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Indonesian search and rescue teams looking for the missing AirAsia flight QZ8501 have pulled wreckage and several bodies from the sea off the Borneo coast.寻找失联的亚AirAsia) QZ8501航班的印尼搜救队已在婆罗Borneo)附近海域打捞到飞机残骸和几具遗体。Earlier on Tuesday officials had said the Indonesian military had spotted several objects floating in the sea near the last point of contact with the AirAsia aircraft.AirAsia confirmed the debris was from QZ8501 and said it was found in the Karimata Strait, about 110 nautical miles south west from Pangkalan Bun.周二早些时候,印尼官员表示印尼军方在亚航航班最后失联地点附近海域发现了一些漂浮物。亚航实这些残骸来自QZ8501,并称发现地点位于卡里马塔海Karimata Strait),在印尼庞卡兰布Pangkalan Bun)西南方向10海里处。Six bodies had also been found in the sea by search and rescue teams lowered from helicopters and warships, with three two women and a man retrieved by Tuesday night, a navy spokesman said. Strong winds and high waves led to the suspension of the air rescue operation, but naval warships continued to work through the night. A team of divers was being sent to aid in the search.一位海军发言人称,搜救队从直升机和战舰降落到海面,已经找到了6具遗体,到周二晚上已经捞起了其中3具,是两名女性和一名男性。强风和巨浪使空中救援行动暂时中断,但海军战舰继续连夜搜索。已经派出一组潜水员援搜索行动。The aircraft, an Airbus A320-200, was carrying 155 passengers, two pilots, four cabin crew and an engineer.失联航班是一架空Airbus) A320-200飞机,机上载55名乘客,两名飞行员,4名乘务人员和1名技术人员。AirAsia said employees had been sent to the site and would co-operate with the Indonesian national search and rescue agency, National Transportation Safety Committee and relevant authorities亚航表示,已经派出人员前往现场,与印尼国家搜救机构——国家交通安全委员会(National Transportation Safety Committee)以及相关部门进行合作。Flight QZ8501, operated by the Indonesian offshoot of the Malaysian low-cost carrier, vanished from radar screens early on Sunday in stormy weather less than halfway into a two-hour journey from Surabaya to Singapore.QZ8501航班由这家马来西亚廉价航空公司旗下的印尼分公司运营。航班计划由泗水(Surabaya)飞往新加坡,小时飞行时间尚未过去一半时,该航班就在暴风雨天气中消失在雷达屏幕上。“It’s unlikely to be engineering-related,said Neil Hansford, chairman of Strategic Aviation Solutions, an aviation consultancy based in Australia. “It’s how the human factors are applied when the weather-induced event happened how was that handled and what are the results?”“不大可能是技术相关的原因,”澳大利亚航空咨询公司Strategic Aviation Solutions的董事长尼尔#8226;汉斯福德(Neil Hansford)说,“这是天气引发的事件中人为因素的作用——是怎么处理的,结果是什么?”Earlier this year, AirAsia began rolling out satellite communications systems on its Airbus A320s that would make aircraft easier to track by emitting signals every few minutes. However, the upgrade had not been applied to flight QZ8501.今年早些时候,亚航开始在空客A320机型上安装卫星通讯系统,该系统每隔几分钟就会发出信号,使飞机的位置更容易追踪。然而,QZ8501还没有轮到这项升级。The jet’s engines, made by CFM International, a joint venture between General Electric and France’s Safran, did not have a tracking system that relays real-time engine diagnostics and location back to the manufacturer. Such tracking systems are more typical on long-haul flights.QZ8501的发动机由通用电气(General Electric)和法国赛Safran)的合资公司CFM International制造,并未配备向制造商传送发动机实时诊断数据和位置信息的追踪系统。这种追踪系统在长途航班上比较多见。来 /201412/351390

The late-October downing of a Russian passenger jet over Egypt was an act of terror, a statement on the Kremlin website said on Tuesday.俄罗斯政府网站周二的一份声明称0月底一架俄罗斯客机在埃及上空坠落是恐怖主义行为所致。Head of the safety service Alexandr Bortnikov told president Vladimir Putin that evidence gathered by the investigation showed that an explosive device had been on board.俄联邦安全局局长亚历山大娠尔特尼科Alexandr Bortnikov)告诉俄总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin),调查工作搜集的据显示,客机上安放了爆炸装置。According to the statement, Mr Putin said:这份声明显示,普京称:“这并非俄罗斯首次遭遇恐怖主义活动,这些活动往往没有明显的内部或外部原因,就013年底伏尔加格勒一火车站的爆炸一样。我们没有忘记。