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Welcome back, you're watching Channel 4 News. Now controlling inflation has been at the very heart of the government's claims of economic competence. But today for the first time in ten years, the rate of inflation rose above Gordon Brown's target. The Bank of England has the job of meeting that target and the governor has now had to write to the Chancellor explaining what's gone wrong. In his letter, Mervyn King talks of growing price pressures within the economy and most economists believe more interest rate rises are imminent. Our economics correspondent Faisal Islam explains.For ten years, the Bank of England has built an unrivaled reputation for maintaining economic stability through low inflation. But is that now melting away as inflation surges to nearly 1% over the European average? Does a shock breach of the Treasury-imposed target for inflation evaporate Britain's superior economic record?"We have pretty strong economic growth overall. We have a period of very, very low interest rates, and inflations remain. But now, I think some of that is probably now starting to unravel. And if we continue to see decent rates of economic growth in this country and abroad, then that will not be combined any more with low interest rates. We won't be able to have our cake and eat it."The government's target for inflation is an annual rates of 2%, but with a one percent margin of error either side. Over the last year, inflation has been rising towards the target's upper limit, but in the last two months, it seemed to be dropping back. Now today's figure has breached the government's targets for the first time ever. And it's all being driven by real factors within the economy. Food and drinks prices are rising at their highest annual rates for 6 years. Furniture and household equipment prices too are racing ahead at a ten-year high. On the Treasury preferred measure, it's the highest rates of inflation for a decade. The Retail Price Index, which includes mortgage costs, is at 4.8%, a 16 year high."The governor's letter makes it perfectly clear that this is not just a temporary blip. At least half of the inflation, which is recorded, is caused by the big expansion of money in credit and personal debts in the economy. And of course there is a lot of hidden inflation which isn't captured in these figures in the form of a massive boom in the housing market."The letter from the governor of the Bank of England, says he is determined to bring inflation back to target. That's likely to mean rates up from 5.25% within weeks. Some in the city see an augment for the first half a percent rise since 1994. Yet the reply by the Chancellor for this first breach of his system is relaxed and non-punitive. The Treasury has no interests in complaining too loudly."Gordon Brown is handing over the power to set your interest rates, to the boss of the Bank of England, the root of Britain's perceived economic success over the past ten years. It's kept inflation low until today. Well, on the Treasury's own measure, we've had our first failure. A small one? Yes. A temporary one, say both institutions. But it couldn't have come at a worse time for Gordon Brown.""Inflation is on the rise. Unemployment has been rising in this country. We are not as competitive as we should be against countries like China and India. So that reputation for economic competence which Gordon Brown boasted of for so many years is now unraveling before our eyes and people out there in the real economy know it."Since he arrived at the Treasury, Mr. Brown has joked that there are two types of Chancellor: those who fail and those who get out in time. The man who's kept him waiting at number 11 lets to his defense today."Namely a better Chancellor since the Second World War of this country. He's produced the longest period of economic growth, interest rates half of what they were, two and a half million extra jobs, unemployment cut dramatically and massive investment in public services."Today's news augurs choppier economic waters ahead. It's a problem we forgot was there. The Bank of England will have to deal with it, which could make life tough for a Prime Minister Brown.I'm not a candidate…----------------------------------------------------------------------------------blip:n. A temporary or insignificant phenomenon, especially a brief departure from the normal.eg:The decline in the share of GNP going to health . . . appears to be a one-time blip in the historic trend rather than the start of a new trend(Atlantic)200805/39702。

