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上海市第六人民医院金山分院减肥瘦身多少钱上海市第八人民医院做抽脂手术价格Salesperson: Hi, have you been helped? Greg: No, I haven’t. I’m looking a new phone. Salesperson: Are you with our company right now? Greg: No, I’m thinking about switching. Salesperson: Okay, let me show you our most popular phone. This one has a lot of good features. It’s got a camera phone, a recorder, instant messaging, and you can download music or ring tones. Greg: I’m really looking a flip phone. Salesperson: Oh, in that case, this is the one you want. Let me tell you a little about our plans. With our .99 plan, you get 00 minutes, unlimited night and weekend minutes, and free mobile-to-mobile. Greg: Do the minutes roll over if I don’t use them all in one month, and do I need to sign an agreement? Salesperson: We don’t have rollover minutes, but if you think 00 isn’t enough, we have higher plans 700, 00, and unlimited minutes. The .99 plan requires a 1-year agreement. Greg: Okay, let me think about it. Salesperson: No problem. Just let me know if you have other questions. Script by Dr. Lucy Tse 17松江哪家割双眼皮比较好 Luis: So, how are the newlyweds doing?那么,你们这对新婚夫妇怎么样?Stevie: Oh, wersquo;re great. Irsquo;m just a little tired.哦,我们很棒我只是有点累了Luis: Well, that goes with the territory, right?那和活动范围有关,对吗?Stevie: No, thatrsquo;s not what I mean. Patrick has been keeping me up with his snoring.不,那不是我的意思Patrick的鼾声一直让我睡不着觉Luis: Oh, thatrsquo;s a bummer.哦,这真是不愉快的经历Stevie: Yeah, it really is. Irsquo;m usually awakened soon after I fall asleep, and then I toss and turn all night. Thatrsquo;s not all. Patrick also talks in his sleep.是的,这真的是通常我睡着了或会很快惊醒,然后我辗转反侧了一夜这还不是全部帕特里克还说梦话Luis: Wow, thatrsquo;s terrible. Irsquo;d make a beeline some sleeping pills, if I were you.哇,这太可怕了如果我是你我会直接吃些安眠药,Stevie: I took some one night last week, but I woke up groggy and disoriented. Irsquo;d rather have insomnia than load up on drugs.我上周有天晚上吃了些,但我醒来时昏昏沉沉的且晕头转向我宁愿失眠也不愿意吃药Luis: Have you tried waking him up when he snores or talks in his sleep?当他打鼾或在他的睡眠说梦话时,你试图唤醒他了吗?Stevie: I tried that one night, but he just ended up sleepwalking!有天晚上我试了下,但他最后起来梦游!Luis: Geez, what are you going to do?吉兹,你打算怎么办?Stevie: I wish I knew.我希望我知道Luis: Itrsquo;s a little early in your marriage separate bedrooms, but I wouldnrsquo;t rule it out.刚结婚就有独立的卧室为时尚早,但我不排除这种可能性Stevie: Irsquo;ll keep it in mind. If I donrsquo;t get a good nightrsquo;s sleep soon, separate bedrooms will be the least of our problems!我会记住的如果我不能短期内晚上睡得好,我会找间独立的卧室来解决问题!newlywed n. 新婚的人fall asleep 睡觉talk in his sleep 说梦话make a beeline 取捷径, 走直路insomnia n. 不眠症load up on v.大量摄入rule it out 排除可能性keep in mind 记住 39杨浦区人民医院做韩式隆鼻手术价格