This is not the first time Russia has met with terrorist activity, most often without any obvious reason, internally or externally, as with the explosion in a station in Volgograd at the end of 2013. We have not forgotten.“在西奈半岛上空谋杀我们的人民属于最恶劣的恐怖主义行为。我们的心在流泪。此事将永远伴随我们。但它不会阻止我们找到并惩处凶手。The murder of our people over Sinai ranks among the severest of such acts. We are filled with tears from our souls and hearts. This will be with us always. But that will not stop us from finding and punishing the perpetrators.“我们将布下天罗地网。不管他们藏在何处,我们都会找到他们。We will search for them everywhere. We will find them wherever on the planet they are hiding.“我要求外交部就此事与我们所有的伙伴合作。”来 /201511/410972

Shortly after David Cameron’s arrival in Downing Street, an official observed that the UK prime minister showed slight interest in global affairs. In a phrase recalling the biting satire of the television sitcom Yes Minister, the aide continued that Mr Cameron was more inclined to see the world as “somewhere to go on holiday在英国首相戴#8226;卡梅David Cameron)入住唐宁街之后不久,一位官员称,卡梅伦对全球事务兴趣不大。这位助手接着说了一句令人想起幽默电视剧《是,大臣!Yes Minister)中的辛辣讽刺的话,他说,卡梅伦更倾向于将世界看作一个“度假的地方”。At the time I thought this a touch unfair. In the British system it is rare for incoming prime ministers to know, or care, much about foreign affairs. Five years later it is evident that the principal markers of Mr Cameron’s foreign and defence policies have been drift and retreat. Some weeks ago he told his office to clear his diary of all “discretionarytravel. America’s Barack Obama and Germany’s Angela Merkel could be left to douse the fires raging in Ukraine and the Middle East. He had an election to fight. So his appearance at this week’s Brussels summit was only a brief break from the campaign.当时我认为这有点不公平。在英国体系下,新任首相很少有了解或关心外国事务的。五年过去,卡梅伦外交和防务政策上的主要特点很明显是放任自流和向后撤退。数周前,他让首相办公室取消所有“随意”旅行的行程。美国的巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)和德国的安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)完全可以自己去扑灭乌克兰和中东地区的“大火”。卡梅伦得应对选战,因此他出现在上周的布鲁塞尔峰会只是选举活动中的短暂休息。In retrospect, the signs were indeed there in the early days. The new government embarked on what was called a strategic defence review, promising to reshape the armed forces in the light of new threats and capabilities. The exercise was anything but strategic. The Treasury took control. Unsurprisingly given the size of the nation’s fiscal deficit, the result was a series of deep and haphazard spending cuts.回过头来看,这方面的确早有端倪。新政府当初启动了所谓的战略防务评估,承诺根据新的威胁和能力重塑军力。这绝对和战略无关。它由英国财政部掌控。考虑到英国财政赤字的规模,该评估的结果是一系列重大而随意的减也就不奇怪了。Politically sensitive projects such as an order for two aircraft carriers and a commitment to renew the Trident nuclear deterrent survived the axe. Much else did not. The army is being cut by a fifth to 82,000 troops. Britain is now among a handful of island nations without any maritime surveillance aircraft. When Russian submarines prowl the waters near Trident’s base, Britain must beg aerial assistance from allies. It struggled to find a few ageing Tornado bombers to join the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.一些政治敏感项目逃过了被裁减的命运,比如两艘航母的订单以及更新三叉戟核威慑系统的承诺。其他许多项目则未能幸免。军队人数削减五分之一,至8.2万人。英国现在是少数几个没有任何海上侦察机的岛国之一。当俄罗斯潜艇在三叉戟基地附近海域潜行时,英国不得不请求盟友的空中援。它勉强才找到几架老化的“狂风Tornado)轰炸机来参加对“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的作战。The aircraft carriers are due in service from 2020 but the Ministry of Defence has yet to work out what to do with them. The problem is money. A carrier group can be a powerful statement of military prowess but the carrier needs the protection of destroyers and frigates as well as aircraft to sit on the deck. A typical US carrier operates with about 72 fixed-wing aircraft. The British ships are promised 12. The shortage of escorts may limit ocean-going deployments to three months. If the carrier were to set off for, say, the Pacific it would have to turn around almost as soon as it arrived.