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【视频欣赏】【听力文本】Keeping your attention span pays dividends and gets harder to do as you get older, so you might want to start practicing early.You Will NeedHealthy breakfast Meditation Reading material Yoga Self-hypnosis Mantra Step 1: Eat well(饮食健康)Eat well in the morning to raise your supply of sugar, carbohydrates, and proteins, which sharpen focus and energy during the day. Make sure it’s healthy stuff.Studies show that colorings, sweeteners, and preservatives compromise attention and concentration.Step 2: Meditate regularly(定期沉思)Meditate regularly to improve attention. Studies indicate that meditation improves the ability to retain and respond to stimuli.Step 3: Read a lot(多读)Read daily. Shut out noise and commotion and get interested in subjects that excite you. Keep to a weekly diet of ing.Step 4: Do yoga(做瑜伽)Do slow movement exercise, like yoga, to help focus and direct energy.Step 5: Double your attention(集中注意力)Double your attention span by self-hypnosis: Act as if you are capable and confident and your brain will prepare itself to record information.Step 6: Reduce internet use(减少上网时间)Cut down on your internet use. The repetitive and rapid-fire changing of subjects and stimuli conditions the brain to shorten the attention span.Step 7: Program your unconcious(训练自己的潜意识)Program your unconscious by repeating a mantra such as “I am making my attention span better every day” several times a day and before bed. Memorize it; believe it.The average attention span is 15 to 20 minutes. Article/201003/98927第14届中国电影华表奖在京隆重召开,多位华语影坛的重量级明星受邀出席。 The 14th Huabiao Awards pulled in over 200 showbiz stars both in China and around the world, who vied for attention on the red carpet in Beijing. Let's head to the ceremony to enjoy the glitz and glamor. Filmmakers of various generations posed in turn for pictures on the red carpet. Many extended their gratitude for being invited, adding that participation is more important than winning laurels. Sandrang, HK actress said, "The Huabiao Awards is one of the biggest recognition in China's film industry. I do hope that I can win a trophy. But it's very hard for an actor to find an appropriate role, which makes it hard to win a prize."Cast members of "Perfect Baby" received cheers as they appeared on the red carpet, with applause especially given to the two leads who came from France and Britain. Wang Jing, director of "Perfect Baby" said, "I feel greatly honored that our production combining an international cast was invited to join this grand event. This is also a big encouragement for my future career."The red carpet ceremony also appealed to cast members of upcoming films, such as the second sequel of "The Painted Skin" and "The Grand Master."词汇学习:1. Huabiao Awards 华表奖2. vie vi. 竞争常构成:vie with sb. (for sth./to do sth.); vie for sth. 与某人(为某事物)激烈竞争;与某人争夺某事物例句:Businesses vied with each other to attract customers. 各商行互相竞争以招揽顾客。3. trophy n. 奖品,奖杯,奖牌;战利品,纪念品4. The Painted Skin 《画皮》5. The Grand Master 《一代宗师》 Article/201108/151657There#39;s nothing more chilling than cold water running from your hot tap. Working out why you don#39;t have any hot water#39;s a hard job, and it#39;ll take you half the day, but this guide will show you how to find the problem yourself.没有什么比热水器中只有冷水更让人寒心的了。查明为何没有热水是一项艰难的工作,你可能要耗费半天的时间。但是按照以下步骤,你可以轻松找到问题所在。Step 1: Check power supply1.