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济南最佳无痛人流多少钱山东省第三医院怎么走济南无痛人流手术哪可信 Todd: Steven, if I go to England, and I can choose between Manchester, and Liverpool, (right) and London (right) those are the only three major cities I know, which one would you say is the best?托德:史蒂文,我知道的三大城市是曼彻斯特,利物浦和伦敦,如果我去英国旅游,你认为哪个城市最好?Steven: Out of those three, well I would have to say London. Ive never actually been to Liverpool so I cant comment on Liverpool. I have spent a short time in Manchester before. Uh, I enjoyed Manchester. Its a very lively city. It has lots of good clubs and it has some interesting shopping, theres some interesting shopping in Manchester, uh, theres some good markets, but Ive actually lived in London and I feel like my heart is in London. I feel like a Londoner, and London has everything to offer. Again if you, Im not particularly into clubs but if youre interested in clubbing then there are great clubs. There are some good pubs. Um, it has the theatres, hundreds of cinemas. The architecture is fantastic.史蒂文:在这三个城市中我会选择伦敦。我从来没去过利物浦,所以我不能利物浦。我以前在曼彻斯特待过一段时间。我很喜欢曼彻斯特。那是一个充满活力的城市。那里有许多不错的俱乐部,而且也有很有意思的购物场所,当然也有很棒的市场,不过实际上我一直生活在伦敦,所以我内心更喜欢伦敦。我是伦敦人,伦敦可以提供各种务。我不是很喜欢俱乐部,不过如果你对俱乐部感兴趣,那伦敦也有很棒的俱乐部。有一些不错的俱乐部。伦敦还有剧院,那里有上影院,而且建筑都非常棒。Todd: Well, what about in London theres many parts, right, so if I do go to London what part of London is the best place to go and stay.托德:如果我去伦敦,那伦敦最棒的游览地和住宿地是哪里?Steven: Um, it depends on what you want to do. If you want to, if you want, if you want to see the sites then well youd want to, youd obviously want to stay centrally, Id have thought. Um, most of the famous landmarks are in the center. However, if youre going to spend some time living in London, and if you want to experience maybe a more, just an ordinary side of London, then you can live a bit further out. I actually lived in the south of London, just below Brixton, maybe you know Brixton. I lived in an area called Strettom, and the atmosphere there is very lively, also very lively. I enjoyed South London. In the past South London had a bad reputation. People didnt think South London was a very nice place to live, but over the last few years the quality of life in South London is improved, has improved a lot. More and more people are moving in to South London and, well, consequently, as a result the prices are going up and up and up, but its actually a nice, a nice area to live in, in South London I think.史蒂文:嗯,你要取决于你想做什么事情。如果你想去旅游景点,那我认为显然你要住在中心区。大部分著名的地标性建筑都在中心区。但是如果你想在伦敦生活一段时间,想体验伦敦更平常的一面,那你可以住在稍微远一些的地方。实际上我住在伦敦南部,在布里克斯顿南边,也许你知道布里克斯顿。我住在一个叫做Strettom的地方,那里的气氛充满了活力,一直都很有活力。我很喜欢伦敦南部地区。以前伦敦南部的名声不好。人们认为伦敦南部不是一个适合居住的地方,但是过去一年伦敦南部的生活质量有所改善,实际上改善了很多。越来越多的人们搬去了伦敦南部,导致那里的物价不断上涨,不过我认为伦敦南部真的是一个适合居住的地方。Todd: Oh, sounds good. Thanks.托德:哦,听起来不错,谢谢。 译文属 /201411/339731Neil: Hi, Im Neil and this is Helen!尼尔:大家好,我是尼尔,这是海伦!Helen: Hello.海伦:大家好。Neil: Whats wrong Helen? Youre looking rather sheepish.尼尔:海伦,出什么事了?你看起来非常窘迫。Helen: Sheepish? Like a sheep? I know my jumper is quite woolly.海伦:Sheepish?像羊一样?我知道我的毛衣是毛绒绒的。Neil: I dont mean you look like a sheep. I mean you look sheepish, which is quite different!尼尔:我并不是说你看起来像只羊。我的意思是,你看上去很窘迫,意思完全不同!Helen: Of course, looking like a sheep and looking sheepish are two totally different things, obviously!海伦:当然,看上去像只羊,和像羊一样是完全不同的意思!Neil: Yes. If I say you look like a sheep, it means, well, you look like a sheep. But if I say you look sheepish, it means you look embarrassed or ashamed about something.尼尔:是的。如果我说你看上去像只羊,意思就是你看起来像羊。但是如果我说你看上去很窘迫,意思是你看上去对某件事感到尴尬或是难为情。Helen: To look sheepish means you look embarrassed or ashamed–like youve done something wrong or silly?海伦:看上去sheepish的意思是看起来很尴尬或难为情,就像你做了某件错事或傻事?Neil: Yes!尼尔:对!Helen: Ah, yes.海伦:好。Neil: Listen to some examples:尼尔:来看看这些例句:Tom walked into the room looking sheepish.汤姆尴尬地走进房间。Emily grinned sheepishly as she closed the door behind her.艾米莉在关上身后的门时不好意思地咧嘴笑了。James gave her a sheepish look.詹姆斯难为情地看着她。Neil: So, come on Helen, why are you looking sheepish today?尼尔:好了,海伦,你今天为什么看上去这么不安?Helen: Ah, well...海伦:嗯……Neil: Yes?尼尔:怎么了?Helen: Well, you know that book you lent me?