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四川省生殖专科医院做无痛人流要证明吗宜宾市妇幼保健院预约 The term diaosi originated as an insult for a poor, unattractive young person who stayed at home all day playing games, with dim prospects for the future -- in other words, a loser. Yet as the term went viral on the Internet, Chinese youth from all backgrounds began to embrace it.“屌丝”一词原是对那些既没钞票又没相貌,整天在宅家里打游戏,前途一片渺茫的年轻人的侮辱性称谓,换个词说就是失败者的意思。但随着这一词语走红网络,各种背景的中国年轻人都开始自嘲为“屌丝”。It has become a self-deprecating counter to the gaofushuai, or the ;tall-rich-handsome,; those with status, success, and bright futures. The number of people who refer to themselves as diaosi has continued to grow, and it is slowly transforming into a descriptor of the ordinary Chinese citizen who faces everyday struggles and hardships.和这一自贬词语相对的是“高富帅”,就是“个子高,有钱又有貌”的人,他们有地位,活得很成功,前途一片光明。而管自己叫“屌丝”的人越来越多,这一词语也渐渐演化成了中国市井小民的代名词,他们每天都要面对各种艰辛,努力谋生。This infographic, created by Sohu Business, posits that the time of the sought-after high-end Chinese consumer, drawn to high-end brands and other symbols of status, may be ending. In their place, the diaosi are poised to become the mainstream consumers in China. It also hints at a future turning point: China#39;s underdogs just may become the country#39;s mainstream.这些图表由搜狐财经制作,从中可以看出中国高端人群人热衷于名牌商标和其它象征高档地位商品的时代已经过去了,现在“屌丝”成了中国主流消费者;另一个转折点是,草根阶层成为中国的主流群体。Ever since GDP growth dropped to 7.8 percent in 2012, the Chinese economy hasn#39;t been quite as robust. Affected by the economic environment, China#39;s luxury goods consumption has substantially declined, giving business people a big headache.自2012年中国GDP增长下降至7.8个百分点之后,中国经济发展也趋向疲软。受经济环境影响,中国奢侈品消费量大幅下跌,商人对此大为头痛。We#39;ve heard that the diaosi#39;s main profession is ;moving bricks; , but this doesn#39;t seem to be the real situation ...我们知道屌丝的主要工作是“搬砖”,但事实好像并非如此……Programmers and media industry workers had the highest percentage of self-identified diaosi, but only fewer than 10 percent of civil servants self-identified as diaosi.自称为“屌丝”的人群中,有很大一部分人都在编程和传媒行业工作,只有不到10%的公务员自认为是“屌丝”。The diaosi identity is strongest in the 30 to 39 year-olds, with more than 80 percent identifying as such.自认为“屌丝”人大多是30至39岁的人,他们占到所有屌丝人口的80%以上。So, if you encounter a no-car, no-home, no-girlfriend, over 20, almost 30-year-old media worker or programmer, make no mistake -- he is a so-called diaosi.从上图可见,要是你遇见一个二十多岁马上奔三十的人,他没房没车没女友,不是程序员就是搞传媒的,那么他准保是个“屌丝”。Different incomes affect the degree of diaosi self-identification.不同的收入情况也影响到了“屌丝”的分布。In fact, survey respondents with incomes of 6,001-8,000 RMB for men and 3,001-6,000 RMB for women most identified with diaosi. Beijing residents#39; per capita disposable income is only 3,039 RMB, suggesting that the large majority of self-identified diaosi actually have incomes higher than the average income level of society. In addition, they do not need to care for cars or homes.事实上在受访人群中,月薪6001-8000元的男性和3001-6000元的女性更愿意把自己称作“屌丝”,而北京居民的人均可配收入只有3039元。这说明大部分“屌丝”的收入都要高于社会平均水平。而且,他们不用为买车买房担心。In consumer attitudes, diaosi value quality and fashion the most, while only fewer than 10 percent value necessities, suggesting that though everyone identifies as diaosi, they still want to pursue a high quality of life.在消费态度方面,“屌丝”最看重质量和时尚。只有不到10%的人关注日常所需。这意味着尽管人人自称为“屌丝”,他们都想拥有高品质生活。