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在泉州医学高等专科学校附属人民医泉州拉一次双眼皮手术一般需要多少钱晋江市专业祛微粉刺费用 The final installment of the Twilight series made easy work of the box office this weekend, but failed to take the crown as the franchise biggest domestic opening.《暮光之城(Twilight)系列最后一部影片轻松登顶刚刚过去这个周末的北美票房榜,但该片上映首周末在美国国内收获的票房却并非该系列影片中最高的The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part , the fifth film in the series about teen vampires from Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. Summit Entertainment, took in .3 million, making it the eighth-largest domestic opening of all time. While the film failed to beat the franchise opening weekend record -- set by The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which earned $.8 million when it hit theaters in -- its world-wide grosses set a new high the series of .9 million.《暮光之城:破晓(下)(The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part )是《暮光之城这部青少年吸血鬼题材系列影片的第五部该片由狮门公司(Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.)旗下Summit Entertainment发行,刚刚过去这个周末的票房收入1.亿美元,成为美国国内有史以来上映首周末票房第八高的影片虽然该片未能击败同系列影片中年上映的《暮光之城:新月(The Twilight Saga: New Moon)在上映首周末的票房成绩(1.亿美元),但其3.亿美元的上映首周末全球票房总收入却是这一系列影片中最高的The latest in the series, which stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, is also the third Twilight movie to place among the top domestic openings of all time, more than any other franchise.《暮光之城:破晓(下)也是该系列影片中第三部挤入美国有史以来上映首周末国内票房收入最高的十部影片榜单中的作品这一数量比其它任何系列影片都要多该片由克里斯汀#86;斯图尔特(Kristen Stewart)、罗伯特#86;帕丁森(Robert Pattinson)和泰勒#86;洛特纳(Taylor Lautner)主演As expected, the film was propelled by the enthusiasm and attendance of young women, with females making up 79% of the audience, and with 50% of moviegoers under the age of 5. But the studio additionally focused on attracting previously untapped audience members, including preteens and teenagers who were too young to have grown up with the series during its start.正如预期的那样,年轻女性影迷的热情和观影推高了这部影片的票房女性在观众中的占比达到79%,有50%的观众年龄不到5岁但片方还将精力集中于吸引此前没有挖掘的观众群体,其中包括9至岁的儿童以及该系列首部影片上映时年龄太小未能跟这一系列影片共同成长的青少年As our Twilight audience has aged up a little bit, were hoping that this attracts some of the younger, newer Twi-hards, if you will -- people that werent aware of the franchise, said Richie Fay, Lionsgate president of domestic distribution.狮门影业负责美国国内影片发行的总裁费伊(Richie Fay)说,随着《暮光之城主要受众的年龄逐渐增长,我们希望这部影片能够吸引部分更年轻、新一代的《暮光忠实影迷如果可能的话,我们想吸引此前还没有关注过这一系列影片的观众The studio also set its sights on young men and boys by marketing the movie with emphasis on the action-oriented plot, according to Mr. Fay. You dont want them to be drag-alongs, he said. You want to them to react positively to it.费伊说,通过重点营销该片的动作情节,片方同时瞄准了年轻男性和男孩儿这一群体,他说,你总不希望他们是被女友拖来看的吧你希望他们能对这部影片产生一个积极的看法The film domestic opening helped push Lionsgate to a new milestone: crossing the billion mark in North American earnings the year.