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He gave me a very clear design brief.他给了我一个非常清晰的设计纲要The mouse had to have four things.鼠标必须要满足四个要求The first was we had to be able to build it for less than .首先 造价必须低于15美元Low cost consumer product. Secondly, it had to last for two years.它的定位是低价消费品 第二 寿命达到两年以上Third, it needed to work on a regular desktop, Formica or metal.第三 能在常规的桌面上 福米卡防火胶板以及金属面板上使用And then, finally, he leaned back in his chair,然后 最后一点 他向后靠坐在椅子里put his hand on his knee and he said, ;And work on my Levis.;把手放在膝盖上 说 ;它还得能在我的腿上用;The mouse, as we now know it, was born.我们如今熟知的鼠标就这么问世了Jobs had tweaked existing technology to great effect,乔布斯把现有的科技发挥到了极致just as he would over the next three decades.他在之后的三十年也同样做到了这一点More editor than inventor,与其说乔布斯是个发明家 不如说他更像一个编辑Jobs had an instinct for innovation,对革新有天生的敏锐直觉pouncing on a good idea when he saw one.遇到好的创意时 他总能一把抓住The difference between invention and innovation is that you execute.发明与革新之间的差别在于你是否能去执行You take an, an idea and you turn it into reality.去把想法变成实体You bring it into the market place. Steve connected the dots.然后再推入市场 乔布把所有这些整合到了一体He saw a little bit of this, he saw a little bit of that,他从各个细节着手 统筹规划and he said, ;We need to do this.提炼出了宏观的商业理念;We need to take it from an expensive business experience那就是 我们要把昂贵的商务体验;to a personal low-cost experience and well build a company from it.;变成经济的个人体验 我们要开办这样的公司Along with making the Macintosh easy to use,除了让Macintosh电脑更易于使用Jobs brought an aesthetic sensibility乔布斯还把对美的追求to the computers design.融入到了电脑设计之中A long-time follower of Zen meditation,作为禅学的长期追随者he believed in the beauty of simplicity.他崇尚简洁之美When I went to his home for the first time,我第一次去他家拜访时I was struck because there was almost no furniture in the house.惊讶地发现整座房子里几乎没有家具Um...in his bedroom was a small bed,他的房间里有一张小床a photograph of Einstein over his bed,上方悬挂着两张照片another photograph of Gandhi.分别是爱因斯坦和甘地的In the living room was a Tiffany lamp,客厅里有一盏蒂凡尼的落地灯no place to sit. You know, we would just sit on the floor.没有可以坐的地方 我们就直接坐在地板上Steve just was not into possessions.乔布斯绝不是一个物质主义者He was not into money, he was completely into他并不执着于金钱 相反地the things he believed in.他执着于他的信仰 /201308/251305设计师施德明·萨格米特运用简单有趣的案例分享他的最近关于幸福的观点--从理性和非理性两方面。他的人生和创造幸福的七条定律可以(伴有一些个性化设计)用于每个人去寻求更多的幸福。201309/257978Its hard to know if any new obesity drug will ever really work.新的肥胖治疗药物是否有效也很难说As weve seen in our journey from在我们从营养不良malnutrition to obesity, there have been many false dawns.到肥胖的旅程中 有过许多虚假的曙光From the disastrous effects of pesticides从杀虫剂的毁灭性作用to the collapse of our fibre-deprived colons,到缺乏纤维素的结肠的惨状and the tragic side-effects of some diet drugs.还有减肥药物悲剧性的副作用Unlike the progress medicine其他重大疾病has made in treating other major diseases,都有对症的药物 但对于肥胖症we still dont have a medical solution for obesity.我们依然没有可行的医学方案Fat is sexy, fat is fine,胖就是性感 胖就是漂亮 youve got yours and Ive got mine.你得到你的 我得到我的Some have decided to embrace what nature has given them.有些人决定接受天生的自我But for those who want to fight但是对于那些想要打败the flab to improve their health, theyre left with松弛获得健康的人 留给他们的the timeless mantra of a healthy diet and lots of exercise.则是长期健康饮食及大量运动的咒语If weve learnt anything from this story,如果说我们从这个故事中学到了什么its that nutrition is a complicated science.那就是营养学是一门复杂的科学Each new discovery only throws up new questions每个新的发现都会抛出about the relationship我们的饮食与长期健康between what we eat and our long-term health.之间关系的新问题But perhaps thats just the very nature of science itself.不过也许科学本身就是如此201307/247239But Rotterdams adapting to a wetter future但鹿特丹正在以一种更睿智的方式in even more ingenious ways.来应对更湿润的气候Theyre so concerned about flooding, that theyre making plans他们如此担心洪水 有人就开始想not just to continue living by the water,人们不应该仅限于在水边生活they actually think its possible to live on it.人们还有可能在水上生活This futuristic looking building这个设计前卫的建筑is floating in the citys docklands area.漂浮在城市的港口Its a pilot,这是实验性的and a sort of showcase to也是为了展示show to the people floating constructions.漂浮的建筑物Floating living and working is possible.在漂浮的建筑里生活和工作是可行的Its really stable.它非常平稳I think in Rotterdam,我觉得在鹿特丹in the heart of the city, theres an opportunity在城市的中心to make new city parks有机会建设新的城市花园with a nice way for living and working possibilities.并伴有更好的生活和工作方式Most of the worlds biggest cities are built near water.世界上的大城市多建在离水很近的地方201411/341352