英国的新航母将从2020年起役,但英国国防部迄今仍未制定出相关计划。问题出在资金方面。一个航母编队可能展示出强大的军力,但航母需要驱逐舰和护卫舰的保护,而且还要有舰载机。一艘普通的美国航母通常载有大约72架固定翼飞机。而英国的航母被许诺了12架。缺少护卫可能让远洋航行时间限制个月之内。比如说,如果航母的目的地是太平洋,那它差不多刚抵达那里就不得不返航。Mr Cameron has surrendered the security of the realm to the Treasury’s bean counters. A prisoner of fiscal fundamentalism, the Treasury wants five more years of austerity if the Conservatives are re-elected. The prime minister has thus reneged on a pledge that the 2010 defence cuts would be followed by modest increases from 2015. He has refused to renew a commitment to hold spending to a Nato target of 2 per cent of national income. Instead he wants to fiddle the figures by including spending on intelligence in the Nato calculation.卡梅伦将国家安全拱手交给了财政部那帮精打细算的“数豆人”。如果保守党再次当选,作为财政原教旨主义的囚徒,英国财政部希望再过五年的紧缩日子。因此卡梅伦已经食言——他010年削减国防预算时曾承诺从2015年起将会小幅增加国防预算。他拒绝继续承诺将国防开占国民收入的比例保持在北约(NATO)制定%的目标。相反,他希望将情报出算作国防开来糊弄这一目标。A promise that the army will be spared further cuts has been emptied of meaning by the budgetary arithmetic. A report by the Royal ed Services Institute, a respected think-tank, suggests that the army may soon be heading down towards 50,000, the smallest since Britain lost the American colonies during the 18th century. Little wonder the US administration thinks that Britain is becoming an unreliable partner.此前承诺的不会对英国陆军进一步裁军,在预算数字面前也成空头票。根据受敬重的智库英国皇家联合军种研究院(Royal ed Services Institute)的报告,英国陆军可能很快会削减至5万人,缩小至8世纪失去美洲殖民地以来的最小规模。难怪美国政府认为英国正变成一个不可靠的伙伴。Once or twice Mr Cameron has shown a taste for liberal interventionism in Libya and in a thwarted attempt to back air strikes against the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad. He has had some tough things to say about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. These are exceptions to prove the rule. His typical response to the present era of tumultuous geopolitical upheaval is insouciant indifference.卡梅伦有过一两次表现出他对自由干涉主义的偏好,比如在利比亚局势上,以及在一个遭到否决的企图上——卡梅伦曾欲持对叙利亚巴沙#8226;阿萨Bashar al-Assad)政权的空中打击。他对俄罗斯入侵乌克兰也发表过一些犀利言论。这些反常行为只是明了一条定律——对于当今时代动荡的地缘政治剧变,他的典型反应是漠不关心。Even before he promised a referendum that could see Britain quit the EU, Mr Cameron had stepped back from Europe. British policy had been always to keep a seat at the table, even when it chose not to join a particular enterprise. Now the government exults in leaving an empty chair. The prime minister says his preference is for Britain to remain in a “reformedEU. He never answers the question as to why. As for the rising powers, China, India and the rest are viewed as markets or sources of investment rather than as potential allies or adversaries. The Foreign Office has been rebadged as a sales force for Britain PLC.甚至在卡梅伦答应举行可能导致英国退出欧EU)的全民公决前,他就已经退出了欧洲。英国过去的一贯政策是保留一席之地,哪怕是它选择不加入某个特定计划时。而现在英国政府正洋洋得意地留下一个空椅子。英国首相表示他更愿意让英国留在一个“改革后”的欧盟里,却从不回答为什么要这么说。而对于中囀?印度等正在崛起的大国,卡梅伦将它们视作市场或投资来源,而不是潜在的盟友或对手。英国外交部已经改头换面成了英国这一“商号”的销售部门。In some ways all this fits the temper of the times. Economic circumstances have been tough and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have damped public enthusiasm for expeditionary warfare. There is a mood abroad that says Britain has done its fair share.在某些方面,这一切都顺应了当今时代的脾性。经济环境一直不太乐观,伊拉克和阿富汗的连番战火已降低了大众对远征作战的热情。国外有舆论表示英国已经做好了分内工作。But why then is Mr Cameron building aircraft carriers and nuclear-armed submarines? Explicable as it may be the temptation to retreat collides with two central facts of geopolitics. The first is that world is a more dangerous and unpredictable place than it has been since the end of the cold war think, most obviously, of the sp of jihadi terrorism from west Africa to south Asia and, closer to home, of the efforts of Mr Putin to upend the peace in Europe.但是,那为什么卡梅伦还要造航母和核武器潜艇呢?