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九龙坡区妇女医院的电话重庆星辰医院祛除腋臭多少钱黔江区人民医院玻尿酸多少钱 Uber has revealed it received five rape allegations between December 2012 and August 2015. The firm said the figure accounted for 0.0000009% of more than 500 million Uber journeys made during that time.近日,优步公司公开表示,在2012年12月至2015年8月间共收到五项强奸指控。该公司表示,这个数字仅占在此期间超过5亿次优步出行的0.0000009%。The information was released after Buzzfeed obtained screenshots suggesting more than 5,000 messages concerning rape had been logged by Uber customer support. But Uber said the numbers were ;highly misleading;.在Buzzfeed登载了关于在优步客户系统超过5000条强奸的信息截屏之后,这一消息才公布于众。但是优步公司声称这些数字是有“误导性”的。Screenshots published by Buzzfeed showed a support centre agent searching Uber#39;s customer correspondence database for terms such as ;sexually assaulted; and ;rape;.根据Buzzfeed刊登的这一截图显示,一名用户持中心的特工正在优步客户通信记录里搜索“性侵犯”和“强奸”的相关词条。There were more than 5,800 search results for ;rape; and 6,100 for ;sexual assault;, with some emails showing descriptions such as ;Driver sexually assaulted me;.其结果显示,有5800条关于“强奸”和6100条“性侵犯”的信息,其中有些邮件里显示了“司机对我进行了性侵犯”的描述。In a blog post, Uber said the numbers were overstated because:但是优步在客文章中表示,这些数字被高估了,原因如下:Passengers often misspelled ;rate; as ;rape;, and some wrote messages such as ;you raped my wallet;.乘客经常把“rate”拼写成“rape”,因此出现了像“你强奸了我的荷包”这样的信息。Names and email addresses containing ;rape;, such as Draper, were included in the search results.名字和邮箱地址里含有“rape”的拼写,比如Draper,就被囊括在了搜索结果里。Search results included complaints from people who had not actually travelled in an Uber.搜索结果包含了未曾使用优步的人的投诉。The results included questions about sexual assault from customers who had seen the topic raised in news reports.搜索结果包含了客户在阅读了相关话题的新闻后提出关于性侵犯的问题。But Uber admitted: ;When serious incidents occur, people often report them directly to law enforcement. Therefore, those incidents may not be reflected in the numbers.;但优步同时也承认:“当严重事件发生后,人们通常直接向执法部门申诉。因此,那些事件有可能没有反映在该数字里。”Buzzfeed asked Uber to provide with the data for independent analysis, but Uber responded that this would be a ;serious breach of our riders#39; and drivers#39; privacy;.Buzzfeed网站要求优步提供其独立分析的数据,但优步回应称这将是“对我们的出行者和司机隐私的严重侵犯”。Writing on Medium, Uber said: ;We#39;re the first to admit that we haven#39;t always gotten things right. But we are working hard to ensure passengers everywhere can get a safe, reliable ride. Sadly, no means of transportation is 100 percent safe today. Accidents and incidents do happen. It#39;s why we are working to build an exceptional customer support team that can handle problems when they occur, including working with law enforcement.;随后,优步在内容发布平台Medium上写到:“我们是第一个站出来承认我们做的不对的公司。但我们很努力地确保所有的乘客都能享受到安全可靠的旅途。令人难过的是,如今没有一个百分百安全的交通方式。事故和意外事件时有发生。这也是为什么我们努力组建一杰出的客户持团队,能够当事件发生时处理好问题,其中就包括与执法部门合作。” /201603/430951沙坪坝区膨体隆鼻多少钱

重庆市第六医院切眼袋手术多少钱重庆星辰医院开双眼皮多少钱 HONG KONG — The woman credited with creating the so-called burkini said the controversy over efforts to ban the full-body bathing suit worn by some Muslim women has helped bolster demand for her invention, which she said was not meant to be a political statement.香港——被认为发明了所谓“布基尼”的女子说,那些试图禁止“布基尼”的争论,已帮助增加了对其发明的需求,这种泳衣覆盖全身,由一些穆斯林妇女所穿,她说,布基尼本来并不是一个政治声明。Aheda Zanetti, the Lebanese-Australian inventor of the swimsuit, said officials in more than a dozen French beach towns seeking to prevent women from covering up have misconstrued the purpose of the bathing suit.