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英语日常口语 82:A tour of the flat看公寓本单元是关于看公寓的对话。Helen: So that's Tim's room, the bathroom's over there, and your bedroom is here. It's got a desk and chair and all that, so you shouldn't need any more furniture.Khalid: Ok, that looks ok...erm, what do you guys do about housework?Alice: Everybody kind of chips in, don't they Tim?Tim: Yes, Alice, we all do our bit.Alice: We keep all the cleaning stuff in this cupboard here.Khalid: Ok, I see.Helen: So, what do you think?Khalid: It's a very nice room, and you guys are great and everything, but I have to say, I think it's a little bit pricey...I wonder if it would be possible to reduce the rent a little bit?Helen: Well, I'm afraid it isn't up to me Khalid, I'll have to ask my dad about that.Vocabulary: 字汇 everybody chips in 大伙一起做everybody helps or contributes to doing a taskwe all do our bit 每个人都尽本分we all contribute fairly to doing a taskpricey 昂贵expensiveI'm afraidI regret to say/ I'm sorry to say (a polite expression used when saying 'no')It isn't up to meIt's not my choice. I can't/don't decide this 本单元的语言点是描述相似的事物, 有时我们不想把事情描写的很具体或很难做到,我们用些特别的语言来表达,请看下面的解释和例句。Vague languageBackground: 背景 We use vague language when we do not want to be (or cannot be) exact, accurate and precise.Talking about similarities:描述相似的事物 There are some phrases that are useful when we want to say that something is similar to something else, but it is not exactly the same. We often use these phrases because we can't find the exact word that we need.kind of and sort of: We can use these phrases before nouns and adjectives: A paramedic is a kind of doctor, or perhaps it is a sort of nurse. I'm not sure, but they help injured people.I'm kind of happy that school has finished, but I'll miss my friends.We can also use kind of and sort of before 'like' or 'similar to':Australian Rules Football is kind of like soccer and rugby combined.New Zealand is sort of similar to Britain.-ish:We can add 'ish' to adjectives and numbers to mean 'approximately'.How old is he? I'm not sure, perhaps fortyish.And he's got blueish eyes, or are they greenish? I'm not so sure.What's the word?记不得的东西 All of the following words can be used to represent a noun when we do not know the real word or when we can't remember it.You need one of those... oh, you know, you need a whatsit to open that bottle.You mean a corkscrew?That't it!Thingummy can be used to mean someone's name.Have you seen, erm, thingummy, you know, the guy with glasses? Stuff and thing:东西 物品 Thing refers to single countable objects (e.g. a car, a mouse)Things refers to plural countable objects (e.g. clothes, spiders, pens)Stuff refers to uncountable objects (e.g. oil, information) or a collection of countable objects (like things) e.g. a lot of clothes, shopping items.We often use these words when both the speaker and the listener know which objects are being discussed, or when we don't know the exact word, or even when there isn't an exact word.Where do you keep all the cleaning stuff?'the cleaning stuff' means all the different things that are used to clean a house: mops, brushes, creams and polishesI can't clean your bedroom floor, there's loads of stuff/things all over it.'loads of stuff/things' probably means toys, socks, papers etc.I need a thing to stop my washing machine from leaking, you know, a round rubber thing that goes on the main pipe.Approximately 大约 All of the following phrases have a similar meaning to 'approximately' but they are less formal.about: It'll take you about 20 minutes to drive there.roughly: There were roughly 50 people at the lecture.more or less: There's twenty minutes till the end of the game, more or less.Further stuff: 更多的东西 When there are more examples that you can give, but you don't need to, you can use 'etcetera' and 'and all that sort of thing'. It is possible to shorten 'and all that sort of thing' to 'and all that'.We had a great time in Egypt. We saw the Nile, Cairo, the pyramids etcetera.In my office job, I have to do the filing, manage the scheduling, answer the phones and all that sort of thing.David's a great team captain. He's decisive, determined and all that. /200708/16891

B地道英语口语:Gap Year 空档年Jo: Hello, welcome to Real English from B Learning English. I’m Jo.Sun Chen: Hello. I’m Sun Chen.Jo: Today we’re going to look at words and phrases that you might not find in your dictionary.Sun Chen: 地道英语和大家一起学习现代英式英语中最新出现的流行词汇和新鲜表达。那Jo,今天给我们带来的新词是什么呢?Jo: Well today we are going talk about - Gap year. Gap year.Sun Chen: Gap year?这个词是挺时髦的,尤其是对学生来说。Jo: Yes, this is a very popular phrase among students and it’s made up of two simple words. Gap G.A.P. and year Y.E.A.R.Sun Chen: 就象 Jo 说的这样,这个词组是由两个单词组成,第一个是 gap, 意思就是空隙,空位,那第二个单词是year, 年。 So what does gap year mean? Jo: Gap year usually refers to one year taken off by a student between leaving school and taking up a place at a university.Sun Chen: 那不就是同学们经常说的空档年或者是间隔年, 可以让学生们在大学之前有一年的时间好好享受人生。Jo: That’s right.Insert A: Sarah, when are you going to start university? B: Probably next year. I’m taking a gap year and hopefully I will be doing some voluntary work in Kenya. A: Fantastic. I hope it goes well. Sun Chen: 刚才那位同学的空档年计划很有志气,她想到平困的肯尼亚当益工。Jo, is it normal for students to take up voluntary work during their gap year?Jo: Yes, many students want to do something different and have a good experience. Well, I’m afraid that we are out of time. Anyway, to recap a gap year is ….Sun Chen: a gap year 就是空档年,是让中学生们进大学前好好享受人生经历的一次机会。Jo: Well, you’ve been listening to Real English from B Learning English. Join us next time. Sun Chen: 我们下次节目再会。 /200711/19822


