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广州白云治疗子宫肌瘤哪家医院效果好东莞哪个医院做人工受孕In spring , the desert undergoes a remarkable transformation. For just a few weeks a year, the flowers of over 3, 000 different plant species turn this desert into the Garden of Africa. This dazzling variety of color has evolved over time for a very special purpose -- for plants to seduce their insect pollinators. Some extraordinary relationships have been forged. The bright purple blossoms of Lapeirousia are designed purely to attract the fly with the longest tongue in Africa. As the fly probes for a sip of nectar in the long floral tubes, pollen is dabbed onto its forehead. A smart design, but on a windy day, it's not so easy to hit the target. Diascia flowers use not nectar but nutritious oils secreted by glands at the tips of their floral tubes to tempt pollinators. Flower and bee, in this case, a perfect fit as the insect dips its toes for oil. Ignited by the rain, the flowering of the Karoo touches the lives of all its inhabitants. Brandt's whistling rats are quick to harvest the blossoms around their burrows. These desert rats time their breeding to the birth of fresh food, but with snakes around, mothers can't risk leaving their youngsters at home. Clinging to her nipples, they're carried along, a sort of meals on wheels. words and expression:1.pollinator:animals or objects that can pollinate授粉者2.lapeirousia3.nectar:a sweet liquid secretion that is attractive to pollinators 花蜜4.dab:apply (usually a liquid) to a surface轻拍(eg.)dab the wall with paint,dab cheek with rouge5.diascia6.gland:An organ which secretes or separates some peculiar product from the blood or sap of animals or plants胰腺,腺体7.nipple:In anatomy, the small raised area in the center of the breast through which milk can flow to the outside乳头8.meals on wheels:Meals on Wheels is the name of a nutrition program available in several countries which delivers a meal to the home of an individual, usually a senior age 60 or older, who is unable to purchase or prepare meals themself上门送餐务illustration:lapeirousia and diascia200807/44689天河那家医院看妇科比较好 Indian Police Shoot Dead Two Suspected Islamic Militants in New Delhi印度警方击毙两名伊斯兰激进分子  Indian police have shot dead two suspected Islamic militants in a shootout in the Indian capital, days after the city was rocked by serial bomb blasts. At least one more militant has been arrested. Police say one of the men killed was behind the blasts in Delhi. 印度警方在印度首都的一场交火中击毙两个伊斯兰激进分子嫌疑人。在这之前,新德里发生了一连串炸弹爆炸事件。至少还有一名激进分子被捕。警方表示,有一个被击毙的人就是策划新德里爆炸事件的主谋。Police say the gun battle erupted when they carried out a raid in a crowded Muslim-dominated residential area in New Delhi Friday, based on a tip-off about suspects linked to last week's deadly bombings in the capital.  印度警方说,他们得到关于上周在首都造成人员伤亡的爆炸事件嫌疑人的密报,星期五突袭了新德里一个以穆斯林为主的人口稠密的居民区,并且在那里与嫌疑人发生交火。A senior Delhi police official, Rajan Bhagat, says two suspected militants were killed after an exchange of gunfire lasting nearly an hour. One militant was captured, while two others fled. Two policemen were wounded in the shootout.  新德里高级警官巴加特说,两名激进分子嫌疑人在长达1个小时的交火中被击毙。一名激进分子被捕,另有两人逃离。在交火中有两名警察受伤。"Two persons have died," he said. "A lot of firearms have been recovered from that place and an investigation is in progress. We are searching the place." 巴加特说:“有两人死亡。在那里发现了许多,正在进行调查。我们正在搜查那个地点。”Police say one of the men who they shot dead had planned and executed the serial bomb attacks that killed more than 20 people in New Delhi. They say he also helped in carrying out bomb attacks in Ahmedabad and Jaipur - two other cities that have been hit by serial blasts in recent months. A group called the Indian Mujahideen has claimed responsibility for the serial blasts - the dead militant was one if its top leaders according to the police.  警方说,他们击毙的一个人策划并且实施了在新德里造成20多人丧生的连环爆炸袭击。他们说,他也曾经帮助实施了在艾哈迈达巴德和斋浦尔的爆炸袭击,这两个城市近几个月来都发生过连环爆炸。一个名为印度圣战者的组织出面为这些连环爆炸事件承担责任,据警方说,这名被击毙的激进分子是该组织的首领之一。