泳装发明者、黎巴嫩裔澳大利亚人阿海达#8226;萨内蒂(Aheda Zanetti)表示,法国十几个海滩小镇的官员试图阻止妇女遮盖全身的做法,误解了这种泳衣的目的。“They’ve misunderstood the burkini swimsuit,” Ms. Zanetti, 49, said in a telephone interview from Sydney. “Because the burkini swimsuit is freedom and happiness and lifestyle changes — you can’t take that away from a Muslim, or any other woman, that chooses to wear it.”“他们误解了布基尼泳衣,”49岁的萨内蒂在悉尼接受电话采访时说。“因为布基尼泳衣代表自由、幸福和生活方式的变化,你不能从选择穿它的穆斯林或任何其他女性那里把它夺走。”Ms. Zanetti said she designed the garment in 2004 for women who wanted to show less skin while bathing or exercising.萨内蒂说,2004年,自己为那些想在游泳或锻炼时暴露少一些的妇女设计了这种装。“I wanted to introduce a full range of clothing to suit a Muslim woman — or any woman — that wanted a bit of modesty and wanted to participate in any sporting activities,” said Ms. Zanetti, who is a Muslim and wears her own swimwear products. “我希望推出满足穆斯林女性、或任何女性需求的全套装,这些装是为那些在参加体育活动时想保留一点端庄的人设计的,”萨内蒂说,她是一名穆斯林,也穿自己设计的泳装产品。“It was also my aim for them not to be judged for who they are, or where they’re from, and who people think they’re representing.”“我的目的也是让她们不因自己的身份、来自哪个国家,以及人们认为她们代表什么而被评头论足。”A fashion designer and former hairdresser, Ms. Zanetti coined the name “burkini,” a blend of the words burqa and bikini, but said that the swimsuit was not intended to exclude non-Muslims and was not meant to be a political statement.现为时装设计师、曾经当过美发师的萨内蒂创造了“布基尼”这个名字,它是布卡(burqa)和比基尼(bikini)的组合,但她说,这种泳衣并不把非穆斯林排除在外,也没有想成为一个政治声明。The French “burkini” bans, and the news reports about the ensuing debate, have been good for business, she said, with online sales rising about 200 percent in recent days. Most demand is coming from Australia, Europe and Canada, she said, and some new customers include skin-cancer patients who are looking for ways to shield their skin from the sun.她说,法国的“布基尼”禁令,以及对随之而来的辩论的新闻报道,对她的生意有好处,最近几天网上的销售量上升了约200%。她说,大部分需求来自澳大利亚、欧洲和加拿大,新客户中有些是皮肤癌患者,他们在寻找不让皮肤暴露在太阳光下的方法。Ms. Zanetti said that her company, Ahiida, has sold 700,000 swimsuits since 2008. The company sells its products in stores in Australia, Europe, the Middle East, the ed States and Southeast Asia.萨内蒂说,自2008年以来,她的公司Ahiida已经售出了70万件泳衣。公司在澳大利亚、欧洲、中东、美国及东南亚地区的商店销售产品。Ms. Zanetti, who moved to Australia from Lebanon as a 2-year-old, said that she did not feel comfortable wearing traditional swimsuits as a young girl. She and her friends would sometimes swim in full clothing, she said, but they did not linger in the water because they were embarrassed.萨内蒂两岁时从黎巴嫩移民澳大利亚,她说小时候不喜欢穿传统的泳衣。她说,她和她的朋友们有时会穿着平时的衣游泳,但她们在水里待的时间不长,因为会害羞。Years later, she said, her teenage niece wanted to play netball, a game similar to basketball that is played mostly by women, but was prohibited by her local Sydney league from playing while wearing a hijab. Ms. Zanetti said her sister wrote a letter of complaint to league officials, who reversed their decision.她说,好多年后,她的一个十几岁的侄女想打投球,那是一种主要由女性参与的运动,与篮球类似,但因为她戴着哈吉布打球,悉尼当地的球赛联盟曾禁止她参赛。萨内蒂说,她给赛联官员写信抗议,赛联推翻了其决定。Even so, Ms. Zanetti said that her niece’s hijab was “completely unsuitable” for athletics.萨内蒂说,尽管如此,她侄女戴的哈吉布对运动员来说“完全不合适”。Ms. Zanetti said she designed the “burkini,” which covers everything except the face, hands and feet, so that women like her niece could cover and still participate comfortably in sport. She also created the hijood — headwear attached to the “burkini,” to look like the hood of a sweatshirt.萨内蒂说,她设计的“布基尼”让像她侄女那样的女性可以遮盖全身,同时仍能舒地参加运动,布基尼遮盖了脸、手和脚以外的身体所有部分。