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千万不要只是观看,务必跟着录音大声朗读,这样口语才能步步高 /200807/44910

I can't right now, but maybe later.这意味着将来可能行. /10/87732

庙会的旁边刚好有一座寺庙,里面围了好多人,于是雪莉带着罗拉也走了进去。究竟会有什么特别的呢?一起来看看吧。 Listen Read Learn Laura: So, this is the temple fair, right?Shirley : Yeah. Would you like to appreciate the Buddhist statues?Laura: Sure. But let's go there first. People are gathering there. I'm getting curious about it.Shirley: Oh, it's the “Blessing Wall”. That's a good place to go.Laura: Why do people put these cards on the wall after they write some stuff on them?Shirley: The “Blessing Wall” is said to be magical. The thing you write on the cards will come true one day.Laura: Interesting. I have many blessings to give. So, can you wait for me for a while?Shirley: Take your time.(After putting her card on the “Blessing Wall”, Laura comes back to Shirley.)Laura: Aunt Shirley, what are you doing there?Shirley: I'm trying to drop a coin into the mouth of the fish statue in the well.Laura: Why do you do this? Are there any interesting stories behind it?Shirley: Yeah. People say that, if you drop coins in the mouth of the fish statue, you will be lucky. But it seems that I'm not that lucky.Laura: Let me have a try.Shirley: Good luck to you.(Laura successfully drops a coin into the mouth of the fish statue.)Laura: Oh, look, I did it. By the way, what do they do with the money collected in this way?Shirley:For charity. I think it's really a good thing. 听看学罗拉:那么,这就是庙会了,对吧?雪莉:是啊。你想去拜拜佛像吗?罗拉:当然。不过,我们先去那边吧。那里围了好多人。我很好奇那是什么。雪莉:哦,那是“许愿墙”,是个很好玩的地方。罗拉:为什么大家在卡片上写了东西之后,还把它们挂在墙上呢?雪莉:据说“许愿墙”是很神奇的。在卡片上写的东西有一天会成真呢。罗拉:有趣。我有很多祝福要送出呢。那么,你可以等我一下吗?雪莉:你慢慢来。(罗拉把卡片挂到“许愿墙”上之后,过去找雪莉。)罗拉:雪莉阿姨,你在这儿做什么呢?雪莉:我在试着把硬币投进井里这个鱼雕像的嘴巴里。罗拉:你为什么这么做呢?这里面有什么有趣的故事吗?雪莉:对啊,人们说,如果你把硬币投进鱼雕像的嘴巴里,你就会走运。但是看来我不是很幸运哦。罗拉:让我试试看。雪莉:祝你好运。(罗拉成功地把一枚硬币投进了鱼雕像的嘴巴里。)罗拉:哦,快看,我投进了。对了,他们会拿这些搜集的钱做什么呢?雪莉:做慈善活动啊。我觉得这是一件很好的事情啊。 /200807/43284

英语口语王 第4部分:第4章暂无文本 推荐口语专题:日常口语会话120分钟英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐 /200809/50550

3. Try these on. 穿上试试。说衣合不合身用“fit”。比如:These Jeans fit you like a glove. 这条牛仔裤你穿上很合身(简直像量身定做一样)。“量身定做,非常合适”可以用tailor-made 或customer-made 表示。后面Blair的妈妈说了句“It’s hot and late. We will finish your fitting tomorrow.”这里的fitting也是“试衣”的意思。4. I knew it! 我就知道(会这样)5. I ran into Jenny out on the street. 我刚才在街上撞见/碰见Jenny。Ran into的意思是“偶然遇见,不期而遇”,类似的说法还有come across,bump into,see,正式点的说法是encounter。“事先约好”可以用schedule an appointment,fix a date来表达。Street前面的介词用in和on皆可,office前面也是用in 或者at都可以。其实我们学英语是为了自己让对方明白,所以有时候是不必太钻牛角尖的,一般人其实没必要在一些细枝末节上花太多精力。后面Vanessa说了句Nate is running lateNate’s gonna be late. 如果说时间要用光了: Time is running out,如果说车的汽油快用光了:Gas is running out, 如果说电池快没电了: Battery is running low;电池没电了是battery is dead,后面Jenny 说她的手机没电了:My phone died. 说到这,我想起前段时间看的一份香港报纸,介绍“走地鸡(放养的鸡)”英语中叫做free-range chicken, 而肉鸡(笼养鸡)就是battery chicken。如果是竞选总统:run for presidency, 管理一家公司:run a company, 叫人拼命跑,赶紧逃命:run for your deal life.By Vincent from www.englishvincent.com

喝茶在中国由来已久,而且有着深厚的历史文化,这不,本杰明讲得津津有味,从茶馆生活讲到茶馆艺术,这下罗拉可有的学了。Listen Read Learn Laura: It's quite busy here. It's true that Chinese people love tea.Benjamin: That's for sure. You know that tea is China's national drink and an indispensable part of the life a Chinese person.Laura: Just like coffee for us, I suppose. So what do people do in these teahouses?Benjamin: Many things. You can meet friends, play cards, or just relax here. It's a good place for entertainment.Laura: Oh, yes. It's an ideal place for those things, largely because the atmosphere here is very comfortable.Benjamin: You can get to know traditional Chinese lifestyles here. In old times, you can find teahouses everywhere.Laura: What about this one? When did it come into being?Benjamin: It must have a long history. You see that its decoration is very old and delicate.Laura: Yeah. Almost everything here is wooden. I like all these carvings on them. I noticed there are many pictures of opera stars here. Do you know why?Benjamin: There used to be an opera stage here.Laura: An opera stage in a teahouse? What for?Benjamin: This way, you could also watch the operas when you were having tea. That was a good way to make the customers stay longer.Laura: Oh, I love operas. I watched the “Drunken Beauty” with Aunt Shirley days ago. And it's really amazing.Benjamin: That's a real classic. Oh, I almost forgot one thing. Do you want to eat something?Laura: Do they serve anything good to go with tea?Benjamin: Sure. There should be a variety of choices.Laura: Then, let's order now.听看学罗拉: 这里好多人啊。说中国人爱喝茶可真没错。本杰明: 那是当然的。你知道茶是中国的国饮,是中国人生活中不可或缺的一部分。罗拉: 我想,这就像是咖啡对于我们的意义一样。那么人们在茶馆里都做些什么呢?本杰明: 很多啊。你可以来这里跟朋友聚会,打牌,或者是纯粹放松。这是一个休闲的好地方。罗拉: 哦,没错,这的确是做那些活动的理想场所,主要是因为这里的气氛让人感觉舒。本杰明: 在这里你可以了解中国人传统的生活方式。以前,到处都有茶馆。罗拉: 那这个呢?它是什么时候建成的?本杰明: 一定有很长的历史了。你看它的装饰非常古朴、精致。罗拉: 是啊。几乎每一件东西都是木制的。我喜欢它们上面的雕刻。我还看到这有很多戏曲明星的照片。你知道为什么吗?本杰明: 这里以前有一个戏台。罗拉: 茶馆里面有戏台?用来干什么啊?本杰明: 这么一来,喝茶同时还可以看戏。这可是留住顾客的好方法啊。罗拉: 哦,我喜欢戏剧。前几天我和雪莉阿姨一起看了“贵妃醉酒”。那场戏太精了。本杰明: 那可真是一部经典啊。哦,我差点忘了一件事情。你想吃东西吗?罗拉: 这里有什么好吃的可以用来配茶吃吗?本杰明:当然了。这里有很多选择呢?罗拉:那么,我们现在就点吧。 /200807/43421

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