该片在美国国内上映首周末获得的票房收入也让狮门影业跨越了一座新的里程碑:其今年以来在北美的票房收入首次超过亿美元大关Record world-wide box office earnings were the focus at another studio, Sony Corp. Sony Pictures, where the latest James Bond movie, kyfall, helped the company report more than $ billion in global receipts the year. With this weekend second-place finish of .5 million in North America, kyfall, also from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. and EON Productions, became the best-perming Bond film of all time, earning cumulative world-wide grosses of 9. million. The franchise previous best was 9. million, set by Casino Royale in .全球票房收入创下新高是另一家影片发行公司受人关注的焦点新闻索尼公司(Sony Corp.)旗下索尼影业(Sony Pictures)推出的最新一部邦德(James Bond)影片《0:大破天幕杀机(Skyfall)帮助该公司实现今年在全球拿下超过0亿美元票房的目标该片在刚刚过去的这个周末以,0万美元的收入排在北美票房榜的第二位,成为有史以来票房成绩最佳的邦德影片,其全球累计票房已经达到6.69亿美元米高梅公司(Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.)和EON Productions也参与了该片的制作此前该系列影片中票房成绩最好的是年上映的《皇家(Casino Royale),其全球累计票房达到5.99亿美元Lincoln, the historical drama starring Daniel Day-Lewis, opened in wide release to earn million at the box office, with strong word-of-mouth and reviews putting the film, from DreamWorks Studios and News Corp. Twentieth Century Fox, and distributed by Walt Disney Co., in third place. News Corp. also owns The Wall Street Journal.由丹尼尔#86;戴-刘易斯(Daniel Day-Lewis)主演的历史剧《林肯(Lincoln)大范围首映拿下了,0万美元的票房凭借极好的口碑和不俗的,该片在刚刚过去这个周末的北美电影排行榜上排名第三,影片由梦工厂工作室(DreamWorks Studios)和新闻集团(News Corp.)旗下二十世纪福克斯公司(Twentieth Century Fox)联合制作,并由华特-迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Co.)发行Disney animated family film Wreck-It Ralph continued a healthy run, earning .3 million in its third week in theaters, and bringing its cumulative domestic total to .5 million. The film, about a game villain who wants to earn the respect of his peers.迪士尼制作的家庭动画电影《无敌破坏王(Wreck-It Ralph)依然有不俗的票房表现其上映三周后仍然获得了1,830万美元的票房,它在美国国内的累计票房达到1.亿美元影片讲述的是世界里的反派人物破坏王想要赢得同行尊重的故事泉州激光溶脂

泉州无痕去眼袋价钱1. Olivia Munn奥立薇娅#86;玛恩(美国女星)Rest in peace Shirley Temple, the world is so much brighter because you were in it...安息吧,秀兰邓波儿,这世界只因有你变得愈加明亮…. Mia Farrow米娅#86;法罗(美国影星)Little Shirley Temple raised the spirits of a nation during the Great Depression.小秀兰#86;邓波儿在经济大萧条时让整个国家振奋精神3. Whoopi Goldberg乌比#86;戈德堡(美国影星)The Good Ship Lollipop has sailed today with Shirley Temple aboard a true one of a kind.由秀兰#86;邓波儿乘坐的好船棒棒糖号是真正独一无二的. Kristin Chenoweth克里斯汀#86;肯诺恩斯(美国演员)Shirley Temple, a legendary child star and wonderful diplomat.秀兰#86;邓波儿,一个传奇的童星和伟大的外交官5. Laura Ingraham劳拉#86;英格拉姆(美国著名主持人)I remember my mom saying that during the Depression, ;Shirley Temple helped us kids get how hungry we were.;我还记得母亲在大萧条时期所说:“是秀兰#86;邓波儿让我们这些孩子忘记了有多饥饿”5. Jim Brickman金#86;布来克曼(著名作曲家、钢琴家);As long as our country has Shirley Temple, we will be all right.; –FDR Thank you many years of entertainment!就像富兰克林#86;罗斯福所说:“只要我们国家有秀兰#86;邓波儿,我们会没事的”谢谢你这么多年的陪伴6. Bethenny Frankel贝瑟妮#86;弗兰克尔(美国女星)Shirley Temple Black. Thank you the smiles, laughs, and happy memories.秀兰#86;邓波儿谢谢你的明媚笑容及美好记忆7. Josh Gad乔什#86;盖德(美国演员)Shirley Temple. One of the last true Hollywood legends.秀兰#86;邓波儿最后名副其实的好莱坞传奇之一8. Emmy Rossum艾米#86;罗森(美国演员)My first acting inspiration. Shirley Temple. Rest in peace.