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养育子女成本逾20万美元Middle-income families can expect to spend 4,060 on feeding, housing and schooling a child born in 2007 until his or her 18th birthday, the US government reported on Monday.Child care and education costs will represent a larger share of costs for raising the '07 baby through adulthood than they have in the past, the Agriculture Department said in an annual study on child-rearing costs."The cost of providing food decreased from 24 percent to 17 percent of total child-rearing costs, while child care and education expenses increased from 2 percent to 12 percent," the department said.Housing will be the single largest cost for U.S. families -- making up 33 to 27 percent of total expenses across income groups, USDA said.Factoring in inflation, the grand total for middle-income families comes to 9,040, USDA said. Total costs also include transportation, health care, and other necessities.Child-rearing costs have soared since USDA began conducting its annual study in 1960, and can vary dramatically according to a family's income.Families making less than ,800 before taxes can expect to spend less, 8,320 in real terms over the course of their child's first 17 years. Those on the other end of the income spectrum, making more than ,100 a year, will spend 8,680 in 2007 dollars on raising their '07 child.Even though the study does not include the cost of college, USDA found that children get more expensive as they get older. Teenagers were the most costly.The department also noted that child-rearing costs are the greatest in the urban West, and lowest in the urban Midwest and rural areas across the country. 据美国政府本周一称,对于美国中等收入家庭而言,要抚养一个2007年出生的孩子至18岁,预计在食物、住房和教育方面的出需要20.406万美元。美国农业部的子女养育成本年度调查结果显示,与过去相比,要将一个2007年出生的孩子抚养成人,其保育和教育开在总出中所占的比重增大。美国农业部称:“食物成本在子女养育总成本中所占的比重从24%下降至17%,而保育和教育成本则从2%上升到了12%。”据介绍,住房出将成为美国家庭最大的单笔开销——占各收入阶层家庭出的33%至27%不等。美国农业部称,如将通胀因素考虑进去,中等收入家庭将一个2007年出生的孩子抚养成人需要26.904万美元,这其中还包括交通费、医疗费和其它必需开。自美国农业部1960年开展这项年度调查以来,美国的子女养育成本大幅增长,同时这也会因家庭收入的不同而出现很大差别。税前年收入不足4.58万美元的家庭在抚养孩子上的花费相对较少,预计17年的实际总出为14.832万美元;而年收入超过7.71万美元的高收入家庭的育儿开预计将达到29.868万美元。虽然调查未将上大学的成本计算在内,但美国农业部发现,随着孩子年龄的增长,他们需要用钱的地方越来越多。孩子在十几岁时花销最大。美国农业部还指出,从全国来看,西部城市养育子女的成本最高,中西部城市和农村地区最低。 /200803/32584这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:我觉得,每个人其实都在不同程度上在啃老!只不过有些人,过分到敲骨吸髓!老吾老以及人之老,等我我老无所依的时候呢…译者:koogle /201307/248324Do you know what to do when the lens points to you? It’s notall about flashing a smile and hoping for the best. And there’s noone who knows that better than celebrities. After mugging it formillions of flash bulbs—including plenty of shots at this year’sNew York Fashion Week—they’ve learned a thing or two aboutlooking good in pictures, and now they’re sharing their lessonswith you。当镜头对着你时你知道该做什么吗?这不是露出一丝微笑然后期待最好的效果就行了的。没有谁比明星更知道这些了。经过数以百万计的闪光灯的历练,包括今年纽约时装周的大量摄像镜头,他们多少知道如何使照片中的自己更美,现在他们正与您分享着经验。