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Hi, everybody. On Tuesday, I gave my final State of the Union Address. And a focus was this: how do we make the new economy work better for everyone, not just those at the top?大家好!周二我发表了最后一次国情咨文演讲。其中重点就是:我们如何保在新经济环境下,更好的让每个人都从发展中受益,而不仅仅是社会顶层的少数人?After the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes, were in the midst of the longest streak of private-sector job growth in our history. More than 14 million new jobs. An unemployment rate cut in half. At the same time, our economy continues to go through profound changes that began long before the Great Recession hit. Its changed to the point where even when folks have jobs; even when the economy is growing; its harder for hardworking families to pull themselves out of poverty, harder for young people to start out on their careers, and tougher for workers to retire when they want to.在经历我们此生遭遇的最严重的经济危机之后,我们正处在私有经济发展最良好的历史窗口期中。新增就业岗位超过1400万个。失业率也下降了一半。与此同时,我们的经济也正在经历深刻的变革,这一变革远在大萧条之前就已经开始。这种变革就在于,即便人们有了工作,即便经济一直在不断发展,对工薪家庭而言,要靠他们自身的力量摆脱贫困越来越难,年轻人想要找到一份好工作也越来越难,劳动者想要体面退休也变得越来越难。Thats a big part of the reason a lot of working families are feeling anxious. And it offends our fundamentally American belief that everybody who works hard should be able to get ahead.这正是大量工薪家庭越来越焦虑的主要原因所在。这种情绪侵蚀了美国人民坚定的信念:即每个辛勤付出的人都可以获得成功。Thats why weve been fighting so hard to give families more opportunity and more security-by working to create more good jobs, invest in our middle class, and help working people get a raise. Its what the Affordable Care Act is all about-filling in the gaps in employer-based care so that when somebody loses a job, or goes back to school, or starts that new business, they still have health care. And its why I believe weve got to take steps to modernize our unemployment insurance system.正因如此,我们一直在努力,给每个家庭更多机会,更多保障。努力为大家提供更多工作机会,对中产阶级进行投资,提高工薪人员工资。这也正是《平价医保法》所做的事情,弥补雇主提供的保障留下的空缺,这样即便你失业了,或重返学校进修了,或者开办了新的公司,依然可以享受医疗保险。因此,我相信,我们需要采取措施,完善失业保险体制。If a hardworking American loses her job, regardless of what state she lives in, we should make sure she can get unemployment insurance and some help to retrain for her next job. If shes been unemployed for a while, we should reach out to her and connect her with career counseling. And if she finds a new job that doesnt pay as much as her old one, we should offer some wage insurance that helps her pay her bills. Under my plan, experienced workers who now make less than ,000 could replace half of their lost wages-up to ,000 over two years. Its a way to give families some stability and encourage folks to rejoin the workforce-because we shouldnt just be talking about unemployment; we should be talking about re-employment.如果一位辛勤工作的人失去了工作,无论她住在哪个州,我们都应该确保他可以拿到失业保险,以及获得为寻找新工作的职业培训。如果她失业有一段时间了,我们应该找到她,联系她,为她做一些职业咨询。如果她找到了一份工作,但工资没有以前的工作工资高,我们应该为她提供工资保险,让她可以付日常账单。按照我的计划,业务熟练的劳动者,如果年收入低于5万元,可以得到换工作产生的损失工资一半的收入补偿,最高可以达到两年10万元。通过这种方式,可以让众多家庭的经济基础更稳定,并鼓励人们重新参加工作,因为我们不能只是讨论失业率,我们还应该讨论讨论再就业率。Thats when America works best-when everyone has opportunity; when everyone has some security; and when everyone can contribute to this country we love. Thats how we make sure that hardworking families can get ahead. And thats what Ill be fighting for with every last day of my presidency.这是美国最好的状态,人人都有机会,人人都有保障,人人都可以为我们深爱的国家做出贡献。这样,我们就可以确保辛勤付出的工薪家庭可以取得成功。这也是我们在总统任上将持续为之奋斗的任务。Thanks everybody. Have a great weekend. 谢谢大家,周末愉快!201601/423583And they had traveled from near, they had traveled from far,because they wanted to make their voices heard. 有些住在附近,有些远道而来,但他们都想表达自己的声音And I asked one of the voters, I said, Whom are you going to vote for?我问一个选民:你打算投谁的票?And he said, Im sorry, I cant tell you.他说:不好意思不能告诉你。He said that his vote was in his heart.他说他心中有打算。And I understood, this was their election,and they werent going to let anyone take it away from them. 我非常理解,这是他们的选举,他们不会让任何人夺走这个权利。Now the first round of the voting didnt bring forth a clear winner,so nobody had achieved the absolute majority,so voting went into a second round three weeks later. 