我最初表演启蒙者——秀兰#86;邓波儿安息吧 75673泉州疤痕 Americans tend to think of the US as the center of the global entertainment industry. And the most part, theyre absolutely right. It not really a secret that Hollywood and New York pretty much make the television and film industry go, but what people probably dont realize is that, despite American shows inspiring eign incarnations left and right, the US has imported its fair share of eign ideas as well. Some, like The Office and Wilfred, are obvious. But there are shows in the ed States, including wildly popular reality shows and classic sitcoms alike, that you probably had no idea originated overseas. Such as …美国人一直自诩本国是世界之都,从很大程度来讲这一点毋庸置疑我们几乎可以说正是好莱坞和纽约的存在才使得电影和电视剧产业得以长久发展,当然这也是众所周知,算不上什么秘密但是人们也许没有意识到,尽管美国处处都彰显出自己是激发世界电影灵感的化身,但其自身题材仍有很大一部分是借鉴的国外模式,比如情景喜剧《办公室(The Office)和《犬友笑传(Wilfred)就是很典型的例子美国还有很多海外引进的电视节目,这些节目包装得如此成功,你甚至都意识不到它非美国原创,其中不乏一些经典情景喜剧和当今炙手可热的真人秀,就比如下边这些. American Idol.《美国偶像Wait, how can this be based on a eign show if the word ;American; is right there in the title? Well, it not exactly written anywhere that an adaptation cannot change the title of the original. Example: American Idol is the US version of the ed Kingdom Pop Idol, which was created by the same folks and featured Simon Cowell being an ass, but only ran two seasons.什么?这节目明明叫;美国偶像;,怎么可能是海外引进的呢?!咳咳,孩子你太天真了,貌似也没有人规定改编版不可以更换原来的节目名吧就拿这个节目来讲,《美国偶像(American Idol)就是英国电视节目《流行偶像(Pop Idol)的美国版,由英国的原班人马进行策划运行,当然还少不了一贯;毒舌;的评委西蒙·考威尔(Simon Cowell)的鼎力助阵,不过遗憾的是这个节目仅仅播出了两季And it doesnt stop with America importing this pop music-meets-reality show sensation, either, with versions having been spawned in places like Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Indonesia, and South Africa. First, we just have to hope that at some point, Bret and Jemaine showed up to audition New Zealand Idol, and second, while Pop Idol launched the franchise, it was really American Idol that shot it into the stratosphere and turned it into the cash cow it become today.《流行偶像是一档大众歌手选秀比赛,它使音乐不再奢侈,变得触手可及,因而赢得广泛好评自此,节目不仅衍生出美国版,还在世界范围内生根发芽,衍生出多国版本,比如澳大利亚、新西兰、拉丁美洲、印度尼西亚和南美洲版等在此小编想吐两句槽:其一,我们希望比特(Bret)和杰梅(Jene)将来有一天能够参加《新西兰偶像的选秀;其二,虽然英国版的《流行偶像是这个节目品牌的鼻祖,但真正使得这个节目变得像今天这样如摇钱树般炙手可热的,却是被美国本土化改编了的《美国偶像9. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?9.《谁想成为百万富翁Who Wants to Be a Millionaire debuted in the ed States in 1999 and was an instant smash sensation, and while it no longer on in primetime and not many people probably realize it still on at all, there is a syndicated version of the show currently hosted by Cedric the Entertainer that your grandmother probably watches in the afternoon.1999年,电视游戏节目《谁想成为百万富翁横空出世,刚一播出便火遍荧屏,不过这个节目现在已经退出了黄金时段的舞台,很多人可能都以为它下线了目前,搞笑高手塞德里克·凯尔斯(Cedric the Entertainer)接手此节目担任主持,节目虽阔别十年归来,但被安排到下午档播出,现在的观众群或许都集中在爷爷奶奶身上了吧Most people probably know that the show is a global franchise, thanks largely to its prominence in the movie Slumdog Millionaire, but contrary to what a lot of you probably think, the US version wasnt actually the original. This show, like so many others, originated in the ed Kingdom in 1998, and with the property quickly being snatched up American television less than a year later. The British version actually just aired its final episode back in February, but it also aired in pretty much every other country around the world: Canada, Cambodia, Iceland, Thailand, and even Afghanistan have all aired or are currently airing iterations of the game show.