上海哪里纹身好上海注射除皱多少钱 每日床头啃一段语篇,您的生活质量更加高啃嚼语段:The boys went down to breakfast, which the girl Charlotte had made them.两个男孩到楼下去吃那个叫做夏洛特的姑娘为他们准备好的早饭She gave an extra piece of meat to Noah, then told Oliver to hurry up as it was his job to look after the shop.她多给了诺厄一块肉,然后又让奥利弗快点吃,因为照看铺子是他的事;Did you hear that,Workhouse?; shouted Noah.“你听见了吗,济贫院?”诺厄嚷嚷道;He heard, Noah,;said Charlotte. ;Leave him alone.;“他听见了,诺厄”夏洛特说,“别管他”;Why?;asked Noah. ;All his relations have aly left him alone. His mother and father aren;t going to interfere with him!“为什么?”诺厄问道,“他的亲戚早就不管他了他父母亲再也不会来烦他了!”;Charlotte and Noah both started laughing loudly.Oliver sat alone in the corner,eating old bits of b.夏洛特和诺厄两人都大声笑了起来,奥利弗独自坐在角落里吃着一点剩面包Noah was a charity-boy, but not a workhouse orphan;he at least knew who his parents were.诺厄是个慈善学校的男孩,但并不是济贫院里的孤儿;他起码还知道自己的父母是谁But a long time all the local shop-boys had insulted him because he wore the unim of a charity-boy.但就因为他穿着慈善学校的制,有好长时间当地店铺里的男孩子们都侮辱他Now tune had brought him a creature in an even lower position in society than himself.这一次运气给他带来了一个比他社会地位更低下的家伙Noah intended to repay to Oliver every insult he had ever received, and to make the new boy;s life a misery.诺厄决定要把以往所受的凌辱都转送给奥利弗,让这新来的男孩没有好日子过 80松江区做双眼皮修复手术费用

上海复旦大学附属眼耳鼻喉科医院祛痘多少钱eign Motorists外国司机The chief problem in coping with eign motorists is not so much remembering that they are different from yourself,but that they are enormously variable.应对外国司机问题的主要困难不是要记住他们与你不同,而是记住他们极其多变,各不相同Cross a frontier without adjusting and you can be in deep trouble.不作些调整就通过边界,你会遇到大麻烦One of the greatest gulfs separating the driving nations is the Atlantic Ocean.大西洋是个例具有不同驾驶习惯的国度的最大的鸿沟之一More precisely, it is the mental distance between the European and the American motorist,particularly the South American motorist.更精确地讲,它是欧洲司机与美洲司机尤其是南美司机之间的心理距离Compare, example,an English driver at a set of traffic lights with a Brazilian.比如,比较一下交通信号灯前的英国司机和巴西司机Very rarely will an English man try to anticipate the green light by moving off prematurely.英国人很少会看到要变绿灯而提前开动You will find the occasional sharpie who watches the amber to come up on the adjacent set of lights.你会发现偶尔有某个机灵的司机会留心红绿灯间的黄灯信号However, he will not go until he receives the lawful signal.然而,他也是接到法律规定通行的信号才会开动Brazilians view the thing quite differently.巴西人对这一点有点截然不同的看法If, in fact, they see traffic lights at all,they regard them as a kind of roadside decoration.实际上,如果他们看到交通灯了,他们只是把它们看作是路边的装饰The natives of North America are much more disciplined.北美人更严于律己They demonstrate this in their addiction to driving in one lane and sticking to it—even if it means settling behind some great truck many miles.这一点体现在他们习惯并坚持在某个车道行驶—即使那意味着要跟在大卡车后面行驶数英里To prevent other drivers from falling into reckless ways,American motorists try always to stay close behind the vehicle in front,which can make it impossible,when all the vehicles are moving at about 55 mph,to make a real lane change.为了防止其他司机鲁莽冲动,美国司机总是尽量紧跟前面的车,这样当所有车以每小时55英里的速度行驶时,想换道行驶是不可能的European visitors are constantly falling into this trap.欧洲游客们经常中计They return to the Old World still flapping their arms in frustration because while driving in the States in their car they kept failing to get off the highway when they wanted to and were swept along to the next city.