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Mitsubishi Motors has admitted it deliberately altered testing data to show better fuel consumption rates for four of its mini-car models sold in Japan. 三菱汽车(Mitsubishi Motors)已承认自己故意更改了测试数据,以明其在日本销售的四款微型车具有更低的耗油率。 Japan’s sixth-largest automaker said it will halt production and sales of the four affected models, including two supplied to Nissan. The four models are the ek Wagon, eK Space, Dayz and Dayz Roox, involving about 625,000 vehicles. 这家日本第六大汽车制造商表示,将暂停这四款受影响车型——其中包括两款供应给日产(Nissan)的车型——的生产和销售。这四款车型是ek Wagon、eK Space、Dayz和Dayz Roox,总计涉及约62.5万辆车。 “We offer our deepest apology,” president Tetsuro Aikawa said at a packed news conference. “We will get to the bottom of why this misconduct was carried out.” 三菱汽车社长相川哲郎(Tetsuro Aikawa)在拥挤的新闻发布会上表示:“我们致以最深的歉意。我们将对造成这起不当行为的原因一查到底。” The company will set up a committee to look into the issue consisting of outside experts, he added. 他还表示,三菱汽车将成立一个委员会来调查此事,委员会将由外部专家组成。 An internal investigation, triggered by questions raised by Nissan, found that the company’s testing method did not comply with requirements under Japanese law. 三菱汽车展开的一次内部调查发现,该公司的测试方法并未遵守日本法律的规定。这次内部调查是由日产方面提出的问题引发的。 Mitsubishi Motors said the improper testing method was carried out for vehicles sold in Japan, and that it will also investigate cars sold in overseas markets. 三菱汽车表示,这一不当测试方法只用于在日本销售的车辆,但公司仍将调查销往海外市场的车辆。 Shares in Mitsubishi Motors fell the most in more than a decade on Wednesday, dropping 15 per cent after the Japanese carmaker called the press conference. 周三,在三菱汽车召开新闻发布会后,这家日本汽车制造商的股价下跌了15%,跌幅创十多年来之最。 The global auto industry has been rocked by scandals over the past two years, first with the mass recalls prompted by concerns over airbags made by Japanese firm Takata, and subsequently by Volkswagen’s admission last year that it had cheated US emissions tests. 过去两年全球汽车业不断受到丑闻的冲击,先是日本高田(Takata)制造的安全气囊存在的问题引发大规模召回,然后是去年大众汽车(Volkswagen)承认在美国尾气检测中作弊。 /201604/438808。

The US Senate’s top Republican has backed a probe into allegations the Kremlin engaged in a hacking campaign to influence November’s election in the most serious break 美国参议院的共和党最高领导人持对俄罗斯政府涉嫌参与黑客活动,以影响11月美国大选的指控展开调查。Yet between president-elect Donald Trump and his party’s traditional Washington leaders.这是当选总统唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)与共和党在华盛顿的传统领导人之间迄今最严重的冲突。Mitch McConnell, Senate majority leader, said Congress would investigate the allegations following the disclosure of a Central Intelligence Agency report which concluded that Russia hacked into Democratic National Committee servers in an effort to sway the election outcome in Mr Trump’s favour.美国参议院多数党领袖米奇.麦康奈尔(Mitch McConnell)表示国会将对相关指控展开调查,此前中央情报局(CIA)披露一份报告,其结论是俄罗斯入侵美国民主党全国委员会(Democratic National Committee)务器,让竞选结果偏向特朗普。The president-elect, who has dismissed claims of Russian interference and belittled the CIA after the conclusions became public, took to Twitter yesterday to insist it was hard to determine who was doing the hacking.特朗普昨天在Twitter上发文坚称,很难确定谁是黑客,这位当选总统在中情局公开结论后拒绝了对俄罗斯干涉大选的指控,并对中情局表示藐视。Can you imagine if the election results were the opposite and WE tried to play the Russia/CIA card, he wrote. 他写道:你们能想象如果选举结果是相反的,而‘我们’试图打俄罗斯/中情局这张牌的情形吗?It would be called conspiracy theory!那将被称作阴谋论!Until now, many Republican leaders on who openly broke with Mr Trump during the campaign have fallen into line. 到目前为止,许多在竞选期间与特朗普公开撇清关系的共和党领导人都持展开调查。After the CIA disclosure on Friday, John McCain and Lindsey Graham joined Democratic colleagues to call for a bipartisan inquiry, but both have long been seen as mavericks.