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上海省肿瘤医院祛疤多少钱上海市注射丰下巴费用Last minute shopping on Long Island Final shopping spree to replenish your gift stock. You here at the mall the day before Christmas Eve. You're not finished it?No! No, not!h` I still have my mum left to give for.Is she difficult? Tell us the truth.Yeah. She is.Now are those gifts for other people?Yeah, yes.Most is mom. Yeah, at most it is.And, and my dad a little bit. Most is mum.Ted, you’ve got the Victory Secret package there. That's for the wife. That's for the wife.Not the girlfriend?No girlfriend. Haaa..It is no girlfriend.What is that?Um, not really sure. Neither a dog, or a pig, ur, something of that story. What, what do you have in the bag there?Nice dreams for me.So, that's not Christmas session. Meaning this is not what you are not own yet, Christing. Because she keeps stopping and getting things for yourself. What else you giving to the girlfriend, cause that, that's not going to fly, just of that?Oh, yeah, that’s find something else for sure but…K-Jewlery is over there, you wanna think about that.It's good recommendation.When do you start shopping?Go now, and gone.haha..So you kind of last minutes time, what , what cause the pressure?Cause the pressure, a little bit on the pressure.And I kind of feel the frush my zone, don't you work all day and then after you leave work and then you have to get a print down. So you're shopping for huniger.Well, I guess, both.Okay, you know hunkers started at Sunday, right?I did.Okay, so, do you think maybe you are a little late?I will get a few more days left till I figured I am all right.My wife’s almost for the shopping, so now I am just shopping for her, I'm do it fine. No pressure. You seem like you pretty at ease.Um, that’s a few Christmas, yeah, it is pretty much sales. How many people are buying the ones you're worrying now?A lot. This is like the hot item right now. They, they could fly up to show. There is everybody comes up for them.All right.This a cool.01/60149上海市浦东新区南汇中心医院激光去斑手术价格 How Music Reflects Your Personality If you thought heavy metal fans were aggressive and blues fans were depressive -you couldn't be more wrong. A survey has found that our taste in music is a direct reflection on our personalities -with suprising results. Sky's Orla Chennaoui reports.Listen carefully to this selection of music, because whether the cheese or chalk/ gets you moving, it says as much about your personality as your musical taste, not necessarily though in the way you might think. By rights, you would expect Joe Fylan to spend the evenings turns up to classical music. Chances are though he's out playing heavy metal or a rock which isn't that unusual according to a new study.Classical music listeners are used to listening to good performances. If, if you're hearing, oh, that's it over there. Um, so people are listening for the excellence in performance, in metal it’s definitely the same, you know, you get these, go like "wow"...you know, "rock"...oh, oh, that kind of stuff...when the guitarist go...that kind of stuff is... And I think that's ...that's possibly why you...you might get some of the same listeners.And it's their personality that seems to bring classical and metal fans together, both at ease with themselves and introverted, although metalheads do tend to be work-shy as well. As for indie fans, they typically have low self-esteem and are lazy, unlike their rap counterparts who have high self-esteem and tend to be outgoing.And one of the interesting aspects to our findings was that basically the more you earn, so the more likely you are to enjoy a kind of really punchy, quite dynamic music. In contrast, it’s the lower