检查电源Before you start, make sure that there is power going to the boiler - the panel light should be on, and the pressure gauge should be showing around 1 bar.打开热水器之前,确保沸水器有电,仪表板上的指示灯应该是亮的,压力表应该显示1巴(1个标准大气压)。Step 2: Pump2.水泵Have a quick check to make sure that your pump is running by feeling the side of the pump for motion. You might have to take the side panels off your boiler to get at it. If it doesn#39;t appear to be running, you will need to get a qualified heating engineers in to investigate.快速检查一下,在水泵一侧感受一下是否有运动,以确保水泵是正常运转的。你或许要取下沸水器旁边的面板来完成这一点。如果看上去没有运转的话,你需要找有资格的热水器工程师来调查。Step 3: Thermostat3.温控器You may be facing these cold showers because your thermostat is too low or maybe not even on. Check that the power switch is turned to on and that the thermostat controlling the water temperature is set high enough.热水器没有热水的另外一个原因可能是控温器的温度设置太低或者根本没有的打开。检查一下,打开电源开关,水温设置到足够高的温度。Step 4: Pilot Light4.指示灯Make sure that the pilot light goes on when needed. If it won#39;t, then your water certainly won#39;t be hot. To re-light it,follow the instructions in the manual or on the side of the boiler.确保热水器的指示灯是亮的。如果不亮,你的水自然不会热。重新打火。按照说明书或沸水器一侧的说明来操作。If you have tried out all our troubleshooting tips and you are still faced with a cold water, give a professional a call.如果你尝试了所有方法,热水器中仍然只有冷水,还是赶紧打电话给专业人士吧。Thanks for watching Troubleshooting: When You Have No Hot Water感谢收看“热水器没有热水怎么办”视频节目。 Article/201209/199859

Humans have unique almond-shaped eyes人类的眼睛是唯一的杏仁状的眼睛with exposed white sclera visible on each side.你可以清楚地看到两边暴露出来的巩膜One hypothesis is that we have evolved those eyes有一个假象就是 我们由于信息的交流because we use it for communication.从而进化了这种眼睛With human eyes you can really通过我的眼睛来你可以tell easily which direction I#39;m looking.毫不费力地知道我在看哪里We think that maybe dogs are really tuned into that,我们觉得可能是也精于此道And really are interested in human eyes because of that.因此他们对于我们的眼睛更感兴趣But these aren#39;t skills that dogs use with each other.但这一技能并不用在他们的同类身上They are abilities dogs only use with humans.这是只用来与人相处时的能力I think it#39;s very, very easy这很容易让人联想到to imagine that they develop special skills in他们发展了这一特殊技能interacting with humans,就是因为与人类的互动需要 because that#39;s their new social partner.他们是人类社会的新成员So they kind of learn to interpret human communication,因此他们学会了一些理解人类信息沟通的技能which is different from dog communication.而这与之间的交流不同So they kind of learned a second language,看起来他们像是学会了第二语言一样so you could probably say they are bilingual, yes.因此 你或许可以说他们是双语能力者Even puppies as young as six weeks old即使是6个星期大的小seem to intelligently respond to human gestures.似乎也能够聪明地回应人类的手势At least some of the time!至少有些时候会 Article/201302/225389

特别声明:该节目由文稿由可可整理。视频出处:选自《英国史》第七集《女王的一生》。精视觉:精解说:【字幕版】Mary was 25 years old. 此时玛丽25岁 Her history seemed done but of course it was not. 她的历史看似结束了 实则并非如此 She had one last weapon to deploy her air of tragically damaged beauty. 她还有最后的武器是她那饱受蹂躏后的可怜之美 Incarcerated in Loch Leven Castle in the middle of a deep, cold lake, 她被幽禁在利文湖城堡位于一个深深的寒冷的湖中心 she unleashed her seductive charm on her jailer, 她对狱卒频送秋波 one of the usually hard-bitten Douglas clan who melted in adoration. 此人曾是以难驯著称的道格拉斯后人却也拜倒在她的裙下 After ten months of imprisonment, 在经历了10个月的幽禁之后 in May 1568, Mary made a getaway across the loch. 1568年5月 玛丽成功地从湖上逃走了【文章版】 Mary was 25 years old. Her history seemed done but of course it was not. 此时玛丽25岁,她的历史看似结束了,实则并非如此。 She had one last weapon to deploy her air of tragically damaged beauty. 她还有最后的武器是她那饱受蹂躏后的可怜之美。 Incarcerated in Loch Leven Castle in the middle of a deep, cold lake, she unleashed her seductive charm on her jailer, one of the usually hard-bitten Douglas clan who melted in adoration. 她被幽禁在利文湖城堡,位于一个深深的寒冷的湖中心。她对狱卒频送秋波。此人曾是以难驯著称的道格拉斯后人却也拜倒在她的裙下。 After ten months of imprisonment, in May 1568, Mary made a getaway across the loch. 1568年5月,在经历了10个月的幽禁之后,玛丽成功地从湖上逃走了。 /201301/219142