上周五中情局公布结论后,约翰.麦凯恩(John McCain)和林赛.格雷厄姆(Lindsey Graham)加入民主党同事阵营,呼吁展开一场两党调查,但这两人长期被视作共和党内的特立独行者。Mr McConnell’s move to back the investigation is the first sign of open disagreement between the congressional leadership and the president-elect. 麦康奈尔持调查的举动是国会领导层与当选总统之间公开不和的第一个迹象。The Kentucky senator said he supported two bipartisan investigations — by the Senate intelligence and armed services committees — saying he strongly condemns any foreign hacking and that the Russians are not our friends.这位肯塔基州参议员表示,他持由参议院情报委员会和参议院军事委员会牵头进行两党调查,他表示自己强烈谴责任何境外黑客行为,并表示俄罗斯人不是我们的朋友。Critics question why Mr Trump is so reluctant to blame Russia despite US intelligence conclusions.批评人士质疑为什么特朗普不顾美国情报机构调查结论,这么不愿指责俄罗斯?Mr McConnell also appeared to challenge the president-elect on his assessment of the CIA, which Mr Trump’s team initially ridiculed as the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.麦康奈尔还叫板了当选总统对中情局的评价;特朗普团队最初嘲笑当初就是中情局这帮人说萨达姆.侯赛因(Saddam Hussein)有大规模杀伤性武器。Mr McConnell said: I have the highest confidence in the intelligence community and especially the Central Intelligence Agency. 麦康奈尔表示:我对情报界,尤其是中情局具有最高信心。His support follows a steady build-up of bipartisan pressure for a probe into Russian hacking.他表态持之前,来自两党人士的压力不断加大,要求对俄罗斯黑客行为展开调查。 /201612/483391。

Freedom 251 smartphone’s shipping starts, how far can the company go自由251智能机开始发货了,公司能走多远 He has done the easy part. On July 8, Mohit Goel, founder of Ringing Bells, the maker of what has been touted — with more than a fair bit of derision — as the world’s cheapest smartphone, personally hand-delivered the first Freedom 251 to Ankita Birla, a 27-year-old vendor coordinator at an electronics company in Noida’s special economic zone.7月8日,铃响公司的创始人Mohit Goel,也就是生产出世界最便宜智能机的那家公司的创始人,亲手把自由251智能机递给第一位客户,27岁的Ankita Birla。 Like many who would have placed an order for the smartphone, Birla was sceptical about actually receiving it. “I never thought they would deliver. I too thought that the company is a fraud,” says Birla, who had become the butt of jokes in her social circle for registering with the firm online. A flurry of negative reports about the company and the controversies they were mired in, such as relabelling an existing brand, defaulting on vendor payments and flouting safety norms, only reinforced her suspicion.跟许多已经下单的客户一样,Birla 也是怀疑是否能真的收到货。“我从来没想过他们会发货。我也以为这家公司是骗子。”Birla因为在网上订购这部手机而在自己的社交圈子成为笑柄。随后传来这家公司的一系列负面报道和争议,比如重新贴牌已有品牌,拖欠客户款,违反安全标准等,这些问题进一步加强了她的怀疑。 Goel uses the moment — and the photo-op — as an opportunity for redemption. From being branded a fraudster to being accused of running a Ponzi scheme, Goel was “crucified” on the cross of cynicism. “They wrote my obituary,” says the 29-year-old Goel, visibly relaxed in the corner room in his office in Phase II of the Noida SEZ. “But I have delivered what I promised.” Goel利用这个自我救赎的机会。从被标榜为骗子,到被指责策划了一场庞氏骗局,Goel被“钉上了”十字架。“他们写下我的讣告。”29岁的Goel说。“然而我已经兑现了承诺。” The last statement may, of course, be premature. Goel may have convinced Birla that Ringing Bells “is for real” but now he’s got to do it at least another 1.99 lakh times. After all, the company had promised to deliver 2 lakh handsets out of 7.5 crore people who registered for Freedom 251.最后一句也许说得太早了。Goel也许已经让Birla相信铃响公司是“来真的”,然而他也许至少要重复19.9万次。毕竟,公司已经承诺向订购自由251智能机的7500万人中的20万人发货。On Friday, Goel claimed Ringing Bells delivered some 2,200 handsets — most of them via courier. He promises to deliver the remaining 2,800 — 5,000 is the target set for the first phase — by Monday.周五,Goel称铃响公司已经发出了大约2200部手机,大多数是他通过快递发出的。他承诺在周一前发出剩余的2800部手机,而5000部手机是第一阶段的发货目标。 /201607/453857。