earners amongst our sample of people who tended to like much more calm and much more relaxing music.So Dozard's study holds wit.Well, I think the researchers have also been camped outside my house for the last couple of weeks coz’ that’s meat down to a tee. Every night, I retreat to my lonely bedsit, and sit and do some life doing.So I think there is much more to you than what music today. I don't think, no...Kellen Jellars, I think, probably, that's sound, Kellen Jellars, I think. I hope I am anyway, so in that respect, I don’t have a fully support on hardworking. If my boss is watching, yes I’m, very hardworking.It may not be an exact science, but it will please those prone to stereotyping, theatrical opera lovers, lazy indie kids, it's not prejudice. It's science. Orla Chennaoui, Sky News.参考中文翻译:如果你认为重金属音乐喜好者攻击性比较强,蓝调音乐迷比较忧郁——那么你就大错特错了。最近一项调查显示我们对音乐的偏好能直接反映我们的性格——但是结果出人意料。Sky栏目记者Orla Chennaoui报道。认真听一下这段音乐选段,因为无论是奶酪还是粉笔都不仅说明了你对音乐的口味,还体现了你的性格,而不一定是你所认为的方式。按理说,你认为Joe Fylan 晚上会听古典音乐。但是他偶尔也会听重金属音乐或者摇滚音乐。根据一项新的调查结果,这没有什么奇怪的。经常听古典音乐的人比较习惯于倾听比较精的表演。如果你认真听,就可以体会的到。所以,人们听到是精的演绎。听重金属音乐也是一样的。你可以倾听歌手的演唱,吉他手的演绎,同样可以体会到其中的精。我想这可能就是古典音乐和摇滚音乐有同样的听众的原因。是性格把古典音乐迷和重金属音乐迷联系到一起的,他们都比较喜欢一个人独处,比较内向,虽然热爱金属音乐的人在工作中也比较害羞。对indie迷来说,他们不是那么自大,而且比较懒散,不像rap迷,一般自尊心很强,而且比较外向。我们的发现中比较有趣的一点是,你赚钱赚的越多,越喜欢听强劲的,有活力的音乐。相反,在我们的调查对象中,收入越低,越倾向于平静的,轻松的音乐。所以Dozard的研究是充满智慧的。喔,我想研究者们前两周可能就驻扎在我房子外面对我进行研究了,因为总结的非常正确。每天晚上,我都退隐到我的小房间里面,坐着随便做点什么事。所以我认为这比音乐来说对你更重要。我不这样认为,不……Kellen Jellars,我认为可能是Kellen Jellars。无论如何,我认为我不完全赞成努力工作。当然,如果老板在监视的话,我会非常努力工作的。或许这并不是太准确的科学,但是可以取悦那些喜欢陈词滥调的人,那些歌剧喜好者,慵懒的 indie 迷。这并不是偏见,而是科学。200811/57259Obama Promises to Move Quickly on Economy奥巴马承诺迅速采取行动改善经济  President-elect Barack Obama says he will move swiftly to improve the U.S. economy and promote long-term growth upon taking office next month. Congressional leaders are working with the White House to craft a government package to rescue the failing U.S. auto industry. 美国当选总统奥巴马说,他在下个月就职后会为了改善美国经济,推动长期增长而迅速行动。国会领导人正在和白宫合作,草拟政府计划,以挽救美国衰退的汽车业。Throughout the campaign season, then-candidate Barack Obama promised to overhaul U.S. economic policy and combat the effects of what was commonly described as an "economic downturn". 奥巴马在整个竞选期间保要改变美国的经济政策,阻止人们常说的“经济下滑”的影响。Since winning the November election, the president-elect has seen the economy go from bad to worse. The ed States has officially entered a recession, with massive job losses, continued home foreclosures, and extreme market volatility.  自从赢得11月份的大选以来,当选总统奥巴马看到经济状况更加恶化。美国正式进入了衰退,就业机会大幅减少,住房继续被没收,市场极为动荡。Unprecedented federal spending has neither eliminated a severe credit crunch nor stemmed the tide of major corporations in need of government intervention to stay afloat. 史无前例的联邦出既没有消除严重的信贷困境,也没有遏制大公司为维持经营寻求政府介入的趋向。Mr. Obama acknowledged the increasingly dire nature of the situation in an interview on N's Meet The Press program. 在全国广播公司“会见新闻界”的访谈节目中,奥巴马承认,局面越来越困难。"This is a big problem, and it is going to get worse," said Barack Obama. "My number-one priority coming in is making sure that we have got an economic recovery plan that is equal to the task." 奥巴马说:“这是个大问题,问题还会恶化。我上任后的头等大事是确保我们有一个能够解决当前问题的经济复兴计划。”In recent days, the president-elect has outlined an ambitious plan to put Americans back to work by rebuilding the country's infrastructure and making the ed States more energy efficient. The estimated price tag, in the hundreds of billions of dollars, would come on top of a 0-billion financial rescue package Congress approved in October. 在最近几天,当选总统奥巴马提出了一个宏伟计划的大纲,要通过重建美国的基础设施和让美国更加高效的使用能源的方式,来让美国人重新就业。这项计划估计耗资几千亿美元,这还不算国会10月份通过的金融拯救计划所需的7千亿美元。"The key for us is making sure that we jumpstart the economy in a way that does not just deal with the short term, does not just create jobs immediately, but also puts us on a glide path for long term sustainable economic growth," said Mr. Obama. 