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As world leaders arrive in Germany for the G20 diplomatic summit, Japan and the European Union stole the show early by announcing an agreement on a landmark trade deal.随着各国领导人抵达德国参加G20外交峰会,日本和欧盟抢出风头宣布一项具有里程碑意义的贸易协议。The two powers have agreed on a general framework to create one of the largest free trade zones in the world. One assessment says the deal could increase exports between the two countries by around 30 percent.两国同意一项总体框架,建立世界上最大的自由贸易区。评估称交易会增加两国出口近百分之30。If the deal is struck, Europes agricultural sector, particularly its cheese manufacturers,will face lower import taxes in Japan. In return, the EU will remove tariffs hindering Japans automotive industry from entering the bloc.如果协议达成,欧洲的农业部门,特别是奶酪制造商,将在日本具有较低的进口税。作为回报,欧盟将消除阻碍日本汽车工业进入园区的关税。The deal has been in the works since 2012, but negotiations recently went into overdrive. President Donald Trumps rejection of a free trade agreement with Japan and other nations might have something to do with that.该协议从2012年就在计划中,但最近谈判进入高速化。这可能与唐纳德·特朗普总统拒绝与日本和其他国家进行自由贸易有关。The agreements fine details still need to be worked out. But one expert told Vox that the deal sends a message that the worlds major powers are continuing to liberalize trade ;with or without the U.S.;该协议的细节还需要制定。但一位专家告诉沃克斯,协议传递一个消息,世界主要大国正继续贸易自由化,“不管美国有没有参与”。译文属。201707/517144栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201605/446769

Coles going to name a category.科尔会说一个种类Hell say ;name three things,; and we have five seconds to name those three things,他会说“三件事” 我们只有5秒钟的时间说那三件东西in whatever the category is.在这个种类里的任何东西Ill go first so you understand what were talking about.我先来给你示范一下让你明白我说的意思Okay, so you go first. Yeah. Okay, here we go.好 所以你先 是的 好的 开始吧Ellen. Yep. Name three famous Australians.艾伦 嗯 澳大利亚三个名人的名字Ah, Portia de Rossi, Cate Blanchett and, uh, Argh! Ah, uh, Naomi Camp-- Naomi Watts.嗯 波蒂娅·德·罗茜和凯特·布兰切特还有 嗯 啊!嗯 嗯 娜奥米·坎普--娜奥米·沃茨See? Its just that easy. I could do I could do worse.看到了吗?这个很容易 我可以 我可以做的更糟Okay. Okay, here we go. Cate. Oh!好吧 好的 开始咯 凯特 哦!Name three Oscar winners. Um, Meryl Streep, Meryl Streep, Meryl Streep.三个奥斯卡得主的名字 嗯 梅丽尔·斯特里普 梅丽尔·斯特里普 梅丽尔·斯特里普But she won three times! All right. Cheater! Cheater!她赢了三次 好吧 骗子!骗子!Okay, here we go, Ellen. Yep. Name three green vegetables.好吧 开始咯 艾伦 嗯 三种绿色蔬菜的名字Uh, a cucumber, lettuce, broccoli. Are you a vegetarian? Yeah.嗯 黄瓜 生菜 西兰花 你是一个素食主义者?是的Nice, nice. Okay. Okay, here we go, Cate.很好 很好 好的 好的 开始吧 凯特Equidistant. It doesnt really help. No, no, I play fair.距离相等的 这个不会有很多的帮助 不 不 我要公平的玩All right. Okay, here we go, Cate.好的 好吧 开始咯 凯特Three things youd find in your nightstand. Toothpaste, tampons and condoms.在你床头柜里的三样东西 牙膏 卫生棉条 避套In your nightstand? Its a nightstand. Wow. Here we go.在你床头柜?在我床头柜 哇啊 继续All right, were learning so much about you in this game.好吧 在这个游戏中我们了解了你很多So Ellen, the next question is, three male body parts.艾伦 下一个问题是 男性的三个身体部位A leg, and an arm, and a neck. Yes!腿和手臂 还有脖子 是的Okay, buzzer back so its fair. Cate. Th--好的 有嗡嗡声这是公平的 凯特 这-Three things you can lick. A lollypop.三个你可以舔的东西 棒棒糖There you go. Oh! There you go.好的 哦!好吧I couldntI couldnt keep it clean, so I thought it was better not to say anything at all.我没办法--我没办法保持清白 所以我认为最好是什么也不说All right, well, apparently thats the only thing that you can lick.好的 好吧 显然这是唯一你可以舔的东西201705/511540

