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视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》Dawn, and a new day reveals just how much control黎明到来 新的一天向大家展示了the jungle has over its own environment.丛林对自己环境的控制力量The forests of the Congo are the lungs of Africa.刚果的森林被誉为;非洲之肺;As they use the sunlight to build their tissues,森林利用阳光变得茂密苍郁so they release oxygen and water vapour into the air.同时释放氧气和水蒸气Each hectare of forest produces, as vapour,每公顷森林每年可以以水蒸气的形式almost 190,000 litres of water a year.产生约19万公升的水So much that it creates its own weather.因此 森林可以主宰自己的天气Clouds blanket the forest,森林上空阴云密布driving up the humidity and temperature.使得湿度增强 气温上升A storm is brewing.一场暴风雨即将来临The Congo might be the richest part of Africa,刚果也许是非洲资源最丰富的地区but it#39;s also the most violent.但也是最;暴力;的地区 Article/201402/277891

广告意义:每个人都希望自己的家能够完美,不管是什么风格的家居风格。而线路的穿插让家里充满了窟窿,宜家的新产品电视正是解决了人们对于美观的审美需求。想别人之所想,急别人之所需,方能成就产品之道。我想,对待任何事物,这都是一条不错的准则!广告双语文本内容:At IKEA, we#39;re always traveling around the world, visiting people in their homes. No matter where we go, one problem keeps coming back: the problem of how to fit the TV in the living room, or rather all those things that come with a TV, like digital boxes, blu-ray players, surround sound, remote controls and the cables, cables, cables, cables. So we started thinking: how can we fix this. This is not a TV, and it#39;s not a piece of furniture either. It#39;s all-in-one, and we call it UPPLEVA. It has everything you can ask for in a TV solution, but in a very different way. We integrated a DVD and a blu-ray player as well as the speakers and the furniture. The subwoofer is wireless and can be easily placed wherever you want it.在IKEA,我们总是踏遍全世界,拜访人们家裡。不论我们到哪去,有个问题不断的回来:如何把电视放到客厅的问题,或是说那些跟著电视机一起来的东西,像数位电视盒、蓝光播放器、环绕音响、遥控器和电缆线,电缆线、电缆线、电缆线。所以我们开始思考:如何能够修正这点。这不是一台电视机,而且它也不是一件家具。它是多功能的,我们叫它UPPLEVA。它拥有你在电视机中能够要求的每个东西,但用一种截然不同的方法。我们把一台DVD和一台蓝光播放器还有喇叭跟家具整合在一起。重低音扬声器是无线的而且可以简单地放在你想放的地方。Cables: Gone! They all disappear in the back, never to be seen again. And you can also get it with extra storage to make room for your other electronics. Of course, the front let signals from your remote control through. And all this stuff is so good that we give it a five-year guarantee, included in the price.电缆线:消失了!它们通通消失在后面,再也不会被看见。然后你也可以选购额外的储放空间让位给你其他的电子产品。当然,前端让从你遥控器来的讯号通过。而且这玩意整个这么好,所以我们给它五年保固,含在售价里面。The Full HD Smart TV has all the necessary inputs you#39;ll need. You can use the internet, look at pictures of your grandparents or listen to your favorite songs from the MP3 player. And all these with just one remote control...just one remote control... All these with just one remote control...这全高清智能电视拥有所有你会需要的必备输入端子。你可以使用网路、看看你祖父母的照片,或是从MP3播放器听你最喜欢的歌曲。而且所有这些只用一个遥控器...只用一个遥控器...所有这些只用一个遥控器...Choose your favorite frame. Choose your favorite size. UPPLEVA is made to fit any living room, and it comes in number of varieties and colors, fully customizable, from small to everything, to different. Your living room officially just got its freedom back.选择你最喜欢的外框。选择你最喜欢的大小。UPPLEVA是为了适用于任何客厅而制成,而且有许多变化和颜色,完全可客制化,从小玩意到包罗万象,到求新求变。你的客厅正式取回自由。 Article/201408/323282

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