The government and police have come under pressure in recent weeks to act against the militants behind the attacks.  印度政府和警方这几个星期来受到压力,人们要求他们反击策划这些袭击的激进分子。On Thursday, the government announced a series of measures to strengthen security and surveillance to tackle the growing terror threat. These include deployment of thousands of additional policemen in New Delhi, and creating a new research wing in its intelligence agency.  星期四,印度政府宣布了加强安全和监控工作的一系列措施,以应对越来越多的恐怖威胁。这些措施包括在新德里增加几千名警员,并在政府情报机构内设立一个新的研究部门。A security analyst at New Delhi's Center for Policy Research, Bharat Karnad, says these measures alone are unlikely to help tackle the threat of terror. "These are palliatives, its like a band aid, but what is the will behind upgrading your security organizations and so on? If you look at sheer demographics and sp of the country, effective policing of terror is going to take a lot more efficiency on part of the government, far better intelligence, far better policing," Karnad said. "Most of these things are missing, in part because even though we have experienced terror for the last 25-30 years, starting in Kashmir, we still have not evolved the institutional mechanisms todeal with terror."Since the bomb blasts hit major cities, the government has faced increasing criticism that it lacks an effective counter terror strategy. 自从印度主要城市发生炸弹爆炸事件以来,印度政府受到越来越多的批评,指责政府缺乏有效的反恐战略。200809/49443天河区长安医院是三甲医院吗

广州取环费用佛山那些医院精液检查 国家地理:China's Lost Girls 被抛弃的女孩[5]Chinese officials now say that the gender imbalance poses a major threat to China and could trigger crimes like prostitution, forced marriages and abductions of women. These crimes have aly begun. Zhu Wenguang is a private detective who earns his living by rescuing women who've been kidnapped. He says he's rescued about 100 women in the past decade. "So what, what are all these things here? Showing me.""These are all files related to those kidnapped women."Families go to him for help after their daughters have been kidnapped and sold as wives to men in other provinces."Mr. Zhu, I have a map of China. I wonder if you could just show me where the most women are being kidnapped.""I've been to almost every province except Tibet to rescue abducted women. I am really sympathetic for their sad and bitter experience. They are sold to the poorest places and live a miserable life, treated no better than animals. Some of them have broken legs, broken arms. Some of them were beaten black and blue all over the body." Zhang Chuanli is one of those women. Mr. Zhu rescued her after she'd been kidnapped and taken nearly a thousand miles from her home in Sichuan all the way to Inner Mongolia. So apparently Ms. Zhang wrote this letter to Mr. Zhu, and asking to be rescued, and this is her file. "You're kidnapped and sold as a wife? Or, or what happened?" "I was sold to become somebody's wife. It was very difficult for me. The man treated me very badly and he was sick as well. The rest of the family watched me all the time. When I tried to escape, I was beaten badly. It was terrible. I felt like I wanted to die."It's not clear how many kidnappings are a result of China's gender imbalance. But experts predict that (if) it gets worse, they'll certainly increase. "Do you know why your husband had to buy you? Do you know what the reason was?" "He couldn't find a wife. He was sick and old and needed to find one, for not much money.""Do you know how much you were sold for?" "About 3,600 yuan, I was told later by a relative."3,600 yuan, that's about 435 dollars. Zhangquanli says the man raped her repeatedly and after a year she had his child. "Where is your son now?""The son is still there in Inner Mongolia. When I was rescued, the whole village came out, and surrounded the vehicles and tried to stop us. The police fired shots in the air, and tried to stop the crowd. But it didn't work. They wouldn't let me take the child. We almost didn't get out ourselves.""Is that difficult to be away from your son now?" "It's very hard. I'm sad about it, but I couldn't take him with me."If it wasn't for my mom and dad, I bet I'd still be in the orphan, orphanage. And I wouldn't be here right now and I wouldn't be living in America. I would just be living in China but and I'll be...200709/17507广州天河长安医院人工流产怎么样好不好

