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备考中要注意的谓语动词的用法 -- 18:6:5 来源: 备考中要注意的谓语动词的用法  主谓一致   1. 主谓的分隔原则   S, ---,VO   主谓之间可以用定从及省略形式的定从分隔   * 主谓一致与主语同位语无关   . 定语从句中的主谓一致   …noun.+thatwhich+V   * that, which并不反映单复数   one of 复n + thatwhich + 复V   the only one of 复n + thatwhich + 单V   3. 随前一致   together with, as well as, with, including, of   . 随后一致   not 单n. but 复n. + 复V   not noly 单n. but also 复n. + 复V   5. 就近一致   单n. or 复n.   either 单n. or 复n.   neither 单n. nor 复n.   is he or we… 对   he or we are… 对 谓语动词的用法。

考研英语 值得再过一遍的英语词汇 -- :53: 来源: 年6) articulate 清晰的表达,7) by all s根据、根据报道;byone’s own 根据某人自己所说,letalone更别提,8) intensity紧张,abruptly突然地,sudden突然,soft柔和的,passage段落,rarely很少、几乎不,composer作曲家,compose作曲、编写,9) associate联系,50) suffer遭受, inevitable不可避免, render转换、使变成;年6) strike打、震撼, all尽管,style风格,urge需求、督促、鼓励,decoration装饰,7)sacred神圣的,crude原始、粗糙,as opposed to与相反,shelter避难所,8) ineffect实际上,urban城市,discernible容易看出的,discern看出、识别,9)blame批评,50)implicit隐含的,explicit明确的,reference谈到、提及、参考,synthetic人造的;年6) impulse冲动,unification统一、一致, generative生产的、生成的,generate产生,7) constrain力劝、强迫、限制,constraint限制,8) filter过滤, cognitive认知的,9) empirical实的、根据经验得到的,bias偏见,50) track跟踪;年6) erroneous错误的,error错误,7) sustain持、维持,illusion幻觉,conscious有意识的,8) justification合理,借口,justify明是公正的,rationalization合理,exploitation剥削、开发, bottom底,9) circumstance环境,50) upside积极的、正面的,contain包含,be up to取决于,array展示、陈列、一系列;年6)rescue拯救,to the effect that大意是说,failed to不能,7)intrinsic内在的、固有的,regardlessof不管,presence出席,absence缺席,8)creature生物,species物种,9)ecologically生态的,as such本身、相应的,50)eliminate根除,element因素,commercial商业的;年6) institution机构、学院,original原始的,motive动机7) by-product副产品,directive指导的,factor因素8) ignore忽视,ignorance无知,contact联系,disposition性情、安排,9) cannot help禁不住,secure确保,50) tuition学费、讲授;。

年四级翻译练习:中华传统 -- :5:6 来源: 年四级翻译练习:中华传统  中华民族的传统文化大精深,源远流长早在00多年前,就产生了以孔孟为代表的儒家学说和以老庄为代表的道家学说,以及其他许多也在中国思想史上有地位的学说流派,这就是有名的“诸子”从孔夫子到孙中山,中华民族传统文化有它的许多珍贵品质,许多人民性和民主性的好东西比如,强调仁爱,强调群体,强调和而不同,强调天下为公特别是“天下兴亡,匹夫有责”的爱国情找,“民为邦本”,“民贵君轻”的民本思想,“己所不欲勿施于人”的待人之道,吃苦耐劳,勤俭持家,尊师重教的传统美德,世代相传所有这些,对家庭,国家和社会起到了巨大的维系与调节作用  参考译文:  The traditional Chinese culture, both extensive and profound, starts far back and runs a long, long course. More than ,000 years ago, there emerged in China Confucianism represented by Confucius and Mencius, Taoism represented by Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi, and many other theories and doctrines that figured prominently in the history of Chinese thought, all being covered by the famous term” the masters’ hundred schools.” The traditional Chinese culture presents many precious ideas and qualities, which are essentially populist and democratic. example, they lay stress on the importance of kindness and love in human relations, on the interest of the commy, on seeking harmony without unimity and on the idea that the world is all. Especially, patriotism as embodied in the saying ”Everybody is responsible the rise or fall of the country”; the populist ideas that “people are the foundation of the country” and that “people are the more important than the monarch”; the code of conduct of “Treat others as you want to be treated”.And the traditional virtues taught from generation to generation:endurance and hard working diligence and frugality in household management,and respecting teachers and valuing education.All of which have played a great role in binding and regulating the family,the country and the society.。

