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  • When people are happy in their work it shows in what they do and say. This story highlights the benefits that can accrue from thanking people something theyve done, particularly when it not expected.当人们在工作中感到快乐时,这份快乐就会从他们的言行中自然流露出来这个故事完美地诠释了感谢他人的所作所为所能带来的益处,尤其是在对方没有预期的情况下Sydney Trains and Bridges悉尼火车大桥I was travelling by train from Circular Quay to Central (in Sydney) one morning some years ago. Quietly sitting there ing, I found myself suddenly listening to the train guard announcements.几年前的一个早晨,我乘火车从悉尼环形码头去往市中心正在我静静地坐在那里看报的时候,我突然发觉自己竟然竖起耳朵听起了列车长的通告Now train travellers ing this will ily testify that when the guard makes an announcement, rather than the recorded message, it often quite dull or hard to understand. Whether it the recorded message or the guard message, few people (apart from tourists) listen to these messages.常坐火车的读者们肯定很容易帮我作,当列车长临场发布通告,而不是播放事先准备的录音时,内容通常都相当枯燥或难以理解而无论是哪种形式的列车公告,除了游客以外,都很少有人会真正聆听其中的信息This one was different. As I looked up from my paper, I noticed that other passengers (previously engrossed in their smart phones or tablets) were also looking up and appeared to be listening. Not only that, everyone was smiling! Why was so much attention being paid to this message?但这一次不同当我从我的报纸里抬起头时,我注意到其他乘客(之前一个个都在全神贯注于他们的智能手机或平板电脑)也都抬起了头在听不仅如此,每个人都在微笑!为什么这条通告得到了人们如此高的关注?As best I can recall, the guard said something along these lines: ;Good Morning Ladies, Gentlemen and Children, this is the 7.35am from Penrith to Central and youll be pleased to know that we are right on time. This means that well get you to where youre going in plenty of time. And what a lovely morning it is in Sydney today. The sun is shining, temperature is about 1 degrees, birds are singing, and all right with the world. I trust you have a great day wherever youre going. Thanks catching my train this morning and I hope to see you again soon. Have a great day.;我还记得,列车长是这样说的:“早上好,女士们,先生们,孩子们,现在是早上7点35分,我们的列车正在从彭里斯前往市中心的路上我很高兴地告诉大家我们的列车会准时将大家送达你们的终点今天的悉尼天气非常棒,阳光灿烂,温度约为1摄氏度,鸟儿在歌唱,世界一片安宁我相信无论您要去往哪里都会有美好的一天谢谢您搭乘今天的列车,我希望很快能再见到您祝您拥有美好的一天”Wow! Have you ever heard an announcement like that? I certainly hadnt. And how contagious was it? As well as getting everyone smiling, there were quite a few people (obviously previously strangers) who started talking to one another. They were all talking about the guard fabulous message and how good it had made everyone feel.哇哦!你之前听过这样的列车通告吗?我肯定是没有你问它多具有感染力?除了让所有人微笑之外,它还让许多很明显之前都是陌生人的人开始互相交谈起来大家都在谈论着列车长的精播报,以及这如何让每个人的心情都好了起来I started thinking about this and as I exited the train at Central,I approached the Guard cabin and started to thank him, to which the guard replied ;Dont know what youre talking about mate, Ive just come on;. So I asked where the other guard had gone and he pointed to the exit stairs.我思考着这件事,在市中心下了车我走到列车长所在的车厢想感谢他,那位车长却回答说:“伙计,我不知道你在说什么,我刚来换班”我赶忙问他上一班列车长去哪了,他指了指楼梯出口的方向I raced down the stairs, taking them two at a time, and caught the young guard at the bottom. He had obviously finished his shift and was on his way home. I tapped him on the shoulder and said ;Were you the guard on the 7.35 from Penrith?;. The guard seemed a bit stunned at first, replying: ;Yes, yyyyes.; (In hindsight I think I too would have been a bit stunned if someone had approached me like that).我三步并作两步跑下楼梯,终于在楼梯底下赶上了年轻的列车长很显然他已经完成了今天的工作,正要回家我拍了拍他的肩膀说:“您是7点35分从彭里斯出发的那班列车的车长吗?” 他一开始似乎有点吃惊,回答说:“是啊,是…我”(事后看来,如果有人这样突然跑过来问我,我也会感到有点吃惊)Pressing on I said ;Well, I just wanted to thank you your fabulous message this morning on the way from Circular Quay to Central. The message was so upbeat and pleasant. Most importantly, it got everyone attention and had everyone smiling. Thank you so much giving me and the other passengers such a good start to the day. Please keep doing it.;我说:“您好,我只是想感谢您刚刚在列车上所传递的精通告这样的通告既乐观向上又令人愉快最重要的是,它吸引了每个人的注意力,让每个人都笑了起来谢谢您了给我和其他乘客这样一个美好的早晨希望以后每天都可以听到您这样的通告”There are two messages me in what happened that day. Firstly, when people are happy in their work it shows in what they do and say.我从那天发生的事情里获得了两个心得第一,当人们在工作中感到快乐时,这份快乐就会从他们的言行中自然地流露出来Secondly, the story highlights the benefits that can accrue from thanking people something theyve done, particularly when it not expected. Can you imagine the conversation that guard would have when he got home? ;Guess what happened to me today—a customer actually thanked me!;第二,这个故事完美地诠释了感谢他人的所作所为所能带来的益处,尤其是在对方没有预期的情况下你能想像那位列车长回到家会和家人发生怎样的对话吗?“猜猜我今天发生了什么——一个乘客竟然特意跑过来向我道谢!” 5。
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