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厦门中医院皮肤美容科A digital crypto-currency has launched that is generated by human movement.人们走路时会产生一种电子密码货币。Bitwalking dollars will be earned by walking, unlike other digital currencies such as Bitcoins that are ;mined; by computers.虚拟货币通过走路就能获得,不像其他电子货币,如比特币,均由电脑产生。A phone application counts and verifies users#39; steps, with walkers earning approximately 1 BW$ for about 10,000 steps (about five miles).一款手机应用软件,通过积累用户走路的步数来换钱,走一万步(大约8公里)可以换1个虚拟货币。Initially, users will be given the chance to spend what they earn in an online store, or trade them for cash.在初期,用户所换取的货币可用于在线付,也可提现。The founders of the project, Nissan Bahar and Franky Imbesi have attracted more than m of initial funding from mainly Japanese investors to help launch the currency and create the bank that verifies steps and any transfers.这个项目的发起人尼桑·巴哈和弗朗克·伊伯西已从日本投资者手中募集了1000万美金(约6300多万人民币),作为启动资金,用于发行虚拟货币和建立用以计算步数和兑换货币。Japanese electronics giant Murata is working on a wearable wristband that will provide an alternative to carrying a smartphone and show how many BW$ the wearer has earned.日本电子工业巨头村田公司正研发一款手环,该手环可用于携带智能手机并记录佩戴手环的人获得了多少虚拟货币。Shoe manufacturers are poised to accept the currency, and a UK high street bank is in talks to partner with the project at one of the UK#39;s biggest music festivals next year.一些鞋子制造商宣称可用虚拟货币付鞋款,英国高街正计划于2016年与该软件开发商就2016年在英国一个最大的音乐节上进行合作。The idea of Bitwalking is to take advantage of the trend for fitness trackers by offering an additional incentive to keep fit.虚拟货币的想法是希望利用越来越多人使用健康跟踪器这一趋势,通过额外的刺激方式使人们保持健康。The global scheme plans to partner with sportswear brands, health services, health insurance firms, environmental groups, and potentially advertisers who could be offered unique insights into the audiences they are targeting.公司的全球计划是与运动装品牌、卫生务部门、健康医疗保险公司、环境组织、及对产品的目标客户具有深入了解的广告公司合作。In the future, employers may be invited to take part in a scheme that would be offered to their employees to encourage them to stay fitter, with the currency they earn converted and then paid alongside their salaries.或许将来,老板们将受邀参与该计划。通过密码币转化成普通货币并随工资一起发放,以此鼓励员工保持健康。In developed nations the average person would earn around 15 BW$ a month, but it is hoped that in poorer countries where people have to walk further for work, school, or simply to collect water, the Bitwalking scheme could help transform lives.在发达国家,平均每人每月大约可以赚15个虚拟币。但希望在一些比较贫困的国家,人们不得不走路去上班、上学、甚至取水,虚拟货币可以帮助他们改善生活水平。The Go! app for iOS and Android devices will initially be offered to a handful of countries, including the UK, Japan, Malawi, and Kenya, to give the organisers a chance to iron out any difficulties before other countries come on board.这款手机应用适用于苹果和安卓系统。目前,该软件只能在英国、日本、马拉维、肯尼亚这几个国家使用。这让该公司有机会在把这一应用推广到其他国家之前,解决任何在使用过程中出现的问题。It is still not clear how a currency that appears to be so easy for users to produce could maintain its value, nor if the initial funding for the scheme will be sufficient to sustain it in the initial period while confidence in its value is being built up.目前,我们尚不清楚如此轻松就可获得的一种货币怎样可以保值,也不知道该项目的启动资金是否足以在前期建立起用户对它的信心。 /201511/412592龙海市人民医院医生咨询 Travelling through airport security can be a draining experience, with most travellers at one time or another forgetting that they have packed a bottle of water, fork or hand cream that subjects them to the wrath of the guards.过机场安检也许是件伤脑筋的事情,许多旅客都曾经忘记自己把一瓶水、叉子或护手霜打包进行李箱,以至于受到安保人员的处罚。But a new report has shown that many Brits have far more bizarre items to worry about in their luggage.但一份新报告显示,许多英国人的行李箱里需要他们操心的物品要奇怪得多。A recent survey of more than 2,000 Britons has revealed the top five strangest items confiscated at the airport and they include handcuffs and even live animals.最近,一项对超过2000位英国人的调查,列出了在机场被没收的最奇怪物品的前五名,其中包括手铐、甚至还有活体动物。The poll by flight comparison website JetCost showed many passengers like to try their luck with a bizarre range of mementos when returning home from vacation.航班比较网站JetCost的调查显示,许多乘客在结束假期回家时,喜欢偷带一些奇怪的纪念品试试运气。Top of the list of items removed by security was handcuffs, with 14 per cent of respondents revealing the kinky bedroom accessory was the reason they had gotten into trouble with airport staff.手铐位列被安检没收最奇怪的物品排行榜的榜首。有14%的受访者透露,这一奇怪的情趣用品是他们陷入与机场工作人员的麻烦中的罪魁祸首。Many claimed they had forgotten the item was in their hand luggage, but some admitted they were intending to use them during their plane journey.许多人称,他们忘记手铐被放在自己的手提行李里了,但有部分人承认,他们想在飞行途中使用这一物品。Second on the list was sand or foliage from the place the person had visited, with nine percent of respondents admitting their souvenir had fallen foul of security rules.榜单的第二名是从旅游地带回的沙子和叶子。9%的受访者承认,他们的纪念品违反了机场安保规定。Bizarrely, third on the list of items confiscated was living animals, with eight per cent of people admitting they#39;d had creatures including lizards and spiders removed from their hand luggage before boarding their flight.令人诧异的是,被没收的奇怪物品榜单中的第三名是活体动物。8%的人承认,他们曾在登机前,被从行李箱中搜出蜥蜴和蜘蛛等动物。Rounding up the list were tent pegs at number four and dead animals, such as pheasants, at number five.排在榜单第四名和第五名的分别是帐篷桩和死动物,如野鸡。The survey also questioned 1,000 residents of Spain, Italy, Germany and France to find out what were the most common items confiscated by people from those countries.调查还询问了1000名西班牙、意大利、德国及法国居民,以找出这些国家的人最常被机场安检没收的物品。In Spain, the most common item removed at security was cutlery, in Italy it was hair dye and in Germany it was dead animals.在西班牙,最常被安检没收的物品是餐具,而在意大利是染发剂,在德国是死动物。Meanwhile in France, the survey showed that locals were most likely to have fireworks taken off them from their hand luggage.同时,调查显示,在法国,当地人的行李里最常被没收的物品是烟花。 /201510/404358在厦门地区张铭整形医院祛胎记

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