It might be weird to do in public, but if youve got an iPhone, make sure to wish it happy birthday. Its official launch date was a mere decade ago.在公共场合做这事可能很奇怪,但如果你有一部iPhone,一定要祝它生日快乐。十年前它正式发布。Its hard to imagine now, but at the time, many people thought releasing the iPhone was a risky move.现在很难想象,但在当时许多人认为发布iPhone是一个冒险的举动。The first iPhone didnt have nearly as many features as todays. There was no App Store, GPS or Siri. 第一款iPhone没有今天那么多功能,没有应用程序商店,GPS或Siri。It didnt have 4G, and you couldnt copy or paste text. You got one camera, and all it did was take still images.它没有4G,也不能复制或粘贴文本。你获得一个相机,它可以拍摄静止图像Now, the iPhone is the most popular thing Apple makes and brings in most of the companys revenue.现在,iPhone是苹果最受欢迎的产品,并带来了公司的大部分收入。And every time we blink, our iPhones seem to grow. New leaks of the presumed iPhone 8 suggest the phone is only going to get bigger — literally — from the 7s 4.7-inch display to a 5.8-inch display.我们每次眨眼,iPhone似乎都在成长。据透露,iPhone 8的显示屏只是变大,从7的4.7英寸增大到5.8英寸。译文属。201707/515958

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463925

  Ive gotten a few questions recently about the word are.我最近收到一些关于单词“are”的问题。Specifically someone recently asked if they were hearing correctly “What you doing?” instead of “What are you doing?”有人特别指出他们所听到的“What you doing?” 而不是“What are you doing?”是否正确。That is not grammatically correct, and a native speaker would not say “What you doing?”这在语法上是错误的。母语者也不会说“What you doing?”However, a native speaker may reduce the word are so much that a non-native speaker would have problems hearing it.然后,母语者可能会略读单词“are”以至于非英语母语者会听不出来。The word are can be reduced simply to the schwa R sound, er (loop three times).单词“are”可以略读为简单的弱元音R,“er”(循环三次)。So in this sentence, “What are you doing?” you may very well hear whater [x2], whater you doing? (loop two times) with the “er” very low in pitch and very fast.所以“What are you doing?” 这句话中,你可能会听到“whater”(循环两次),“whater you doing”(循环两次),其中“er”音调低沉迅速。What are you doing? What are (loop two times), it sounds like the word butter. Butter, what are, what are you doing?What are you doing?“what are”(循环两次),听起来就像单词“butter”。Butter,what are,what are you doing?Now that you know what youre listening for, see if you can hear it in this sentence: What are you doing? (loop three times)现在你知道你听的是什么了,试试看你能否在这个句子里听出来。What are you doing?(循环三次)The word are is often shortened in writing as well, as a contraction with you, we, or they. Theyre, for example.单词“are”在书写时也经常和“you”,“we”或者“they”这些词进行缩写,例如“They’re”。But it doesnt have to be written as a contraction for it to be pronounced with this short er sound.但并不是因为它发音时变成“er”所以书写时才进行缩写。Lets look at a few more sentences where the word are can be reduced.我们再来看一些句子中的“are”略读的例子。My cousins are coming tomorrow. My cousins are (loop two times), My cousins are coming tomorrow. (loop two times)My cousins are coming tomorrow. “My cousins are”(循环两次)My cousins are coming tomorrow. (循环两次)The cookies are good. The cookies are, are, the cookies are good.饼干好吃。饼干好吃。Where are the girls? Now here the word before ends in the schwa R sound, er, where er the girls? I would explain it as a re-emphasizing of the er sound: Where er the girls?Where are the girls?这里的单词以弱音R结尾,er,where er the girls?我把这称为对“er”音的再次强调。Where er the girls?But in fast speech, it actually all blends together. Where are the girls? (loop two times)但是在快速语音中,实际上两个单词都是连在一起的。Where are the girls?(循环两次)So it sounds like the word R is being dropped. Where are the girls?所以听起来就像是省略了R。Where are the girls?And someone else asked about the word are and the word were – about them sounding the same when theyre both reduced.还有人问到单词“are”和“were”在略读时发音一样的问题。The word were will always have that W sound at the beginning, so there is a difference in the pronunciation of these words.单词“were”开头永远都有w的音,所以这两个单词在发音上是有区别的。Lets look at an example sentence.我们来看一些例子。The kids are there. The kids er, er, er, just the R sound, the kids are there.The kids are there. The kids er,er,er,只有R的音,the kids are there.The kids were there. The kids ww, ww, were, were, the kids were there.孩子们在那里。孩子们在那里。The second one has that W sound in it. The kids are there, the kids were there. (loop two times) Can you hear the difference?第二种里面有W的音在。The kids are there,the kids were there. (循环两次)你能听出区别吗?Now that you know this concept of the reduced word are, try it out in your speech.现在你知道了略读单词“are”的原理,在你讲话中试着运用一下。And listen for it when youre listening to native speakers.当你听英语母语者讲话时也注意听一下。Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201706/515266。


