到移动设备上也变得十分容易,但是如果不慎,机密文件就会处在危险之中。They may run up bills as well. Many applications cost nothing for the first few users but charges kick in once they catch on.它们或许会让你的账户瞬间归零,很多的应用程序在使用之初都是免费的,而一旦用户进一步使用,收费则接踵而来。The digital world, however, runs faster than the typical IT departments default speed.然而数字世界的运行比IT部门缺席的速度要快得多。Other bits of the business are not always willing to wait.其他部门大都不愿等待。Marketing, desperate to use digital wiles to woo customers and to learn what they are thinking, is especially impatient.市场部格外亟需使用数字化手段引导顾客想他们之所想。Forrester, another research firm, estimates that marketing departments spending on IT is rising two to three times as fast as that of companies as a whole.另一家调查公司Forrester估计市场部在IT上的花销上涨是整个公司花销上涨幅度的二到三倍。Almost one in three marketers thinks the IT department hinders success.几乎三分之一的营销人员都认为IT部门阻碍了公司的发展。The IT crowd worry that haste has hidden costs.IT界则担忧匆忙会有隐性成本。The marketers, points out Vijay Gurbaxani of the Centre for Digital Transformation at the University of California, Irvine, will not build in redundancy and disaster recovery, so that not all is lost if projects go awry. To the cautious folk in IT departments, this is second nature.营销人员指出加州大学欧文分校数字转换中心的Vijay Gurbaxani程序不会建立在冗余和灾难恢复之上,因此一旦项目出错,我们并不会失去所有。对IT部门谨慎的员工来说,这是第二天性。A lack of resources does not help.缺乏资源无济于事。Corporate budgets everywhere are under strain, and IT is often still seen as a cost rather than as a source of new business models and revenues.公司预算处处吃紧,而IT部门作为新的商业模式和渠道仍被视作入不敷出—尽管有诸多关于命令上的分歧,A lot of IT heads, indeed, report to the chief financial officer—although opinions differ about how much formal lines of command matter.许多的IT首脑也的确向首席财政官如此汇报。But even if money is not in short supply, bodies are.但是尽管不缺资金投入,却缺人手。When the whole company is looking for new ways to put technology to work, the IT department cannot do it all.当整个公司正想方设法使用科技手段时,IT部门却什么都做不了。Corporate IT bosses are right to fear being overwhelmed.IT企业老板害怕被超越是理所当然的。But cleaving to their old tasks and letting others take on the new unsupervised is not an option. Forrester calls this a titanic mistake.但是撇开他们过去的任务让别人来承担有没有监管却不是个法子。Forrester把这个称作titanic mistake。The IT department is not about to die, even if many functions ascend to the cloud.即使很多功能上升到云,IT部门仍不会湮灭。However, those of its chiefs who cannot adapt may fade away.然而那些适应不了的IT主管或许会淡去。 /201312/268602泉州丰胸手术哪家医院好 泉州中心医院简介

晋江市中医医院电话号码The South China Sea南海Not the usual drill非一般钻井Tensions mount dangerously in contested waters争议水域局势紧张BARACK OBAMAS tour of four countries in Asia late last month was supposed to reassure Americas friends of its commitment to the region, and to deter China from provocations in its many territorial disputes. In the South China Sea, at least, the tactic has not worked. Chinas quarrel with Vietnam, which had been dormant in recent months, flared up dangerously this week. And a new front opened in Chinas continuing tussle with the Philippines over different parts of the sea.奥巴马上月末访问亚洲四国,本应令盟友对其“重返亚洲”的承诺安心,并阻止中国挑起其诸多领土争端。但至少在南海,这个战略不起作用。中国与越南的纠纷缓和数月后,本周再度剑拔弩张。此外,中国与菲律宾又因持续不断的主权争议另一海域发生新冲突。Vietnam first. China sent its new billion rig, the Haiyang Shiyou 981, to drill for oil in waters that Vietnam regards as inside the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) it is entitled to under the international law of the sea. Vietnam demanded that the rig be withdrawn and sent nearly 30 coastguard vessels to try to stop it starting work. A protective Chinese flotilla repulsed them, ramming one and firing water cannon at others. China has declared a three-mile exclusion zone around the rig, larger than is normal.越南首当其冲。中国运送新的钻井平台“海洋石油981”进行海上石油钻探,平台价值10亿美元。越南认为中方作业区域位于其依国际海事法拥有的专属经济区内,要求中方撤离钻井平台,并派出近30艘海警船试图制止中方再度作业。中国护卫舰队驱逐了越方海警船,撞击一艘并向其余船只发射水炮。此前中方宣布“海洋石油981”钻井平台半径3海里范围为禁航区,这大于正常值。It insists the rig is operating in its own waters. It appears to claim that the area is within the EEZ attached to an island chain it controls, which China calls Xisha and the Vietnamese Hoang Sa. The islands, the Paracels in English, have been occupied by China since 1974, when it drove out the former South Vietnamese regime. Vietnam still regards them as part of its territory.中方坚持钻井平台的作业区完全位于本国海域,声称这片区域在其专属经济区内,连接着由中方控制的岛链(中国称之为西沙群岛,越南则称黄沙群岛)。这片岛链英语名称为Paracel,中国于1974年赶走岛上的越南政权后便占领了这里。但是越南仍视之为自己的领土。As always, Chinas claim is hazy. It produces maps with a vast U-shaped area covering almost the entire South China Sea, enclosed in a “nine-dash line”, which it says gives it historic rights to the land inside. This uncertainty has created tension in various parts of the sea, where the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan also have claims. The dispute with the Philippines is the most active. That, too, intensified this week when the Philippines arrested 15 Chinese fishermen for poaching hundreds of endangered turtles in what it sees as its own waters.中国的主张一如既往的含糊。它制作地图时划出一片巨大的U型地带,用九段虚线将几乎整个南海划在国土范围内,并称自古以来对里面的土地拥有主权。这个不明确性在各海域形成紧张气氛,包括菲律宾、马来西亚、文莱与台湾等国家和地区。其中与菲律宾的冲突最频繁。本周菲律宾扣留了15名中国渔民,理由是这些渔民在菲律宾视之为领海的地方偷捕濒危海龟,紧张局势再度升级。Mr Obamas trip was marked by a beefing-up of Americas security ties with the Philippines, but not by an explicit American commitment to back it in the South China Sea. Vietnam is not an American ally, although relations have warmed in recent years, partly because of Vietnams fear of China. America has condemned Chinas “provocative” drilling plans but may prove powerless to thwart them. That could undo whatever progress Mr Obama made on the reassurance front.奥巴马此行被认为加强了美国与菲律宾的安全关系,而非美国重返南海的明确承诺。尽管近年美越关系好转,但越南并不是美国的盟友。部分原因是越南对中国的担心。美国谴责了中国的“挑衅性”钻探计划,但或许无法阻止该计划实行。那可能使得奥巴马在安抚盟友方面取得的进展功亏一篑。 内容来自:201406/306097 泉州自制紧肤除皱面膜泉州去遗传雀斑哪家好



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