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China on track to 12 operational J-20stealth fighters in 2017 for airpower edge over other countries in Asia中国计划017年部2架J-20隐身战机以取得对其他亚洲国家的空中优势In July 2016,the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation rolled out two more low rate initialproduction (LRIP) J-20 stealth fighters. This brings to a total of four J-20fighters built for service into the Chinese air force, as opposed to theoriginal eight J-20 prototypes, which are still undergoing a rigorous flighttesting regimen. At this rate of production, China may have 12 production J-20y to hand off to a PLAAF squadron for operational and flightfamiliarization, with an initial operating capability (IOC -- meaning thosefighters can conduct combat operations) in 2017-2018.2016月,成飞批量推出了另架低速生产型(LRIP)J-20隐身战机。这样一来总共就有4架进入中国空军装备的J-20隐身战机,另外还有之前制造的8架原型机,这些原型机仍然在接受更严格的飞行测试计划。以这个制造速度,将会有一个中2架量产型的J-20交付解放军空军用于入列改装,以便017-2018年形成初始战斗力(IOC,意味着这些飞机形成战力)。If the J-20 meets its 2017-2018 IOC target date, it will give China atechnological edge in air to air combat over all its Asian neighbors, who donot yet have 5th generation planes. As a heavyweight stealth fighter, it isarmed with long range missiles, electronic warfare, advanced radar and passivesensors, making it a respectable competitor to even the new US F-22 and F-35stealth fighters. CAC is aly planning a series of future updates to keepthe J-20 state of art; domestic WS-15 engines are just one of them.如果J-20可以按期形成IOC,中国将对所有的亚洲邻国在空战中取得技术优势,这些国家都没代机。作为重型战机,J-20可以携带远程导弹、电子战装备、先进雷达及被动传感器,这些甚至可与美国的F-22与F-35相提并论。成飞已经安排了一系列的升级计划已让J-20保持在最新的技术状态,国产的WS-15引擎即是其中的一项。The J-20 willbe stealthy, fast, heavily armed with long range air to air missiles, and stateof the art radar and infrared sensors. Perhaps more than any other weapon, theJ-20 represents Chinas military modernization. via China Defense ForumJ-20将会是隐形、快速、重型的战机,配有远程空空导弹、先进雷达和红外传感器。J-20可能比其他武器更能代表中国的军事现代化。图片来自中国的军事论坛。Also ImprovedJ-31 fighter另外还有升级版的J-31Chinas second fifth generation fighter, theJ-31 is a twin engine, medium weight stealth fighter built by the ShenyangAircraft Corporation. It is undergoing testing, while waiting for firm domesticand export orders. A display floor model of an improved J-31, with a largerfuselage, improved indigenous engines, stealthier features and improvedsensors, was prominently displayed at the Zhuhai 2014 Airshow. The second J-31prototype, incorporating those improvements, is expected to make its firstflight soon, if it aly hasnt done so. A first flight of the improved J-31,just in time for the 2016 Zhuhair Airshow, would greatly improve its salesprospects at home and aboard.中国第二代战机,J-31是沈飞制造的双引擎、中型隐身战机。J-31在试飞中等待落实国内及出口订单。在2014珠海航展中,一架地面展示模型醒目的出现了更大的机身、改进的国产发动机、更多隐身设计及升级后的各类传感器,这些极大的提升了其国内及出口市场的销售前景。Lovely Swiftat mil.qq.com. The new J-31 prototype (the one in lighter gray paint) isexpected to be larger, have a nose mounted infrared search and tracking sensor,and stealthy features (such as clipped horizontal and vertical stabilizers).上图是Lovely Swift发布在mil.qq.com网站上的。新的J-31原型机(那架浅灰色涂装)将会有更大的装设在机鼻处的红外搜索及追踪传感器及更多的隐形设计(如更简洁的水平及竖直稳定面等)。As Chinese defense exports grow, the J-20 andJ-31 could start making the rounds at foreign airshows, and possibly even inforeign air forces.随着中国的武器出口增长,J-20与J-31将可能出现在国外航展上,甚至可能进入外国空军列装。来 /201607/454806