  Where I have been, whatever Ive done,has been no shortage of risk uptaking,to show you how to survive.无论我身处何地 我的任何行动 都是充满危险的 为了向你展示如何求生Ive always live life, try to push the limits.And I am happiest when I am challenged.我总是挑战生存的极限 面对挑战 我欣然接受The climbs and jumps I take while filming certainly take me to the limit.拍摄中的攀爬和跳跃 无疑达到了我的极限But I wouldnt have it any other way.Weve come up with suggestions and ideas of how to do it.但我就是喜欢这样 我们商讨如何拍摄 行动策略Its a good team efforts And Bear dives into it or throw himself off it or climb up to it, with amazing enthusiazm and dexterity.这是很好的团队协作 贝尔每次的高空跳跃或者悬崖攀爬 都是充满了惊人的胆量与技巧Its the combinationg of his physic and his common sense and thinking, ok,how far can I go?这是他强健的体魄 常识和 想法的结合 我的极限是什么That is why he brings audience to an good end.But a good end was far from guarantee the bleeds.这就是他为何深受观众好评 但是结果好并不能保我安然无恙I was at the edge of deep chasm and had to find a way down.A strong vipe should support a mans weight.我在一个深谷的边缘 设法下到谷底 一根粗壮的藤蔓应该能承受我的重量But with a drop like this state,it will always be tested.但是这样的高度 结果是很难说的And Bears favorite film was Tarzan,and he always wants to be Tarzan.贝尔最喜欢的电影是《人猿泰山》 他一直想当泰山And he knew what he is gonna do is straight away.And he was going through his mind.他知道他将要径直跳下去 他已经深思熟虑了Thats all my weight,..on it.And its holding,and lets give this a fatal test.Jesus我全部的重量 都在这上了 它撑的不错 我要给它来个终极测试 天啊I know give Bear credits,he just cut it and leave tons swing.And swang across this biss.贝尔真值得赞赏 他割断藤蔓 掉了下去 然后荡越了峡谷The last thing I really remember is he hitting the other side with such force that it almost the whole rock face shock.我最后只记得 他摔到了对面的石壁上 重重的摔在那 几乎使整片岩面震动201606/448495TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/480338栏目简介:The French childrens musical ;The Girl, the Devil and the Windmill; brought laughter to kids from both home and abroad at Lyceum Theater this week. Once again, our reporter Huang Yue was there and tells us more...201704/499936

  When Cocos GPS collar is first turned on,当蔻蔻的GPS项圈最初开启时shes in this house,她在这栋房子里and its not hers.可那并不是她的家On Tuesday, heres Chip.周二 这是奇普Again, he enters a neighbouring house.他再次入侵了邻近的房子And a day later,一天后heres Claude doing the same.克劳德在做同样的事情Its only when we install surveillance cameras只有在猫洞旁安装监控摄像机后by the cat flaps that we see exactly what is happening here.我们才看清这里到底发生了什么Rosie has her evening meal.罗西正在享用晚餐And then half an hour later, her neighbour, Claude,然而半小时过后 她的邻居克劳德boldly enters her home大摇大摆走进她家and helps himself to the leftovers when she is out of the way.趁她外出时肆意享用了剩下的晚餐At 3pm the next day, hes at it again.第二天下午3点 他又来拜访了And it wont be the last time.而且这不会是最后一次Its a bit of a surprise to Claudes owner.对克劳德的主人来说这有点意外重点解释:1.turn on 打开例句:He asked me to turn on the radio for him.他让我替他打开收音机。2.help to 帮助例句:The music will help to relax you.音乐会使你感到轻松。3.a bit of 一点儿的例句:It was a bit of a bore, wasnt it?这有点叫人厌烦,不是吗?201608/463581My mission is to show you how to survive long enough to make it back to civilization.我的任务是教你如何坚持活到 重归人烟的那一天Along taking a few basic tools,my camera crew coming with me.除了配备一些基本的求生工具 我的摄制组也会和我一同前行We slow down at the hot sand move along you get sink,you get stuck.我们在这片热沙上放缓车速前进 如果你陷进了沙丘 你就会卡在那里So the driver would guest me to know where Im gonna have to jump.所以司机会告诉我 该从哪儿跳下去Grow with a sort of mouth with sand With the car gone,lets get into this.我嘴里进了沙子 车子走远了 我们开始冒险吧Its still early and the day is yet to heat up.天色尚早 气温仍在攀升So search all the cover things ground and get to weather train can give me a little help.因此 寻找有植被覆盖的地表 适应这里的气候 能够给予我些许帮助The higher I can get,the further Im gonna see.我爬得越高 我就能看得更远Im looking for signs of the most precious thing in the desert.Water.我在寻找沙漠之中最宝贵的迹象 水源You can now feeling strong.But truth is the battle with dehydration你现在觉得你够强壮 但事实是 脱水现象is y begun the sand dune like this bring that battle right to you,just like syrup with this stuff.已经开始了 像这样的沙丘 就会让你面临脱水之战 感觉就像在糖浆里爬一样Take to cess forward.Everything about the desert wants to suck you dry.就看运气如何了 荒漠之中的一切都像是要榨干你but without exertion,that could be no progress.thats a concern battle here.但如果放弃挣扎 你可能陷入更糟的境遇 这是一场不容忽视的作战201611/477739