Rebecca Romijn;Sometimes you have to fake confidence, posture, or a smile—fake it until you make it!;丽贝卡#8226;罗梅恩“有时候你不得不假装出信心、姿势或一个微笑,假装这些直到你做到最好!”Brad Goreski;Posing is an actual art form. You can give a really great dress to a girl, and if they don’t know howto pose in it, the dress falls dead. If the dress has an open neckline and a plunging back then yougive them the surprise over-the-shoulder. For me personally, I try to give smiles and no smiles. Ithink it’s good for them to give steely, sexy, sensual, and then just a happy smile.;布拉德#8226;戈雷斯基“摆姿势是一门真实的艺术形式。你可以给某个女孩一件漂亮礼,但如果她们不知道穿着它如何摆姿势,那这件礼就会黯然失色。如果一件礼领口大开且露出后背,然后你在肩以上部位给他们惊喜。就我个人而言,我试着微笑或者不笑,我觉得对他们来说在给出坚毅、性感、感性之后,来一个快乐的笑容这是很好的。Katharine McPhee;I try to stand up as straight as I can. I have really broad shoulders, and the straighter I stand, themore of an hourglass shape it gives me.;凯瑟琳#8226;麦菲“我试着尽可能得站直,我有很宽阔的肩膀,我站得越直,它就会使我的身体像沙漏那样拥有更多的性感。”Shay Mitchell;Work it! Have fun. Don#39;t be nervous. If you#39;re laughing and you have a genuine smile, there#39;s nobad photo you can take. My favorite pose is the arm out on the hip. Have your face a little bittitled—I don’t like to face straight on. Chin up, and you’re good to go.;薛#8226;米契尔“努力吧!享受快乐。不要紧张。如果你在大笑,而且笑得很真诚,那么你拿到的照片就没有不好的。我最喜欢的姿势是手插在臀部。让你的脸有一点点倾斜——我不喜欢直直地面对。抬起头,你就可以了。”Maria Menounos;When you stand next to someone, stand straight, and lift your head.;玛丽娅#8226;曼努诺斯“当你站在别人旁边,站直并抬起你的头。Megan HiltyKeep breathing—don#39;t be so stiff!;梅根#8226;希尔提“保持呼吸,不要这么僵硬!”Miranda Cosgrove;Wear something you feel really comfortable in.;米兰达#8226;卡斯格拉夫“穿一些你感觉相当舒的衣。”Debra Messing;Shoulders back. That#39;s huge! It just completely makes everything look taller and better.;黛拉#8226;梅辛“不要耸肩,这事关重大!就这完全可以让一切看起来更高、更好。”Karina Smirnoff;Three things: Blot your face so you’re not as shiny. Use excessive hairspray because if the carpetis outside, it seems to always blow the wrong way. And, last but not least, wear less makeup ratherthan more. Because when you go into pictures with more makeup, it just looks like a mess.;卡琳娜#8226;斯莫诺夫“三件事:把脸弄干净那么你就不会有油光。多用点发胶,因为如果红毯在外面,那么头发似乎总会被吹乱。最后但同等重要的是,少化妆而不是多化一点,因为当你妆很浓的时候去照相,它看起来就一团糟。”Nikki Reed;I#39;m always nervous on a red carpet, when there#39;s a thousand paparazzi standing there takingphotos. I#39;ll forget that I was supposed to pose in a certain way, so I don#39;t really know what myadvice would be, other than to just be yourself!;妮基#8226;瑞德“在红毯上我总是很紧张,当有一千仔站在那里拍照,我就会忘记我该怎样摆姿势,所以我真的不知道我的建议是什么,除了做你自己!” /201308/250869这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:骑在前面体验的潇洒哥,落在后面的吃土——所以,还是走在前面比较好!!译者:koogle /201305/238384

VALENTINE#39;S Day is a particularly embarrassing time for many men and women looking for love in China, where it#39;s traditionally considered shameful to remain single after 30.在中国,情人节对于许多还在寻找真爱的男女来说是一个特别尴尬的时间,这里30岁之后还单身传统上被认为是可耻的。This year, the Western holiday fell on the fifth day of the Chinese lunar New Year, in the middle of family gatherings and feasts that often focus on gossip, including who is getting married and who is going to have a baby.今年,这个西方节日落在农历新年的第五天,在家庭聚会和宴会中经常关注绯闻,包括谁要结婚和谁将有婴儿。Lonely hearts are then forced center stage. Well-meaning aunts and uncles work to arrange dates that promise to ruin the rest of the holiday.