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lambent ----------- 闪烁的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Having a soft, bright glow.例句 The lambent windows of the mountain inn offer a warm welcome to travelers in the cold, dark night.在寒冷的黑夜里,山间小酒店闪闪发光的窗户对于游客来说是一种热烈的欢迎。 /201506/380788第一句:Were having a farewell party for Martin today.我们今天要为马丁举行告别晚会。A: Lucy!露茜!B: What?怎么了?A: Were having a farewell party for Martin today.我们今天要为马丁举行告别晚会。B: What time? Id like to go, but my schedule is really full today.什么时候?我是想去,可我今天的日程表实在太紧了。第二句:Were starting at 12:00 and itll go on for the rest of the afternoon.我们在12点开始,预计要开一整下午。A: Were starting at 12:00 and itll go on for the rest of the afternoon.我们在12点开始,预计要开一整下午。B: Ill try to make it. I should be able to fit some time in around 3 oclock.我尽量争取。我大约在3点左右能抽出时间来。A: That will be good.那太好了背诵句型:Could you make it some other time?我们可以约别的时间见面吗?Thats all right. We can make it some other time.没关系,我们可以另约时间。内容来自: /201305/24217067.致谢与道歉常用应急场景范例一:Thank youI’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you did for me.It’s my pleasure. I enjoyed working with you.I wouldn’t be able to make it without your help.Then keep up the good work.范例二:SorryI think you should look over these figures again. There are some calculations that are a bit off.I apologize. This should not have to be this way.Apology is accepted. Try to do better next time.Of course, I should have been more careful. I’m sorry. /201003/98387

2 感谢邀请3句英文任你选It was very kind of you to invite me to Dinner and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.承你宴请,我万分高兴。Thank you for inviting me to dine with you.感谢你们邀请我共进晚餐。I really can not thank you enough for the invitation.我真的不知道如何答谢您的邀请。半个句型要记牢It be adj (kind) of sb. to do s由.(你这样做某事真是……)Tip:很多人都搞不明白It is + adj + for sb. to do sth.与It is + adj + of sb to do. sth.的区别,到底什么情况下用for,什么情况下用of呢?其实,很简单:若形容词是描述不定式行为者的性格、品质的,如kind, good, nice, right , wrong , clever, careless, polite, foolish等,用 of sb.。如Its clever of you to work out the maths problem. (你真聪明,解出了这道数学题);若形容词仅仅是描述事物,不是对不定式行为者的品格进行评价,用for sb. ,这类形容词有 difficult , easy, hard, important, dangerous, (im) possible等。如Its very dangerous for children to cross the busy 由eet.(对孩子们来说,横穿车水马龙的街道很危险)。注意:of sb.的句型通常都可转换为不定式作状语的句子,但for sb.句型不可以。如: Its very nice of you to offer me a seat. You are nice to offer me a seat. (十分感谢你给我让座。 ) /201502/354437

这句怎么说:平时日常口语里经常说的话,用英语就一句也将不出来。公交车站一老外独自等车,小王恰好也要乘公交,于是想上去聊几句顺便练练口语。小王 Hello! 你好!老外: Hi小王: It's a fine day today! 今天天气不错! (万能搭讪句)老外: Yes 小王:不过天气预报说今天有雨而且会有三到四级东南风。 (三到四级东南风怎么说?) But the weather forecasts says it will rain today ,with southeast wind from class 3 to 4老外: Really ?Terrible!小王:是的,你没带雨伞吗? (雨伞怎么说?) True, Don't you bring umbrella?老外 No,I don't, I forget about it.小王:你坐几路车? (这句怎么说) which bus will you take ?老外:300小王:三环上经常堵车 (三环怎么说,堵车怎么说?) Traffic jams are common on the Three Ring Road老外:What a nuisance. I have to go to Guomao for something urgent. How can I get there except Number 300.小王:坐地铁 By subway.老外:Where is the nearest subway station?小王:顺着路往前走,看到邮局左拐,再接着走100米就到了(指路场景),你坐开往劲松方向的车,在国贸下,从C口出。 (这句怎么说?)Walk along this road,and turn left at the post office,then walk down about 100 metres. You should take the subway in the direction of jinsong .,and get off it at the Guomao station,then you can go out from the exit of C.老外:Thank you!(小王出于好心想嘱咐老外几句)小王: 地铁上人多,你得小心点你的钱包和手机,有时候车上会有小偷。 (这句怎么说?)There are a lot of people in the subway. You should keep your eyes open on your wallet and cellphone.Maybe you will meet pickpokets in the subway. /04/68495Welcome back Business Skills 360 for the second part of our series on achieving your goals. In this episode, we’re going to talk about how to maintain your focus and motivation while you work toward achieving your goals. Remember that achieving your goals is a process, not an event. It takes time, energy, motivation, and the ability to deal with adversity. It doesn’t happen all at once. But if you set SMART goals, manage them well, find the right time and resources, and maintain motivation, you’ll get there.欢迎回到商业技巧360节目,继续学习完成目标的第2节课。在这节课中,我们会谈到,当你工作朝向完成目标努力时,如何保持注意力和动力。记住完成目标是种进程,而不是一件事。这需要花费时间,精力,动力,和处理困难的能力。不是一撮而就的。如果你确定了明智的目标,要掌控好,找到恰当的时间和资源,并保持动力,这样你会达到目标。 /201104/131185

