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The Yangtze River Delta is set to build a global reputation for its cluster of cities by 2030 by focusing on high-end equipment manufacturing and modern services, the State Council said on last Wednesday.国务院上周三表示,将以高端装备制造业和现代务业为重点,到2030年将长三角地区建成具有全球影响力的城市群。At an executive meeting presided over by Premier Li Keqiang, the State Council ratified a plan to further develop the Yangtze River Delta urban cluster.在李克强总理主持召开的国务院常务会议上,国务院批准《长江三角洲城市群发展规划》。Two other such clusters are the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei province region in the north and the Pearl River Delta urban cluster in South China#39;s Guangdong province.其他两个这样的城市群发展是中国北方的京津冀地区和中国南部广东省的珠江三角洲城市群。To cultivate new momentum for economic growth and upgrade traditional industries, innovations should be strengthened in key areas of high-end manufacturing such as information technology, the biopharmaceutical industry, automobiles and new materials, according to a statement released after the meeting. Additionally, modern services such as finance, technological research and development, and logistics should be enhanced, it said.会后发布的声明指出,应强化信息技术、生物制药、汽车、新材料等高端制造业关键领域创新,以培育经济增长新动能,改造提升传统产业。同时,还应发展金融、科技研发、物流等现代务业。Local governments should conduct pilot programs to establish an integrated market of finance, land and property transactions, and they should cooperate on public services such as education, healthcare and social security, the statement said.该声明指出,地方政府应开展试点,建立金融、土地和产权交易一体化市场,应该与包括教育,医疗和社会保障等在内的公共务配合起来。It added that the Yangtze River Delta urban cluster should make great efforts to attract foreign investment and talent while testing free trade ports and making foreign trade easier.该声明补充说道,长江三角洲城市群应该为吸引国外投资和人才作出巨大努力,同时测试自由贸易港口,使对外贸易更容易。Lyu Bin, director of the Urban and Regional Planning Department at Peking University, said: ;I am optimistic about the city cluster#39;s future, because the region has the country#39;s most intelligent people and most opened-up economy.;北京大学城市与区域规划系主任吕斌表示:“我对这一城市群的未来很乐观,因为该地区拥有全国最有智慧的人和最开放的经济体。” /201605/445276China is threatening to fine a US automaker for monopolistic behaviour in what some analysts are calling a warning by Beijing in response to heightened tension with the incoming US administration of president-elect Donald Trump.中国威胁要处罚一家美国汽车制造商的垄断行为,一些分析师称,此举是北京方面发出的一个警告,矛头指向给双边关系带来紧张的美国当选总统唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)及其领导的新一届行政当局。Zhang Handong, director of Beijing’s powerful regulator the National Development and Reform Commission’s price supervision bureau, declined yesterday in an interview to name the company.掌握实权的中国监管机构——国家发展和改革委员会(NDRC)的价格监督检查与反垄断局局长张汉东昨日在接受采访时拒绝说明是哪一家公司。However, he told the state-run China Daily newspaper said investigators had found that the carmaker had given instructions to its distributors to fix prices as far back as 2014.然而,他告诉官方的《中国日报》,调查人员发现这家汽车制造商早在2014年就指示经销商固定价格。Analysts speculated the timing of the interview may have something to do with Mr Trump’s support for Taiwan.分析人士猜测,这一采访的时机可能与特朗普持台湾有某种关联。The government chose this timing because this is a transitional period for US-China relations, said Zhong Shi, an independent automotive analyst in Beijing. 政府选择了这个时机,因为现在是美中关系的一个过渡期,北京的独立汽车分析师钟师表示。By targeting the US automakers from among all the companies out there, China is taking pre-emptive action to show that Beijing is capable of taking control of trade.