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龙门县人民男科医院男科咨询惠州取环哪家医院最好Todd: Christian can you talk about the summers in Norway.Christian,你能谈谈挪威的夏季吗?Christian: Yeah, a lot people think the summers in Norway are really cold, but actually theyre not. Maybe everything, the weather is changing because of El Nino effect, I dont know, but weve had, for the last four or five years, weve had pretty warm summers. It gets close to 30 degrees centigrade, and which is enjoyable I guess, and theres no humidity. Its nice and dry and its just pleasant weather really. Yeah, and what we do in the summers is different. Some people have a house on small islands on the coast, or some people have a house on the mountains, and you can either go to the mountains and enjoy the lakes, the forests, or you can go to the coast and enjoy the beach, the water, go fishing, so theres plenty of things to do in the summer, yeah, and we get a lot of tourist coming in the summer though, because its not that hot. Its just pleasant and enjoyable.好的。很多人都认为挪威的夏季是非常冷的,但实际不是这样的。大概是由于厄尔尼诺现象,一切都在变,至少天气是在转暖。我也说不好,但在过去的四五年中,夏天确实比较暖和。都快接近30度了,我想这个温度刚好会让人觉得很舒,而且不是很潮湿。天气不错也干燥,是很宜人的。对了,我们在夏天还有很多不同的活动。有些人会在海岸边的小岛上搭建一所小房子,而有些人会在山上搭房子。你可以爬爬山,欣赏下湖泊,看看树林,或者你可以去海边,河边,钓钓鱼,总之就是在夏天会有很多可以做的事儿。而且挪威的夏天会迎来很多游客,因为天气还不算很热,刚好会让人感到很舒。Todd: Wow, sounds like a good place.哇,听起来像个不错的地方。Christian: Yeah, it is.对,就是个不错的地方。 /201308/251154惠州市中医医院割包皮手术价格 Todd: So Travis, this summer we have the Olympics. Are you going to watch the Olympics on TV?托德:特拉维斯,今年夏天有奥运会。你会收看奥运会的电视转播吗?Travis: I will probably get suckered into watching the olympics Im sure. It will be on every channel. It will only be on one channel but it will be on the whole day Im sure.特拉维斯:我确定我会看电视转播的。每个频道都会有转播。也许只是一个频道转播,不过会播一天。Todd: Yeah, they kind of go overboard. Its on too much.托德:对,有点过分了。播的太多了。Travis: Well, I think it was the last winter Olympics, where, I dont know which channel in the es States was covering it but whatever channel was covering it most of the olympics was just peoples background and personal stories and profiles and a lot of America got really fed up with it, and I dont know if you were still here in Japan or if you were in the es States at the time of the last olympics, but people didnt watch the last olympics in the states. They just tuned out completely. The reason that they tuned out is because the coverage was so poor. The station that was covering it was basically just doing profile after profile of athletes, about how they had to overcome hardship, how they had to eat one meal every two weeks , and you know run five hundred miles back and forth, you know, some school in Russia and those sort of profiles, stories drown out the actual events, and it was covered very poorly, but maybe this year will be different, maybe there will be a backlash against that sort of poor coverage, and well get to see more of the actual olympics this time. This is the summer olympics right. (Yeah, exactly) It shows how little I know about the olympics. Im not sure if its the winter of the summer.特拉维斯:嗯,我想是上届冬奥会吧,我不太清楚美国是哪个频道转播了上届冬奥会,不过进行转播的那个频道不停地在放运动员的背景资料、个人故事和简介,许多美国人都对此感到厌烦,我不知道上届冬奥会的时候你已经来到日本了还是还在美国,不过美国人都没有看上届冬奥会。他们完全没有关注,原因是报道太差了。电视台只是在报道运动员的简介,报道他们是如何克困难的,他们不得不每两周吃一顿饭,还要进行500英里往返跑,你知道,还有俄罗斯的一些学校,都是这类的简介,这种报道淹没了实际的比赛报道,太糟糕了,不过也许今年会有所不同,也许对那种糟糕的报道会有抵触情绪,这次我们可能会看到更多比赛的报道。今年是夏季奥运会。这说明了我对奥运会知道的太少。我连是冬奥会还是夏奥会都不确定。Todd: Well, of the Olympics, whats your favorite event?托德:嗯,说到奥运会,你最喜欢的运动项目是什么?Travis: Running.特拉维斯:跑步。Todd: Running托德:跑步。Travis: Just straight running. It seems like a very pure athletic event. Theres no guess work in it. Theres not five judge panel trying to decide who won, and then the Canadian judge and the France judge get in a fight and they have to decide. Nothing like that happens. Its just run, clock, stop and whoever got through the finish line the fastest wins. It seems very pure athleticism, so I like running: 100 meter dash,200 meter dash, all of that, and long runs too. I used to run when I was in high school so that helps a little bit. Not short distances. I used to run cross country, three and five miles.特拉维斯:就只是跑步。这是一场纯粹的体育赛事。没有猜测。不会出现五名裁判来决定谁赢,然后加拿大裁判和法国裁判会争吵,而他们还必须要做出决定。不会有这样的情况出现。就只是跑步,计时,停止,最先冲过终点线的就是赢者。这就是非常纯粹的运动,所以我喜欢跑步比赛,比如100米跑,200米跑,所有的跑步比赛,当然还有长跑。我在高中的时候会去跑步,这多少会有所帮助。并不是短距离跑。我过去会进行越野长跑,3英里和5英里的。Todd: Ooh, thats a long ways. Are you still a runner?托德:哇,那真是很长的距离了。你现在还跑步吗?Travis: Well I went running tonight but I dont consider myself to be much of a runner. No, I only say that some day I am going to train and run a marathon but I have yet to train and run a marathon. Maybe someday. Yeah, I did it when I was in Bangkok and it about killed me. Yeah, running in Bangkok, running a marathon in Bangkok was not the smartest thing. It was terrible because they had, they have pollution right, Bangkoks a great city but they have a lot of pollution right. They have to have marathon at 4 oclock in the morning before the cars start running, and then when youre running the marathon some of the policeman that are officiating have to wear like masks because of the pollution in the air, so when youre running a marathon through that its not that fun.特拉维斯:嗯,我今晚去跑步了,不过我认为我自己并不是跑步选手。不,我只是说有一天我会去练习跑马拉松,我还没有开始。也许某一天。嗯,我在曼谷的时候有跑过马拉松,差点累死我。对,在曼谷跑马拉松不是明智的做法。那简直很糟糕,因为那里有污染,曼谷是一个很棒的城市,不过那里的污染很严重。他们会在凌晨四点办马拉松比赛,要在汽车上马路以前,之后马拉松开始以后,一些维持秩序的警察就不得不戴上口罩,因为空气污染,而在那种情况下跑马拉松可没那么有趣。Todd: But anyway, you should do it. You should run a marathon.托德:不过不管怎么样,你应该做。你应该去跑马拉松。Travis: I think maybe I will but perhaps after I finish school this year.特拉维斯:我想也许我今年毕业后会参加马拉松。 /201312/268036惠州市包皮过长治疗多少钱