天河长安医院输卵管接通多少钱Coastal Oil Drilling Becomes US Campaign Issue麦凯恩呼吁允许开采美国近海石油  President Bush and Republican presidential candidate John McCain are both calling for an end to a moratorium on developing oil and natural gas resources along much of the U.S. coastline. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama opposes such a move, saying the country needs to move away from oil. Meanwhile, public-opinion polls show U.S. consumers favoring more development of domestic resources to offset high fuel prices. 美国总统布什和即将获得共和党总统候选人提名的约翰·麦凯恩都呼吁结束暂禁在美国大部分海岸线外开采石油和天然气储藏的禁令。而预料会获得民主党总统候选人提名的巴拉克·奥巴马则反对这样的举措,他说,美国需要做的是结束对石油的依赖。与此同时,民意调查显示,美国消费者则倾向进一步开发国内石油资源,以应对昂贵的燃油价格。Energy has become one of the main issues clearly dividing the two U.S. political parties as they prepare for their national conventions. With oil trading on the world market at above 0 a barrel, U.S. consumers are feeling the economic impact at the gasoline pump and in increased food prices.  在美国两大政党为今年的总统大选竞选造势的同时,能源问题已经很清楚地成为两党的主要分歧之一。当世界市场上的石油价格上涨到每桶130美元以上时,美国消费者在加油站以及上涨的食品价格中感受到了经济压力。During a speech Tuesday in Houston, Senator John McCain called for an end to a moratorium on energy development in coastal areas. 麦凯恩参议员星期二在德克萨斯的休斯顿演讲时,呼吁结束对沿海地区能源开发的限制。"The broad federal moratorium stands in the way of energy exploration and production," he said. 他说:“联邦政府的广泛禁令阻碍了能源的勘探和生产”。The ban, which has been in effect since 1981, covers more than 80 percent of the U.S. coastline and the outer continental shelf. The ban was put in place to reduce the chances of environmental damage from oil spills and in part to protect the tourist industry. Senator McCain once opposed development in coastal areas, but he says the rapidly rising cost of fuel makes it necessary. 这项禁令是1981年生效的。禁令涵盖了美国超过百分之80以上的海岸线和大陆架地区。实施这项禁令的目的是消除石油泄漏可能对环境产生的污染,另一部分原因是保护旅游业。麦凯恩参议员一度也反对在沿海地区进行开采,但是,他现在表示,飞涨的燃油价格使得有必要解除禁令。"As a matter of fairness to the American people and a matter of duty for our government, we must deal with the here and now and assure affordable fuel for America by increasing domestic production," he added. “出于对美国人民的公平待遇,以及联邦政府的职责,我们不得不此时此地解决问题,通过增加国内产量,以保美国人获得付得起的燃油。”Senator Barack Obama responded in a chat with reporters on board his campaign plane Tuesday, criticizing McCain for changing his position on the issue from his earlier stance and deriding the notion that offshore oil development would reduce the energy crunch. 奥巴马参议员星期二在自己的竞选运动飞机上与记者闲聊时谈到了这个问题。他对麦凯恩改变先前在这个问题上的立场进行了批评,并对开发沿海石油会减少能源危机的说法不以为然。"There is no way that allowing offshore drilling would lower gas prices right now," he said. "At best you are looking at five years down the road." “允许进行沿海石油开发就会马上削减汽油的价格是不可能的。充其量,只能在五年后才会看到这样的情况。”In a conference call with reporters, former Democratic Governor of Iowa and Obama supporter Tom Vilsack accused McCain of pandering to voters rather than providing a long-term energy solution. 爱奥华州的前民主党籍州长威尔萨克是奥巴马的持者,他在与记者举行的电话会议上,指责麦凯恩是在迎合选民,而不是提供解决能源问题的长久之计。"It is clear that the strength of this country is going to be dependent on us moving away from oil, not towards more oil," he said. “很清楚,这个国家的力量来自我们摆脱对石油的依赖,而并非取决于生产更多的石油。”Energy sector analysts say both sides in this debate have legitimate points, but that the high cost of fuel is likely to influence voters in favor of more drilling. 能源行业的分析人士说,争论的双方都有道理,但是,昂贵的能源价格很可能会影响选民,使得他们赞成扩大开发。One man who has a politically neutral perspective, is Charles Groat, who teaches at the University of Texas and served as director of the U.S. Geological Survey under both Presidents Clinton and Bush. He says the potential of the coasts is shown by the vast amounts of oil that have been extracted with little environmental impact from offshore sites in the Gulf of Mexico. 在德克萨斯大学教学的查尔斯·格罗特在这个问题上有中立的政治观点,不受政治党派的左右。