在那么多公司中挑出美国公司作为执法对象,说明中国正在采取先发制人的行动,表明北京方面有能力控制贸易。However, Mr Zhang said: No one should anything improper into the timing of penalty decisions or businesses that are targeted, and emphasised that both Chinese and foreign businesses were being held to account for anti-competitive behaviour.然而,张汉东称,任何人都不应该对处罚时机或对象有错误解读,并强调说,中外企业的反竞争行为都会受到追究。Mr Trump a fortnight ago broke nearly 40 years of protocol when he accepted a congratulatory telephone call from Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ing-wen — a move that irked Beijing, which regards Taiwan as an inalienable part of China.两周前,特朗普打破近40年的外交惯例,接听了台湾领导人蔡英文(Tsai Ing-wen)的道贺电话,此举引起北京方面不快,后者认为台湾是中国不可分割的一部分。Last weekend, Mr Trump went a step further and questioned the One China policy, under which the US withdrew diplomatic recognition of Taiwan in 1979 in favour of Beijing. 上周末,特朗普更进一步,质疑一个中国政策,美国正是按照这项政策在1979年撤销对台湾的外交承认,转而承认北京方面。China hit back, saying the policy was the bedrock of relations between the two countries.中国作出回击,称该政策是两国关系的基石。An editorial in the same paper on Tuesday urged Mr Trump to consider the importance of close economic ties between China and the US, rather than trying to gain an upper hand in what is essentially a win-win relationship.《中国日报》周二在一篇社评中敦促特朗普考虑中美之间密切经济关系的重要性,而不是试图在本质上双赢的关系中占上风。History proves that what is good for Sino-US relations is good for their economies, it said, adding that Chinese customers bought more than a third of the almost 10m vehicles General Motors sold worldwide last year.该报称,历史明,对中美关系有利的,对两国的经济也有利,并补充称,中国顾客购买了通用汽车(General Motors)去年在全球销售的近1000万辆汽车的三分之一以上。Janet Lewis of Macquarie Securities, speculated that the target could be either Ford or GM, both of which are major automobile sellers to China.麦格理券(Macquarie Securities)的珍妮特.刘易斯(Janet Lewis)推测,发改委的处罚对象可能是福特(Ford)或通用,两家都是中国汽车市场的大型卖家。However, both have been aggressively discounting their sales recently, which does not support suggestion of monopolistic behaviour.然而,这两家公司近来都在销售中积极提供折扣,这与垄断行为的说法不符。 /201612/483999Chinese on-demand mobility giant Didi Chuxing announced last Monday the launch of bilingual functions on its app in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to serve foreigners as part of the company#39;s globalization strategy.国内定制出行巨头滴滴出行上周一宣布,在其北京、上海、广州的应用上推出了双语功能以务外籍人士,作为该公司全球化战略的一部分。Users in the three cities will have access to an English language interface upon installing or upgrading to the latest version of the Didi app, according to the company.该公司方面表示,上述3个城市的用户在安装或更新到最新版本的滴滴应用后,将可使用英文界面。The app also enables real-time, in-app instant text messaging translation between English and Chinese.该应用还能实现应用内即时文字消息的实时中英翻译。Users will also have access to bilingual customer service support via email and phone.用户还可以通过电邮和电话获得双语持。Over 28 million international tourists visited China in 2016, up 8.3 percent year-on-year, with over 900,000 foreign citizens working in China, official data showed.官方数据显示,2016年,共有超过2800万名国际游客来到中国,同比增加8.3%,有超过90万外国公民在中国工作。To better serve China#39;s growing international community, the Didi app now supports payment via major international credit cards.为了更好的务我国日益壮大的跨境人群,滴滴应用现已持通过主流国际信用卡付费。Didi said it will upgrade its apps on the App Store and Android app markets in other countries so that more travelers can use bilingual services upon arrival in China.滴滴称,该公司将升级其他国家的App Store和安卓应用市场的滴滴应用,使更多游客在到访中国时能够使用双语务。 /201705/509698