奥巴马说:“关键是我们必须快速启动经济,不只是应付短期问题,不只是立即产生就业,而是要让我们走向长期可持续性经济增长的道路。”Of immediate concern is the fate of U.S. automakers, which are asking for billions of dollars in emergency government loans to stave off bankruptcy. 目前最迫切的事是关于美国汽车制造商的命运问题,这些制造商正在为避免倒闭寻求政府给予数十亿美元的紧急贷款。Mr. Obama noted the importance of automobile manufacturing to the U.S. economy, but said in return for federal assistance the industry must embrace reform, become more competitive, and show it can be profitable. 奥巴马指出汽车制造业对美国经济的重要性,但是他说,为了获得联邦援助,汽车制造业必须实行改革,变得更有竞争力,并且显示他们以后可以盈利。Congressional leaders have been negotiating with the White House over the size of a rescue loan and the source of the funding. 国会领导人和白宫最近一直在救援贷款的规模和资金来源的问题上进行协商。Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Michigan Democratic Senator Carl Levin expressed optimism that an agreement will be forthcoming. 密西根州的民主党参议员利文在“星期天福克斯新闻”节目上对即将达成一致表示表示乐观。"I am very confident that there will be a deal and that it will happen within 24 hours," said Senator Levin. "There is a common understanding that this is a global problem that has created the loss of sales by auto industries around the world. This is not just a unique American problem, and every other government that produces automobiles that I know of is providing loans to their auto industries." 利文说:“我非常有信心会达成协定,而且会在24小时之内达成。大家一致认为这是一个全球性问题,已经造成全世界汽车业销售损失。这不仅仅是美国的问题,我了解的是,其他每个制造汽车的国家的政府都在为他们的汽车业提供贷款。”But Alabama Republican Senator Richard Shelby opposes federal intervention, saying he does not believe restructuring plans put forth by carmakers are adequate to assure long term viability. 但是阿拉巴马州共和党参议员谢尔比反对联邦政府介入。他说,他不相信汽车制造商提出的改造计划能够确保它们可以长期生存。"I think this is a bridge loan to nowhere," said Senator Shelby. "This is a down payment on many billions to come. We would like to save them, but they have got to save themselves, and I do not believe they are willing to save themselves. They could be restructured the right way, and they do not want to do that." 谢尔比说:“我认为贷款不会有任何作用。他们以后会不断要求几百亿,几百亿美元的贷款,目前要求的只不过是付的头款而已。我们想挽救他们,但是他们必须自救,我认为他们不愿意自救。他们可以用正确的方式来改造他们的公司,但是他们不想那样做。”Appearing on CNN, General Motors' top executive (Rick Wagoner) admitted that his corporation's business model - which emphasized trucks and other large vehicles over smaller, more fuel-efficient ones - was lacking. 通用汽车公司的高级主管在美国有线电视新闻网上承认,他的公司的经营模式并不重视小型和高效使用燃料的汽车,而更着重于卡车和其他大型车辆,这种经营模式是不合适的。Autoworkers union officials say they will consider wage and benefits concessions as part of a comprehensive plan to save the industry. 汽车工人工会的官员说,他们可以考虑在工资和福利方面作出让步,作为挽救汽车业的综合计划的一部分。200812/58225上海曙光医院整形美容科

上海市哪家医院祛斑最有名Clinton Says US Could 'Reconsider' European Missile Defense Plan美或重新考虑在欧建导弹防御系统 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the Obama administration might reconsider plans for a missile defense system in Europe, if Iran stopped what U.S. officials believe is a drive for nuclear weapons. Clinton met with Czech Republic Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, whose government - along with Poland - has agreed to host the system. 美国国务卿克林顿说,奥巴马政府可能会重新考虑在欧洲部署导弹防御系统的计划,前提是如果伊朗停止美国官员相信是发展核武器的行动。克林顿会晤了捷克共和国外交部长卡雷尔.施瓦岑贝格。捷克和波兰政府同意在他们的国家部署导弹防御系统。The Obama administration has stopped short of fully embracing the missile defense program that was avidly pursued by the Bush White House, with the Obama team citing concerns about its technical viability. 奥巴马政府没有完全接受布什政府曾热衷寻求的导弹防御系统计划。奥巴马团队对该计划的技术可行性表示担忧。In her joint press appearance with her Czech Republic counterpart, Secretary Clinton reiterated those concerns, while also suggesting the program could be shelved if Iran halts its pursuit of nuclear weapons. 