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You might cook more if your kitchen weren’t so cluttered. Okay, maybe not. But, still—wouldn’t it be nice to have an organized cooking space?如果厨房没有那么乱七八糟,你可能更经常煮饭。好吧,或许也不会。但是,如果厨房清洁有序,难道不是一件赏心悦目的事情吗?You Will Need你需要An ability to part with things you don’t need舍弃不需要的物品的能力Baskets篮子Compartmentalized drawer organizers有间隔的抽屉整理器Plastic place mats塑料垫布A door-mounted caddy门锁型盒子Tiered shelves分层架子A vase of flowers or bowl of fruit花瓶或果盘Steps步骤STEP 1 Pare down1.丢弃Throw out long-expired food before it poses a national health threat, and donate anything you dislike.丢掉过期已久的食品,以免对家人健康造成威胁,把你不喜欢的物品捐赠掉。If you’re unsure whether to throw out an item, ask yourself if you’d trust it to use in a recipe, or if you’d go out and buy a new one.如果你不确定是否要丢掉某件物品,问一下自己将来是否会在某个食谱中用到它。否则,万一丢掉了以后还要再买一件。STEP 2 Store items2.存放物品Unless you’re Martha Stewart, chances are you don’t use your big roasting pan or b maker that often, so cover them and store them in the attic or basement.除非你是烹饪女皇玛莎·斯图尔特,否则你肯定不经常使用大型烧烤盘或面包机。所以把它们盖起来,放在阁楼或地下室中。STEP 3 Find extra space3.寻找额外的空间Make use of the dead space between the tops of cabinets and the ceiling for storing infrequently used items.利用阁楼顶层或屋顶的盲区来存放不经常使用的物品。STEP 4 Group items4.分类Bring order to your cupboards by grouping like items -- coffee stuff, snack foods, condiments -- in baskets.用篮子把物品分类,例如与咖啡相关的,零食,调味品等等,让储物柜整齐有序。STEP 5 Straighten drawers5.整顿抽屉Use compartmentalized drawer organizers to sort out your cutlery and junk drawers.使用有间隔的抽屉整理器整理餐具和无用的东西。Line your shelves with inexpensive plastic place mats that can be washed and reused rather than difficult-to-remove sticky paper.用廉价的可清洗的塑料垫布垫好架子,而不是使用难以拆除的胶纸。STEP 6 Install shelving6.安装架子Install a multi-shelf, door-mounted caddy on a cabinet door for small items like spices.在储物柜门上安装多层架子,门锁型盒子,用来存放调味品等较小的物品。STEP 7 Create more room7.打造更多空间Put two-tiered organizers in cabinets that have lots of wasted space between short food items, like soup cans, and the shelf above.在储物柜中放置两个分层整理器,这些地方通常有许多浪费的空间,例如汤锅和上面的架子之间。STEP 8 Add a centerpiece8.添加中心装饰品When you’re done organizing your kitchen, put a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit on your countertop. Research shows it inspires us, subconsciously, to keep the area around it clean and uncluttered.整理完厨房后,在工作台面放一瓶花或者一盘水果。研究显示这会激励我们潜意识里保持周围区域整洁有序。According to one survey, a whopping 97% of homeowners wish they could renovate their kitchen.根据一项调查,多达97%的业主希望能够翻新厨房。视频听力译文由可可原创,仅供学习交流使用,. Article/201405/296109She had an accident with a boat. It was a hit from behind.她遭遇了意外 一艘船撞上了她的背She lost three ribs and her spine was damaged.她断了三根肋骨 脊柱重伤It#39;s now in the process of healing back together.现在我们正全面治疗她的背伤Shella#39;s injuries have affected her buoyancy.希娜的伤影响了她的浮性She#39;s healed well她恢复良好 and to encourage her to exercise her flippers properly,为鼓励她正确使用鳍she has, every day, a little trip to the seaside.她每天都会被带到海边We usually take Shella for a sea bath on a daily basis,我们通常每天都带希娜洗海水浴and the reason for doing that那样做的原因在于is to give her enough room to get exercises.给她足够的锻炼空间She gets an opportunity to eat her natural food.她可以吃原来的食物We believe it keeps her fit and the other thing is,我们认为那能让她保持健康 而且she gets to use her rear flippers quite often.她可以经常使用后鳍了For Kahindi, it#39;s one of the rewards for all his hard work.对卡辛迪来说 这是他努力的回报之一 Article/201408/320842

Royal Tour Baby Rumours Spark Media FrenzySpeculation is set off by Prince William#39;s apparent suggestion that another royal baby may not be too far off.Out for a Sunday afternoon spin. Feeling the need for speed, William and Kate hit the Kenyons of Queens Town in the famous white local Shotover Jet. This is the couple#39;s first extended trip to the south Ireland on this tour. It means leaving Prince George behind in Wellington for the night and keep him back. Beyond in the air, the screams both tell you this is the couple enjoying downtime from parenthood. But it#39;s talk of a baby No.2 that has got the media in a frenzy.It was yesterday while meeting Simply Reed the woman who knitted a shawl for Prince George when he was born that Prince William was reported to have said he might have to make another one soon.By the morning, in Downing, all the talk was about the possible pitter-patter of tiny feet. Had the Duke insinuated Kate was pregnant? Or just that we wouldn#39;t have to wait too long for a kid brother or sister for Prince George?It was a telling sip of red wine later at Antargo vineyard that hinted everyone had jumped to the wrong conclusion. In the end, it was a good old-fashioned health and safety briefing prior to boarding the Shotover Jet that finally put the rumor to rest.It#39;s an NSA safety brief that we have to ask that if anyone pregnant, back injuries or anything else. Admittedly, we think they should tell us. And when I asked that, and there was no answer from anybody, so I thought that would be a no.For a short time, the media#39;s adrenalin had been running high. In fact, the only ones on the real white local ride turned out to be the proud parents of one.Paul Harrison, Sky news, in Queens Town. /201404/289499

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