9. A Shy Little Kitten (2)She lost her dignity. 她失去了镇定。She is timid and completely at a loss what to do. 她羞臊得不知所措。Yak, yak, yak. 哇哇哇!(好像是装出呕吐的样子)I told you, my mom could beat your pop. 告诉你,我妈要把你爸揍一顿。Ahh, shucks! 哈哈,没关系。He is pinned down by the demonstrators. 他被示威的队伍给钉住了。She felt awkward. 她想到受到惩罚时的尴尬。He will be too afraid to do anything. 他害怕得什么都不能做了。Nice guy! 好家伙!Bully! 暴徒!Have a little wine, punk. 小伙子,喝一点酒吧。(可以缓解一下精神紧张)The drunk humiliates the gentleman. 醉酒使得这位绅士丢人现眼。He is teasing a friend. 他在愚弄朋友。He feels awkward. 他感到困惑。She likes you a lot. 她对老兄你很倾心。I could die. 简直(爱得)要死了。(注意语气)Losing her eyelash cause her to blush for shame. 她因为弄丢了假睫毛,羞得面红耳赤。 /200802/27557

Season 4, Episode 01: scylla越狱第四季第1集:锡拉播出2008年9月1日主要剧情简介:迈克追踪格雷琴等人来到洛杉矶,却得知莎拉尚在人世。迈克和林肯决定接受国土安全局Don Self的任务,集齐众人准备搞到公司的黑名单“锡拉”。 S04E01 "scylla"本集片名:锡拉。锡拉是希腊神话中吞吃水手的女海妖,有六个头十二只手,腰间缠绕着一条由许多恶围成的腰环,守护着墨西拿海峡的一侧。斯库拉原先是个美丽的山林女神,女巫喀耳刻(曾将奥德修斯的手下变成猪的女巫)嫉妒她的美貌,于是乘锡拉洗澡的时候把可怕的魔蛇放入海水之中,使之成为她身体的一部分。【《荷马史诗》之《奥德修纪》里头出现过这个海妖,她抓了奥德赛的6个手下。 /201003/99492

本杰明带雪莉来吃烛光晚餐,可是雪莉好像想不出来今天是什么特殊的日子,难道是精明的雪莉忘了吗?Listen Read Learn Shirley: Why do you want to eat western food so much today? Anything special to celebrate? Did you get a promotion?Benjamin: Honey, you really forgot about it? Think it over. It's a candlelight dinner.Shirley: It's not your birthday, also not mine. Hey, come on. Just tell me.Benjamin: It's our wedding anniversary, honey. How can you forget about it?Shirley: My dear, tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. We've been together for 20 years. But you never change. Always so careless! Do you remember the thing that happened on our wedding day?Benjamin: Of course. I almost missed my own wedding.Shirley: Yeah. Do you know that this restaurant used to be the teahouse where we first met?Benjamin: Oh, really! It looks so different. Our “old place” turns into a brand new place.Shirley: Do you remember our first date? I got a really special gift.Benjamin: I can never forget that. I bought you five candies, but I was so anxious that I forgot to give them to you. You didn't get them until we parted. Then they had aly melted down for I held them the whole time.Shirley: Yeah, it's really unforgettable. Thank you for making me happy all these years.Benjamin: You are the one I should thank. You've done really great job.Shirley: Let's stop saying these things. It's a wrong time but let's do the right thing.Benjamin: Oh, I almost forgot. This is for you. Like it?Shirley: Oh, a gold necklace! So beautiful. Can you help me to put it on?Benjamin: Any time. You look gorgeous, honey!Shirley: Thank you so much. I'm so happy today.听看学雪莉: 为什么你今天那么想来吃西餐啊?有什么特殊事情要庆祝吗?是不是你获得晋升了?本杰明: 亲爱的,你真忘了今天是什么日子了吗?好好想想。这可是烛光晚餐啊。雪莉: 不是你的生日,也不是我的。咳,拜托。你就告诉我吧。本杰明: 这是我们的结婚纪念日啊,亲爱的。你怎么能把它给忘了呢?雪莉: 亲爱的,明天才是我们的结婚纪念日啊。我们都在一起20年了。你还是没有变,总是那么粗心。还记得我们结婚那天发生的事情吗?本杰明: 当然记得。我差点错过了自己的婚礼。雪莉: 可不是嘛。你知道吗,这个餐馆就是我们第一次见面的那个茶馆呢。本杰明: 哦,真的!它看起来可太不一样了。我们的“老地方”现在成了一个崭新的地方了。雪莉: 你记得我们的第一次约会吗?我当时还得到了一个特殊的礼物。本杰明: 我永远都不会忘记的。我给你买了五颗糖果,我太紧张就忘记把它们给你了。一直到我们要说再见的时候你才拿到了它们。那时候它们都已经化了,因为我一直握着它们。雪莉: 是啊,那可真是难忘啊。谢谢你这些年来让我过得那么幸福。本杰明: 我才应该谢谢你呢。你真的做得很棒。雪莉: 我们别说这些了。时间虽然错了,但是我们就做点对的事情吧。本杰明: 哦,我差点忘了。这是给你的。喜欢吗?雪莉: 哦,一条金项链。好漂亮啊!你能帮我戴上吗?本杰明: 乐意效劳。亲爱的,你看起来漂亮极了。雪莉: 谢谢。我今天真开心。 /200808/46570

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