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With China#39;s Spring Festival period drawing to a close, traffic departments across China are coping with the post festival travel rush.The back-to-work travel rush started on Friday, with all major cities across China seeing an upsurge of passengers on the railways and highways.In Shanghai, however, it started two days earlier than usual, as people hurry to get back to work. A passenger said, ;I came here to start work. And I want to prepare for work earlier.;Many tickets on long distance routes are aly sold out, as migrant workers leave home as they return to the cities.Liu Wenhong, deputy secretary of Taiyuan Railway Station, said, ;Taiyuan railway station had the first peak of the post-Spring Festival travel rush. We saw 52 thousand passengers on January 26th, and estimated 60 thousand on 27th. Today, the number will reach 80 thousand.;With the rush for the train, many migrant workers have chosen to take the bus back to the cities. This had led to more buses on the roads, and ticket offices extending their opening hours.Xiao Daqing, head of Santai Bus Station, said, ;The post-Spring Festival travel rush started from Juanuary 26th, and will end on February 7th. Our bus station will transport an estimated 1 million passengers during the period.;There is expected to be a slow down on China#39;s transport systems on Sunday. Over the 40 day Spring Festival travel rush, over 3 billion trips will be made, by bus, train, plane and car. That#39;s a nine per cent jump on last year.随着春节已接近尾声,全国交通主管部门应对春节后返京高峰。返京高峰于周五开始,在各主要城市以铁路和高速公路为主,乘客以安全,快速的方式回到他们熟悉的工作岗位上。 Article/201201/169420。

  • How To Wear Leggings on Howcast【视频文本】Learn how to wear leggings and look fashionable with these tips.You Will NeedAnkle length, opaque, dark-hued leggings Loose-fitting blouses, tops, and tees A tunic A dress A jacket A miniskirt Flats, sandals, boots, or platform shoes A belt (optional) Step 1: Choose shade(选择适合的黑丝)Choose ankle-length, opaque, black, or dark-hued leggings to avoid looking like a fashion victim. There are lots of great fabrics and pattern choices, like lace, “wet look,” or torn to personalize your look.Step 2: Create balance(最好搭配中性化的T恤或宽松的衬衫)Create balance by wearing loose fitting boyfriend-style t-shirts, flowing blouses, long sweaters, or roomy oxfords. Tight on top and tight on bottom looks trashy.Remember – leggings aren’t pants. Make sure your top is long enough to cover your hips.Step 3: Wear with tunics(配上一件休闲宽松外套)Wear leggings with tunics for a casual, bohemian look. A colorful, printed top becomes the focus with a pair of simple black leggings.Step 4: Pair with a dress(可以搭配一件长裙)Pair leggings with a dress, which can be fitted for a sleeker look, or with a voluminous skirt for a more casual vibe.Cinch your dress with a skinny belt to create an elegant silhouette while elongating your legs.Step 5: Top with a jacket(上面可以穿一件夹克)Top your leggings with a jacket. Hip-length jackets are flattering, as are embellished jackets, like a fashionable military jacket.Step 6: Slip on under a miniskirt(搭配一件超短裙)Slip them on under a miniskirt. This not only looks fashionable and current but comes in handy if your miniskirt is a bit too short for you to feel comfortable in.Step 7: Wear the right shoes(选择平底鞋,吊带凉拖,无带轻便舞鞋等)Complement your leggings with the right shoes. Flats, boots, sling backs, and pumps always look great. The more fashion forward can opt for funky, high-heeled platform shoes.Did you know? Spandex is a synthetic polymer introduced by DuPont in the late 1950s. Article/201005/104283。
  • UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today#39;s ;Shoutout; goes out to Mrs. Rader#39;s social studies classes at Warren Hills Regional Middle School in Washington, New Jersey.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了雷德女士的社会学习大课堂。The U.S. presidential election is traditionally held on what day of the week?美国总统选举传统上是在那一周的星期几举行?Here we go, is it Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!开始吧!它是周一,周二,周三还是周六?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The presidential election is held on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;总统选举在十一月的第一个星期一之后紧接着的周二举行。那就是你的,那就是你的大喊。AZUZ: Tuesday is also when new games are traditionally released.周二同样是传统的发布新的日子。The new ;Halo; comes out on Tuesday, November 6.新版的《光环》游戏将在11月6日星期二面世。That date, the day of U.S. presidential election.这个日期,正好是美国总统选举的日子。This was the kind of line that formed when ;Halo 3; came out in 2007, people going to stores for midnight release parties.这是2007年《光环3》面世时形成的长队的画面,人们去商店里参加午夜发布聚会。Some folks are wondering if this year#39;s release could impact the election.一些市民担心今年的发售是否会影响选举。One point of view says people who are motivated to vote, are going to vote.一种观点认为有投票积极性的人们会去投票。Another says, people might skip voting to dive into the new game. What do you say?其他人说,人们可能跳过投票沉浸在新游戏中。你怎么看? /201210/205490。
  • 原汁原味情景喜剧,配有中文字幕,让你在欢笑中学英语。 Article/201112/165337。
  • 6. A Ouija Board Connects Users To Heaven And Hell6. 联系异界的占卜板Some Ouija board experiments are fun ways to spend a harmless Saturday night, but others are much more sinister. This Reddit user describes an experience on an army base, when dabbling with a Oujia board led her and a group of friends to contacting a spirit named Sheryl. This spirit said she died in a car accident and was searching for her boyfriend. After continuing to use the board, they managed to get in touch with the boyfriend, who said he was sorry and he loved her very much, but couldn#39;t explain why he was sorry. The group contacted a third spirit who said that the reason the boyfriend couldn#39;t communicate was that he was in Hell - at which point all the candles in the room flickered out.有些占卜板只是为了打发周末晚上的无聊时光的,但是有些就恐怖多了。红维网的一个网友曾经分享过她遇到的恐怖事件。在陆军基地时,她曾和一群朋友曾尝试用占卜板与鬼魂雪儿进行交流。雪儿说她丧生于车祸之中,在寻找自己的男朋友。之后他们又用占卜板联系到了她的男友,后者说他很抱歉,并且非常爱雪儿,但是没办法解释为什么抱歉。最后他们联系到的第三个幽灵告诉他们,雪儿的男友在地狱,蜡烛闪烁不定,所以不能持续跟他们保持联系。7. Dabbling In A Seance Opens A Door To Demons7. 打开异界大门的“降神会”Spending years in a creepy, hellish room can force anybody to take drastic measures. For this unidentified man growing up in Michigan, he knew his room has a seriously bad vibe. When he allowed two occult-dabbling friends to hold a seance to find out the cause of his eerie visions and unexplained voices, things went from bad to worse. The seance backfired -his girlfriend started shouting for the friends to leave. On investigation, the man found her acting as if she was possessed, her body was heavier than normal and her mouth was moving but nothing was coming out.应该几乎每个人在惊悚恐怖的房间呆上几年之后都会疯的吧。据一个从小在密歇根长大的不知名男子称,他的房间就非常的诡异。后来他请了两个会通灵的朋友举办“降神会”来找出房间中的幻像和奇怪的声音的来由,但是事情反而变得更糟。“降神会”发生了意外,他的女朋友突然大声吼着让他的朋友们离开。他们还发现,他的女朋友像是被附身了身体变得很沉重,而且一直嚅动着嘴当时发不出任何声音。He and his friends then encountered a demon named Enlil who told them it had been using his bedroom as a gateway and the seance had unleashed him, along with a host of other terrifying spirits. Though they said the gateway had been closed, there#39;s no assurance that a closed door can#39;t be opened again.之后,他和他的朋友遇到了一个叫做“恩利尔”的恶魔,它说男子的卧室变成了异界通往凡界的大门,降神会把他召唤了出来,一起出来的还有一大群可怕的恶魔。虽然现在这扇门已经关闭了,但是无法保它不会再打开。8. An Eerie Prediction Turns a Skeptic into a Believer8. 一场让怀疑论者“路转粉”的怪诞预言While you can#39;t trust everything a Ouija board tells you, this Reddit user discovered there might be more truth to a prediction than meets the eye. According to the post, the Redditor asked the spirit they had connected with to make a prediction about a future news event, to which the spirit replied, ;DI DIE DI DIE DI DIE DI DIE,; and gave ;CAR ACCIDENT; as the cause of death with ;PARIS; as the location. The user didn#39;t understand - they lived in Ohio - and dismissed the prediction as bogus.虽然你并非对所有占卜的结果都深信不疑,但是红维网的用户发现这实际上是因为很多的预测并不明显。