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人生的完整性在于知道如何面对缺陷,如何勇敢地摒弃不现实的幻想而又不以此为缺憾Once a circle missed a wedge. The circle wanted to be whole, so it went around looking its missing piece. But because it was incomplete and theree could roll only very slowly, it admired the flowers along the way. It chatted with worms. It enjoyed the sunshine. It found lots of different pieces, but none of them fit. So it left them all by the side of the road and kept on searching. Then one day the circle found a piece that fit perfectly. It was so happy. Now it could be whole, with nothing missing. It incorporated the missing piece into itself and began to roll. Now that it was a perfect circle, it could roll very fast, too fast to notice flowers or talk to the worms. When it realized how different the world seemed when it rolled so quickly, it stopped, left its found piece by the side of the road and rolled slowly away.There is a wholeness about the person who has come to terms with his limitations, who has been brave enough to let go of his unrealistic dreams and not feel like a failure doing so. There is a wholeness about the man or woman who has learned that he or she is strong enough to go through a tragedy and survive, she can lose someone and still feel like a complete person. 70世界杯口语:“我扭伤了”的8种英文表达 -- :35:59 来源: 这两天看世界杯比赛,没少看到有场上队员扭伤或拉伤的场景吧?其实,不光是体育比赛中,咱们的日常生活中都很难避免这样的意外伤病那么,我们今天就来看看英语中如何表达“扭伤了”这个意思的1. I've twisted my ankle.我的脚踝扭伤了. My neck was badly sprained when I played basketball yesterday.我昨天打篮球的时候把脖子给扭伤了3. The doctor gave me some medicines to help treat a sprained muscle and its symptoms.医生给我开了些治疗肌肉拉伤的药. He suffered a painful twist of the elbow.他肘部扭伤,疼痛难忍5. He got a severe sprain in his ankle.他脚踝严重扭伤6. He wrenched his knee.他扭伤了膝盖7. He gave a wrench to his ankle when he jumped down.他跳下去的时候扭伤了脚踝8. I strained my back when I lifted the box.我抬箱子的时候背抻着了 表达 英文 口语 世界杯口语:如何形容“窗口行业”不愿揽事的人 -01-7 18:6: 来源: "I can't do that, it's more than my job's worth". 早上去衙门口儿办事,需要复印材料,大厅里的复印机坏了,得到的答复是“机器中午才能修好,办公室内的打印机不能给外来人员使用”;大肚子妇去家门口的超市买米,管理人员说“我们规定三袋大米才负责送货,手推车不能外借”......生活中碰上诸如此类在自己的工作岗位上严守工作职责和规章制度,死板得一点不愿帮助别人的人,你是不是很光火?Few stereotypes are hated more than a jobsworth. Everyone has met one at one time or another. To many people's minds, the term conjurs images of small-minded, petty individuals, exercising their authority unreasonably.What's a jobsworth? A jobsworth is a person who only does the work they're supposed to do and nothing else. A jobsworth 做事情完全是部就班,一点儿周转的余地都没有It often refers to people who have bureaucratic jobs and they never seem to want to help you! 这个词经常用来描绘那些在官僚政府机构工作的人,很死板,很不愿意帮人"Jobsworth" 是个贬义用语,同时也是英国一个特有的词汇这个词的起源是什么呢?"Jobsworth" 来自于两个词 job's worth——The person won't help you because they think that to be helpful is more than their job's worth,就是说这种人不愿意帮助别人,因为他们认为帮人是超出了他们的工作范围这种人常常挂在嘴边的就是这两句:"Rules is rules" and, inevitably, "It's more than my job's worth." 为什么会有那么多的jobsworth?If you have a real fear of losing your job, why should you risk making an unnecessary mistake someone who has not played by the rules? Following a clear rule is always going to be easier than exercising a difficult discretion. 部就班工作,不犯错就不会惹麻烦的想法让人们做起事来显得死板而麻木对话1A: I waited in a queue at the post office an hour earlier my stamps and then the man behind the desk told me I had to stand in a different queue to buy an envelope.B: No way, what a jobsworth!对话 A: So Helen, have you brought the script to the studio?B: No, that's not part of my job. I'm not responsible the scripts.A: So come on Helen, where are those scripts?B: I told you, it's not my job to bring the scripts to the studio.A: You really are a jobsworth, aren't you?B: Only joking! I've got the scripts right here.Don't be such a jobsworth! 