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UK men fret about hair, weight, looks but do littleIt's supposed to be a mark of distinction, but going grey is now the top concern for British men, according to new research.Hair color is the number one appearance concern for men today, with more than half of British men worrying about graying hair, and 45 marks the age when panic really sets in, according to a poll from market research firm Mintel."Although grey hair is traditionally seen as a mark of distinction in men, the reality is many men are unhappy with their newfound gravitas," Mintel Head of Beauty Research Vivienne Rudd said in a statement."The physical changes associated with aging can act as a catalyst to mid-life crisis and our research has discovered that men become less content with their appearance after the age of 45."Hair loss or thinning, is the second most common concern, worrying 40 percent of the respondents to the Mintel survey of 2,000 British men.Unwanted hair (in the nose and ears) preoccupied 38 percent of respondents, being overweight bothered 37 percent and 30 percent were worried about yellowing teeth.Mintel said that men appeared to be more accepting than women when it came to their appearance, but found that at 45 years of age, men become increasingly less happy with their looks.More than a quarter of men aged 45-54 dislike four aspects of their appearance compared to an average of just over one in 10 men overall.Rudd said that delayed retirement and working later into life than their parents did as the British population ages will bring older men into competition with younger colleagues."As a result, older people may feel the need to try to maintain appearance and therefore bring a future boost to the male grooming market," she said.Vocabulary:set in: to begin and seem likely to continue(到来;开始)gravitas: dignity, formality in bearing and appearance(庄重;庄严)catalyst: a person or thing that causes a change(促使变化的人;引发变化的因素)preoccupy: if something is preoccupying you, you think or worry about it very often or all the time(使日夜思考;使忧心忡忡)grooming: the things that you do to keep your clothes and hair clean and neat(打扮;装束)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110734泉州永春县整形美容去哪家医院好Hung Out To Dry As some line-dry their laundry to conserve, others say it's an eyesore. There is some New Hampshire residents who want to do their part to help the environment, and this A’s David Curley reports their efforts to go green are being complicated by the neighbors down the block. Remember these days, “What a wonderful sight when your wash is done!”Hang on! Clothes lines are making a comeback. And it smells good, smells better than anything that would come out of the drier. It’s a green comeback. Steven M. White hoped to cut their carbon footprint by hanging out their socks. “One of the things you can do easily is you can hang your laundry out.” American families spend at least 100 dollars a year drying cloth. Electric driers account for 6% of home electricity use. So save money, save the planet, what’s not to like?“I don’t wanna see any other. I hope, I want to see nature. Um, sheets are not nature”. Richard Jacques Homeowners’ Association and thousands like it ban clothes lines as unattractive all that underwear, and a threat to property values. I states in a very clear way that outside clothes lines are not permitted. So down the street, Mary Lucier hangs her wash inside on doors and from light fixtures. Is this decoration? No, haha, it is not decoration, it is serious. Others had figured out /the/ ways around the rules. So essence, you are hiding hanging your laundry. I am/ discreet.And unlikely, activist is trying to line up support to change the rules on clothes lines, hoping states will force associations to allow their residents the right to dry. Laundry has totally taken all over my life. 33-year-old bachelor lawyer, Alexander Lee/s/ is trying to empower those who want to hand and believe it or not, 3 states have enacted right to dry laws, 7 others are considering it. I mean these are several power plants that we can shut down if everybody would make a switch. That’s if he can convince Americans there is art in hanging out laundry, a beautiful way to help save the planet. David Curley, A news, right, New Hampshire参考中文翻译:有的人说用晾衣绳晒衣的传统应该保存,另外一些人却说这非常刺眼。New Hampshire的一些居民想为当地的环保出一份力。但是他们为绿化所做的努力被这个街区上的邻居弄得复杂了。A记者David Curley报道。想起这些天,“当你洗完衣晾晒的时候,是多么美丽的风景啊!”挂出去晾着!晾衣绳正在卷土重来。晾衣的味道闻上去很好,比用烘干机哄出来的味道好多了。这是绿色的回归。Steven M. White 希望不要再有炭黑脚印,而是把我们的短袜晾出去。“其实洗完衣之后晾出去是很简单的事情。”美国家庭每年要花费至少100美元来烘干衣。烘干机的用电量占家庭用电的6%。既省钱,又环保,何乐而不为呢?“我不想看到其他任何东西。我希望我能看到大自然。而被褥不是大自然。”Richard Jacques业主联合会和千千万万类似的协会都禁止用晾衣绳晾衣,因为到处晾晒的衣影响美观,对财产价值造成威胁。我明确表态,禁止户外晾衣。