  Its not photography.这不算摄影。I mean, any real photographer would say hes a fraud.任何一个真正的摄影家都会觉得,这完全称不上摄影。Well, theyre right.我觉得他们说的没错。Im just about capturing what I see and documenting what I see.我只是在捕捉和记录下我看到的东西啊,糟糕。I mean, is he Horst? Put a bunch of flowers in front of you?他是一个很专业的摄影师么?比如说让你举着一束花来给你拍照。No. Hes not that, but thats not what he wants to be.他不是那样的,他也不想成为那样的摄影师。I think he photographs life.我觉得他就是在记录最真实的生活。The parallel between the emerging japanese designers in the early 80s...and the bag people in New York...was startling, astonishing. No one would talk about it or even show the pictures.八十年代初新兴的日本设计师和那街边拿着包的纽约人是同时期出现的,令人惊讶的是当时并没有人注意到这些。And as time went on, the Japanese woman Rei Kawakubo admitted...that her inspiration...That when someone said, ;Who do you think are the best-dressed women?;随着时间的推移那个日本人Rei Kawakubo承认说她的灵感来源当有人问她 ;你觉得谁的穿的最好看的女人?;And she said, ;The bag women in New York.;她说;那个街边拿着包的纽约女人。;Now whether she was being facetious or cynical...or a real artist and saying what she really thought, you know, were too close to a very touchy subject.不管她当时的说法现在看起来是多么的滑稽或是讥讽或是有些艺术家认为,那就是她的灵感来源其实很多人在无意中的穿着都影响到了这种敏感的话题。But as a historian, uh, what we see in New York in the 1980s in some areas...is close to medieval Europe.但是从时尚研究者的角度而言…八十年代初,我们在纽约街头很多地方看到的是那时候人们穿的衣的那种形态。201608/460203。

  栏目简介:Traffic police in Jingan District have signed up the owners of 10 Harley Davidsons to track violations on the street with cameras. Cui Huiao tells us more.201706/513495

  Thats the heli out of here.Man, look at this place.直升机飞走了 看这地方Am I landing on the moon?Were here.我这是到了月球吗 我们来到这不毛之地 There is red hot molten lava somewhere under my feet.红热的熔浆在我脚下翻滚Feel the heat up here.That is the wind noise.快来感觉这温度 听那风噪声This is bad, boy.And this is well all of that这可不是好地方 从火山口升起的gases pouring out of and all those gases are poisonous.浓浓白烟 都是有毒的So the sulphur are coming out.Thats one of this yellowish.里面含有硫 这黄色的堆积物就是硫Somewhere down there red hot magma chamber.I feel very vunlerable here.火山口下面是 滚烫的岩浆房 这里不安全I want to get off this peak quickly.我希望尽快离开山顶Guatemala was dominated by the Mayan civilisation for over 2000 years.危地马拉曾被马雅人统治两千多年Their ancient cities are hidden in the jungle especially in the north.他们古老的城市藏匿在森林深处 北部尤为密集Its just after dawn.The sun rise over there, east.现在刚过黎明 太阳升起的那边是东边I want to keep in this way, north.Down the hill. Away from the lava.我想走的是北边 沿着这个方向下山 远离岩浆Get stuck here and one of the best bet is to head for the Mayan ruins deep in the jungle.在这样的境地 我们最好的选择 是前往丛林深处的玛雅遗迹Theyre popular with tourists.Where there are people, there is salvation.许多游客慕名前往 只要有人 就能获救201609/464057


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