他们回答欧洲后仍然沮丧地挥舞胳膊,因为在美国开车时他们想下高速路却总是下不去而被车流带到了下一个城市However, one nation above all others lives scrupulously by its traffic regulations—the Swiss.然而,比起所有其他民族,有一个民族总是一丝不苟地遵守交通规则—瑞士人In Switzerland, if you were simply to anticipate a traffic light,the chances are that the motorist behind you would take your number and report you to the police.在瑞士,如果你仅仅看到要变绿灯就提前开动,很可能后面的司机就会记下你的车号并报告给警察局What is more, the police would visit you;and you would be convicted.而且,警察会找你,你会被判刑The Swiss take their rules of the road so seriously that a driver can be ordered to appear in court and charged speeding on hearsay alone,and very likely found guilty.瑞士人对待道路规则十分认真,仅仅因为道听途说而无需确凿据,一个司机就会被要求到庭并被控超速,之后这名司机很可能被判有罪There are slight regional variations among the French, German and Italian speaking areas,but it is generally safe to assume that any car bearing a CH sticker will be driven with a high degree of discipline.在讲法语,德语和意大利语的不同地区,情况存在微小的地区差异,但一般可以肯定地说,任何贴有瑞士标志的车都特别地遵守规则 3759 背景知识托马斯·哈代(Thomas Hardy),英国诗人、小说家他是横跨两个世纪的作家,早期和中期的创作以小说为主,继承和发扬了维多利亚时代的文学传统;晚年以其出色的诗歌开拓了英国世纪的文学哈代作为诗人, 也颇有声誉哈代的诗冷峻、深刻、细腻、优美,言筒意赅,自成一格. 较他的小说更具有现代意识《合二为一是诗人哈代为“泰坦尼克”号失事而作,诗歌表现了诗人关注人类命运的一片真诚,十分寓有哲理,反映出哈代诗歌的独特魅力Convergence of the Twain 合二为一(Lines on the loss of the Titanic) (“泰坦尼克号”失事所感)Thomas Hardy托马斯·哈代I(一)In a solitude of the sea远离人间的虚荣 Deep from human vanity,抛开生命的全盛,And the Pride of Life that planned her, stilly couches she.她静静的躺在大海的孤独之中II(二)Steel chambers, late the pyres钢铁的房屋,新近的火堆,Of her salamandrine fires,她的火如同火舌,Cold currents thrid, and turn to rhythmic tidal lyres.穿透股股冷流,变成富有节奏的琴声般的潮水III(三)Over the mirrors meant在镜子上方 To glass the opulent(它用来映照辽阔景象),The sea-worm crawls——grotesque, slimed, dumb, indifferent.海虫蝙行——怪诞、粘滑、无窗、冷淡IV(四)Jewels in joy designed为了陶醉敏感的心灵To ravish the sensuous mind而在喜悦中设计的珍品Lie lightless, all their sparkles bleared and black and blind.无光的躺着,迷糊、黑暗、迟钝V(五)Dim moon-eyed fishes near眼睛朦胧的鱼停在附近,Gaze at the gilded gear凝视涂上金色的齿轮,And query: ;What does this vaingloriousness down here?;. . .发出“这个豪华巨物在干什么?”的询问VI(六)Well: while was fashioning好吧:当正在研制This creature of cleaving wing,这破浪而行的物体,The Immanent Will that stirs and urges everything激动的、催促万物的上帝意志VII(七)Prepared a sinister mate为她——如此快乐的巨体—— her——so gaily great——准备了一个阴险的伴侣——A Shape of Ice, the time fat and dissociate冰的形象,为了遥远的、分离的时期VIII(八)And as the smart ship grew随着潇洒的船的形象In stature, grace, and hue优雅地茁壮成长,In shadowy silent distance grew the Iceberg too.冰山也成长在幽暗的寂静的远方IX(九)Alien they seemed to be:他们似乎显得相异:No mortal eye could see没有世间的视力The intimate welding of their later history.能看见他们后期历史溶成内在的整体,X(十)Or sign that they were bent或表示他们被系于By paths coincident一致的道路,On being anon twin halves of one August event,形成以后的威严事件的两个分部,XI(十一)Till the Spinner of the Years直至“岁月编织者”发出命令:Said ;Now!; And each one hears,“好了”,于是人人听清,And consummation comes, and jars two hemispheres.于是终结降临,使两个半球震惊 5698上海仁济医院韩式三点多少钱上海市第十人民医院整形中心



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