克林顿国务卿在同捷克外长联合举行的记者会上重申了美国的关注,同时她也暗示,如果伊朗停止从事核武器开发,该计划可能被搁置。Clinton expressed gratitude to both the Czech Republic and Poland for working with the ed States in what she framed as an effort to dissuade and deter Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons and a related long-range missile project. 克林顿国务卿对捷克和波兰同美国合作表示感谢,她说这是在努力劝阻并遏制伊朗从事核武器开发和相关的远程导弹项目。She said the decisions on timing and deployment of the system are "largely technical matters" and said Iranian behavior would be a key factor in whether the program ultimately goes forward. 她说,关于导弹防御系统部署时间的决定“基本上属于技术层面”的问题,但这项计划最终是否会进一步进行,伊朗的行为是个关键因素。"If we're able to see a change of behavior on the part of the Iranians with respect to what we believe to be their pursuit of nuclear weapons, then you know, we will reconsider where we stand. But we are a long, long way from seeing such evidence of any behavior change," she said. 克林顿说:“如果我们能看到伊朗方面在我们认为他们所从事核武器开发上改变他们的行动方针,那么,我们将重新考虑我们将要采取什么立场。但是目前我们离开看到伊朗方面做出任何行为改变的据,还非常遥远。”Clinton noted an assertion by Vice President Joe Biden in a policy speech in Munich Saturday that the ed States will continue efforts on missile defense provided the technology is proven to work and it is cost effective.  克林顿国务卿还提到副总统拜登星期六在慕尼黑发表的政策讲话。拜登在讲话中说,美国将继续导弹防御系统方面的努力,但前提是该系统的技术能被明有效并且节省成本。Mr. Biden also said the ed States will continue consulting on the matter with NATO and with Russia, which has opposed the program as a threat to its strategic deterrence. 拜登还说,美国将继续就此问题同北约和俄罗斯进行磋商。俄罗斯反对在捷克和波兰部署导弹防御系统,认为这危及它的战略威慑力量。Under questioning Tuesday, Clinton reiterated the Obama administration's interest in dialogue with Iran, following an assertion Tuesday by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that his government welcomes talks with Washington based on "mutual respect." 克林顿在回答记者提问时还重申了奥巴马政府同伊朗对话的兴趣。伊朗总统艾哈迈迪内贾德星期二曾宣称,伊朗政府欢迎在相互尊重的原则基础上同华盛顿举行会谈。The Secretary said there is an opportunity for Iran's hard-line government to "unclench its fist" and begin a serious and responsible dialogue but also linked that prospect to the Iranian nuclear program. 克林顿说,现在是伊朗强硬派政府“松开其拳头”并且开始严肃和负责任的对话的时候。但是克林顿指出,这一前景同伊朗的核项目息息相关。"We still persist in our view that Iran should not obtain nuclear weapons, that it would be a very unfortunate course for them to pursue," Clinton said. "And we hope that there will be opportunities in the future for us to develop a better understanding of one another, and to work out a way of talking that would produce positive results for the people of Iran." 她说:“我们仍坚持我们的看法,那就是,伊朗不应当获得核武器,伊朗从事核武器开发对他们来说是走上一条非常不幸的道路。我们希望,未来双方有机会能更好地相互了解,设想出一个能给伊朗人民带来积极后果的会谈方式。”President Obama said at his news conference late Monday he is looking for opportunities to engage with Iran while acknowledging that years of mistrust between the two countries will be hard to overcome. 奥巴马总统星期一晚间在白宫记者会上说,他正在寻找同伊朗接触的机会,同时他承认,多年来两国之间的互不信任将很难克。02/62198上海激光祛痘哪家医院好 Climate change气候变化Good news at last?终于来了好消息?The climate may not be as sensitive to carbon dioxide as previously believed气候对二氧化碳的敏感性可能低于先前的预期CLIMATE science is famously complicated, but one useful number to keep in mind is ;climate sensitivity;. This measures the amount of warming that can eventually be expected to follow a doubling in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, in its most recent summary of the science behind its predictions, published in 2007, estimated that, in present conditions, a doubling of CO2 would cause warming of about 3deg;C, with uncertainty of about a degree and a half in either direction. But it also says there is a small probability that the true number is much higher. Some recent studies have suggested that it could be as high as 10deg;C.气候科学的复杂程度众所周知,但把一个指标记在脑中非常好用,那就是;气候敏感性;。