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长春阳光医院做无痛人流多少钱怎么样长春市双阳区妇幼保健所乳腺增生1.惯用口语句子:Can I help you? May I help you? What can I do for you?May I help you?在语气上比Can I help you?更加委婉,不过一般情况下用Can I help you?就可以了。Want a hand? Do you want a hand? Do you need a hand?需要帮忙吗?Do you need any help? Help? Do you need help?你需要帮助吗?Im not an expert, but Id be happy to help you.我不是专家,但是我乐于帮助你。expert n. 专家,行家Is there anything I can do for you? Is there anything I can help you with?Is there anything else?还有别的事吗?Is there anything else I can do for you?还有什么别的我可以帮忙的吗?Anything I can do to help? Is there anything I can do to help?我能帮忙干点什么?Let me help you out.我来帮你吧。help out“帮助(某人)解决困难”If you need any help, let me know. Ill be right here.如果需要帮忙就叫我,我马上就来。Im at your service.我随时为您效劳,service n. 务Are you being helped?有人在为您务了吗?Is someone waiting on you?/ls anyone serving you?wait on sb.表示“(在桌子旁边)给某人是菜倒饮料”,尤其是在饭店侍者给顾客提供随桌务的场合。May I be of any assistance?我可以帮你吗?Is something wrong? Can I help?有什么问题吗?我能帮什么忙吗?assistance n. 帮助,援助 /201503/365789长春阳光女子医院收费 unit 435乘出租去机场dialogue 英语情景对话A:Taxi!A:出租车!B:Where to?B:先生,您去哪里?A:Beijing International Airport. Would you please help me with my baggage?A:首都国际机场。您能帮我拿一下行李么?B:Certainly. Lets put the suitcase in the boot.B:当然.把手提箱放在车后备箱里吧。A:Thank you. Ive got just 50 minutes to go. Can we manage?A:谢谢。我还有50分钟时间。我们能来得及么?B:Take it easy. We should be able to make it unless we get caught in a traffic jam.B:放心吧,如果不赶上交通堵塞我们应该能到。A:I cant afford to miss my 9:40 flight.A:我可不能误了9点40的航班。B:Dont worry. The traffic is smooth. You will be there in time for your flight.B:别担心,交通很通畅。您会及时赶上您的航班的。 /201606/448695小咖实用英语口语 第59期:酒店inn /201506/360533长春流产哪个医院比较好

九台街道人流好不好Todd: OK, Rebecca were talking about working in a restaurant. Now you became a chef. Can you talk about the process of becoming a chef? What do you do to get a job in a kitchen?托德:丽贝卡,我们来谈一下在厨房工作的事情。你是一名厨师。你能说说成为厨师的过程吗?你是怎么得到厨房的工作的?Rebecca: Well, theres lots of different ways, but the most common way is to become an apprentice which means you go to the kitchen and work at the bottom level doing the basic chopping — boring jobs — for maybe two or three years, and then one day a week you go to school, a cooking school. Your employer pays for you to go to the school. You do get paid by your employer but its a really small wage, so, yeah. Otherwise, you can start at the bottom, like a dishwasher, and actually Australias most famous chef started that way. He just was a dishwasher and he slowly climbed up the ladder, so you can do it that way as well.丽贝卡:有很多种不同的方法,最普遍的做法是先当学徒,你要先去厨房里从底层开始做起,做一些简单的切菜之类的无聊工作,这项工作可能要做两三年的时间,然后每周有一天去上烹饪学校上课。你的雇主会付去你烹饪学校的费用。在这段时间里,虽然你也有工资,不过非常少。还有一种方法,你可以从洗碗工这种底层工作开始做起,实际上澳大利亚最著名的厨师就是从洗碗工开始做起的。他从洗碗工开始,一步步往上升,所以也可以用这种方法。Todd: So what about you? Did you go to cooking school?托德:那你呢?你也上过烹饪学校吗?Rebecca: Yeah, I did, but actually I dropped out after awhile, so I did that for about a year but to be honest I think you get more experience in a kitchen. Sometimes the stuff they teach you at school is a little bit old-fashioned.丽贝卡:对,上过,不过我只上了一段时间就退学了,我大概学了一年的时间,不过说实话,我觉得在厨房里工作能积累更多经验。有时你在学校里学的东西会有点过时。