惠州哪里治疗前列腺炎比较好三好学生merit student /201309/257273惠州友好医院男科医生 经典句型: Something is wrong with the washing machine. 洗衣机出故障了。A:What happened?甲:怎么了?B:Something is wrong with the washing machine.乙:洗衣机出故障了。A:Lets have it repaired.甲:找人修修吧。经典句型:My car cant move. 我的车发动不了。A:My car cant move.甲:我的车发动不了。B:Let me have a look at it.乙:让我看看。A:Whats the matter?甲:出了什么问题?B:Something is wrong with the engine.乙:发动机出故障了。句型讲解:Something is wrong with…表示“出了故障”,也可以说It stops working.It doesnt work.to have sth.done 表示“请他人做某事”,done是过去分词,表示被动。惠州检查早泄的价格

惠阳区不孕不育多少钱1. Its time to get up!该起床了!还能这样说:Its time for you to get up.Rise and shine!谚语:The early bird gets the worm.早起的鸟才会有虫吃。2. Youd better get up now, or youll be late.你最好现在就起床,否则要迟到了。还能这样说:Get up soon, or youre going to be late.Get out of the bed quickly in order not to be late.应用:early and late 从早到晚;of late 近来;of late years 近年来;sit up late 深夜不睡,迟睡;stay up late 深夜不睡,迟睡3. Its still early, mom.妈妈,时间还早呢!还能这样说:Its too early to get up, mom.There is enough time, mom.谚语:A quiet or apparently calm person can have much knowledge or wisdom.静水流深。4. Im still sleepy.我还困着呢。还能这样说:Im still drowsy.Im still yawning.应用:a sleepy village 寂静的村庄;an overripe sleepy pear 过熟而开始腐烂的梨;be deadly sleepy 极度困乏;a sleepy expression 一种懒洋洋的表情5. I cant find my sport shoes.我找不着我的运动鞋了。还能这样说:Where are my sport shoes?My sport shoes were not found.应用:all found 附带免费食宿;find ones feet 能够站稳,走稳;find ones way (to...) 发现途径;find its way to... 自然达到目的地6. Put your clothes on.把衣穿上。还能这样说:Get dressed!Get yourself dressed.谚语:You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.只改变外表,而本质不变。7. Fold up your quilt.把被子又叠好。还能这样说:Make your quilt folded.Make your bed, please.应用:return to the fold 回老家;重返教会,浪子回头;with folded arms 两臂交叉(常指袖手旁观);with folded hands 两手抱在一起(无所作为);fold in (烹饪时)把……调入8. Wash your face.去洗洗脸。还能这样说:Go and wash your face.Hurry to have a wash.应用:be washed out 洗褪了色;面色憔悴,筋疲力尽;come out in the wash 得到令人满意的结果;真相大白;have a wash 洗脸;洗澡;wash against 洗刷;冲洗 /201301/220608 经典句型:Do you have the Oxford English Dictionary? 请问你们这儿有《牛津英语词典》吗?A:Do you have the Oxford English Dictionary?甲:请问你们这儿有《牛津英语词典》吗?B:Its out of stock.乙:没有货了。A:What a pity!甲:太遗憾了!B:It will be available next week.乙:下周会有货的。A:I will come next week.甲:我下周会来的。经典句型:Would you please call me if you have this book? 如果这本书有货了,请告诉我好吗?A:Would you please call me if you have this book?甲:如果这本书有货了,请告诉我好吗?B:Please leave your name and phone number.When we have the book,Ill call you.乙:请您留下姓名和电话,货到了我通知您。A:Thank you.甲:谢谢。句型讲解:表示商品卖完了,可以用out of stock,其中stock表示“库存”的意思。 /201401/273537广东省惠州友好医院男科专家挂号陈江镇医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱



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