后撤的诱惑虽然可以理解,但与地缘政治两大核心事实相冲突。首先,现在这个世界比冷战结束以来的任何其他时候都要危险和不可预测,最明显的莫过于圣战恐怖主义从西非一直蔓延到南亚,而且就在英国家门口,普京在努力不懈地颠覆欧洲和平。Secondly, however much Mr Cameron hides under the bedcovers, Britain’s security and prosperity are inextricably tied to events elsewhere in the world. A nation that aspires to be a global hub cannot be indifferent to international disorder. If nothing else, it must contribute towards making the world safe for the prime minister’s holidays.其次,无论卡梅伦在床罩里藏得多么好,英国的安全和繁荣都与世界其他地区发生的事件密不可分。一个渴望成为全球中枢的国家不能对混乱的国际秩序无动于衷。最起码,它必须出力把世界变成一个安全的地方,好方便首相度假。来 /201503/365710

LE BOURGET, France With the sudden bang of a gavel Saturday night, representatives of 195 nations reached a landmark accord that will, for the first time, commit nearly every country to lowering planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions to help stave off the most drastic effects of climate change.法国勒布尔热——周六晚上,随着小木槌砰的一声响,来95个国家的代表们达成了一项里程碑式的协议。这项协议将第一次实现几乎每个国家都承诺降低让全球变暖的温室气体的排放,以避免出现气候变化带来的最严重的后果。The deal, which was met with an eruption of cheers and ovations from thousands of delegates gathered from around the world, represents a historic breakthrough on an issue that has foiled decades of international efforts to address climate change.协议的签署引发数千名来自世界各地的代表热烈欢呼和鼓掌。它代表着国际社会举数十年之力未能应对的气候变化问题取得了历史性的突破。Traditionally, such pacts have required developed economies, such as the ed States, to take action to lower greenhouse gas emissions, but they have exempted developing countries, such as China and India, from such action.过去签署的此类协议一般要求美国等发达经济体采取行动来削减温室气体排放,但没有对中囀?印度等发展中国家提出要求。The accord, which U.N. diplomats have been working toward for nine years, changes that dynamic by requiring action in some form from every country, rich or poor.联合国外交官员过去九年一直在竭力促成的这项协议改变了这一状况,转而要求每个国家,不论贫富,都要采取一些行动。“This is truly a historic moment,the U.N. secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, said in an interview. “For the first time, we have a truly universal agreement on climate change, one of the most crucial problems on earth.”“这真是一个历史性的时刻,”联合国秘书长潘基文(Ban Ki-moon)在接受采访时说。“在地球上最重要的问题之一,即气候变化问题上,我们第一次达成了一项真正具有普适意义的协议。”President Barack Obama, who regards tackling climate change as a central element of his legacy, spoke of the deal in a televised address from the White House. “This agreement sends a powerful signal that the world is fully committed to a low-carbon future,he said. “Weve shown that the world has both the will and the ability to take on this challenge.”美国总统贝拉克·奥巴马将应对气候变化问题作为自己政治遗产的一个核心部分,协议达成后他在白宫发表了电视讲话。“这份协议释放出一个强有力的信号,显示出全世界决心共同创造一个低碳的未来,”他说。“我们已经明,这个世界不仅有意愿,也有能力承担起这项挑战。”The new deal will not, on its own, solve global warming. At best, scientists who have analyzed it say, it will cut global greenhouse gas emissions by about half enough as is necessary to stave off an increase in atmospheric temperatures of 2 degrees Celsius or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit. That is the point at which, scientific studies have concluded, the world will be locked into a future of devastating consequences, including rising sea levels, severe droughts and flooding, widesp food and water shortages and more destructive storms.新协议本身不会解决全球变暖问题。就此进行分析的科学家们表示,在最理想的情况下,它会使全球温室气体排放有所降低,但规模为避免气温上摄氏度所需的削减量的大约一半。多项科学研究已经得出结论,全球气温上升2摄氏度的话,世界就将陷入一个有各种灾难性后果的未来,其中包括海平面上升、严重干旱和洪灾、普遍的粮食和水资源短缺,以及更多破坏性的风暴。But the Paris deal could represent the moment at which, because of a shift in global economic policy, the inexorable rise in planet-warming carbon emissions that started during the Industrial Revolution began to level out and eventually decline.但巴黎协议或许代表着一个特殊时刻:随着全球经济政策发生转向,自工业革命以来温室气体排放似乎不可阻挡的增长趋势开始得到遏制,趋向稳定,并最终下降。来 /201512/415989

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