她还发明了一个叫“哈吉帽”(hijood)的东西,这种帽子可以像运动衫的兜帽那样,附加在“布基尼”上。Ms. Zanetti said that her four children, who once “rolled their eyes” over her swimwear innovations, have recently become more interested as they follow the news from France.萨内蒂的四个孩子曾经对她的泳装创新“不以为然”,她说,最近因为注意到来自法国的新闻,他们对这种泳装有了更大的兴趣。She said that her children have noticed “that I have a strong voice on behalf of women, for freedom of choice, ” she said. “I can feel how proud they are, more than they’ve ever been.”她说她的孩子们已注意到,“我能代表女性、代表选择自由强力发声,”她说。“我能感觉到他们是多么地自豪,比他们以往任何时候都自豪。” /201608/463602重医附二院美容中心

荣昌区做双眼皮埋线多少钱 On a single day last month, capitalism as we know it took a triple blow from some unlikely sources. 在上月的某一天里,我们所认知的资本主义受到了令人意想不到的三位人士的抨击。Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, and Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, all decried a system they claimed had neglected the security of its weakest members.欧洲央行(ECB)行长马里奥.德拉吉(Mario Draghi)、国际货币基金组织(IMF)总裁克里斯蒂娜.拉加德(Christine Lagarde)以及欧洲理事会(European Council)主席唐纳德.图斯克(Donald Tusk)全都谴责资本主义制度,他们宣称资本主义忽视了最弱势的社会成员的安全。That these three prominent champions of economic liberalism — all of whom work for institutions seen as part of an out-of-touch elite — are now critiquing capitalism is a reaction to the political mood of 2016. 这三位经济自由主义的杰出捍卫者——他们所工作的机构都被视为隶属于高高在上的精英阶层——如今正在批评资本主义,这是对2016年政治情绪所做出的反应。This mood has led the UK to turn its back on the EU and to a broader rise of anti-globalisation political movements around the world — notably in the US, where Donald Trump has put protectionism at the heart of his presidential campaign.这种情绪导致英国选择脱离欧盟,并使得反全球化政治运动在全球范围内更为广泛的兴起,特别是在美国,唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)把保护主义作为其竞选的核心纲领。For the first time since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the system Mr Draghi and his peers helped build is under threat. 自柏林墙倒塌以来,德拉吉及其同僚们帮助创建的制度首次面临威胁。Those in power, and large swaths of the electorate, are fearful of what could follow.那些当权派以及许多选民担心后续的发展。The Corruption of Capitalism helps explain why we are where we are. 《资本主义的衰败》(The Corruption of Capitalism)帮助解释了我们为何会面临现在这种状况。The author, Guy Standing, is a professor at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies — an institution known for its opposition to the promotion of liberalism that has characterised mainstream economic thought.作者是伦敦大学(University of London)东方与非洲研究学院(School of Oriental and African Studies)的教授盖伊.斯坦丁(Guy Standing)。该学院以反对宣扬自由主义——主流经济思想的特征——而闻名。While the his perspective is leftwing, many of the author’s ideas for fixing he author has to fix the system — such as a universal basic income, where all citizens receive regular payments from the state whether or not they work — are receiving more attention from the mainstream. 尽管斯坦丁的观点有些左倾,但他提出的许多解决资本主义问题的想法——比如统一的基本收入,即所有公民接受政府发放的定期津贴,无论他们工作与否——越来越受到主流社会的关注。The result is a timely book, which though flawed in parts isin others a compelling .这本书出得非常及时,尽管有些地方存在瑕疵,但仍令人手不释卷。Standing explains how capitalism has been corrupted as the security of the many has been weakened to embolden strengthen the position of those who hold the bulk of society’s wealth. 斯坦丁解释了资本主义是如何被搞得衰败的,因为许多人的安全遭到削弱,却强化了那些拥有社会大量财富的人的地位。Today, he explains, we have a rigged system that leaves those without much property with few rights.他解释说,如今我们的体系受到操纵,使得那些没有多少财产的人也没什么权利。He borrows from John Maynard Keynes’ critique of the rentier class — broadly, those who live on income from property, including patents and copyright, and investments. 