Olmert to Quit as Israeli PM in September以色列总理奥尔默特计划9月辞职 Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says he plans to step down as prime minister in September. 以色列总理奥尔默特表示,他计划9月辞去总理职务。In a surprise announcement from his residence in Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert says he will step down as Israel's prime minister immediately after his Kadima Party selects a new leader at a party convention on September 17.  奥尔默特在耶路撒冷突然宣布辞去总理职务时表示,他领导的前进党在9月17号的党代会上选出新领导人之后,他将立即辞去以色列总理职务。Mr. Olmert says he will not run in the Kadima Party primary and he will leave office once a new leader is chosen. He says he hopes a new party leader will be able to put together an effective government once he leaves office.  奥尔默特说,奥尔默特说,他不准备参加前进党主席的预选,一旦新的领导人产生,他就立即辞去公职。奥尔默特表示希望前进党新领导人在他辞去总理之后能立即组建一个有效政府。Ehud Olmert's decision follows months of mounting political pressure, and an official police inquiry into whether or not he accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars of illegal payments from a U.S. citizen long involved in political fundraising for Israel's right-wing Likud Party. 奥尔默特作出这一决定之前,他处于持续几个月的巨大政治压力之下,还受到警方的正式调查,以确定他是否从一名美国公民那里接受了数十万美元的非法钱款,这名美国公民长期以来一直跟以色列右翼利库德党的政治募款有关。The allegations concern Mr. Olmert when he was a member of the Likud Party serving as mayor of Jerusalem, and as a cabinet member in the government of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Mr. Olmert has strenuously denied the allegations and has survived several other probes into his conduct since he became prime minister in 2006.  上述指称涉及奥尔默特作为利库德党成员在担任耶路撒冷市市长期间,以及作为前总理沙龙的内阁成员时期的所作所为。奥尔默特竭力否认对他的这些指控,并且对他从2006年担任以色列总理以来的操行展开的调查也没给他带来致命的打击。Tamir Sheafer who teaches politics at Jerusalem's Hebrew University says there are at least two reasons behind Mr. Olmert's surprise announcement.  在耶路撒冷希伯来大学教授政治学的塔米尔·谢弗认为,奥尔默特突然宣布辞职的幕后至少有两个原因。谢弗说:"There are polls that consistently show that even if Mr. Olmert did run he would have no chance to win the Kadima Party primary," said Sheafer. "Another reason is that we know there is a dispute among his legal advisors, with some of them arguing the best strategy for him is to resign to fight the allegations against him."  “民意调查一直显示,即使奥尔默特参加竞选,他也不会赢得前进党的预选。另一原因是,他的法律顾问意见不统一,其中有人申辩,对于奥尔默特来说,最好的策略就是用辞职来回应对他的这些指控。”The race to succeed Ehud Olmert began even before his made his announcement to step down. Two of his cabinet colleagues, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Transport Minister Shaul Mofaz have said they will run for the post. 接替奥尔默特党主席职务的角逐甚至在他宣布辞职之前就开始了。奥尔默特内阁中的两位成员,外交部长利夫尼和交通部长莫法兹已经表示将竞选党主席。Whoever wins the contest will be faced with forming a coalition government. Most analysts say any such government will not last long and new national elections will likely take place early next year. 无论谁当选,都将面临组成一个联合政府。绝大多数分析人士认为,只要是联合政府都不会持久,新的全国选举可能在明年初举行。200807/45208。

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South Korean Politicians Demand Apology for American Envoy's 'Insult'美韩牛肉争执升温韩国自由派反美   The leader of South Korea's main political opposition party is accusing the ed States ambassador in Seoul of insulting Koreans. The comments in question relate to an emotionally electrified controversy over resuming American beef imports. 韩国主要的反对党领袖指责美国驻韩国大使侮辱韩国人。美国大使的讲话涉及到韩国恢复进口美国牛肉这个极具争议的敏感问题。Sohn Hak-kyu, chairman of South Korea's ed New Democratic Party, says U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Alexander Vershbow is "impolite and arrogant." 孙鹤圭(Sohn Hak-kyu)是韩国统合民主党的主席。他说,美国驻韩国大使弗什鲍(Alexander Vershbow)“无礼、傲慢”。He says remarks like the ones Vershbow made this week are an "insult to all South Koreans." Sohn's anger was raised by the American ambassador suggesting South Koreans need to be aware of the scientific facts about American beef. 孙鹤圭说,弗什鲍这个星期发表的言论“侮辱了所有的韩国人”。让孙鹤圭感到气愤的是,美国驻韩国大使说韩国人需要了解有关美国牛肉的科学数据。The remarks referred to what is easily the most explosive political issue of the moment on the South Korean domestic front - plans by the government to resume the import of U.S. beef. 弗什鲍大使的谈话所涉及的是目前在韩国最容易引发争议的一个政治问题,那就是,韩国政府方面计划恢复进口美国牛肉。Tens of thousands of protesters have taken to the street and blocked main traffic thoroughfares on an almost nightly basis, recently, to condemn the import plan. They maintain that American beef poses a risk of transmitting the fatal brain condition known as "mad cow disease." 最近,成千上万的人几乎每个晚上都上街游行,堵住交通要道,抗议政府的进口计划。他们坚持认为美国牛肉有传播疯牛病的风险。Their insistence on that danger has been fueled by numerous factors: sympathy with struggling South Korean cattle farmers; anger at South Korean President Lee Myung-bak; an undercurrent of anti-American nationalism; and a tornado of Internet rumors about U.S. beef, ranging from the humorous to the hysterical. 