大家可能知道,由于电影《贫民窟的百万富翁(Slumdog Millionaire)的热映,有奖真人秀《谁想成为百万富翁在全球掀起一片狂热,世界各地纷纷将其进行本土化再制作大多人可能都觉得美国版《百万富翁就是节目的原型鼻祖,恭喜你,答错了!事实上,这档节目出自花样百出、创意多多的腐国之手,1998年在英国首播,之后不到一年,美国便购下了其制作权今年二月,英国版《百万富翁最后一季回归,其他很多国家也同步播出,比如加拿大、柬埔寨、冰岛、泰国等,阿富汗甚至在播完一遍之后还又不停地进行复播,足以见得这档节目的吸引力有多大8. Dancing with the Stars8.《与星共舞It hard to believe Dancing with the Stars is almost years old, and harder still to believe that there a show that ces us to endure Tom Bergeron week after week. The show debuted in and played on the idea that, apparently, Americans love watching C-list stars learning to mambo and showing off their jazz hands.真不敢相信《与星共舞都开播近十年了,不过更不敢相信的是,竟然能有一档节目让我们心甘情愿地忍了十年主持人汤姆·鲍格朗 (Tom Bergeron)这档节目于年首播,出发点就是吃准了美国人喜欢看二线明星学跳曼波舞,随着摇摆爵士乐舞动的猎奇心理Of course it not just Americans who love this stuff, since it was inspired by the British show Strictly Come Dancing. The title of the original is a play on the film Strictly Ballroom and, like our American version, it involves celebrities dancing with professionals, with the show having debuted in . Not only has it been brought to the ed States, but there are now more than 0 countries worldwide that have their own version, and that just sad on so many levels.当然啦,有猎奇心理的可不仅只是美国观众,因为这个节目其实是模仿的英国B电视台年首播的节目《舞林大会(Strictly Come Dancing),节目名字源自电影《舞国英雄( Strictly Ballroom )同美国版一样,英国的节目内容也是邀请各界名人搭配专业舞蹈演员共同参加比赛引进该节目模式的国家可不止美国一个,世界上有四十多个国家都复制了该模式,不过同原版相比,效果却参差不齐,不尽如人意7. Homeland7.《国土安全Homeland is an intense thriller focusing on an American soldier who was a prisoner of Al-Qaeda several years only to finally be returned home, where it revealed he was brainwashed into a sleeper terrorist whose mission is to kill the Vice President. The first season was terrific, though the second and third have been, well, less than stellar the most part. But what really matters here is that the original concept didnt involve an American soldier at all, because it was set in Israel.《国土安全是一部反恐惊悚片,讲述了一位被基地组织俘虏多年的美国士兵重返国土的故事故事亮点在于这名士兵在基地时被洗脑,已经变节成为为基地组织效力的潜伏恐怖分子,此般被遣送回国的任务是暗杀副总统该剧第一季很是精,不过第二、三季却稍显逊色当然,小编此番目的可不是评价这部剧,而是想说这剧的原始版本跟美国士兵可没有半毛钱关系,因为原剧故事的设定场景在以色列,而《国土安全是其改编版The show Hatufim was created by the same guy who brought Homeland to the ed States, Gideon Raff. Like Homeland, it revolves around prisoners of war. In this case, it three Israeli soldiers who were captured in Lebanon, and the show is less reliant on huge plot twists and conspiracy theories, and more focused on examining the psychology of what the three prisoners of war endured. Sure, they have a secret theyre hiding, but it doesnt go as wildly off-the-rails as Homeland.