海伦:嗯,就是那本你借给我的书,你记得吧?Neil: My favourite book of all time–the original edition of The Private lives of the Greatest Cats in History?尼尔:我最喜欢的书,那本原版《历史上最伟大的猫的私生活》?Helen: Yes.海伦:对。Neil: OK Helen, now youre looking very sheepish indeed, so youd better hurry up and tell me what happened to it.尼尔:海伦,现在你看起来真的非常不安,你最好快点告诉我那本书到底怎么了。Helen: I dropped it.海伦:我弄掉了。Neil: You dropped it? Well I hope its not damaged, otherwise Ill have to -尼尔:弄掉了?希望并没有破损,要不然我就要……Helen: ...in the river.海伦:掉在了河里。Neil: In the river! You dropped it in the river!尼尔:掉进了河里!你把书掉进了河里!Helen: It was carried away, I couldnt get it out.海伦:它被河水冲走了,我没能捞出来。Neil: Oh no!尼尔:哦不!Helen: Im so sorry. Thats why I am looking sheepish.海伦:很抱歉。这就是我看上去窘迫的原因。Neil: You should be looking even more sheepish than that. In fact, I expect you to look sheepish for several days. It was the best book in the world! Sheepish doesnt do it justice...尼尔:你应该看上去更不安才对。实际上,我希望你能不安几天的时间。那是世界上最棒的书!“不安”也不能挽回那本书了…… /201404/288773临沂市不孕不育专科

济南阳光妇科好吗1、All by my lonesome2、I wouldnt miss it for the world!3、Cough up [money]4、Get a hold [of something]5、Backstage pass6、Get outta here!7、Youve got some great connections /201311/263910济南军区总医院输卵管造影 李华正为了完成一项作业而焦头烂额。她和Larry要用到两个常用语:Do something till youre blue in the face和run a tight ship.Larry: Hey, Lihua, are you y to go to dinner? Im starving.LH: 吃饭?我可没心情吃饭。我没想出这作业要怎么写。我们小组的组长肯定饶不了我!Larry: Youve been sitting there for almost four hours! Lets go get something to eat, and then you can come back and think about it some more.LH: 不行,我发誓,不写出个提纲我就绝食!Larry: Look, Lihua, if you dont eat anything, you can sit there and think about your project till youre blue in the face and you still wont get any good ideas.LH: 啊?我的脸变成蓝色?这怎么可能?Larry: Thats just an expression, Lihua. If you do something till youre blue in the face, youre doing something over and over again for a very long time - and making no progress.LH: 哦,Do something till youre blue in the face,就是说反复做一件事,但一直不成功。你是说我瘪了半天也写不出论文,可还拼命地想。但是,我不管,我非写出来不可!Larry: But, Lihua, Im starving!LH: Larry, 别嚷嚷了,就算你一直抱怨到youre blue in the face! 我是不会理你的。Larry: OK, OK. I get the point. Maybe I can help you. Whats the project about?LH: 这就对了! 这个作业是美国历史课的。我们小组的每个人都要介绍一个美国历史人物,可是别的组员都是美国人,他们的历史知识当然比我丰富啊!Larry: Dont put so much pressure on yourself. Why dont you ask your group for some help? That would be more productive than sitting here until youre blue in the face.LH: 可是,我们组长凶巴巴的,特别不好说话,还让我们明天都要交一份提纲出来!Larry: Hmm...I think I have an idea, Lihua. Why dont you do your report on George Washington! He was a military leader who ran a very tight ship in the American Revolution.LH: A tight ship? 一艘很紧的船?乔治华盛顿不是美国第一任总统吗?难道他还在美国独立战争期间当过船长??Larry: No, he wasnt the captain of a ship; he was the Commander in Chief of the entire army! And he ran a very tight ship with his soldiers - meaning, he was a very strict leader.LH: 原来如此! To run a tight ship就是指纪律严明的领导风格,严格管理。Larry: Thats right. He ran such a tight ship, in fact, that he was able to lead an army of largely untrained soldiers through a very harsh winter during the war.LH: 率领没受过什么训练的士兵在寒冬作战,这可不简单!Larry: Well, Lihua, a good leader can run a tight ship no matter how bad the situation is.LH: Larry, 这倒让想起了我们的组长。她对我们特别严格。Larry: It certainly sounds like your group leader runs quite a tight ship, but a good leader can command the respect of his soldiers by setting a good example, not yelling. Without that respect, you could yell until youre blue in the face and you still wouldnt be able to lead effectively.LH: 没错! 严格管理并不等于每天冲手下人大喊大叫。我们这个小组的组长人特别厉害,可说实话没什么威信。我真希望下次分到别的组,不要再待在她的tight ship上。Larry: I hope so, too. Now, since you have your topic, lets go eat pizza!LH: Pizza 不行! 我在减肥!Larry: Oh, Lihua, youre so skinny aly! You could diet until youre blue in the face and it wont make any difference. Dont be so hard on yourself!LH: 啊?你说我已经很瘦了,所以再怎么减肥也不会变更瘦?得了! 我现在比在中国时胖了好多,我要看牢自己的嘴,Im going to run a tight ship,只吃健康食品!Larry: Not another tight ship! I think Im getting sea-sick.今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是 Do something till youre blue in the face,意思是“重复做某事,但是不成功”。另一个是run a tight ship,意思是“严格管理”。 /201204/177809济南市山大医院哪年成立

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