Mini gets bigger and more tech savvy BMW unveils a more fuel efficient and tech savvy third-generation version of its Mini. Jim Boulden has details.3 new hatchback models, but still a mini.A new mini hatch is the next chapter in 54 years of mini tradition. The new mini hatchbacks also continue a tradition by its BMW owners. It keeps getting just a little bit bigger. This was really our key focus to make sure that the interior volume on this design is at the point where you can say this is a real 4 person car, that you this 30 mm longer wheelbase, it really gives you that knee space in the back. Some of the technology improvements are aly available in bigger luxury models, but mini is said to be ahead of other small car makers when it comes to the infotainment offerings around the steering wheel. Many can I say was aly there, but they’ve just updated it, they’ve given it a new controller, and critically one of the most important things theyve done is that they’ve added support for android smart phones. The press of the world paid tribute to the Morris Mini-Minor. BMW acquired the Mini marque in 1994, and rebuild it from the ground up, re-launching the brand in 2001. Since then, BMW has produced more than 2.4 million minis, nearly 1.9 million exported. The ed States is the biggest market, and 14% of all cars made in the ed Kingdom in 2012 were minis. And BMW says 1 in 6 of the autos it makes are minis. Mini brought up the quintessential British bulldog to show just how British the car is. But in fact, it’s also manufactured in Austria, and starting next year, Minis will also be manufactured in the Netherlands. Designed in the UK, if not all made here anymore. Well, that’s a company making the best use of manufacturing, but you know, BMW invested 500,000,000 pounds in this plant alone. That is a huge sign on the confidence in the ed Kingdom.Britain now has to reply on non-British players to invest in its auto factories, including BMW. But its economy is growing faster this year than originally estimated. And resurgent car production is playing its parts. Mini sales hit a record for the 1st 10 months of this year. Jim Boulden, CNN, Oxford, England. /201311/265735

Hundreds of fresh prayer flags are prepared and added to the pole. The head lamas sacred scarf adds the final touch to the proceedings.他们准备了上百条新的经幡等着放到番杆上面。大喇嘛神圣的哈达给活动画上了句号。But the significance of Mount Kailash isnt confined to Buddhists alone. Other faiths venture to this remote place, many from far beyond the Himalayas.但是卡伊拉什山的重要意义并不仅限于佛教徒。有其他信仰的人也都冒险来到这个遥远的地方,许多人是从比喜马拉雅山还远的地方过来的。Threatening to upstage the Buddhists, the Hindus arrive, adding their own mix of colour and music.像是想要抢佛教徒的风头似的,印度教徒来了,把他们自己的色和音乐加入其中。When suitable respect has been paid, its time for the newly dressed prayer pole to be raised.在适当地表达一下敬意之后,是时候竖立新装饰的经番杆了。The pole must end up straight or it will be a bad omen for Tibet. At last the pole stands true and the new prayers can be blown to the heavens.经番杆必须笔直,否则就是对西藏坏的征兆。经番杆终于弄好了,新的祷文也可以被风送到天堂了。Around this point, the power of the Tibetan landscape and the beliefs of many cultures converge.在这一点上,西藏山水的力量和许多文化的信仰汇集到了一起。More prayers, written on pieces of paper called ;wind horses;, are thrown into the air and flutter upwards towards the peak of Kailash, where the gods of the different faiths are believed to reside. Here at the axis of the world, is a rare vision of harmony.更多祷文写在了叫做“风马旗”的纸上,被吹到了空中向上直到卡伊拉什顶峰,具有不同信仰的人都认为那里居住他们的神。在世界屋脊这里有世所罕见的和谐。 /201403/283129

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Its time for the shoutout. “大声喊出来”的时间到了!What is Iron Mans real name? If you think you know it, then shout it out. “钢铁侠”的真名叫什么?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers or Tony Stark? Youve got 3 seconds, go.他叫布鲁斯·班纳、彼得·帕克、斯蒂夫·罗杰斯还是托尼·斯塔克?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Its Tony Stark inside the Iron Man suit. 在钢铁侠套装里的是托尼·斯塔克。The character made his comic debut in 1963. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.1963年,这个角色首次出现在漫画书里。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Iron Man has been around as a fictional character for 50 years, but the U.S. military wants to turn shellhead into a reality, or at least his hardware. 钢铁侠作为一个科幻角色已经快50年了,但是美国军方想要把这个铁头王变成真实的事物,或者至少是他的硬件。The military is recruiting companies and academics to design a suit for special forces, and hopefully move superhero technology from movies and comic books to the battlefield.军队正在招募公司和学者来为特战队设计装备,希望能把电影和科幻小说中的超级英雄技术用到战场中来。 /201311/264940

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