创作人吉迪昂·拉夫(Gideon Raff)打造了以色列剧集《战争囚徒(Hatufim),并将其引入美国同美国版《国土安全一样,原版以色列《战争囚徒的情节同样是围绕一名战争俘虏,不过其主角为在黎巴嫩被捕的三名以色列士兵原剧剧情不如美国版那样迂回曲折、充满阴谋论,而是更加注重展现三名战争俘虏所遭受的心理折磨虽然两剧主人公心里都深藏发动恐怖袭击的秘密,但美国版的剧情可比以色列版刺激多了6.Ugly Betty6.《丑女贝蒂Ugly Betty was a popular show on A that was so American, it actually starred someone named America. It revolved around the titular ;ugly; Betty, a girl with no fashion sense who still somehow manages to land a job at a fashion magazine, because irony. Dealing with high fashion, youd imagine this show originally aired in France or Italy, right? Nope, it was actually imported from Colombia — specifically, from a telenovela soap opera called Yo soy Betty, la Fea. It ran from 1999 to 01, and has inspired more adaptations than just the most famous American one, leading to it becoming what some believe to be the most successful telenovela in history.《丑女贝蒂是美国A电视台出品的一档热播剧集,极具美利坚特点,甚至连担任主角的女演员都叫艾美莉卡正如剧名所示,这部电视剧的主角是一位名叫贝蒂的丑姑娘,她毫无时尚观念,却莫名其妙地找到了一份在某时装杂志任职的工作,生活多讽刺啊大家可能会觉得,既然是涉及前沿时尚的题材,想必这部剧一定是源自法国或者意大利吧?恭喜你,又答错了!事实上,该剧改编自哥伦比亚同名电视肥皂剧《丑女贝蒂(Yo soy Betty, la Fea)哥伦比亚版《丑女贝蒂于1999年上映,01年完结,它的巨大成功令其他国家纷纷效仿拍摄不同版本,在很多人心中,该剧被认为是有史以来最成功的一部电视肥皂剧翻译:毛志遥 来源:前十网 3958泉州南安市第二医院减肥瘦身多少钱

泉州市人民医院附属一院收费合理吗LOS ANGELES — With the help of the technology giants Google and Microsoft, Sony Pictures began distributing “The Interview” online Wednesday after a terror threat led the major theater chains to cancel the film’s release.洛杉矶——周三,在科技业巨头谷歌(Google)和微软(Microsoft)的帮助下,索尼电影公司(Sony Pictures)开始在线发行《采访(The Interview,又译《刺杀金正恩)此前,恐怖威胁导致大型连锁影院取消了放映该片的计划Among the Internet services that offered the film were the Google Play store, Google’s YouTube and Microsoft’s Xbox Video. Sony began showing the film on a website of its own, with help from the technology companies Kernel and Stripe. The film was available to rent and buy $.提供这部片子的互联网务平台包括Google Play商店、谷歌旗下的YouTube和微软旗下的Xbox Video同时,在科技公司Kernel和Stripe的帮助下,索尼也开始在自家的网站上放映该片影片的租金是6美元(约合37元人民币),售价则为美元A day earlier, Sony revealed new plans to release “The Interview” on Thursday in about 0 theaters owned by small chains or independent operators. Sony said that number had grown to about 300. In Manhattan, Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater will begin playing it on Friday.早前一天,索尼公布了周四在大约0家影院上映《采访的新计划这些电影院的所有方均为小型院线或独立运营商索尼称,上映该片的影院数量后来增至大约300家在曼哈顿,林肯中心的瓦尔特·里德剧院(Walter Reade Theater)也将于周五开始放映该片Google and Microsoft joined what had become more a campaign to defend free speech against eign intimidation than a business initiative. The initial theatrical retreat followed a threat — traced by the F.B.I. to the North Korean government — of 9-style violence against theaters that showed the lowbrow comedy, which is about the assassination of North Korea’s ruler.谷歌和微软加入的这场活动,已经变得与其说是出于商业目的,还不如说是为了不顾外部恐吓而捍卫言论自由起初,有人威胁电影院,如果放映这部片子,便会对其发起9·式的暴力活动,院线方面于是退缩了美国联邦调查局(FBI)进行了追查,认为威胁源自朝鲜政府《采访是部粗俗喜剧,讲述的是刺杀朝鲜领导人的故事“It was essential our studio to release this movie, especially given the assault upon our business and employees by those who wanted to stop free speech,” Michael Lynton, chairman of Sony Pictures, said in a statement on Wednesday.