France and Japan are the most popular global destinations for affluent Chinese millennials who value cultural sophistication and high-end shopping, according to a report on luxury travel.根据一份有关奢华旅游的报告,法国和日本是中国富有的千禧一代最向往的全球目的地,他们重视文化品位和高端消费。Chinese tourists spent more than 5bn on foreign travel in 2015 — 53 per cent more than the previous year — becoming the world’s largest outbound tourist group, according to the International Tourism Organization.根据国际旅游组织(International Tourism Organization)的数据,去年,中国游客的海外旅游消费超过2150亿美元,比前一年增长53%,成为全球最大出境游市场。According to the report on affluent Chinese travellers born after 1980, the Hurun Report, which publishes the annual Hurun China Rich List, found that foodies ranked Japan highest, while France was viewed as a “shopping paradise”. Australia was the third most popular foreign destination.根据这份有关中国富有的千禧一代旅游者的报告,每年发布《胡润百富榜》(Hurun China Rich List)的《胡润百富》(Hurun Report)发现,日本的美食最受青睐,而法国被视为“购物天堂”。澳大利亚是第三个最受欢迎的境外目的地。The report is based on a survey of 525 young luxury travellers, defined as those who spend over Rmb200,000 (,400) annually on travel and tourism. More than half are second generation of a wealthy family or heirs to a family business.这份报告基于对525名年轻高端旅游者的调查,这部分人群每年的旅游花费超过20万元人民币(合3.04万美元)。超过一半为“富二代”或家族企业继承人。“I often use the word ‘picky’, but one could also say ‘spoiled’,” said Rupert Hoogewerf, publisher of the Hurun Report.《胡润百富》出版人胡润(Rupert Hoogewerf)表示:“我经常使用‘挑剔’这个词,但人们也可以说‘宠坏’。”Survey respondents spend an average of ,000 on travel per household, of which retail accounted for ,000. Clothing, bags, watches and jewellery are the most popular items. Their average hotel budget is 0 per night. Local specialities, electronics and alcohol were less sought after.调查受访者平均家庭旅游出为6.4万美元,其中零售出占3.3万美元。装、手袋、名表和珠宝最受欢迎。他们的平均酒店预算为每晚470美元。他们对地方特产、电子产品和酒类的兴趣则不那么浓厚。The Chinese international travel boom has so far largely escaped the impact of the Communist party’s anti-corruption campaign, but luxury goods producers have felt the impact through slowing sales.中国的海外旅游热潮迄今基本上未受到中国共产党反腐运动的影响,但奢侈品制造商感受到了销售放缓的影响。Wealthy young Chinese travellers want to receive travel information through WeChat, the popular mobile messaging app run by Tencent Holdings, and prefer internet-based concierge services from hotels over picking up the phone. In fact, WeChat dominates overall mobile phone usage for this cohort, ranking ahead of viewing photos and s, browsing, email and shopping.中国的年轻富有旅游者希望通过微信(WeChat)获取旅游信息,他们青睐在网上预订酒店的礼宾务,而不是打电话。微信是由腾讯控股(Tencent Holdings)经营的颇受欢迎的移动信息应用。实际上,微信是这部分人群使用手机的主要用途,列在查看图片和视频、浏览网页、电邮和购物之前。“It’s the combination of digital with personalisation. Travellers want butler-level service, but facilitated by a digital experience,” said Peggy Fang Roe, chief sales and marketing officer for Asia Pacific at Marriott International, which sponsored the report.万豪国际(Marriott International)亚太地区首席市场销售和营销官若方国瑜(Peggy Fang Roe)表示:“这是数字与个性的结合。旅游者希望获得管家级别的务,但通过数字方式获得这种体验。”万豪国际是这份报告的赞助商。Marriott began accepting Alipay, the mobile payment service run by Alibaba Group’s financial affiliate, in its China hotels and some international locations this year. The company will open a Bulgari-branded hotel in Shanghai in 2017, adding to its existing portfolio of 91 China properties, including 21 in the luxury category.万豪今年开始在其中国酒店以及位于一些国际性城市的酒店接受付宝(Alipay)付款。付宝是由阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group)的金融子公司运营的移动付务。万豪将于2017年在上海开设一家宝格丽(Bulgari)品牌的酒店,目前该集团在中国拥有91家物业,包括21家豪华酒店。 /201606/446912

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