英语专业四级 年大学英语专业四级完型专项训练() -01- :1: 来源: 年大学英语专业四级完型专项训练()  It is well known that teenage boys tend to do better 1)______ math than girls, that male high school students are more likely than their female counterparts )______ advanced math courses like calculus,that virtually all the great mathematicians 3)______ men. Are women born with )______ mathematical ability?Or does society’s sexism slow their progress? In 1980, two Johns Hopkins University researchers tried 5)______ the eternal naturenurture debate. Julian Stanley and Camilla Benbow 6)______ ,000 talented seventh and eighth graders between 197 and 1979. Using the Scholastic Aptitude Test, in which math questions are meant to measure ability rather than knowledge, they discovered 7)______ sex differences. 8)______ the verbal abilities of the males and females 9)______ differed, twice as many boys as girls scored over 500 (on a scale of 0 to 800) on mathematical ability; at the 700 level, the ratio was to 1. The conclusion: males have )______ superior mathematical reasoning ability.   Benbow and Stanley’s findings, )______ were published in “Science”, disturbed some men and )______ women. Now there is comt those people in a new study from the University of Chicago that suggests math )______ not, after all, a natural male domain. Prof. Zalman Usiskin studied 1,366 tenth graders. They were selected from geometry classes and tested on their ability to solve geometry proofs, a subject requiring )______ abstract reasoning and spatial ability. The conclusion )______ by Usiskin: there are no sex differences in math ability.   1.A. at B. to C. of D. about   .A. in tackling B. tackling C. to tackle D. about tackling   3.A. might be B. have been C. must be D. had been   .A. smaller B. less C. fewer D. not more   5.A. to settle B. to set C. settling D. setting   6.A. were tested B. have tested C. were testing?D. had tested   7.A. distinct B. instinct C. remote D. vague   8.A. Since B. However C. As D. While   9.A. scarcely not B. virtually C. largely D. hardly   .A. superficially B. universally C. inherently?D. initially   .A. as B. that C. which D. all   .A. few B. not a few C. not few D. quite few   .A. be B. were C. was D. is   .A. none of B. neither of C. either D. both   .A. got B. gained C. reached D. accomplished   参考:   1-5 ACBBA  6- DADDC - CBDDC。

  再如:Over the years, tools and technology themselves…have largely been ignored by historians…。


年6月六级作文范文:Relationship Between Major and Future Job -- :0: 来源: 年6月六级作文范文:Relationship Between Major and Future Job  1 现在很多人工作的具体内容和其在大学所学的专业知识相关性并不大   出现这种现象的原因  3 我的看法  题目分析:  被迫学习自己不喜欢的专业绝对是种痛苦,Chance对此略有体会写作可先从所学专业和未来工作之间关系开始讨论,接着罗列出现该现象的原因,如盲目报考热门专业,未真正找到自身兴趣所在等等最后,给出自己观点,本文最好采用正面观点:尽管专业不对口,自己也要适应  引用  参考例文:  Relationship Between Major and Future Job  It’s a striking fact that there isn’t necesary relationship between one’s major and specific job duties majority of people. Many people condemn this on outdated education system an some even complain that textbooks are useless.  This phenomenon exists a number of reasons. First of all , it’s a common sense that there alwasys exists a gap between theory and practice. This gap needs to be bridged by continuous exporation of similarities and differences between these two factors and accordingly corresponding modification. Secondly, due to the rapid development of technology, the knowledge from textbooks becomes behind the times soon . And it will lead to the disassociation between what one acquired in college education and what he does at work.  From my point of view, when faced with the disassociation, one should adapt himself to working environment as soon as possible by adjusting his own inmation system. What’s more important, life-long learing is essential to one’s career success. Even after one reached the required levels from college education curriculum, pursuit of knowledge should never be ceased. Last but not the least, we should bear this firmly in mind that one’s ability is valued much more than one’s academic degree.。