“对我们公司来说,放映这部影片至关重要,特别是考虑到那些想阻碍言论自由的人对我们的业务及员工发起的攻击,”索尼电影公司的董事长迈克尔·林顿(Michael Lynton)周三发表声明称Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman, personally helped broker the “Interview” deal, according to a person with knowledge of the discussions, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the talks were private. Senior Microsoft leaders were also quick to align. But both companies needed time to conduct an extensive assessment of their system capacities and security.一名知情人士称,谷歌董事会执行主席埃里克·施密特(Eric Schmidt)亲自出面,帮助促成了放映《采访的协议因为相关谈判是私下里进行的,这名人士要求不具名微软的几名高级领导人也很快加入不过,两家公司需要一些时间,以对各自的系统容量和安全性进行广泛评估The F.B.I. and Sony’s own ensic experts briefed the technology companies on the nature of the digital intrusion on Sony so that Google and Microsoft could ensure they would not be exposed to the same problem, this person said.这名人士称,FBI和索尼自己的鉴专家向这两家科技公司简要介绍了索尼遭受的数字入侵的性质,以便谷歌和微软能够确保自己不会遇到同样的问题The hacker group that attacked Sony had promised further hostile action if the studio cobbled together an alternate release “The Interview.” As of Wednesday, it did not seem that the revised plan had prompted any new attack, though pirated versions of the film were aly appearing online.攻击索尼的黑客团体发誓,如果该公司让发行《采访的替代方案匆忙上阵,就将采取进一步的敌对行动截至周三,索尼调整后的放映计划似乎并未引发新的攻击,不过网上已经出现了该片的盗版Google wrote in a blog post that Sony contacted it on Dec. , when it first became clear that the film’s planned theatrical release would be scrapped and bee irate Hollywood stars and President Obama began criticizing the studio caving. The Google post said that it was “eager to help — though given everything that’s happened, the security implications were very much at the front of our minds.”谷歌发表了一篇客文章,其中写道,当事情刚刚明朗,影片在院线上映的计划将被取消时,索尼就于月日联系到了谷歌那时,愤怒的好莱坞明星和奥巴马总统尚未开始对索尼的妥协提出指责谷歌的这篇帖子称,自己“迫不及待地想要帮忙——尽管考虑到已经发生的一切,安全问题是我们首先要考虑的”Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel, wrote in a blog post on Wednesday that “a cyberattack on anyone’s rights is a cyberattack on everyone’s rights, and together we need to defend against it.”微软的总法律顾问布拉德·史密斯(Brad Smith)则在周三发布的客文章中写道,“用网络攻击任何一个人的权利,都是在攻击所有人的权利,我们需要合力抵御这种攻击”He added, however, “We’re not endorsing this movie or any other.”不过,他也表示,“我们并不是在为这部或其他任何电影背书”After suffering financially from the diminished theatrical release of “The Interview,” Sony will help its bottom line with the online distribution. Studios have been eager to increase on-demand viewing because they keep as much as 75 percent of that revenue. And although contracts vary, studios receive roughly 50 percent of ticket revenue from movie theaters, with the theater owners keeping the other half.在《采访公映范围缩小带来了财务上的打击之后,索尼将通过在线发行这部片子来增加收入影业公司一直迫切希望能够增加电影的点播观看量,因为它们最多可以获得其中75%的收入尽管合同的具体内容可能存在差异,但在影院发行中,影业公司一般可以获得约50%的票房收入,剩下的一半则会流入影院所有方的口袋Sony’s hope is that the Google and Microsoft deals, which do not cover viewing abroad, will serve as an icebreaker other partners. Last week, the movie studio contacted cable and satellite companies to rent “The Interview” but was rebuffed. Apple similarly refused.