他在克林顿政府以及布什两任政府中都担任美国地质勘探局局长一职。他说,在墨西哥湾沿海大量开采石油却没有造成什么环境污染的事实表明沿海采油的可行性。"You have got to think that, with modern exploration techniques, the chances for finding substantial amounts of oil and gas off both our east and west coasts has got to be significant, but they have to have a chance to try and with the moratorium that is not happening these days," he noted. “你必须这样想,随著现代勘探技术的提高,在我们的东、西海岸找到大量石油和天然气储藏的机率将是很大的。他们必须有机会去尝试这样做,而由于这个禁令,这种可能性今天都没有成为现实。”Groat acknowledges that it may take a few years to find the oil and begin developing the infrastructure to extract it, but he says that oil could be very welcome in a few years if energy prices keep climbing, as they surely will given global demand. 格罗特承认,找到石油以及开始发展开采石油的基础设施建设可能需要几年的时间,但是,他说,如果油价继续攀升,今后几年石油可能还是非常受欢迎的。而考虑到全球的需求,油价继续攀升几乎是肯定的。As for alternative energy, Groat says there is nothing on the horizon at present that would substantially replace the need for oil and gas."I think the missing consideration in the real push towards alternatives is that demand growth for traditional fuels, transportation fuels in particular, is substantial in the ed States and globally as well," he added. "That is not going to abate even if we do have some fairly effective conservation moves. So the demand for traditional hydrocarbons is going to grow, not shrink, even if we move more and more into alternatives."Groat says failure to address the issue of rising energy costs could lead to a severe economic downturn.200806/42317 KING: You've lived the life of a first lady of a state and a federal government. Would you want it for one of your daughters? L. BUSH: Sure, if they wanted it. I mean, the fact is, I'm the first lady because I happened to marry someone who ran for president and won. And I didn't run for the office. I'm here because he ran, and he wanted to run. As he said, you know, don't feel sorry for him; he's a volunteer; he volunteered for this job, and he ran for the office. I think that I have an unbelievable opportunity to see our country at its very, very best. And do I get to see it at its worst? Sure. But overwhelmingly, every opportunity that I have strengthens and encourages me because of the way the American people are. KING: So you wouldn't mind it if one of them had the same path?L. BUSH: Sure, no, I mean, why did you not suggest that one of them might run themselves? (LAUGHTER)KING: How about running? Would that bother you? L. BUSH: No, not at all. If they were interested in that, I think that'd be terrific. KING: Are you going to get involved in the 2006 elections? L. BUSH: Sure. KING: Are you going to campaign for...L. BUSH: Sure, absolutely, I'll be campaigning for our candidates. I've aly done some and have some more scheduled. KING: When I first met you there in Austin, you were not a fan of running for office. That was not your ball game. L. BUSH: Well, I know how hard it is. I do know how hard it is. And I had -- George and I had an advantage that most people, except John Quincy Adams, haven't had, and that is we had seen someone we loved in this job, and we knew what it was like, and we knew what we were getting into. Certainly, we didn't know how extremely difficult and challenging these years would be for our country because of September 11th. But on the other hand, we knew to expect the unexpected, that that's what happens. That's what has happened to every president...(CROSSTALK) KING: So you like getting out now? L. BUSH: So I do like it. I like it a lot. It's fun. KING: Do you have a favorite? L. BUSH: A favorite state or...KING: A favorite presidential...L. BUSH: ... or a favorite president?KING: Office, for the office in 2008. L. BUSH: Oh, in 2008. I thought you were talking about the 2006 elections. KING: Those governors and senators and congressmen, I don't know.L. BUSH: I'll be campaigning for them, and then we'll see what happens in 2008.200809/47883广州白云无痛人流多长时间广州白云人流手术哪个医院比较好



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