Todd: How much actually of what you learn do you just learn on yourself, as just a creative process? Like how much do you think you learn by watching others and how much do you learn on your own, using your own creativity?托德:你基本上是自学吗,就是那种创新的过程?你通过观看他人来学习占了多少比重?你用自己的创造力自学又占了多大比重?Rebecca: I think both are really important. Actually, I learned a lot from my mother. When I was a kid, I used to watch her cooking all the time, and it wasnt until I grew up that I realized how much I understood about cooking just from seeing what she did in the kitchen, but also talking about how to do things with your colleagues I think is really important.丽贝卡:我觉得这两种方法都很重要。实际上,我从我妈妈那里学到了很多。我小时候经常会在一旁看我妈妈做饭,直到我长大以后我才意识到我只是看她在厨房做饭就学到了很多烹饪技巧,我认为如何和同事相处也非常重要。Todd: Now, Im curious, you know how to cook, and everybody knows you know how to cook — family members and friends — so how... do you like to actually cook for family members and friends or is cooking a job that when you go home, you prefer not to cook for other people because its like bringing your work home?托德:我好奇的是,你知道如何烹饪,你的家人和朋友都知道你会做饭,那你喜欢为家人和朋友做东西吃吗?还是你只把烹饪当作工作,回家以后你不想再给其他人做饭吃,因为会有种把工作带回家的感觉?Rebecca: Well, I know some chefs that have nothing in their fridge and they hate cooking at home, but Im not like that. I really love cooking for people. Its really the nicest thing you can do for someone is to give them a lovely meal. The sad thing is actually that no one will ever cook for me, because theyre too scared. They always apologize before I even have a chance to eat it. ;Oh, its going to be terrible. Oh, youre a cook. Im sorry.; But actually I love food being cooked for me. I wish people would do it more.丽贝卡:嗯,我知道有些厨师自己的冰箱里什么都没有,他们讨厌在家做饭,不过我不是这样。我非常喜欢给人们做饭吃。我认为对别人做的最好的事情就是给他们准备一顿美餐。不过令人难过的是没有人给我做饭吃,因为他们会担心。通常在我尝味道之前,他们就已经先道歉了。“哦,这肯定不好吃。你是厨师,我很抱歉。” 实际上我喜欢别人为我做饭吃。我希望他们能多这样做。Todd: OK. Thats funny. Thanks Rebecca.托德:好。这很有趣,谢谢你,丽贝卡。 译文属 /201509/400159长春无痛人流医院哪家比较好 长春九台区药流费用

吉林中医院人流要多少钱1.惯用口语句子:I think A is greatly inferior to B.我认为A远不如B。inferior a. 次的,差的,劣等的(其反义词为superior)There is no comparison between A and B.A和B不能相比。You just cant compare this book with that one.你不能把这本书和那本书相比。comparison n. 比较,对照compare v. 比较,对照I think taking pictures is more interesting than playing football.我认为拍照片要比踢足球更有意思。A is more... than B ;A比B更---;On the whole, I think Rick is a good worker compared to others.总的来说,我认为同其他人比较起来瑞克是个好工人。on the whole“大体上,基本上”I dont consider films to be less attractive than acrobatics.我认为电影和杂技同样吸引人。consider v. 以为,考虑acrobatics n. 杂技Do you think rich people are much happier?你觉得富人会更快乐吗?Who is the happiest person in the world?谁是世界上最快乐的人?Who lives the most happily in our family?咱们家谁活得最快乐?They are of the same character. They have the same character.他们的性格相同。character n. 性格Theres no difference.没什么区别。They are similar.他们很相像,差不多。They are exactly the same.他们完全一样。Yours is as much as mine.你的和我的一样多。Your is twice(two times)as much as mine.你的是我的两倍那么多。 /201503/364954 Matt: Taking one step back to the newspapers, my impression was that newspapers got all their money from the advertisements, and that people buying newspapers basically paid for the paper, like the actual printing and maybe the delivery. That the actual cost, that any money they make was through advertisements so I dont see how thats any different than if they just had it online where they would get rid of all those costs of delivery and the paper and the printing and then just still have the same advertisement so I dont understand why they cant make that transition more smoothly.