少一些officious and inflexible的职员,少一些petty rule-following and excessive 的职能部门,多一点付出,多一丝关怀,大家一起在互帮互助的社会氛围里享受和谐社会的温暖说到这里,Jeremy Taylor的歌声在耳际回荡:Jobsworth, Jobsworth, Its more than me job's worth, I can keep you waiting hours in the queue, And if you don't like it you know what you can do...... 行业 窗口 形容 如何罗伯特·凯利是卡耐基-梅隆大学的教授,也是多家大公司的顾问他撰写了一部书,名为《如何成为工作明星在书中他点拨读者:使用9大突破性战术可以改善他们的日常行为而成为工作中的明星On Being A Star At Work Robert E.Kelly,a consultant major corporations and a professor at Carnegie Mellon University,has written a book entitled How To Be a Star at Work,in which he teaches ers how to improve their day-to-day behavior at work by using nine breakthrough strategies:1.Initiative1) It's not about finding little ways to do your job better,or volunteering to do little extras like planning the annual picnic.Star permers know that real initiative means going beyond your regular work to come up with new ideas that really help the company's bottom line..Networking Average permers think it means socializing with the boss in hopes of getting a promotion.Star permers know it's really about building good relationships with the knowledge gurus) who can help you get your work done faster and better.3.Self-management Don't get hung up on whether your desk is clean or cluttered3)--that has nothing to do with success.The key is whether you are sticking to the“critical path”when you organize your time,work space,and goals..Perspective) Average workers see everything from their own point of view,but stars learn to consider the perspectives of their colleagues,bosses,customers,and competitors.5.Followership You don't have to be a spineless5) yes-person to be a good follower.There are smart ways to influence what happens while still checking your ego at the door.6.Leadership Don' t get blinded by the cult-hero worship of“Big L ”leaders;instead,learn the secrets of influencing people through“Small L”leader ship.7.Teamwork Everyone talks about teams,but stars know how to avoid the pitfalls that often derail them.8.Organizational Savvy6) “Office politics”has got a bad name.Stars know that developing“credibility”with the right people can help them address conflicts and promote co-operation.9.Show-and-Tell People judge you by what you say and do during meetings and presentations.Stars always know their audience and shape their message accordingly7).迎世0句英语初级口语:时间日期天气 -01-7 19:: 来源: . What’s the time now? 现在几点?1. It’s ten o’clock. 十点. It’s half past eleven. 十一点半3. It’s a quarter past twelve. 十二点一刻. What day is today? 今天是星期天5. It’s Wednesday. 星期三6. What’s the date today? 今天几号?7. It’s March 5. 三月五日. What’s the weather like today? 今天天气怎么样?9. It’s sunny. 晴天30. What will the weather be like tomorrow? 明天天气如何? 31. It’ll be cold. 会很冷3. What’s the temperature today? 今天气温几度?33. The high will be 3℃ and the low will be ℃.最高温度摄氏3度,最低温度度[1] 0句英语初级口语迎世:打招呼及介绍[] 0句英语初级口语迎世:时间日期天气 [3] 0句英语初级口语迎世:出门问路[] 0句英语初级口语迎世:请客吃饭及祝福 [5] 0句英语初级口语迎世:外出参观吃饭[6] 0句英语初级口语迎世:其他 日期 天气 时间 口语

英语口语:中英文中神相似的表达 --7 :9:33 来源: 言简意赅,不说废话,开始整起:1. Blood is thicker than water.Family relationships are stronger than any others.中文里的“血浓于水”,这算是完全直译喽. Be able to do something in your sleepTo be able to do something very easily because you have done it many times bee.中文里可以对应“我闭着眼睛也能…”例如:I haven't done many portraits, but I could paint landscapes in my sleep.我画的肖像画不多,但是我闭着眼也能画风景3. Have money to burnTo have so much money that you do not have to be careful with it.我们说“烧钱”,英文里也用了burn哦“钱多到拿钱点烟”,这么记就记住了还记得之前说过的“花钱如流水”不?对了,就是spend money like water.. keep somebody at arm's lengthTo avoid having a close relationship with somebody.中文里咱们有“保持一臂距离”对吧,这么记就特别好记例如:He keeps all his clients at arm's length.