At the same time, diaosi really like to lounge around at home. At night they tend to stay home and use the Internet, and they especially love to play games. Thus, socializing is diaosis#39; biggest shortcoming and also their greatest demand.同时,“屌丝”真的很宅。他们晚上大都呆在家里上网,尤其热爱打游戏,因此社交是屌丝们的致命缺陷,也是他们的最大需求。The survey demonstrates that only one third of single diaosi have a significant other, or, on average only one in three males have a girlfriend. Additionally, the majority of diaosi are between 20-30 years old, the prime period for dating. Thus, socializing is truly the diaosi#39;s greatest demand.调查显示,只有三分之一的单身屌丝有“重要的另一半”,换句话说就是平均每三个男性中只有一个有女朋友。另外,大多数屌丝都在20到30岁之间,正是外出约会的黄金年龄。因此,社交沟通的确是屌丝的最大需求。In conclusion: those who identify as part of the diaosi subculture have gradually become a unique consumer group. They have strong purchasing power and rational consumption attitudes.总的说来,这些自认为属于“屌丝亚文化”的人正渐渐演化为独特的消费人群。他们有很强的购买力和理性的消费态度。The concept of pursuing the ;high-end, powerful, and upscale; is aly past; now we must direct our attention toward the diaosi concepts of ;quality, thoughtfulness, and creativity.; The diaosi could become the future mainstream consumers, inevitably giving rise to new business opportunities.购买“高端大气上档次”产品的观念已经成为过去;现在我们要将注意力转移到屌丝的购物理念上:“质量、体贴、有新意”。现在的屌丝有可能成为明天的主流消费者,必将带来新的商机。 /201307/246576四川省成都市第六人民医院的qq号

成都省一院院长One time or another, you’ve had the thought running through your head that if you only knew more you would be more successful in life.有时候有个想法会闪过脑海:你只有知道的越多,人生才会更成功。It’s only natural that you think knowing more will make you more successful. Perhaps another degree, a conference, or a DVD business series is what you need to turn your situation around.你觉得“懂得越多越成功”再自然不过了。也许另一个学位、一场会议或商战系列DVD就能让你反转境况。It’s frustrating.Because the more you learn, the less you feel like you’re becoming successful.现实令人沮丧。因为你学得更多,你就越不会觉得自己成功。That’s because, despite what you hear about success, it has very little to do with formal education. How much you know doesn’t really matter.Some of the most successful people did it without all the education:这是因为,虽然你听过关于成功的种种说法,但成功很少和正规教育有关。你懂得多少并不重要。最成功的人中有些人没受过教育,却依然成功了:Steve Jobs stayed in college for only six months. His breakthrough inventions in mobile technology and movie animation are perhaps the greatest business marvel of the last fifty years.史蒂夫·乔布斯只上了6个月大学。他在移动技术和电影动画的突破性发明也许是过去50年中最大的商业奇迹。Henry Ford had no college education at all. He went on to reinvent the manufacturing process and the entire automobile industry.亨利·福特根本没有大学文凭。他改进了制作业生产过程和整个汽车行业。William Shakespeare dropped out of middle school. He would later create almost 2,000 English words and write the most famous literary works.威廉·莎士比亚中学辍学。他后来创造了近2000个英语单词,并且写了最有名的文学作品。Horace Greeley had no schooling at all. He would later become a Congressman, and today is considered one the most influential journalists in American history.霍勒斯·格里利没受过任何教育。他后来成为国会议员,如今被认为是美国历史上最有影响力的记者。Albert Einstein was a high school dropout and failed his university entrance exams. He came up with the Theory of Relativity, published 300 scientific papers, won a Nobel Prize, and is considered the greatest mind of the twentieth century.爱因斯坦高中辍学,也没考上大学。他提出了相对论,发表了300篇科学论文,获得了诺贝尔奖,被认为是二十世纪最伟大的人。Success isn’t really about how much you know.What matters is what you do.成功与你知道多少无关。重要的是你做了什么。