马特:我们继续来聊报纸,我印象中报纸业的收入来自广告以及人们购买报纸的费用,而像印刷和投递是报纸业要出的费用,报纸业的收入来源于广告,我认为这和电子版报纸没有什么区别,电子版可以摆脱投递费用、纸张费用以及印刷费用,而且在线新闻也有广告,所以我不明白为什么报业没有更顺利地过渡至电子版。Rachel: And actually I heard that they get more money from online advertising than from the print advertising so, yeah, I dont know really know why it matters come to think of it.蕾切尔:我听说相比于印刷广告,他们能从在线广告中获利更多,我也不知道为什么报业还要考虑。Matt: Im sure that the newspaper will go the way of the Dodo fairly soon.马特:我确定报纸很快就会像渡渡鸟一样灭亡。Rachel: Yeah, yeah.蕾切尔:对,没错。Matt: But again, why is it that people will accept that but not books?马特:不过,为什么人们可以接受电子版报纸却不能接受电子版书籍呢?Rachel: Cause I think ... I can handle a small article, like one page on screen, but Im not for a long time. I cant the same like. And also with news you just want to flick through it. You dont really ... you dont use it to relax.蕾切尔:我认为,我可以在屏幕上看只有一页的小文章,但是我不能看太长时间。我不能在屏幕上看书。而且看新闻的话,你只要快速浏览一下就行了。不是用来放松的。Matt: Thats true. Thats true. Its usually more active.马特:没错,没错。那通常是更积极的活动。Rachel: Yeah, whereas with a book you can in the bath, or you could it on the bed, or just ... its a pleasurable sort of thing rather than a ;OK, Ive got to do this to be ...;蕾切尔:对,而看书的话,你可以在浴室看书,也可以在床上看书,看书令人愉快,而不是“哦,我要去做这件事……”Matt: Up with current events.马特:了解时事。Rachel: Yeah.蕾切尔:对。Matt: Yeah, actually, and one nice feature about ing news online and that Ive noticed lately when I went to the, I shouldnt say names, but the B web site and so I was ing an article. Recently in the news, they were talking about Iran and the elections and things like that, and they mentioned a lot of names of different positions in the government, and on the side was all of these links to background information about those people and about those positions and about the government and the structure of the government and it was really fun to be able to go through it and learn quite a bit quite quickly about the government system in Iran and and that kind of thing. Thats much better than a newspaper where you it and go, ;Ooh, wheres my encyclopedia?;马特:我认为在线阅读有一个优点,这个优点是我最近在浏览新闻时发现的,我其实不应该说出网站的名字,我是在B网站上看到的那篇新闻。那篇文章讲的是伊朗选举,文章中提到了许多政府职务名称,旁边有一些链接,点击后可以查看候选人的背景,职位详情,政府相关情况,政府组织结构等等,这样浏览真的很有乐趣 ,而且可以快速了解伊朗政府的体系。这点比报纸好,你在看报纸时可能会想“我的百科全书在哪里?”Rachel: Yeah. Exactly. Yeah, I did a similar thing with a report about Iran, and then looking at people who are campaigning against the government and I was like, ;I dont know these people. But who are they?; and there was a link and I could find out about more which was cool.蕾切尔:对,没错。我在看一份与伊朗有关的报道时也查看了相关链接,我了解了一些从事反政府活动的人,当时我看到时在想“我不认识这些人。他们是谁?”因为有相关链接,我能了解更多情况,这非常好。Matt: Yeah, its nice. Its nice. Yeah. So ...马特:对,这很好,很不错。Rachel: The death of the newspaper.蕾切尔:报纸的消亡。Matt: The death of the newspaper. I think its inevitable.马特:报纸的消亡。我认为这是不可避免的。Rachel: The book still survives.蕾切尔:书籍依然存在。Matt: Lets keep the books. I like that.马特:我们保留住书籍吧。我喜欢书。 译文属 /201608/459572长春八一医院妇科长岭县中医医院可以刷社保卡吗



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