他和所有的客户都保持距离5. (in) black and whitea)In a way that makes people or things seem completely bad or good, or completely right or wrong.我们在是非对错的时候,可能会听到有人说“不分黑白”英文里也用黑和白来指绝对的好和坏,对和错例如:It's a complex issue, but he only sees it in black and white.这是个很复杂的问题,但是他只是非黑即白地来看它b)In writing or in print中文里,尤其是在电视剧里,每次遇到“签字画押”情节,总能听到“白纸黑字”是不?英文里也有对应的含义例如:I never thought they'd put it in black and white on the front page.我没想到他们会把这白纸黑字地印在头版上6. Shut close your eyes to somethingTo pretend that you have not noticed something so that you do not have to deal with it中文里咱们说“对……视而不见”,差不多就是这个意思例如:You can't just close your eyes to his violence.你不能对他的暴力行为视而不见They seem intent on shutting their eyes to the problems of pollution.他们似乎打算对污染问题视而不见7. Shut slam the door in somebody's facea)to shut a door hard when somebody is trying to come inb)to refuse to talk to somebody or meet them, in a rude way这个表达有两个意思,除了字面意思外,另一个就跟我们的“拒之门外”很像了8. Two heads are better than one.Used to say that two people can achieve more than one person working alone.“三个臭皮匠赛过诸葛亮”,或者“人多力量大”,可以这么理解9. Rack your brain(s)To think very hard or a long time about something.“绞尽脑汁”就翻译成这个例如:She racked her brains, trying to remember exactly what she had said.她绞尽脑汁想回忆起她到底说了什么. Take the weight off your feetTo sit down and rest, especially when you are tired我们的“歇歇脚”,以后用英文就这么说. Be engraved on in your heart, memory, mind, etc.To be something that you will never get because it affected you so strongly.深深地印在心里或者例如:The date of the accident remains engraved on my mind.事情发生的那个日子已铭记在我心上中英文里极其神似的表达远不止这些,大家平时要善于积累,善于观察哦! 英语口语 中英

为我买一朵玫瑰花,工作时给我打个电话,为我开开门,这样做你会难受吗?用你含情脉脉的眼神告诉我你的爱,我的生活多么需要这些小小的表达 Many times, the small things in life, which we often ignore, are more important than the ones that we consider far more valuable. This theme is highlighted in Kenny Roger’s song ‘Buy Me a Rose’. In his song, he insists on the fact that the expression of love plays a significant role in a relationship. However, many people seem to ignore this fact and assume that love can be expressed through wealth and riches.In his song, Kenny Rogers narrates the story of a wife whose husband loves her very much. However, she thinks that the way her husband shows her his love is not appropriate. According to her husband, the best way of showing his love to his wife is by providing her with all the wealth and comts of life. Consequently, he works hard day and night and is thus not able to devote any of his time to her. His wife, however, argues that this is not what she wants. All she wants him is to show her more affection by giving her more of his time, caring her and by expressing his feelings her. These are the things that she yearns in her life and not the big, flashy things that he has given her."Buy me a rose, call me from work.”Open a door me, what would it hurt?Show me you love me by the look in your eyes.These are the little things I need the most in my life.”To her, these are all the things that can bring her maximum joy and happiness. Although her husband loves her very much, his way of showing his love her is creating distances between the two. And as time passes by, the distance keeps increasing.This song expresses how we lead our lives in today’s world and how we think that it takes a lot to make a person happy. It is always the simple pleasures of life which make a difference. It is never the big and flashy things.The main idea of “Buy Me A Rose” is that people who are closer to us deserve more sincere expression of our love, which may be found in smaller things in life. Spending time with them rather than spending money on them is a better way of expressing our love. We should learn to express our feelings than to show our love through material goods.Express your love. 7

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