The six-member Gulf Cooperation Council announced Wednesday it has labeled the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah a terrorist organization.由六个成员国组成的海湾阿拉伯国家合作委员会星期三宣布,把黎巴嫩激进组织真主党列为恐怖组织。GCC Secretary-General Abdullatif al-Zayani said the move is linked to Hezbollahs attempts to recruit young people in GCC countries to carry out terrorist acts, smuggle weapons and explosives, and incite disorder and violence.海合会秘书长阿卜杜拉提夫·扎耶尼说,这么做是因为真主党试图在海合会成员国中招募年轻人从事恐怖活动,走私武器和爆炸物,以及煽动骚乱和暴力。He said Hezbollah actions in Syria, Yemen and Iraq are not compatible with moral and humanitarian values and pose a threat to Arab national security.他说,真主党在叙利亚、也门和伊拉克的行动与道德和人道主义价值观背道而驰,对阿拉伯国家的安全构成威胁。The GCC is made up of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and the ed Arab Emirates. The group previously imposed sanctions on Hezbollah for its support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and sending militants into Syria to fight alongside the army.海湾阿拉伯国家合作委员会曾因真主党持叙利亚总统阿萨德并派遣激进分子进入叙利亚配合政府军作战而对它实施过制裁。来 /201603/429966

Four Chinese volunteers who have been living inside a sealed capsule in Shenzhen completed their 180-day survival experiment last Wednesday.4名中国志愿者于上周三结束了在深圳一个密封舱内的180天生存试验。The experiment is designed to determine how well food, water and oxygen can be used and recycled under controlled conditions.该试验旨在弄清楚在受控条件下食物、水、氧气的利用和循环情况。The test of the ;controlled ecological life support system; is inspired by technology currently used in Chinas Shenzhou spacecraft.;受控生态生保系;试验的灵感源自我国神舟飞船目前采用的技术。The 1,049-cubic-meter sealed capsule has floor space of 370 square meters and is divided into eight compartments, including living quarters, space for storage and the greenhouse.密封舱总容积为1049立方米,面积70平方米,分为乘员舱、资源舱、植物舱个舱段。Volunteers have cultivated 25 different kinds of plants inside the capsule, including wheat, potatoes, soybeans and lettuce, among others.志愿者在舱内种植了小麦、马铃薯、大豆、生菜等25种植物,这些植物是一个更大的生态系统的一部分。The plants are part of a larger ecological system that helps recycle and regenerate oxygen and water, and will reduce the dependency on outside supplies.这个生态系统有助于氧气和水的循环再生,并降低对外界供给物的依赖。Outside of the sealed capsule, scientists monitor and observe how a hermetic environment affects peoples physiological changes, biological rhythms, sleep patterns and psychological health.在密封舱之外,科学家监测观察密闭隔离环境如何影响人的生理变化、生物节律、睡眠模式和心理健康。Tang Yongkang, one of the volunteers, says they look forward to seeing the results of their tests.其中一名名叫汤永康的志愿者表示,他们很希望看到他们的测试结果。The results of the experiment are crucial to determining the viability of long-term space travel.据悉,此次的试验结果对确认长期太空旅行的可行性至关重要。来 /201612/484694

Countries are lining up to enter trade talks with Britain in the wake of the decision to leave the European Union.英国决定脱欧之后,各国纷纷排队等候与英国进行贸易会谈。The country will be free to negotiate its own deals after quitting the EU, and business secretary Sajid Javid is aly preparing for a hectic schedule of visits to countries across the world.脱欧后,英国将自由地进行贸易谈判,其商务大臣萨伊德·贾维德已经在为自己繁忙的各国访问日程做准备了。US House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan has called for the US to start negotiating a new free trade deal with Britain to ‘show solidarityand ensure a ‘smooth relationshippost-Brexit.美国众议院议长保罗·赖安要求美国启动与英国的新自由贸易谈判,“展示美国与英国的团结一致”,确保在英国脱欧后美国和英国依然保持“平稳的关系”。David Cameron has met top business advisors and said companies must not be ‘fixatedon the EU and should strive to carve out new opportunities beyond.大卫·卡梅伦接见了商业顾问领袖,表示企业一定不能“固守于”欧盟,应努力开创新机遇。Former Waitrose boss Lord Mark Price, who is now trade minister, is set to visit China, Hong Kong and Brazil.维特罗斯前任老板、英国现任贸易部长马克·普赖斯议员即将启程访问中国、中国香港和巴西。Officials in Australia and South Korea have also been in touch to discuss new partnerships, and discussions with India could begin soon.澳大利亚和韩国的官员也在讨论与英国的新合作关系,而英国与印度的商谈也将很快开始。And New Zealand has offered to lend its battle-hardened negotiators to help Britain out.新西兰则提供了身经百战的谈判代表来帮助英国脱困。来 /201607/452653

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