第一轮选举没有诞生一个明晰的获选人,还没有人完全占上风,所以3周后进行第二轮选举。The candidates were back on the road; they were campaigning.候选人重新开始竞选活动。The rhetoric of the candidates, of course, changed.他们收起了文绉绉的措辞。The heat was on.气氛变得激烈。And then the cliche came to haunt us.然后就出现了意料之中的状况。There were claims of intimidation at the polling stations,of ballot boxes being stolen.投票站收到举报,声称投票箱被窃取。Inflated results started coming in and the mob was starting to get out of control.随之而来一系列的麻烦人群开始失去控制。We witnessed the eruption of violence in the streets.我们目睹了大街上大量的暴力事件。People were being beaten brutally.很多人惨遭毒打。The army started firing their guns. People were scrambling.军队开始开火。人群混乱不堪。It was complete chaos.完全一片混乱。And my heart sank,because I thought, here we are again. 我的心渐渐往下沉,因为我想,再一次。Here is another proof that the African is not capable of governing himself.非洲再一次明我们非洲人没有能力自治。And not only that, I am documenting it documenting my own cultural shortcomings.不仅如此,我正在记录,记录着我自己的文化的短处。So when the echo of the gunshots had lingered,it was soon drowned by the chanting of the mob,and I didnt believe what I was hearing.然而当声逐渐散去,人群开始呼喊,我无法相信我所听到的。They were chanting, We want peace.他们在呼喊我们渴望和平。We want peace.我们渴望和平。201508/391460Commencement address. Its going well, its going well 毕业典礼演讲 准备就绪 一切顺利Okay 好This is going to be great 这会很棒This is going to be a good one. You guys are fun 这将是很棒的演讲 你们这些伙计很有趣Its going to go really well 一切都会非常顺利Two roads diverged in a wood, and 森林中分出两条道路 然后…No不是Im not that lazy 我没有那么懒I actually sat through many graduations 我经历过很多毕业典礼When I was sitting where you guys are sitting 我坐在你们所坐的位置时the speaker was Bill Cosby 致辞者是比尔·寇司比funny man Bill Cosby, he was very funny and he was very brief 比尔·寇司比是个很有趣的人 演讲有趣而简练and I thanked him for that, but 为此我非常感谢他 但是he gave us a message 他给我们的建议that I really took with me 让我一直受用that a lot of us never forgot 我们很多人都没忘记过about changing the world是关于改变世界的He said, ;youre not going to change the world, so dont try; 他说 ;你们无法改变世界 所以别试了;That was it这就完了He didnt buy that back at all 他完全不打算自圆其说And then he complained about buying his daughter a car 然后他就开始抱怨给他女儿买车的事and we left 然后我们就都走了I remember thinking, ;I think I can do better 我在想 ;我应该能讲得更好;I think I can be a little more inspiring than that;;应该比这要更具启发性一些;And so, what Id like to say to all of you 所以 我想跟你们所有人说的是is that you are all going to die 你们所有人都会死去This is a good commencement speech 这是一个很好的毕业致辞because Im figuring its only going to go up from here因为我想没有其它致辞会比这个更糟了It can only get better, so this is good 只会越来越好 这很好201602/426637And I realized it had to come from the people.我意识到和平必然来自人民。After all, they decide,and they did.毕竟是他们的抉择,而他们这样做了。So the sounds that were before distorted and loud,were suddenly a melody.于是之前嘈杂混乱的声音,变成和谐的乐章。The sounds of the voices were harmonious.人民和谐地表达想法。So it could happen.这是可能的。A democracy could be upheld peacefully.民主可以以和平手段来实现。It could be, by the will of the masses who were now urgently pressing with all their heart and all their will for peace.它可以通过人民的意愿实现他们正为之急切地努力着并全心全意地努力着来实现和平的。Now heres an interesting comparison.现在有个有趣的对比。We in the West,we preach the values,the golden light of democracy,that we are the shining example of how its done. 在西方,我们宣扬,民主的力量,我们是其完美模范。But when it comes down to it,Ghana found itself in the same place in which the U.S. election stalled in the 2000 presidential elections Bush versus Gore.但实际上,当加纳处在和2000年美国大选的相同处境时,布什对戈尔那样的处境时。But instead of the unwillingness of the candidates to allow the system to proceed and the people to decide,Ghana honored democracy and its people.候选人没有表现出任何不情愿去让体制和人民做抉择,加纳尊重了民主和它的人民。It didnt leave it up to the Supreme Court to decide;the people did.它没有把选举带到最高法庭上;而是让人民决定。Now the second round of voting did not bring forth a clear winner either.然而第二轮选举也没有诞生获选者。I mean, it was so incredibly close.我说,票数非常接近。The electoral commissioner declared,with the consent of the parties,to run an unprecedented second re-run. 选举委员会,在各党派的同意下决定,进行前所未有的第二轮复选。So the people went back to the polls to determine their own president,not the legal system.