所以在整条街上,都像Mary Lucier 一样,把衣晾在室内一些小店装置上面。是做装饰之用吗?不,不是装饰,这是很严肃的事情。其他人想出来应对这个规定的办法。本质上来说,你是在藏起来晾衣。我非常谨慎的。一下积极分子正在徒劳的试图改变关于晾衣绳的规定,希望政府给业主联合会施压,给予居民晾衣的权利。晾衣贯穿了我的整个生命过程。33岁的单身汉律师Alexander Lees正为了居民的这一权利而努力。信不信由你,已经有3个州颁布了关于晾衣方面的法律,其余7个州正在考虑。如果他能说所有美国人,晾衣是一项艺术,是拯救地球的美丽的途径。我的意思是,如果我们每个人都做一点点改变的话,我们就可以关闭几个发电厂。200811/57189泉州德化县减肚子的美容院Even fearsome wasps high in treetops, are not match for the implacable ants. They watch haplessly as their own larvae are striped from their honeycomb creeps. Now, the porters take up their burdens, and carry the mutable feast back to the unquenchable young. Generations of ants will come and go. But the restless hunger of their sisterhood will be immortal.甚至在树顶高高在上的黄蜂,也和这些执拗的蚂蚁不和。它们不幸的看着自己的幼虫离自己的蜂窝越爬越远。现在,搬运工承担起自己的重担,把这些可变的盛宴带回给不可战胜的年轻一代。一代又一代的蚂蚁来来去去。但它们焦躁不安的饥饿的姊却将永远不朽。On the Savannas of the Sudan, the clash of males is reaching a fever pitch. A male cubs life boils down to this.在苏丹的萨瓦那,雄性动物的冲突已经达到白热化的程度。很多雄性动物的生命都在此终结。词语解释:1. implacable a. 难以宽恕的2. generation n. 代,世代3. burden n. 重担,负担164990Coolest cars of 08, part 1 Fortune's Sue Callaway picks the fastest, best performing and good looking sports cars and takes them to the track. Hi, I'm Sue Callaway, car columnist of Fortune Magazine. And I am here at the Las Vegas motor's speedway to test the coolest cars of 08. The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, the flagship of the company in Maranello. Ironically Ferrari says that this car is the one out of the three they made that is not suitable for the track. But performance was, this car stands up with the rest of them here today. It's got incredible power from a very smooth D12 and an amazing new gearbox. Lots of great balance in fact this car feels more eager than a lot of the cars here. And with this, Ferrari introduced a new customization program, you can personalize just about anything you want on this car, this particular one has over 100,000 dollars with special touches on it. All and all, the sound, the smell, the beauty, a Ferrari truly is greater than the some of these cars.The Aston Martin DBS certainly has to win one of the beauty awards in our top coolest cars. It's a big gorgeous talkeepowerful grand touring car, probably a little unfair to put on a tight road course like this, although it handled aberbly. But this is a car for the big open road. And frankly, for a lifestyle, that's the highest and the James Bond and the most of all of looks could kill, this one is license.I suppose I shouldn't be surprised driving each of the coolest cars to think that the next one may just be the coolest. This, the Tesla wins on a lot of measures. It is the first electric sports car to hit the market. But that isn't the only thing impresses about it, it's impressive because it’s an amazing sports car period, it's balanced, it's precise, it's the best, it's capable. And when you shut the traction control off, you can slide it around like the best of them, thanks to a thousand pounds of battery in the rear. This is the future and it's here.200811/55304泉州去外眼角手术要多少钱

泉州韩式脱毛多少钱在泉州割狐臭腋臭多少钱在泉州地区祛痘的地方India and its near-abroad印度及其周边国家New humility for the hegemon韬光养晦为称雄Too slowly, India is realising that poor relations with its South Asian neighbours hold back its global ambitions如梦初醒,印度现在才意识到以邻为壑会拖其全球野心之后腿Jul 30th 2011 | from the print editionNO ONE loves a huge neighbour. For all that, India’s relations with the countries that ring it are abysmal. Of the eight with which it shares a land or maritime boundary, only two can be said to be happy with India: tiny Maldives, where India has the only foreign embassy and dispenses much largesse, and Bhutan, which has a policy of being happy about everything. Among its other South Asian neighbours, the world’s biggest democracy is incredible mainly because of its amazing ability to generate wariness and resentment.没有国家喜欢与大国比邻而居。尽管如此,印度与其周边国家的关系只能用糟糕透顶来形容。在与其共壤或共海上边界的八个国家中,只有两个国家能说对印度感到满意:极小的马尔代夫和不丹。印度大使馆是马尔代夫境内唯一的外国大使馆,并在马尔大夫大行慷慨;不丹奉行与世无争的政策,对一切都感到满意。在其南亚邻居看来,印度让人产生戒心和愤恨的惊人能力,实在与“世界最大民主国家”难以匹配。Until recently it operated a shoot-to-kill policy towards migrant workers and cattle rustlers along its long border with Bangladesh. Over the years it has meddled madly in Nepal’s internal affairs. In Myanmar India snuggles up to the country’s thuggish dictators, leaving the beleaguered opposition to wonder what happened to India’s championing of democracy. Relations with Sri Lanka are conflicted. It treats China with more respect, but feuds with it about its border.直到近来,印度还对跨越边境的孟加拉国民工和偷牛贼施行“格杀勿论”的政策;多年来,它对尼泊尔的内政疯狂干涉;在缅甸,印度与该国凶残的独裁者沆瀣一气,遭围攻的反对派很想知道印度倡导的民主究竟发生了什么变故;印度与斯里兰卡的关系也是冲突不断;它对中国要更尊重一些,不过因边界问题,两者也是世仇。201108/149649泉州治疗脸上痤疮哪家好

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