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突破口语之情景对话(16):Going for a walk散步16. Going for a walk散步A: What did you say?B: I said it's a lovely day. Why don't we go for a walk?A: Well, I feel a little tired.B: Come on! A little labor, much health.A: Then can you wait a few minutes? I want to finish writing this letter. B: Don't take too long. It would be a shame not to take advantage of such lovely weather.A: I won't be long. No more than ten minutes. Why don't you go ahead and I'll meet you in the park?B: Believe I will. Look for me near the lake.译文:A: 你说什么?B: 我说天气这么好,我们何不去散散步呢?A: 嗯,我有点累了。B: 嘿,来吧。生命在于运动。A: 那你能等我几分钟吗?我想把这封信写完。B: 别写太久。这么好的天气不好好利用,太可惜了。A: 一会儿就写完。要不了十分钟。你何不先走一步,我待会到公园找你吧。B: 我是得先走。你到湖边找我吧。注解 :1) A little labor,much health: 生命在于运动。2) finish (v) : complete 完成例: When does he finish his college course? 他何时大学毕业?3) shame (n) : pity 令人遗憾的事情例: It's a shame I haven't heard from you for years. 真遗憾,我多年没有收到你的信了。4) take advantage of : use; utilize 利用例: You should take advantage of the discounted prices at stores this holiday.放假期间你应该抓住商店降价的机会。5) look for: 寻找(某人或某物) /200708/16437Hi, Im Representative Gordon Hintz with this weeks Democratic Radio Address. The Republicans have made their priorities clear. They have consistently prioritized massive tax giveaways to the rich over ways to increase economic opportunity for all Wisconsinites. Most of our roads and bridges are in serious disrepair, and taxpayers continue to foot the bill for the increasing costs of fixing our transportation system. Yet, what is the Assembly Republican solution? A plan that will raise taxes for nearly one in four people while giving a massive tax break of over one billion dollars to the richest in our state. Republican politicians are so focused on lining the pockets of special interests that they have neglected the investments in infrastructure and education that create opportunity for families across the state. We need a policy that addresses the needs of every Wisconsinite, not just the top one percent. We need real solutions for our workers and families.201705/511147

美国成语俗语教程录音 Lesson81-90暂无文本 /200606/7821乐宁外教口语天天练No.70"T.G.I.F", every one must be very happy today ."T.G.I.F" 意指Thank God It’s Friday."T.G.I.F", every one must be very happy today .译文 : 每个人都很开心,因为今天是周五。谢谢收听,明天继续^^ /200611/9634

First, we all need to get out in the forest.首先,我们都得走出家门,走进森林。We need to reestablish local involvement in our own forests.我们需要重新使当地的居民融入到我们森林中去。You see, most of our forests now are managed using a one-size-fits-all approach,其实,现在我们的大部分林业实践采用的都是一体通用的方法,but good forest stewardship requires knowledge of local conditions.但是优秀的森林管理员是需要具备关于当地环境情况的知识的。Second, we need to save our old-growth forests.第二,我们需要保护好我们的古老森林。These are the repositories of genes and mother trees and mycorrhizal networks.保护好它们就是保护好了森林的基因库、保护好了母树和菌根网络。So this means less cutting. I dont mean no cutting, but less cutting.这就意味着我们需要减少砍伐。我不是说不伐树了,而是少伐。And third, when we do cut, we need to save the legacies,第三,当我们伐木时,我们需要保护森林的“遗产”——the mother trees and networks, and the wood, the genes,母树和菌根网络,还有树干和基因,so they can pass their wisdom onto the next generation of trees这样它们就能把它们的智慧传给下一代的树木,so they can withstand the future stresses coming down the road.这样整个森林就能禁得起未来将会面对的重重困难了。We need to be conservationists.我们都需要做自然环境保护者。And finally, fourthly and finally,最后,第四点,也是最后一点,we need to regenerate our forests with a diversity of species我们需要通过人工种植和自然再生的方式,and genotypes and structures by planting and allowing natural regeneration.增加森林的物种多样性、基因型多样性和结构多样性。We have to give Mother Nature the tools she needs to use her intelligence to self-heal.我们需要给大自然母亲她需要的工具,好让她用自己的智慧来进行自愈。And we need to remember that forests arent just a bunch of trees我们需要明白森林不仅仅是一堆树在互相竞争,competing with each other, theyre supercooperators. So back to Jigs.它们是无比优秀的合作者。让我们的话题回到吉格斯。Jigss fall into the outhouse showed me this other world, and it changed my view of forests.那次吉格斯掉进了坑里的经历让我见识到了另一个世界,而这件事完全改变了我对森林的看法。I hope today to have changed how you think about forests. Thank you.我希望今天我也能改变你们的一些关于森林的印象。谢谢。201612/481929

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