该指标表示预计大气中二氧化碳浓度翻倍所能引致的升温量。政府间气候变化专门委员会(IPCC)在其最近一次关于其预测背后的科学性的概要中(发布于2007年)估计,在如今的情况下,二氧化碳浓度翻倍将造成3deg;C左右的升温,上下误差在1.5度左右。但该概要也声称,真实数据有少许可能还要高得多。一些近期的研究也猜测气温上升可能达到10deg;C之高。If that were true, disaster beckons. But a paper published in this weekrsquo;s Science, by Andreas Schmittner of Oregon State University, suggests it is not. In Dr Schmittnerrsquo;s analysis, the climate is less sensitive to carbon dioxide than was feared.如果这种猜测属实,灾难说来就来了(直译:灾难朝我们挥手)。但美国俄勒冈州立大学的安德烈亚斯-施密特纳在本周《科学》杂志上刊登的一篇报告认为,情况并非如此。在施密特纳士的分析中,气候对于二氧化碳的敏感性要低于先前的担忧。Existing studies of climate sensitivity mostly rely on data gathered from weather stations, which go back to roughly 1850. Dr Schmittner takes a different approach. His data come from the peak of the most recent ice age, between 19,000 and 23,000 years ago. His group is not the first to use such data (ice cores, fossils, marine sediments and the like) to probe the climatersquo;s sensitivity to carbon dioxide. But their paper is the most thorough. Previous attempts had considered only small regions of the globe. He has compiled enough information to make a credible stab at recreating the climate of the entire planet.现有的关于气候敏感性的研究主要基于气象站收集的数据,可以追溯到公元1850年左右。施密特纳士采用了另外一种方法。他的数据来源于最近一次冰河时期的顶峰(介于一万九千到两万三千年前之间)。他的团队不是第一个使用这些数据(冰芯,化石,海洋沉积物诸如此类)来探测气候对二氧化碳的敏感性的团队。但他们的报告是最全面彻底的。过去的研究只考虑了全球的小部分地区。而他汇编了足够的信息,可以确凿地尝试一下重建整个地球的气候模型。The result offers that rarest of things in climate science;a bit of good news. The grouprsquo;s most likely figure for climate sensitivity is 2.3deg;C, which is more than half a degree lower than the consensus figure, with a 66% probability that it lies between 1.7deg; and 2.6deg;C. More importantly, these results suggest an upper limit for climate sensitivity of around 3.2deg;C.研究的结果给出了气候科学中最为罕见之物;;一丁点好消息。该研究组给出最有可能的气候敏感性数字是2.3deg;C,比公认的数据低了半度多,并且该数字有66%的几率位于1.7deg;C到2.6deg;C之间。更重要的是,研究结果指出,气候敏感性的上限在3.2deg;C左右。Before you take the SUV out for a celebratory spin, though, it is worth bearing in mind that this is only one study, and, like all such, it has its flaws. The computer model used is of only middling sophistication, Dr Schmittner admits. That may be one reason for the narrow range of his teamrsquo;s results. And although the studyrsquo;s geographical coverage is the most comprehensive so far for work of this type, there are still blank areas;notably in Australia, Central Asia, South America and the northern Pacific Ocean. Moreover, some sceptics complain about the way ancient data of this type were used to construct a different but related piece of climate science: the so-called hockey-stick model, which suggests that temperatures have risen suddenly since the beginning of the industrial revolution. It will be interesting to see if such sceptics are willing to be equally sceptical about ancient data when they support their point of view.但是在你把SUV开出去兜风以作庆祝之前,要记住这只是一项研究而已,并且;;就如同所有这类研究一样;;研究自身也有缺陷。施密特纳士承认,该研究采用的电脑模型的复杂程度一般。这可能也是他的团队实验结果范围较窄的一个原因。而且,尽管这项研究的地理覆盖范围是迄今为止同类中最大的,它仍有空白区域;;尤其指澳洲,中亚,南美和北太平洋地区。此外,一些怀疑论者对这些远古数据被用来构建一个不同的但是相关的气候学分:所谓的;曲棍球棒模型;(认为气温自从工业革命以后就突然上升)满腹牢骚。看看当远古数据持这些怀疑论者的观点时,这些人是否还愿意以同等的怀疑态度对待,这一定会非常有趣。sensitive adj. 敏感的estimate v. 估计, 判断beckon v. 示意,召唤sensitivity n.敏感consensus n. 一致; 舆论comprehensive adj.全面的163510上海仁济医院做双眼皮开眼角手术价格