他借用了约翰.梅纳德.凯恩斯(John Maynard Keynes)对食利阶层的批评——大体上这是指那些依靠财产(包括专利和著作权)及投资所产生的收益生活的人。And like Keynes, he wants to see the euthanasia end of the rentier on the grounds that the system they have created is both inefficient and grossly unfair. 与凯恩斯一样,他希望看到食利阶层终结,原因是他们创建的体系既没有效率,又极其不公平。Those at the bottom of the many he Standing calls the precariat — the class of workers most exposed to the insecurity produced bytypical of this era of rentier capitalism driven by globalisation, has produced.斯坦丁将那些处于底层的人称为无保障无产阶级(precariat),这是指在全球化造就的食利资本主义时代典型的最没有安全保障的劳动者。The book is divided into chapters looking at the various ways in which the interests of the rentier class have been promoted to the detriment of the rest. 该书分为几个章节,分析了为促进食利阶层的利益而损害其他人利益的各种方式。There are weaknesses in some of the arguments.其中一些观点的理由并不充分。For the author, the autonomy of central banks to set monetary policy as they see fit as they see fit highlights how little control normal most people have over the forces of finance. 在作者看来,央行可以按照自己认为合适的方式制定货币政策,这种自主权突显出大多数人对金融力量完全没有控制力。Yet he neglects to mention that one of the reasons independence was granted was because is the fact that government control over interest rates had led to double-digit inflation across in advanced economies. The experience of rampant inflation in the 1970s and early 1980s. 然而,他没有提到赋予央行独立性的理由之一是,在上世纪70年代和80年代初,政府对利率的控制导致发达经济体的通胀率达到两位数。Racing price rises — and the high interest rates needed to bring them under control — had the most vicious effect on society’s most vulnerable. 价格不断上涨——以及为控制通胀出台的高利率政策——对社会弱势群体的影响最为有害。But on the gross unfairness of housing policy in the UK, one of the more egregious examples of the power of the rentier, Standing’s the arguments resonate.但就英国住房政策的不公而言——这是表明食利者权力的更为恶劣的例子之一——斯坦丁的观点引发了共鸣。It is on labour conditions in the era of dark Satanic apps, where data are used to monitor and control a workforce that has little in thewith little by way of employment rights, that Standing — a former employee of the International Labour Organization — the author is at his most prescient.最能体现作者远见的是讲述邪恶应用时代的劳动条件的部分——在这个时代,资本家用数据来监督和控制劳动者,连保障就业权利的样子都不做。Towards the end of the book, Standing, a former employee of the International Labour Organization, writes that the precariat’s vulnerability today is everyone’s tomorrow. 斯坦丁曾经在国际劳工组织(International Labour Organization)任职,他在该书结尾处写道,无保障无产阶级脆弱的今天就是所有人的明天。On that he is surely right.就这一点来说,他无疑是正确的。As even those who helped create it acknowledge, the system as it stands cannot last. 就连帮助创建了资本主义的人也承认,这一制度照这样下去不可能长久。While Mr Draghi and Ms Lagarde may feel uneasy about the crushing of the rentier class, At the AUTUMN’S International Monetary Fund’sMF’s October meeting all the talk was of a more inclusive system.在IMF的10月会议上,大家都在谈论创建一种更具包容性的制度。One hopes that some of what Standing writes is heeded and the system can be reformed in favour of the many before it is too late.人们希望,斯坦丁在书中提出的一些观点会受到重视,以有利于众人的方式改革资本主义制度,以免悔之晚矣。While a book such as this is perhaps not quite the right place to stress the benefits of capitalism, one only need to look at some of the political forces now on the rise to see that much worse systems could exist than that we now have.尽管这样的书或许并不适合强调资本主义的益处,但人们只需看看现在崛起的一些政治力量就会发现,有些制度可能比我们当前实行的制度更为糟糕。 /201610/474178黔江区儿童医院扣扣重庆医科大学附属第一医院玻尿酸多少钱



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