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Girls just gotta have fries猜猜女性的最爱食品?What do you think is typical "girl food" and "guy food"? Maybe salads and steak?Not even close.We asked Harry Balzer, vice president of the NPD Group research firm, to look at 30 years of data on what Americans eat."Every day, since 1976, we have asked 3,500 people if they have gone to a restaurant and what they ordered," Balzer said.The most common thing women order? French fries.No kidding. Women order fries more often than any other food. Here's another surprise: The second-most-ordered food by women is burgers, followed by pizza. A main-dish salad comes in seventh.For men, the most-ordered item is burgers, followed by french fries and pizza. A main-dish salad is No. 10.Still, Balzer says there are some differences in eating choices."Men want to eat the same thing over and over, but women will try new things. They're more experimental. They like all those bs that men can't pronounce, like ciabatta and focaccia." (That's cha-BATT-uh and fo-KAH-chuh, fellas.)Balzer says it's not surprising that some of the fast-food chains are promoting double and triple burgers in ads aimed at men. "Men figure if one is good, two's a lot better. It's why we have razors with five blades."(Agencies)你觉得典型的“女性食品”和“男性食品”是什么?是沙拉和牛排吗?不沾边。我们请NPD集团调查公司副总裁哈里·鲍尔泽先生查阅了30年来有关美国人饮食的数据资料。鲍尔泽说:“从1976年开始,我们每天都会对3500人做个调查,问他们是否去了餐馆,以及他们都点了些什么。”那么,女性点的最多的是什么呢?炸薯条。不是开玩笑。女性点炸薯条的频率比其他任何食物都要高。同时,让人惊讶的是:女性点的第二多的食品竟是汉堡,其次是比萨饼。主餐沙拉则排在第七位。男性点的最多的是汉堡,其次是薯条和比萨饼。主餐沙拉位于第十。鲍尔泽先生说,男女在食品选择上还是存在着一些差别的。“男性喜欢反复吃一种东西,而女性则会去尝试新食品。她们更倾向于试验。那些男性甚至叫不上名的面包,她们通通喜欢,比如ciabatta(查巴塔)和focaccia(佛卡夏)。”鲍尔泽说,一些快餐店专门针对男性做双层和三层汉堡的促销广告,这并不奇怪。“男人们会认为,如果一个好,那么两个会更好。这也是商家推出带5个刀片的剃须刀的原因。”Vocabulary:French fries: 炸薯条experimental: 试验性的 /200803/32059Don't expect a lotIf you are single, expectations are naturally likely to be pretty low, but bear in mind that this is likely to be a rubbish day for people in a relationship, too. Nothing kills spontaneity like having a date pencilled in the diary 12 months in advance, and even rock-solid partnerships can crack a little under the weight of expectations come 14 February. Try to relax, as this will reduce the risk of Valentine's-induced arguments. It is worth noting that women buy 85 per cent of Valentine's Day cards, so your chances of being surprised with a gem from Clinton are significantly higher if you are a man.PlanThis is equally important whether you are single or coupled. It isn't just cosy Italian restaurants that like to embrace the Valentine's theme; your local greasy spoon may offer only the "Valentine's Menu". Even hip clubs get in on the act with "Valentine's Balls" – a phrase that conjures up awful visions of school discos. If you want to avoid these delights, you've got to do your research.Consider ignoring itDifficult to do, but worth a try. Every shop has been steadily filling up with Valentine's gifts for weeks, and supermarket checkouts are infested by chocolate "love bugs". Unless you're a churchgoer, claim to be abstaining on religious grounds – the day is thought to have been named after early Christian martyrs called Valentine – and ignore the whole sorry event.Treat yourselfIf you're single, it can be depressing to see your coupled-up friends being showered with gifts and zipping away on mini-breaks. But there's no reason singles should be left out. If you've been dreaming of a volume of love poetry – or even a scarlet number from Ann Summers for a special occasion – just buy them for yourself. /200902/62543

当感情遭到一方欺骗或背叛的时候,另一方大多悲伤、痛苦,有些人还会想到报复。然而报复的结果却常常是伤人又伤己。在感情生活中,用这样的方式去了结内心的痛,是傻到极点的做法,恨是不能化解痛苦的。家裕说得对,最好的“报复”是比他幸福。为了幸福,那就尽力让自己活得更精更精神吧!NO.1天蝎座(Scorpio)  天蝎座的个性极强,最让他们感到反感的就背叛,换做一般人,顶多就是心里一阵感慨,而天蝎心中的仇恨会留存很久,除非他们报却一箭之分,所以得罪天蝎座的朋友,还是抓紧时间解决,想办法得到他们的原谅,否则,只有被报复后的郁闷。其实最简单的方便,就是不要得罪天蝎座。The most unbearable thing to them is to find out that they have been cheated. They will not stop until they have taken revenge. /200911/88920

I can take a photo of me by myself.就算一个人的时候,我也能玩自拍。

I've Just Bitten My Tongue  "Are we poisonous?" the young snake asked his mother.  "Yes, dear," she replied - "Why do you ask?"  "Because I've just bitten my tongue! " 我刚咬破自己的舌头  “我们有毒吗?”一个年幼的蛇问它的母亲。  “是的,宝贝”,她回答说,“你问这个干什么?”  “因为我刚刚咬破自己的舌头。”

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