孤独的心那时被逼至舞台中央。好心的叔叔阿姨忙着安排相亲的承诺毁了剩下的假期。;I am either on a date or on my way to the next date,; one microblogger posted.“我不是在约会就是在去下一个约会的路上,”一位微用户发贴称。;I was forced to go on two dates during the first four days of the holiday,; said Cheng Xiaonian, an office worker in Taiyuan, capital of north China#39;s Shanxi Province. ;I was not in the mood to meet anyone, but my mom called me a weirdo, saying I was immature, unsociable and too picky.;“我被迫在假期的前四天进行两个约会,”中国北部山西省省会太原的上班族陈晓年说。“我没心情见任何人,但我妈妈叫我怪人,说我不成熟、不和气的和太挑剔。”Cheng, the only child in her family, is 29, a borderline ;old maid; as far as her mother is concerned.程,家里的独身子女,29岁,处在“老处女”的边缘,正如她母亲所担心的。;I know how people will look at me and my family if I remain single, and I know precisely how my mom feels,; she said. ;But I#39;m still a green hand at my current job and I#39;m under heavy pressure. I don#39;t have the time or energy for dating.;“如果我继续保持单身我知道人们会怎么看我和我的家人,我清楚的知道我妈妈的感觉,”她说。“但我在我目前的工作上还是一个新手,我承受着巨大的压力。我没有时间和精力来约会。”Like most of her peers, Cheng said she believes her ;Mr Right; is waiting for her somewhere. ;I will meet the right person at the right time. These forced dates will not work,; she said.像大多数的同龄人一样,程晓年说她相信她的“Mr Right”正在某个地方等她。“我将在正确的时间遇到正确的人。这些使得约会不起作用,”她说。Despite their reluctance, it#39;s always difficult to turn down a warm-hearted aunt#39;s invitation to a ;private chat; at a restaurant or coffee shop, only to find a complete stranger of the opposite sex, often equally uneasy, struggling to strike up a conversation.尽管他们不情愿,但总是很难拒绝一个热心的阿姨邀请你前往餐馆或咖啡店的一个“私人聊天会”,却发现一个完全陌生的异性,往往同样不安,并努力搭讪。;My parents worry that their only son might end up to be a bachelor for life and relatives simply enjoy nosing into others#39; private lives,; wrote one male microblogger. ;As a result, I live like a zoo animal, being watched and commented on by different people every day.;“我父母担心自己唯一的儿子可能会以一个单身汉的生活孤独终老,亲戚只是喜欢打听别人的私生活,”一个男性微主写道。 “结果我活得像一个动物园的动物,每一天被不同的人监视和。”An online poll conducted by matchmaking service baihe.com found that more than 80 percent of respondents under the age of 33 felt pressure regarding love and marriage, saying they felt guilty about being unable to find love.由相亲务网站百合网发起的一个在线民意调查发现,超过80%的33岁以下的受访者谈到爱情和婚姻时会有压力,说他们对无法找到真爱感到愧疚。As the pressure mounts, some even rent a boyfriend or girlfriend to accompany them home to make their parents happy. Such ;rent-a-date; services have been popular on shopping website taobao.com for at least the past two years.随着压力的增加,一些人甚至租一个男朋友或女朋友陪他们回家让父母高兴。这样的“租对象”务至少在过去两年在购物网站淘宝上受欢迎起来。Most singles around the age of 30 are well-educated, independent and have plans for their careers, said Zhou Xiaopeng, a specialist on love and family issues for baihe.com.大多数三十岁左右的单身男女都受过良好的教育、独立、有自己的事业规划,百合网的婚恋专家周小鹏说。;They represent a new trend in urban life,; he said. ;In big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, at least a million people are unmarried after 30. Family members and society should be more tolerant of their lifestyle and respect their choices. Leave them alone, relax and they will ultimately find their Valentine.;“他们在城市生活中代表了一种新的趋势,”他说。“在北京、上海等大城市中,至少有一百万人30岁以后还未婚。家庭成员和社会应该对他们的生活方式更加宽容,尊重他们的选择。不要打扰他们,放心,他们最终会找到他们的情人。” /201302/225195