上海市普陀区中心医院做双眼皮手术价格The Great Mortgage Disappearing ActFirst Direct, which was the most competitive lender on the market, has stopped offering mortgages to new customers. As Sky's Business Correspondent Joel Hills reports, it is not the only lender pulling mortgage deals. It's the great mortgage disappearing act and it's happening online and on the high street. First Direct is not the first,but it's the most high-profile lender to close itself to new business all together.The bank which is owned by HS says the move is temporary,it's not had any trouble,it's simply been swamped by mortgage applications.It's little wonder there is a mortgage rush on these cheap deals that're becoming harder to find.Last summer,we had the luxury of 15,500 mortgages to choose from, one credit crunch later,and today there are less than one third of that number.In the last week alone,906 mortgages have been pulled by lenders,as are rated just under 200 deals everyday.This one is from Chuck Riocosta,who rates up yesterday. A court, again, same thing yesterday.Glen Morris is a mortgage broker,he tells me he's getting daily e-mails from lenders, hiking rates and withdrawing products.After years of plenty, they've suddently become picky.I believe there's only 100% product left,and we are expecting news of that to go anytime now,even a 95% loan-to-value mortgage now is tough to find.So people without a deposit are gonna find it very difficult in this market,also people with credit problems. The frustration for first-time buyers like Lian Jacab is that house prices are falling at a time when mortgages are getting more expensive,the trainee accountant still finds herself priced out."Plans for the future ,carry on saving, stay at home with Mom and Dad for a little bit longer."And tonight, another lender is pulling yet another cheap deal. The Cooperative has suspended its two-year mortgages due to excessive demand-- a sign that this vanishing act is beginning to unsettle borrowers.Joel Hills,Sky News 01/60846 A total of 87 new Republican House members will be sworn in Wednesday. Many of them are young Tea Party activists, supporters of a very limited role for government and low taxes, and they say they want to change the way things are done in Washington. 星期三将有87名新任共和党国会议员宣誓就职。其中很多人都是年轻的茶党活动人士,他们持大量限制政府职能,降低税率。他们还说希望能够改变华盛顿做事的方式。Incoming Republican Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania told the CBS News program "Face the Nation" he experienced culture shock when he arrived.来自宾夕法尼亚州的共和党议员迈克.凯利在美国哥伦比亚广播公司“面向全国”节目中说,他抵达华盛顿之后感受到了文化冲击。"My early time here in this city, it is so different than where I come from, because I live in a real world where people actually have to use their own money to pay for things," said Kelly. "So, this idea that you can keep doing this or doing that ... and I love this fact that 'We are going to pay for it.' 'We' are not paying for anything, not 'we' in Washington. The people, the American taxpayer pays for everything. And that is what bothers me, there is such a disconnect between this town and the rest of the world."他说:“我来到这座城市不久,这跟我的家乡差别巨大。因为我生活的是一个真实的世界,那里人们付帐是要花自己的钱的。所以,这种你可以不断做这做那的想法......以及‘我们会付帐’的现实我很喜欢。但是,‘我们’不会为所有东西付帐,这个‘我们’不是在华盛顿的‘我们’,是人民。美国纳税人要为一切付帐。这是让我担心的地方,华盛顿和世界其他地方是如此脱节。”Democratic lawmaker Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida told CBS the election campaign is over and Republicans need to stop talking about the "real world" and embrace the hard work of actually governing."What remains to be seen is whether members like Mike Kelly are going to be able to turn their essentially campaign rhetoric into some kind of reality," said Wasserman.On Wednesday outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the first female Speaker of the House in U.S. history, is expected to hand the gavel over to John Boehner, a veteran Republican lawmaker from Ohio. She strongly defended the accomplishments of the outgoing Democrat-controlled Congress, saying she has no regrets.星期三,即将离任的众议院第一位女议长佩洛西预计将把议长的锤子交给资深的俄亥俄州共和党议员约翰.贝纳。佩洛西为即将下台的民主党控制的国会强烈辩护,表示她没有任何遗憾。201101/122592长宁区丰唇手术费用交通大学医学院附属儿童医学中心做丰胸手术价格费用



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