索尼与谷歌和微软的交易不涉及该片的海外发行索尼希望这些交易将帮助自己打开局面,与更多的伙伴达成协议上周,索尼联系了一些有线和卫星电视公司,希望他们可以提供租赁《采访的务,但吃了闭门羹苹果也拒绝了索尼的请求Apple has had problems with the security of its iCloud storage system; celebrities’ individual s were hacked in late summer.苹果的云存储系统曾经出现过安全问题;今年夏末,一些明星的个人账户遭到了黑客的攻击In its statement, Google said it “could not sit on the sidelines and allow a handful of people to determine the limits of free speech in another country (however silly the content might be).” Google also has business interests in play. YouTube is mostly known free viewing but has offered a rental service since . “The Interview” and the surrounding attention could give that service a boost.谷歌在声明中表示,它“不能坐视不管,任凭另一国的一小撮人来划定言论自由的界限(无论涉及的内容有多么荒唐)”此外,谷歌也有商业利益牵涉其中虽然YouTube最出名的是免费视频,但公司从年起就推出了视频租赁务《采访及其引发的关注或许能够为这项务带来助力Google also gets to one-up Apple on a prominent Hollywood matter.此外,通过与索尼合作,谷歌还可以在一个备受关注的好莱坞事件中胜过苹果一筹Sony’s alliance with Google runs counter to recent tension with the movie industry. This month, Google’s general counsel, Kent Walker, criticized the Motion Picture Association of America after the disclosure — in Sony emails that the hackers stole — of a plan by the association to revive an antipiracy bill. Google was perhaps the most aggressive opponent of that unsuccessful legislation.与索尼和谷歌的结盟形成反差的是,电影行业最近与谷歌关系紧张本月,谷歌的总法律顾问肯特·沃克(Kent Walker)对美国电影协会(Motion Picture Association of America)进行了谴责,因为此前,被黑客窃取的索尼的电子邮件显示,协会打算重新推动一部反盗版提案而谷歌可以说是这项不成功立法的最激烈的反对者“One disappointing part of this story is what this means the M.P.A.A. itself, an organization founded in part ‘to promote and defend the First Amendment and artists’ right to free expression,’ ” Mr. Walker wrote in a blog post. “Why, then, is it trying to secretly censor the Internet?”“这件事令人失望的部分在于,它对美国电影协会本身意味着什么这个组织创立的宗旨之一,就是‘促进和捍卫宪法第一修正案以及艺术家的言论自由权,’”沃克在客中写道“那么,它为何又要试图秘密地审查互联网呢?”The movie association fired back, “Google’s eft to position itself as a defender of free speech is shameful.”美国电影协会进行了反击,“谷歌摆出了言论自由捍卫者的姿态,这种做法是可耻的”While aligning Sony with new digital allies, the contretemps over “The Interview” weakened the studio’s ties with traditional ones — the large theater chains like Regal and AMC that typically get a first cut at its films. Over the last week, people associated with those chains complained bitterly that Sony had ced them to clean up a studio problem by taking a lead in canceling the planned wide release in about ,000 theaters.尽管《采访引发的风波让索尼拥有了新的在线合作伙伴,但却削弱了这家影业公司与传统伙伴的关系这些传统伙伴为帝王集团(Regal Entertainment)和AMC(AMC)等大型影院连锁机构,而它们一般会率先从影片发行中受益上周,与这些院线有关的人士愤怒地抱怨,索尼迫使它们为影业公司的问题埋单,让它们出面取消一个涉及00家影院的大规模放映计划At the same time, theater owners have been wary of Sony’s eft to make “The Interview” an online event, lest it become a precedent digital sales while movies are still working their way through theaters.与此同时,各影院所有方也对索尼在线发行《采访的努力心生警惕,担心这将为在网上销售仍在院线放映的电影开创先例 3575 <牛人_句子>惠安县儿童医院整形美容中心泉州地区妙桃隆胸费用




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