The Supreme Court#39;s first rulings on same-sex marriage produced historic gains for gay rights Wednesday: full federal recognition of legally married gay couples and an opening for such unions to resume in the nation#39;s most-populous state.本周三,美国最高法院首次就同性婚姻作出判决,这意味着同性恋者权益取得了历史性进步:在美国人口最多的纽约州,同性伴侣得到联邦政府的承认,同性婚姻合法化。But in striking down a key part of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the court declared that gay couples married in states where it is legal must receive the same federal health, tax, Social Security and other benefits that heterosexual couples receive.法庭驳回1996年《婚姻保护法》的关键内容,宣布在同性恋婚姻合法的州,同性恋必须享有和异性夫妻同样的医疗、税收、社会保险以及其他福利。In turning away a case involving California#39;s prohibition of same-sex marriage, known as Proposition 8, the justices left in place a lower court#39;s decision that the ban is unconstitutional. Gov. Jerry Brown (D) said he would order same-sex marriages to resume as quickly as possible.美国最高法院驳回一宗涉及到被称为8号提案的加州同性婚姻禁令的案件,认为同性婚姻禁令违宪,并将其发回该州下级法院。州长杰瑞-布朗称他督促恢复同性恋伴侣结婚的权利。The ruling means that same-sex marriage is now sanctioned in 13 states and the District of Columbia — a list representing more than a third of the population of the ed States.该判决意味着允许同性婚姻的州将增加至13个,再加上哥伦比亚特区,这超过美国总人口的三分之一。Justice Anthony M. Kennedy joined the court#39;s four liberals in declaring unconstitutional DOMA#39;s prohibition on federal recognition of legally married couples.法官安东尼-肯尼迪和法庭的四为自由党党员一起,一同声明《婚姻保护法》关于联邦政府承认的合法夫妻的禁令是违反宪法的。The decisions on the final day of the term set off a loud celebration in front of the court#39;s marble plaza and elsewhere in the country.判决宣布的最后一天,一场大型的庆祝活动在法庭前的大理石广场和其他地方举行。Edith Windsor, a New Yorker who brought the suit against DOMA after she had to pay an estate tax following the death of her wife, Thea Spyer, said she burst into tears upon hearing the court#39;s decision.这一诉讼由纽约妇女伊迪丝·温莎提出。她在同性婚姻配偶西·斯佩尔过世后继承遗产,但联邦向她征收遗产税。伊迪丝·温莎说自己在听到法庭的这一判决时当场大哭。President Obama, whose administration said it would not defend Section 3 of DOMA, because it believed the provision was unconstitutional, called Windsor and the challengers of Prop. 8 to congratulate them.总统奥巴马内阁称不会持《婚姻保护法》的第三部分,因为他们认为这个条款是违反宪法的,并给温莎和8号提案的反对者致电祝贺。In a statement written on Air Force One en route to Africa, Obama said,“This ruling is a victory for couples who have long fought for equal treatment under the law; for children whose parents#39; marriages will now be recognized, rightly, as legitimate; for families that, at long last, will get the respect and protection they deserve; and for friends and supporters who have wanted nothing more than to see their loved ones treated fairly and have worked hard to persuade their nation to change for the better.”奥巴马在飞往非洲的空军一号上签署的声明中说到:“这条法令对于那些一直争取法律平等的同性恋者,对于父母的婚姻现在被合法化的孩子们,对于获得本应得到的尊重和保护的家庭,对于那些别无所求、只希望看到他们深爱的朋友被平等对待,竭尽全力使他们的国家变得更好的人们来说,是巨大的胜利。” /201306/245886

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