人们回到选举站去决定谁做他们的总统,而不是让司法系统来做。And guess what, it worked.结果如何?成功了。The defeated candidate gave up power and made way for Ghana to move into a new democratic cycle.失败的候选人放弃职权加纳踏入新的民主进程。I mean, at the absolute time for the absolute need of democracy,they did not abuse their power.在民主需要的时候,他们没有滥用职权。The belief in true democracy and in the people runs deep,proving that the African is capable of governing himself.人们深深坚信真正的民主,这明了非洲人民有能力自治。Now the uphill battle for Ghana and for Africa is not over,but I have proof that the other side of democracy exists,and that we must not take it for granted.现在加纳和非洲艰难的(民主)斗争还没有结束,但我有据,民主的另一面是存在的,我们不应该视而不见。Now I have learned that my place is not just in the West or in Africa,and Im still searching for my identity,but I saw Ghana create democracy better.现在我意识到我的定位不仅是在西方或是非洲,我仍在寻找我的定位,但我目睹加纳开创了更好的民主。Ghana taught me to look at people differently and to look at myself differently.加纳告诉了我用不一样的视角看人看自己。And yes,we Africans can. 是的我们非洲人能行Thank you.谢谢。201508/391840But it is clear that the vast majority of enterprise customers will continue to have mixed environments. They will use PCs and mainframes Windows NT and UNIX and they will look to their IT partners to help them integrate these diverse computing environments.很显然绝大多数企业客户将继续使用混合的环境。他们将既使用个人电脑,也使用大型机、既运行Windows NT,也运行UNIX。他们将依靠他们的信息技术合作伙伴帮助他们对这种多样化的计算环境进行无缝地集成。With the acquisition of Digital and the continuing evolution of Compaqs enterprise strategy, we are expanding our vision of global, industry standards leadership to encompass every level of computing.随着康柏收购DEC及其企业战略的不断发展,我们将继续扩展我们的全球标准领先厂商理念,以满足各种计算需求。To us, industry standards leadership means not only providing industry standard products but also making those products work seamlessly with the rest of your IT environment.对康柏而言,工业标准的领先厂商不仅意味着为客户提供符合工业标准的产品,还意味着这些产品必须能够与客户的信息技术环境实现完美的集成。It means providing industry standard solutions that protect customers IT investments while enabling them to take greater advantage of standards-based platforms throughout the enterprise.它同时还意味着康柏将为客户提供符合工业标准的解决方案,以保护客户的信息技术投资,同时使客户可以更充分地利用其企业内部基于标准的平台。And it means having the vision and the skill to take emerging and leading edge technologies and make them standard as quickly as possible - expanding the power and the reach of industry standard platforms.它还意味着康柏即要有胆识,又要有技术,敢于使用那些刚刚出现的领先技术,并使这些技术尽快成为新的工业标准,从而扩展工业标准平台的功能和使用范围。As a result, you will enjoy:我们努力的结果就是使客户能够享受到以下益处:Wider choice and flexibility,*更多的选择和更大的灵活性Faster return on your IT investments,*从信息技术投资中尽快获得回报Greater agility in adapting to a dynamic world,*更大灵活性来适应变幻莫测的世界Increased security and confidence, and,*更大的安全性和信心Uncompromising quality and value.*无可比拟的质量和价值201311/264549

Its hard to admit that I need help, but I do. For 45 days from the end of December to early February, I was in inpatient therapy receiving guidance for the issues Im facing. I have a long way to go. But Ive taken my first steps in the right direction.要我承认我需要外界的帮助并不是一件容易的事,但我确实需要。在过去的45天里,从12月底到2月初这段时间,我一直住院接受治疗,以引导我正确面对所面临的问题。之后的路还很长,不过我已经向正确的方向迈出了第一步。As I proceed, I understand people have questions. I understand the press wants to ask me for the details and the times I was unfaithful. I understand people want to know whether Elin and I will remain together. Please know that as far as Im concerned, every one of these questions and answers is a matter between Elin and me. These are issues between a husband and a wife.在这个过程中,我知道大家有很多的疑问,我知道媒体很想知道我过去那段不忠经历的细节,我也知道大家很关心我跟我太太伊琳是否还在一起。不过请大家谅解,这些都是我和我太太的个人问题,是夫妇之间的私事。Some people have made up things that never happened. They said I used performance-enhancing drugs. This is completely and utterly false. Some have written things about my family. Despite the damage I have done, I still believe it is right to shield my family from the public spotlight. They did not do these things; I did.有些人捏造一些从未发生过的事情,有人说我用兴奋剂,这些都是绝对不真实的。有人写了些关于我家人的报导,虽然我伤害了他们,但我仍然有责任保护他们的隐私,因为他们没有犯错误,犯错误的人是我。201402/276367

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