Step 1 Join a gym1.加入健身馆Join a gym to gain access to the best equipment and don#39;t be afraid to ask questions or talk to trainers or serious bodybuilders -- their experience and information can save you time and pain later on.加入健身馆会员,获得使用最好的器械的机会,不要害怕问问题,不要害怕与教练或资深健美运动者交流——他们的经验和信息会在今后节约你的时间,减少你的痛苦。Step 2 Master basic lifts2.进行基本的举重训练Learn the proper form for basic bodybuilding moves such as the bench press, chin up, and dead lift, and don#39;t worry too much about targeting smaller muscle groups.学习一些基本的塑身运动,例如卧推,引体向上,硬举等等。不要过分担心训练更小的肌肉群。Step 3 Set small goals3.设立小的目标Set small goals for yourself, such as increasing your bench press by 10 pounds over the summer. Keep progressing and achieving and you#39;ll feel encouraged to continue.为自己设定小的目标,例如整个夏天将自己的卧推能力增加10磅。不断取得进步,你会更有动力继续保持。Tip Focus on form rather than weight for the first few months to avoid injury.小贴士:最初的几个月注重表现而不是重量,以免受伤。Step 4 Change routine often4.不断改变Change your routine every 4 to 8 weeks to keep your body confused and growing and to prevent boredom.每四到八周改变一下训练习惯,让身体保持协调,不断增长,同时也防止自己厌倦。Step 5 Pick up a cookbook5.选择食谱Pick up a cookbook that is specifically designed for bodybuilders, or talk to a dietitian or specialist at your gym to create a meal plan right for you.选择一种专门为健身运动员设计的食谱,或者与营养师和专家讨论适合自己的进餐计划。Tip Don#39;t worry about incorporating supplements right away. Wait until you are further along in your quest.小贴士:不要着急用补充剂。可以在将来根据需要选择。Step 6 Be patient but dedicated6.有耐心但是要专注Be patient but dedicated. Small changes will take months, bigger changes will take years, but stay on track and you#39;ll reach your bodybuilding goals.要有耐心,但是要专注。小的变化需要几个月的时间,更大的变化需要几年的时间。但是坚持下去你一定能达到自己的塑身目标。Fact In 1980, bodybuilding champion Lisa Lyon became the first female bodybuilder to appear in _Playboy_ magazine.事实:1980年,健身冠军丽莎里昂(Lisa Lyon)成为第一个登上杂志的健美女性。 Article/201212/214247Gardener Rob Scott at Holland Park in London shows VideoJug users how to use leaf mould to improve your soil, and therefore your garden.伦敦荷兰公园园艺师罗伯特·斯科特向VideoJug用户展示怎样使用腐叶来改良土壤和花园。Step 1: You will need1.你需要Leaf mould that has been allowed to decay for a year,A rake,A fork,A spade已经腐烂了一年的叶片,耙子,叉子,铲子Step 2: Poor soils2.贫瘠土壤If your soil is poor and hasn#39;t been enriched with organic matter for a long time, apply a layer of leaf mould about 7 centimetres deep. Use a rake to cover the soil with an even layer. Work the matter into the soil with the fork to a depth of about 15 centimetres. Be careful not to disturb the roots of any established plants.如果你的土壤非常贫瘠,已经长时间没有施用有机肥,覆盖一层大约7厘米厚的腐叶肥。使用耙子将腐叶肥均匀地覆盖在土壤表层。用叉子将肥料埋入土壤大约15厘米的深度。小心不要损害已经种植好的植物的根系。Step 3: Richer soils3.较肥沃土壤If you add organic matter to your soil every year, apply a layer of leaf mould just a few centimetres deep. Lightly work it into the soil, being careful not to disturb the roots of other plants. The leaf mould will nourish your soil until it needs to be re-applied next Autumn.如果你每年都向土壤中施放有机质,只需施用几厘米深的腐叶肥。轻轻地埋入土壤,注意不要损害其他植物的根系。腐叶层将会为你的土壤提供充足的营养,直到明年秋天再次施肥。Thanks for watching How To Use Leaf Mould.感谢收看“怎样让腐叶化作肥料”视频节目。 Article/201212/216528

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