One of the greatest inventors the world has ever know explained success this way: “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.”Thomas Edison didn’t just say that; he lived it. He would attempt over 10,000 separate tries in creating the light bulb.爱迪生是世界上最伟大的发明家之一,他是这样解释成功的:“天才是1%的灵感和99%的汗水。” 他并不只是说说,他实践了这句话。爱迪生在发明灯泡时试了10,000多次。Some people probably thought he was crazy. And some will think you are too.Maybe you’re just on your way to doing something mind-blowingly amazing.有些人可能认为他疯了。有些人也同样会这么评价你。也许你只是正在做什么惊天动地的事。 /201302/225658 THOSE Latin Americans who can afford one are just as wedded to the car as their counterparts north of the Rio Grande. And thanks to the region’s long boom, more and more have bought vehicles. That is leading both to terrible traffic jams in many of the region’s cities—and to the swift sp of efforts to promote urban cycling.拉美洲人和与他们对等的 Rio Grande 人一样,都爱车如命。由于拉丁美洲经济的持续增长,越来越多的人拥有车,这也导致了该地区许多城市都有严重的交通堵塞问题,进而人们开始广泛提倡在城市以自行车代步。Following in the tyre-tracks of Bogotá and Mexico City, the regional pioneers, the latest capital to boost the bike is Buenos Aires. In January, while sitting on one of the city’s bright-yellow public bicycles the mayor, Mauricio Macri, announced the completion of the 100th kilometre (62nd mile) of protected bike lanes. Launched barely two years ago, the city’s Mejor en Bici (Better by Bike) scheme has also involved interest-free loans to promote cycle-buying, as well as the lanes and 1,000 free public bikes at 28 stations.继波哥大和墨西哥城带头之后,布宜诺斯艾利斯也效仿开始了首都的自行车推行活动。1月,骑在亮黄色的城市公共自行车上的市长宣布长第100公里的自行车专用车道完工。两年前推出的”骑车更好计划”还包括无利率贷款以促进自行车购买以及分放在28个站的1000辆免费公共自行车和自行车道。At first this was unpopular, especially among car drivers. “Bikes were seen solely as tools for exercise and recreation, and people thought we were completely mad to encourage them as a means of commuting,” says Guillermo Dietrich, the official in charge of the scheme.一开始这一活动几乎无人问津,开车的人尤其没有兴趣。“自行车一向被当作健身和的工具,人们认为我们提倡把自行车当做交通工具简直就是疯了。”负责项目的官员 Guillermo Dietrich如是说。Public opinion now seems to be warming to the idea, partly because cycling is a quicker way to get about Argentina’s capital, or at least its inner core, which Mr Macri governs. La Nación, a newspaper, found that a 7km journey to or from the city centre at rush hour took nearly twice as long by bus or car as by bike. Mr Dietrich has allayed fears about safety by erecting barriers between most cycle lanes and the traffic.公众开始渐渐接受这个想法,一部分原因是在阿根廷的首都骑车去哪儿更快,至少在 Macri领导的中心城区是这样的。 当地报纸La Nación报道从市中心出发或者到市中心的七公里在高峰时段骑车比公交或者开车要快几乎两倍。 Dietrich先生通过在绝大多数自行车道和机动车道之间建立隔离栏杆让人们减少对骑车安全的担心。Cyclists are still a tiny minority of commuters, accounting for just 2% of journeys, but that proportion has quintupled since the scheme began. This year the city plans to add 30km of cycle lanes, to double the number of public bikes and add another 72 docking stations. In relation to its size, Buenos Aires will by then have the densest cycling infrastructure in the region. Even less excuse for porte#241;os, as the city’s residents are called, not to get on their bikes.骑自行车上下班的仍只是极少数人,占总数的2%,但这一数字自项目开始已经翻了五倍。今年,项目打算增加30千米的自行车道,再增加一倍的公共自行车和72个存车点。从大小上来讲,布宜诺斯艾利斯将会在完工时拥有区域内最密集的自行车基础设施。对于被称作港口人( porte#241;os)的当地居民来说,就更没有理由不骑自行车了。 /201303/229125郫都区治疗不孕不育哪家医院最好的四川成都416医院有没有位置



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