1.Market analysis 市场分析A: Are these specialized companies for market analysis?B: Yes. I can provide you some contacts if you need.A:有专门的市场分析公司吗?B:是的,如果你需要,我可以给你一些联系信息。 2.Market development 市场开拓A: Who would be in charge of market development? B: Our Chinese partner.A:谁负责市场开拓?B:我们的中方合伙人。 3.Profit margin 利润率A: What would be our profit margin for next year?B: 4.2 percent.A:我们明年的利润率大概是多少?B:4.2%。4.Representative 代表A: Who would represent the joint venture?B: Our legal representative is the Chairman of the Board.A:谁是合资公司的代表?B:我们的法定代理人是董事会主席。5.Technology transfer 技术转让A: Is the forign company going to transfer their technologies?B: Yes. The joint venture can use the technologies for free.A:外方公司会转让他们的技术吗?B:是的,合资公司可以免费使用他们的技术。 /200810/52171(一):Our company was founded in 1960.我公司始建于 1960年。A: Our company was founded in 1960.甲:我公司始建于I960年。B : A really long history.乙:历史很悠久啊。描述公司成立The company was established in autumn 2004.我公司成立于 2004 年秋。The company dates back to 1973.公司始建于 1973 年。(二):Our company is a European based international consultancy company. 我们是国际性的咨询公司,总部在欧洲。A: Could you tell me about your company?甲:能跟我说说你们公司吗?B: Our company is a European based international consultancy company.乙:我们是国际性的咨询公司,总部在欧洲。我们的总部在……:Siemens is headquartered in Munich, Germany.西门子公司总部在德国慕尼黑。We are a Chinese Company with its headquarters in Shenzhen .我们是一家总部在深圳的中国公司。 /201408/321944

Would you please take care of my dog?你能不能帮忙照看我的?Would you please take care of my dog?你能不能帮忙照看我的?No problem.没问题。Would you mind looking after my dog while Im on business? 你介意在我出差期间帮我照看一下我的吗?Can you look after my cat before I come back? 你能在我回来之前帮我照看我的猫吗?Would you please make me the necessary arrangements for the trip?请你给我做一个行程安排好吗?Would you please make me the necessary arrangements for the trip?请你给我做一个行程安排好吗?Yes, sir.好的,先生。I want to know what I am going to do in the next few days.我想知道接下来几天我的行程安排。Please give me a necessary arrangement,请给我做一个必要的行程安排。 /201510/402031Checking out of a hotel 宾馆退房 If you've ever checked into a hotel, there's one more thing you'll definitely have to do before you leave, check out of the hotel and pay the bill. So, in this Business English Podcast lesson we'll be looking at some of the language you might use as you're preparing to depart. 如果你入住了一家宾馆,那么在离开前你必须做的一件事就是退房结账。那么,在今天的原汁原味英语播客节目里,我们就来学习离开结账时要用到的语言。 A while back, in BEP 55 and BEP 56, we were introduced to Alan Chan and Honesto Salvador, two employees of a US electronics manufacturer visiting the USA on a business trip. As part of their training they have made a trip to Boston and will also travel to a nearby plant in New Haven. We join Alan and Honesto at the hotel in Boston as they go to reception to check out and pay the bill. 在之前的55、56期节目中,我们认识了美国一家电气产品制造企业的两名员工Alan Chan和Honesto Salvador。他们正在美国出差。作为培训的一部分,他们要去一趟波士顿和一处唯一纽黑文的工场。我们现在就看一看他们两个在波士顿的宾馆出发时到前台退房结账的场景。Listening Questions:1. How does Honesto feel about breakfast at the hotel?2. Who was responsible for the minibar charge?3. Why does Honesto mention his club membership?4. How will Alan and Honesto get to the airport? /201110/157546

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