这些人坚持这种看法出于几个因素:一是同情韩国那些苦苦挣扎的肉牛养殖户,二是表达对韩国总统李明的不满,三是反美民族主义情绪,另外就是因特网上有关美国牛肉的各种谣传,有幽默的,也有非常不着边的。The one thing that has failed to back these very vocal protests in any significant way is hard science. One U.S. animal was found to have mad cow disease, in 2003. However, out of hundreds of millions of consumers, there has never been a single known case of mad cow-style brain infection resulting from eating American beef. 虽然抗议活动声浪很高,但是并没有多少科学依据。2003年,一只美国牛被发现有疯牛病,但是,亿万消费者当中,从来没有过一例由于吃美国牛肉而引发的人类感染疯牛病的病例。It was this absence of scientifically proven risk Ambassador Vershbow was referencing in his comments Tuesday night, made after his meeting with South Korea's Foreign Minister. 美国大使弗什鲍星期二晚间会见韩国外交通商部长官之后所说的话,指的就是没有科学依据这一点。"We hope that Koreans will begin to learn more about the science and about the facts of American beef and that this issue can be addressed constructively," Vershbow said. "Clearly there is a lot of work ahead in getting people to pay more attention to the science and to the facts of the matter." 弗什鲍说:“我们希望韩国人多学一点科学,多了解一点有关美国牛肉的事实,这个问题能够以建设性的方式解决。显然,为了让人们更关注科学和事实,还有很多工作要做。”U.S. officials in Seoul have since clarified Vershbow's remark, saying the work ahead is to be done not by Koreans, but by American officials in raising public awareness of U.S. beef safety. 美国驻韩国官员随后澄清了弗什鲍大使这番话的涵义,说更多的工作不是由韩国人来做,而是美国官员需要努力让公众更加了解美国牛肉是安全的。The angry response of South Korean liberal politicians illustrates how emotionally charged the battle lines over this issue have become. Lawmakers from a minority far-left party stood outside the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, Wednesday, demanding Vershbow apologize - warning if he does not, he might be kept out of the country, just like American beef. 从韩国自由派政治人士的反应当中,可以看出这个问题在韩国的敏感性。星期三,韩国一个极左派少数党的代表聚在美国驻首尔大使馆前面,要求弗什鲍大使道歉,并警告说,假如他不道歉的话,就会像美国牛肉一样,被拒之于韩国的国门之外。200806/41193。

Bush Acknowledges Economic Woes, Expresses Optimism布什促美国人民保持信心度过难关President Bush says he is confident that a series of tax rebates and business incentives will help ease the pain of a slowing U.S. economy.  美国总统布什星期五表示,他确信,退税和商业刺激措施将有助于缓解美国经济发展减慢所造成的阵痛。With the dollar at an all-time low against the Euro and higher prices for food and gasoline depressing retail sales, President Bush says there is no doubt the U.S. economy is going through tough times. 面对美元贬值、食品和能源价格高涨并导致零售下降的局面,布什总统指出,毫无疑问,美国经济正在经历一个困难时期。"The economy shed more than 80,000 jobs in two months," he said. "Prices are up at the gas pump and in the supermarket. Housing values are down. Hard-working Americans are concerned. They are concerned about their families, and they are concerned about making their bills." 布什说:“美国经济在两个月当中损失了8万多个工作。在加油站和超级市场,价格都在上涨。房屋价值正在下滑。辛勤工作的美国人感到担心。他们为自己的家庭担心,担心付不起账单。”But Mr. Bush told the Economic Club of New York that he is optimistic because economic fundamentals remain strong and the federal government is acting to ensure that the economy is flexible enough to adjust to adversity and strong enough to attract capital. 布什总统在纽约经济俱乐部发表这番讲话。不过,他对美国经济的前景表示乐观,因为美国经济的基本面保持强壮,而且联邦政府正在采取措施以确保美国经济保持弹性和动力,足以在逆境中做出调整,足以吸引更多的资本。"I believe that we are a resilient economy, and I believe that the ingenuity and resolve of the American people is what helps us deal with these issues," he said. "And it is going to happen again." 布什说:“我相信,我们的经济是富有弹性的。我相信,美国人民的智慧和决心将帮助我们解决这些问题。我们一定会重振旗鼓。”The president says his administration recognized the economic slowdown early and took action with Congress to ease its impact. 布什总统表示,行政部门很早就认识到经济发展减速,而且跟国会一道采取行动,缓解经济走缓的影响。Mr. Bush last month signed a temporary stimulus package that gives tax incentives to businesses to make new investments in equipment this year. It also provides tax rebates to more than 130 million households. 上个月,布什总统签署了一个临时性的经济刺激方案,通过税务减免来刺激工商企业今年在机械设备方面进行新的投资。这个方案还同时向1亿3千万美国家庭发放退税款。"The purpose is to boost consumer spending," he said. "The purpose is to try to offset the loss of wealth if the value of your home has gone down. The purpose is to buoy the consumer." 布什总统说:“退税的目的是促进消费性开,以抵销房屋价值缩水所造成的财产损失,对消费者起到撑作用。”The Treasury Department says those checks should be mailed by the second week of May, so White House officials expect consumer spending to rise in the second and third quarters. 美国财政部说,退税款将在5月份的第2个星期寄出。所以白宫官员预期,消费者出将在第2季度和第3季度上扬。President Bush again called on Congress to make his record tax cuts permanent and urged lawmakers to pass a free trade agreement with Colombia before the end of the year. 布什总统再次呼吁国会让他的减税方案永久化。他还呼吁国会议员在今年年底之前批准美国跟哥伦比亚达成的自由贸易协议。200803/30656。

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