据称,有个红维网的用户问过他们接触到的幽灵,请他对未来的新闻事件做预测,那个幽灵给的回复是在巴黎会发生一起“黛丝黛丝黛丝(戴死戴死戴死)”事故,并且由“车祸”导致,他们当时并不明白,因为他们住在俄亥俄州,以为这个预测不准。A month later Princess Diana of Wales died in a tragic car accident in Paris. Was the Ouija board trying to tell them something?但是一个月之后,戴安娜王妃在巴黎发生车祸身亡。不知道占卜的结果是不是就是想说这件事。9. A Late-Night Spirit Visitor Seeks Solace9. 一个寻求安慰的深夜幽灵Sometimes you don#39;t realize you#39;ve experienced something inexplicable until after it#39;s all over, as this Reddit user found out when dabbling with a Ouija board on New Year#39;s Eve. A spirit, identifying itself as Eugene, said it was afraid. It directed the poster and their brother to the radio, which was playing a song by Heart. The board then began repeating the word ;heart,; following up with cryptic statements like, ;don#39;t go,; and ;church.;有的时候,灵异的事情发生当时我们并未察觉,只有到事情过了之后回头再想才会发现,一位红维网用户在新年前夜占卜的时候遇到的事情就是这样。当时有个自称是“尤金”的幽灵说自己很害怕,然后把占卜人和他的兄弟带到了收音机旁边,收音机当时放的是哈特(Heart)的一首歌,然后占卜板上开始反复出现“心脏(Heart)”这个单词,接下来是一些有指向性的词,比如“不去”“教堂”等。It wasn#39;t until the next morning that the encounter made sense. A distant great-uncle named Eugene had suffered a heart attack overnight, and, after dying on the table several times and regaining consciousness, said he#39;d been terrified he#39;d end up in Hell for not attending church regularly, just as the board had indicated.直到第二天早上,这件事情才有了解释。原来深夜时,一个远房的叫尤金的表叔心脏病突然发作,在手术台上心脏停跳几次又被抢救回来,后来终于恢复了意识。他说他当时非常害怕,以为自己会没有每周去教堂做礼拜而下地狱,正如占卜板所说。10. A Spirit#39;s Warning Predicts a Skeptic#39;s Accident10. 一个警告怀疑论者将有灾祸的幽灵Proving the existence of the supernatural to a skeptic is often futile, but that didn#39;t dissuade Cindy Lawson#39;s mother from trying to make her friend Ricky a believer. Lawson#39;s mother was part of a singing group, and the troupe wanted to prove to Ricky - a non-believer - that spirits were real. They held a seance and asked for a series of escalating signs, including slamming doors, strange smells, and knocking sounds.人们总是很难向怀疑论者明超自然力量的存在,但是辛迪·劳森的妈妈还是希望向自己的朋友里基明这件事。里基是一个无神论者,而辛迪是一个歌唱团的一员,这个歌唱团希望明鬼神存在。他们举办了一个“降神会”然后要求要看一些越来越难实现的灵异现象,比如门被“砰”地关上,奇怪的气味和敲门的声音。The night culminated with a visit from a spirit identified as Lorenzo de Medici, a famous patron of the arts in Renaissance Italy, who predicted the skeptical Ricky would soon suffer an accident. Though Ricky laughed at the prediction, he did in fact suffer a significant accident several weeks later, perhaps reminding him that it#39;s best not to laugh at the dead.当一个自称是洛伦佐·德·美第奇(文艺复兴时期佛罗伦萨的实际统治者)出现后,整个晚上的氛围达到了顶点。他说无神论者里基不久之后将会经历一场灾祸,里基嘲笑了这个预测结果,但他确实在几周之内遭遇了一场严重的意外,也许是警告他不要嘲笑亡灵吧。 /201705/511884。
  • How can I resolve a conflict with a co-worker?我应该怎样解决与同事之间的冲突呢?The most important thing to remember about conflicts with co-workers is that they#39;re inevitable, they#39;re going to happen to all of us sooner or later and the best thing to do is to be prepared for them. If you engage in some kind of conflict or something arises with a co-worker and you#39;re not able to let it just blow over, the best thing to do is to confront the co-worker face-to-face in a calm and friendly manner, address the issue and see if the two of you can work it out. If you can#39;t work it out, then you have several opportunities available to you. You can speak to your supervisor or the other person#39;s supervisor, you can also take your issue to human resources and you can even take it to the employee assistance people if you have that kind of department within your company. There are certainly a number of different types of mediation and arbitration types of scenarios available to you.与同事之间发生冲突时,要记住的最重要的一点是,这是不可避免的,所有人迟早都会发生冲突,最好的方法就是做好准备。如果你牵涉到某种冲突,或者和同事之间出现了一点不愉快,不能让事情平息,最好的就是以冷静友好的态度与这个同事面对面,看一下两人是否能够解决问题。如果不能,你们有几个机会。你们可以向你们的主管或其他人的主管反映,也可以向人力资源部门反映,如果你们公司内部有雇员协助部门,也可以向他们求助。你们肯定会找到几种解决和仲裁方式。Thanks for watching How To Resolve A Conflict With A Co-Worker.感谢收看“怎样解决与同事的冲突”视频节目。 Article/201212/212157。
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