   He died, and was survived by wife and three children.。

3、He is slow at speech with women yet.。

TOEFL听力词汇背诵的六大误区! -- :56:57 来源:qnr TOEFL iBT考试中,听力部分的测试难度进一步加大,而且综合听力、阅读、写作和口语四大部分来看,除阅读之外,写作和口语部分对考生听力水平的要求也是史无前例的 在这两部分的考查中,考生不仅需要听懂指定的整段对话或课堂演讲,而且需要在此基础上理解、归纳整段对话或课堂演讲的中心思想和论思路,并与所阅读的文章的中心思想和论思路融会贯通后再回答问题 可想而知,如果考生一开始就听不懂,那么无论是写作题还是口试题都将无从下手 听力已经成为无数考生取得TOEFL iBT高分的拦路虎其中一个重要的原因应归结为绝大多数考生有意、无意地忽视了对TOEFL听力词汇的学习无可否认:TOEFL分数的高低与考生词汇量的多少密切相关 对于TOEFL iBT的听力而言,其测试的主要目的是考查考生在自然英语语境中的适应力和理解力,也就是要求考生既能通晓Survival English(生存性语言),又能听懂Academic English(学术性语言),而ETS规定听力考查的学术话题又可细分为1)Arts, ) Life Science, 3) Physical Science, ) Social Science四大类 所谓“万变不离其宗”,当下考生们的当务之急就是迅速熟悉并熟背这些听力高频词汇和分类词汇,培养对听力的敏感度,以达到学以致用 不过,值得考生注意的是:对TOEFL iBT听力词汇的学习绝不同于其他阅读、写作、口语词汇的学习考生们往往会不经意地步入以下“六大误区”:一、重数量,轻质量实践明:大多数考生听不懂,不在于没背过,而在于缺乏对词汇含义更深层、更灵活的把握学习TOEFL iBT的听力词汇应该达到举一反三,触类旁通二、重大词,轻小词考生们一贯认为值得背的那些听力词汇一定是字母众多、读来拗口的长词殊不知,TOEFL iBT听力的真正难度不在于考生是否能抓住大词,而体现在对“小词深义、熟词僻义”的理解上面三、重中文,轻英文对于听力词汇含义的理解不能完全依赖中文解释,汉英两种语言严格意义上是不能完全对应的很多考生背词时只追求中文释义,不理睬英文释义,这种不求甚解的态度是不可取的四、重速成,轻长远为了背单词,多数考生采取“攻城掠地,地毯式轰炸”的方式在短期内死记硬背,却忽略了一个事实:背得快,忘得也快真正背词的态度应该是采取“联想+词缀词根”等科学系统地加以记忆,这样才能让这些听力词汇真正融入到我们的血液中毕竟TOEFL iBT只是我们生命中的一点,而学英语、用英语的路还很长五、重词形,轻读音听力词汇不同于阅读词汇,其学习重点应放在读音上面毕竟听懂的前提是要对读音树立良好的听觉意识,以达到在听力考试中及时反应、迅速作答的目的六、重单词,轻习语对于TOEFL iBT听力而言,最常见的出题点之一就是对大量美国习语和俚语的考查,而这些都是由两个或两个以上的语构成,故应多加重视 令人欣慰的是:笔者将TOEFL考试历年中(从笔考PBT到机考CBT,再到网考iBT)的听力原文作为本书的语料库,在成书的过程中,尽力做到精益求精,竭力避免以上的六大误区,由此也就形成了《TOEFL iBT听力词汇小伴侣的六大特色:一、重质量,又重数量二、重大词,更重小词三、汉英释义双管齐下四、记忆方法科学独到五、“词形 + 音标”完美合璧六、“高频词汇 + 分类词汇+ 习语词汇”一举三得邱政政 于Auckland 词汇 听力 误区 词汇 TOEFL。